Find out the 15 best balcony gardening ideas that are a must have for 2022. From easy to complicated, these simple tips will help you grow your garden indoors and outdoors with ease!

The “balcony garden ideas for small spaces” are a must-have for anyone looking to grow plants. This is because they can be done in small areas, and the plants will give you a lot of benefits.

Everyone enjoys a lush garden brimming with vivid flowers and foliage, but not everyone has the room for a huge flower garden. We’ve selected our best balcony gardening ideas and supplies for apartment dwellers to help you make the most of your area.

Let’s get going!


Vertical Plant Shelves No. 1


Plant shelves are a lovely way to showcase your flowers on your balcony without taking up too much room. The shelves offer a tiered design that uniformly displays plant pots and flora, ensuring that none of your plants’ attractive features are hidden.

These may be positioned in the corner of your outdoor area and most can fold up for easy storage when not in use.

Similar vertical planters and shelves may be found at your local gardening shop or on Amazon.


3 Tier Foldable Flower Pot Display Shelf Rack for Indoor Outdoor Home Patio Lawn Garden Balcony Organizer Planter Holder Ufine Bamboo Ladder Plant Stand

  • NATURAL BAMBOO APPEARANCE: This three-tier ladder plant stand is constructed of high-quality bamboo and completed with three polishing processes and healthy varnish treatments; it’s robust and appealing, and it’s a great way to show off all your plant babies.
  • IDEAL SIZE FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: Want to manage your messy room with a trendy plant shelf? The Ufine 3-tier bamboo plant stand is the perfect size for a small balcony or apartment, and it’s also a terrific way to show off your succulent collection.
  • STURDY & DURABLE: Solid construction with 3 tier ladder design and reasonable growth height for each tier; strong bearing capacity up to 100lbs;also the varnish finish is great for water drainage and protect the shelves from humidity
  • NOTE: Loosen the screws a bit for easy folding and tighten them while in use to maintain stability.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: With clear instructions and equipment, assembly can be completed in 30 minutes by one person; please contact us if you have any questions; our customer service staff is here 24/7 to assist you.

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Wall Planters No. 2


Wall planters are a unique balcony gardening concept that helps you make the most of the space you have. They may be hung high or low on any wall, bringing color and beautiful forms to areas that would otherwise be empty.

Wall planters are ideal for succulents or plants with deep root or vine systems. These plants are ideal for creating a vibrant and bustling wall decoration.

Wall planters are available at your local gardening shop or on Amazon.

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3. Baskets to Hang


Hanging baskets are a decorative force to be reckoned with, being one of the most prevalent and appealing balcony garden decorations. They take up no floor space, and your beautiful flowers will be the talk of the complex when they are hung high on display.

Wicker hanging baskets, in particular, give balconies a sweet aspect and are a nice alternative to the standard black plastic baskets.

Decorative hanging wicker baskets may be found at your local gardening shop or on Amazon.

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Rail Garden No. 4


These plant pots were created expressly for use on rails, making them ideal for balconies. They take up very little room, provide some seclusion, are safe and less likely to collapse and cause havoc on your neighbors below, and your lovely flowers will be visible to the rest of the world thanks to your railing.

Is there anything greater than that?

Plant pots for fence may be found at your local gardening shop or on Amazon.

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Arrangements with Trellis


If you want to give your balcony a little more privacy, a trellis is the way to go. Hanging pots are a lovely way to dress up trellises, and the leaves of your plants will keep any prying eyes at bay.

Hooked pots may be found at your local gardening supply store or on Amazon.


Young Go 10 PCS Metal Iron Flower Holders with Drainage Hole Basket Bucket Planters Balcony Garden Patio Planter Wall Fence Hanging Flower Pot with Detachable Hook Home Decor Hanging Flower Pots

  • BRING A VIVID AND COLORFUL GARDEN: 10 flower pots in various colors provide vibrancy to your landscape. It may be hung as a lovely decoration on the balcony, porch, window, railing, or fence, or anyplace else in the home.
  • DRAINAGE HOLE WITH DETACHABLE HOOK: The drainage hole allows for easy watering and circulation through the pot. When buying a succulent planter, make sure it includes a drainage hole. The pot comes with a removable hook so you can hang it anywhere you wish.
  • MULTIFUNCTION FLOWER POTS: This planter may be used for dried flowers, silk flowers, and other charming decorations in addition to colorful flowers, savory herbs, and other veggies.
  • MATERIAL AND DIMENSION: Corrosion-resistant galvanized metal iron flower pots, great ornament for the creative gardener. 3.9*3.9*3.2in Dimensions
  • 24 MONTHS WARRANTY: If you have any questions about our goods, please contact us for assistance. We provide a one-month money-back guarantee. Return policy of 24 months and friendly customer service for life.

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6. Artificial Grass


Adding grass mats or turf to your balcony may help make it seem more natural and garden-like. There are plenty realistic imitation grass solutions on the market that will undoubtedly give your concrete jungle a natural sense.

Grass turf may be purchased at your local gardening shop or on Amazon.



Indoor Outdoor Balcony Garden Pet Rug Turf Home Decor, Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf 5FTX8FT, Faux Grass Rug Carpet with Drainage Holes

  • VALUE SYNTHETIC GRASS RUG: Designed and constructed to seem like actual fescue-like grass, with a blade length of roughly 0.4″, safe for children and dogs, and all for a very low price.
  • PERFORMANCE: Made from high-quality polypropylene yarns. Rubber backing with drainage hole, simple to clean and fast to dry.
  • FRIENDLY & SAVE MONEY: No mowing, No watering, Safe for pets and children.
  • Ideal for indoor usage as a mat or carpet. DIY Fence Backdrop Decorations, inside and exterior, or your own unique design for a party, wedding, or Christmas decoration. Garden, Lawn, Patio, Landscape, Backyard, Balcony, Deck, Porch, and other outdoor places utilize outdoor carpets. It’s suggested that you use it with lawn nails.

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7. Planters in a Drawer


These beautiful drawer planters are a must-have for your rustic side. These planters will bring out the antique, rural chic aspect of your balcony, whether you have old drawers sitting around or purchase drawers that seem old.

Drawer planters are available for purchase on Amazon.

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8. Glass Terrariums that Hang


Terrariums are made up of interesting geometric forms that would look wonderful in any contemporary balcony garden. They’re generally built of glass and metals for durability, and they’re filled with small stones and drought-resistant plants like cactus and succulent kinds.

If you don’t have enough space to put a terrarium on the ground, you may buy hanging glass terrariums instead. Attach them to the ceiling of your balcony and watch as your guests’ eyes light up as they notice your outdoor décor.

Hanging terrariums are available on Amazon.



Succulent Moss Tillandsias Air Plants, Globe and Teardrop Mkono 2 Pack Glass Hanging Planter Air Fern Holder Terrarium Plants Hanger Vase Home Christmas Decoration Gift Idea

  • Ideal for displaying tiny plants in the house or workplace, adding extra greenery and vibrancy to your living space. Make a tiny vertical garden with moss, airplants, seashells, and other decorations. Perfect for a DIY project, using your creativity to create a one-of-a-kind ornament.
  • With a flat bottom for tabletop use and a top loop for rope hanging. It sits on the desk or hangs alongside the window in your indoor garden to display your plants. It’s perfect for Christmas, weddings, parties, and festivals since it creates a romantic and welcoming environment.
  • 1 Teadrop Terrarium, 1 Globe Terrarium, and Jute Rope are included in the package. This set does not contain any plants or other decorations. Please handle glass objects with care while hanging them.
  • Teadrop-shaped is 7.5″H3.5″W, with a 1.75″ opening diameter; globe-shaped is 4″in dismeter, with a 2″ opening diameter. With a flat bottom for tabletop use and a top loop for rope hanging.
  • High boron silicon heat resistant glass is used. Our product is professional production and exclusive selling, and Mkono is a recognized brand.

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9. Cony Jungle


Is it a forest or a jungle? Nope. It’s your own balcony. It’s also overgrown with beautiful vegetation.

If you value solitude or want to bring nature to your balcony, adding a wide selection of plants to your railings, floor, and hanging plants is a great way to accomplish so. Balcony gardens, such as the one seen above, provide a tranquil and relaxing outdoor sitting area.

Abstract Floral Displays (10)


These flower pots are inverted and put on a stained wooden panel as an aesthetic exhibit. Pots hung in abstract patterns are effective in drawing attention to specific parts of the balcony. This kind of artistic exhibit is also great for making room on the balcony floor for bigger plants, lounge furniture, or other outdoor decorations.

Large wooden boards, screws, and metal wire may be used to make them on your own.

11. Tucked Carefully


Balconies are not all made equal. Some are rather enormous, while others are just the size of a tiny closet. If you have a tiny balcony, this compact balcony garden concept might be precisely what you’ve been looking for. The stacking effect is stylishly busy yet not overbearing or cluttered.

The color scheme is simple and consistent, which contributes to the attraction of this outdoor gardening concept.

12. Vogue Italia


The vivid flower arrangements on Italian balconies are well-known. Focus primarily on brilliantly colored, bunched flowers, climbing vines, hanging baskets, and rail flower boxes to reproduce the gorgeous Italian flare on your balcony.

Large, bushy flower plants, like shown in the picture, are required to get the typical Italian look.

13. Color Schemes That Are Appealing


Finding and constructing a pleasing color scheme for your balcony garden is a beautiful choice if combining random colors isn’t your cup of tea. Balconies with complementary hues, like the red and green in the picture above, seem more consistent and professional. Red and white, greens and whites, yellows and oranges, and purples and blues are all beautiful color pairings.

14. Oasis of Color


This lovely tropical balcony garden welcomes you with “aloha.”

For the islander at heart, this vibrant balcony garden is a must-have. The bright colors of the furnishings and the luxuriant vegetation that lines the rails make us think we were on the beach.

Bushy greens and bright red blooms are housed in colorful pots, creating wonderful color visions and taking up space. For bigger balconies, this would be an excellent architectural option.

It’s almost as though we can hear the waves of the sea.

Floral Balcony Room No. 15


This balcony gardening concept would be a room extension of your flat, acting as a makeshift conservatory. Hang plant pockets from the ceiling above your railing, hang hanging baskets from the ceiling, add wall planters, and anything else your little heart wants to fill the area with greenery to get this appearance.

Plant pockets are available at your local gardening shop or via Amazon.


Indoor/Outdoor Ogrmar 36 Pockets Vertical Wall Garden Planter Plant Grow Bag for Flower Vegetable (36 Pockets, Black)

  • MEDIUM SIZE: 39.4″ X 39.4″ (100 cm x 100 cm), Well-built for the growing season, Can Match Several Planters Together For Covering Large Wall Areas And Move Randomly
  • EASILY FIXED: Zip Ties may be used to attach to a fence, and nails with wider heads can be used to put to a wall. If you’re screwing anything to the wall, you’ll need washers to protect the screw heads from sliding through the grommets. It is also capable of quickly removing it.
  • ECO FRIENDLY MATERIAL: felt material, which retains moisture well while allowing drainage and allowing it to breathe. Resistant, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.
  • CONDITIONS FOR GROWING: WATER RETENTION Indoor/Outdoor Felt Material Creates Perfect Soil Conditions

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Gardening Advice in General

Let’s look at some basic advice on how to care for your plants now that we’ve gone over some of the most stunning gardening ideas for your balcony:

  1. Determine your USDA Hardiness Zone. Knowing your USDA Hardiness Zone can help you choose plants that will grow in your area. You’ll also discover when in your location is the optimal time to cultivate food plants.
  2. Make careful you follow the plant’s care recommendations. Every plant has its own set of requirements. Some plants want more light, while others like shade; some plants require watering every few days, while others may go weeks without being watered. Your plants will be happy and healthy if you follow the care recommendations!
  3. Remove any decaying branches or leaves. Plants are very typical in losing part of their leaves or branches. Pruning stems, branches, or leaves that have begun to wither and brown is necessary to maintain the remainder of the plant healthy. Use them in your compost once they’ve been clipped!
  4. Don’t drown your plants with water. One of the most typical errors made by beginning gardeners is this. As previously said, the care instructions will specify how frequently you should water your plant.
  5. Make sure you have decent – and the proper – soil. Various plants, of course, need different kinds of soil. However, if you want lush foliage, organic soils with natural feeders and nutrients are the way to go.
  6. Invasive plants should be contained. Plants that are invasive to other types should be planted in their own planter to avoid dominating other plants.
  7.  More fertilizer does not always imply healthier plants. However, excellent soil does (as previously said). As a result, don’t go crazy with the miraculous grow. Use compost instead of petrochemical fertilizers.
  8. Move your expanding plants to bigger containers. This may sound obvious, yet it is something that many people overlook. When your plants outgrow their nursery pots, it’s critical to move them to larger containers. Of course, this will offer the plant more area to grow.
  9. When the weather allows, plant your plants. Many plants may not thrive in colder climates, so plant your flowers (or anything else you’ll be growing) whenever the season is appropriate.
  10. In moist soil, do not plant or dig. Planting in damp soil might weaken its structure, so be careful to dig in dry soil.


Balcony Gardening Safety Tips

Because balconies overhang streets, walkways, and other people’s houses, care must be taken while planting planters and plants on them. Falling plants or plant pots may be exceedingly dangerous to humans or dogs below, so it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone is secure while you create your tiny refuge.

Here are some safety considerations to consider while you construct your balcony garden:

  1. DO NOT place loose plant pots on your balcony railing. It is critical to never set insecure pots on the balcony railing, regardless of how broad it is. If you’re going to put flower pots on rails, be sure they’re made particularly for rails. This significantly reduces the likelihood of the pot falling and injuring someone or damage property below.
  2. Securing your hanging plants is a must. To prevent falling, heavy-duty metal hooks should always be used to attach hanging plants.
  3. DO NOT grow tiny plants near the railing’s openings. Small plants on the floor, such as blooming cactus or succulents, may be knocked through big railing openings by mistake. Take caution while placing little plants. A nice option is to place them on tables or shelves.
  4. DO keep all of your gardening equipment in one place. Keeping your gardening equipment organized will reduce the likelihood of their slipping over the ledge or sliding under the railing.
  5. DO take precautions against possibly dangerous plants. Barbs, spikes, and sharp edges on plants may represent a minimal hazard to your health. When working with prickly plants, always wear gardening gloves and a long-sleeved shirt.

Last Thoughts

Apartments are notorious for their lack of room. However, there are methods to make the most of the space given to create aesthetically attractive gardens. A magnificent balcony garden is only limited by your creativity, and the stunning combinations are endless. Maintain your gardening and safety precautions, and most importantly, have fun!

We hope you liked reading about some of our favorite balcony gardening ideas!

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