Creating the perfect backyard can be a challenge, and when you’re really not sure what type of patio ideas to go for?
Take these tips from how-to site Apartment Therapy. With lots of pics and information on everything from patios to pools, this list is worth checking out.

The “very small patio ideas” is a great way to add some outdoor living space without taking up too much of your yard. It’s also a great way to make the most of the space you have and give yourself more room for entertaining guests.

Spring is almost here. Backyard barbecues and relaxing Sunday afternoons are on the menu. A beautiful backyard patio is just another incentive to remain outdoors, providing a perfect spot to relax and watch the sunset.

A patio acts as a gateway from the warm, inviting inside to the breathtaking outside. The greatest patios know how to combine the conveniences of an interior area with the natural beauty.

When you grab your favorite book and a drink, your patio transforms into a haven from the outside world that also serves as an extension of your house, providing you more room to host visitors.

However, constructing a patio may be a difficult task, which is why we’ve compiled a list of fantastic back patio ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

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Backyard Patio Designs

We offer a wide range of lovely back patio design ideas, from old Americana to more modern. You don’t need a lot of room to create your ideal patio. Even the tiniest outdoor spaces may be transformed into something incredibly breathtaking with the appropriate arrangement.

Patio with wood


This set-up is great for individuals who like to spend some time outside, with rustic wooden floors and lush green plants.  

The towering glass fences would give shelter from the weather while allowing you to take in the scenery – and the wood flooring would ensure that the ground didn’t become too hot in the summer or too chilly in the winter.

The wood would fade when it was exposed to the light, giving it a feeling of depth. If you want to prevent this, we suggest applying a UV sealant to preserve the whole system.

This lovely patio is enhanced by the sturdy teak couch set with cream-colored cushions. Overall, this is a terrific alternative for any mid-sized family on a budget, demonstrating that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a patio you can be proud of.

Patio with Roman Bricks


This stylish style is made possible by the cobblestone flooring and stone ledge. The central fireplace may be used to gather around for a pleasant evening with friends and family. Because of the stone pavement, this patio will survive for a long time, lowering maintenance expenditures.

Adirondack Patio Rustic


The tiger maple wood’s rustic color mimics the natural surroundings. This classic Adirondack set is ideal for families seeking for a low-maintenance outdoor space.

The charcoal gray sandstone flooring creates a seamless transition from the inside to the lush greenery outside.

Back Patio Wicker Furniture


The old wicker seats are given an exquisite feel by the home’s modern design. This patio design is ideal for families that live in a city setting. The bushes serve to retain a feeling of solitude while allowing for city vistas.

The sleek modern fake slits work nicely with the oakwood flooring to complete the look. The use of neutral hues across the patio is an important feature.

Country Side Patio with wood


This picture-perfect porch exemplifies simple but elegant rural life. The porch has a view of a rural lake with well-kept grass. The flowers’ rich, exuberant colors contrast well with the sober wood porch.

Lounge Outside


This patio has a couch, a side table, and a cabinet, increasing the home’s useable outside area and providing a nice location for the family to rest and unwind.

The striped couch and vividly colored cushions complement the raw wood table and hand-poured concrete. The side cupboards are also a perfect spot to put some of your belongings, making this patio not only attractive but also useful.

Fire Pit on an Outdoor Patio


The low-key, neutral palette inspired by the pine trees surrounding this house, give this patio a charming rustic feel. This serves as a smooth transition from the warm indoors to the wild forests outside. Additionally, the sleek columns laid on top of an exposed brick foundation add to the overall decor of the patio. The design choice is pretty uncommon, but absolutely stunning when done right. It’s also a great way to blend the gothic era columnar structure to a more rustic-style, better suited for an Lounge Outside like this one.

A relaxing sitting area with a fire bowl is located in the middle, enabling the family to spend time outside even on chilly nights. A roaring fire pit, such as the one seen above, adds opulence to any outdoor dining area.

Gas Fireplace on the Patio


It’s a terrific idea to provide something warm and inviting for your guests to congregate around. This stylish patio has a gas-powered fireplace and exudes the “no rush, no concerns” attitude. A plane-vaulted ceiling covers the top, providing protection from the elements for people sitting on the terrace. The symmetrical exposed brick pillars on both sides connect the ceiling to the floor.

The unique fireplace is made of a mix of red and white bricks and reaches all the way to the ceiling, completing the patio’s rustic (but useful) look.

The teak wood couch set, which includes a cream-white cushion and green cushions, will keep guests toasty. The visitors may easily remain warm and comfortable thanks to the closeness of the couch set to the fireplace.

Patio Covered In Style


This patio has an undeniable contemporary appeal because to its simple lines, great practicality, and minimum adornment. A poured concrete ground is capped with a wooden ceiling in this patio design. The skylights add to the overall sensation of simplicity and elegance. A sleek charcoal-grey wicker couch set completes the look, providing a low-maintenance choice for when you want to spend some time outdoors.

The grey-hued concrete fades into the backdrop and acts as an excellent foundation for the other design components. Its light tint offers a soft, delicate palette for the patio while still functioning as a bold design accent in an otherwise minimalist environment.

This kind of patio design is ideal for families wishing to increase their living area without adding a lot of clutter, and the minimalistic effect would be enhanced by the installation of a patio heater.

Patio beside the Pool


The rear patio is enlivened with a dark glass table surrounded by mahogany luxury seats. A typical gothic-style chandelier hangs over the whole setting, while the ottoman carpet on the floor balances out the harsh edges and clean, industrial sense of the entire design.

The home is supported by Georgian-style columns with a front of hand-cut stone columns, and the lounging area overlooks the pool. The dining area is far enough away from the patio so that individuals sitting there will not be bothered by the children in the pool, yet near enough for parents to keep an eye on them. While the patio is covered, the yard is exposed to the sky and provides a pleasant environment for houseplants that benefit from the rain and sunshine.

Overall, this patio seems to be something a millionaire sports club owner might buy, although it isn’t extremely expensive. In fact, you can re-create this complete arrangement for about $1,000 (without the pool, of course).

Kitchen on the Patio


Every home chef fantasizes of having an outdoor kitchen like this. The dark wood pergola gives this outdoor kitchen a feeling of elegance, but the tan teak cabinets and exposed brickwork make it utilitarian.

Pizza lovers will love the wood-fired oven, which will have your neighbors asking you to invite them over for supper. With its sleek stainless steel equipment, this kitchen has a sense of Southwest flare, which stands out against the neutral tone of the cabinets and walls.

The warm brown color of the Sequoia marble countertop gives a traditional transition to an otherwise contemporary design. Chefs who like growing their own food will appreciate the compact design, which includes space for a small garden.

We really liked how this outdoor kitchen combines the convenience of an inside kitchen with the tranquility of being outside.

Outdoor Patio with a Modern Feel


This lovely Italian-style patio design transports you to the countryside. The gas fireplace makes it simple to keep the space warm on winter evenings, while the decorative brick overlay harkens back to the region’s ancient Mediterranean traditions.

The wild Tuscan shrubs are a simple way to bring Italian romance and elegance into your own house, allowing you to transport yourself to a 16th-century Italian farm stay when life was simpler.

This patio design is also full of little elements that add to its overall appeal. Mediterranian influence can be seen everywhere, from the flowery tapestry on the pastel marble flooring to the rounded off-white flower pots.

The lush, green bushes are particularly pleasing to the sight and provide a soothing atmosphere, while the towering brick walls keep inquisitive neighbors at far. The chairs may be used to relax with a book after a hard day at work or to enjoy an evening with friends and family while sipping wine.

Patio Set in Rattan


With this rattan-inspired patio furniture, you can create a sophisticated setting for coffee and drinks. This patio has oak flooring with asher inlays, which makes it seem elegant (but comfortable) as a secluded spot to relax in the sun. Rattan is an excellent patio design that brings the warmth of summer into any space. This makes it ideal for use as patio furniture (as well as being exceptionally light and robust).

The hanging swing provides a feeling of fun while also providing a cozy spot to curl up with a blanket and read your favorite book.

Patio in the Hawaiian Style


This lanai-style patio has a vista that is generally only seen on once-in-a-lifetime trips. Imagine sipping Mai Tais while watching a breathtaking sunset from the comfort of your own home.

This aesthetic is completed by the communal sitting arrangement and the simple table design, with all of its flaws. The table at the middle of the layout, on the other hand, immediately draws our attention. The flawless gloss of the ceiling and floor contrasts sharply with its rough, rustic vibe. Overall, the materials and architectural elements pay respect to the building’s Hawaiian history. The best part about this patio is that it does all of this while maintaining a high level of refinement.

The clean style of the couch set and the blend of contemporary features, such as the diffused light pouring through the ceilings, are two of our favorites. Another overlooked feature of this patio is its openness. The open layout of the whole terrace creates a relaxing atmosphere. When done well, the notion of a contemporary Hawaiian patio seems to be more of a timeless theme than a fad.

In conclusion

The materials chosen on a patio determine how long it will last. If you choose a gravel-based patio, you should be aware that it will need some upkeep. These surfaces, on the other hand, will endure a long period if properly maintained.

A stone foundation is generally the least upkeep option. There are many trustworthy, gorgeous stones to pick from that will provide you with a fantastic-looking patio that will endure for years.

We hope you’ve been inspired by these backyard patio ideas to make some changes to your house! Check out our page on Swimming Pool Ideas if you’re thinking about putting a pool near your patio.

Enjoy your decorating!

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own backyard? Whether it be to entertain friends or just relax in the sun, there are a few ideas that can make your vision come true. Reference: covered patio ideas.

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