New metal roof ideas are always coming out, but finding the perfect design for your home can still be a challenge. This article will give you 17 gazebo roof ideas that you might want to consider as an inspiration for your next project or just browsing around on Houzz!

The “aluminum roof for gazebo” is a metal roof that can be used in many different ways. It can be used as a design inspiration 2022 to add some variety to your home.

Gazebos have long been a popular addition to flower gardens. For parks, yards, and elaborate gardens alike, they give shade, shelter, and an unique detail piece. Metal gazebos are also created, and their roofs are some of the most attractive among gazebos, despite being made of wood, tiles, stone, and a shingled roof. We’ve got 17 lovely metal gazebo roof designs for you in this post!


1. Ivory Twisted Roof


This gazebo roof may be precisely what you’ve been looking for if you’re aiming for a dreamy, romantic garden look. This gazebo roof – evocative of Cinderella’s Carriage – would look lovely in a charming rose garden, from the delicate ivory hue to the softly tinted pink blossom on top.

This gazebo roof is openwork, enabling sunlight to stream through and form beautiful shadows on the ground, which is a recurrent motif across our selection.

2. Cast Iron Victorian


This deep black cast iron gazebo roof would be ideal for giving your yard a more Victorian feel. The little, delicate design is reminiscent of gothic architecture, and the dark coloration would stand out in a garden full of colorful flowers.

It would also look wonderful in a landscape full of dark flowers like deep red roses, Queen of the Night Tulips, Purple Lilies, or Black Pansies if you like darker hues.

Our favorite darker colored flower is seen below. Black Pansies (and other dark flowers) may be found online at Amazon or at your local garden store.


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3. Gothic Gazebo with Embroidery


Another metal gazebo roof that reminds us of the Victorian age, this gothic roof has severe lines and a smooth texture. Unlike the previous concepts, the roof of this metal gazebo is totally enclosed, making it ideal for days when the sun isn’t shining.

The gothic structure above the roof creates a fascinating focus point in any flower garden, but particularly in gardens with rich red, purple, or dark green plants.

4. Ornate Indian Gazebo Roof


This metal gazebo roof has flared peaks and carved barbs, and it’s a wonderful garden building that borrows to Indian architecture. The contrast between the darker and lighter metals creates a unique color scheme that would look fantastic in a garden of oranges, golds, reds, and other exotic tones.

5. Design with Natural Leaves


This leaf pattern may be just up your alley if you like the looks of nature even in constructed structures. This domed-shaped openwork metal gazebo roof is supported by Roman or Grecian-style pillars. The intricate wiring gives the whole roof a grapevine architectural aspect, comparable to that seen in older nations.

6. Roof of a Flared Gazebo


This flared metal gazebo roof is incredibly detailed and suitable for an eccentric’s yard, paying reference to both Asian and Gothic culture. It is made up of a dozen unique peaks and umbrellas that extend beyond the beams that keep it in place. Beautiful twisted iron can be seen crawling around the gazebo’s border.

7. Gothic Roof with a Twist


This is the last gothic metal gazebo roof on our list, and it has all of the hallmarks of Victorian architecture. This would be an unique garden addition, from the high central peak and dark hue to the excellent details and tall side elements.

8. Iron Honeycomb Roof


If you’re a lover of nature’s most amazing architects, this honeycomb-shaped metal gazebo roof is an excellent choice. The roof’s chambers provide intriguing details that will lead the attention to a focal point in your yard. The seats and swirling look of the construction also provide a fantastical touch to this gazebo concept, making it ideal for a fairy garden.

9. Gazebo with a Birdcage


Birds are a charming fixture in the modest backyard, as they are in most gardens. So why not build a gazebo with a roof that looks like an old-fashioned metal birdcage? Unlike other metal gazebo roofs, the one featured in the picture above has an enclosed frame, making it ideal for reclining beneath on a wet day.

Stained Glass Detailing (No. 10)


Consider adding stained glass pieces to your metal gazebo roof to make it more vibrant. When the light shines through stained glass, it creates a wonderful effect, and it would add color to the foundation of your gazebo. With all of its modest, precise craftsmanship and stunning colour, this style reminds us of a church.

11. Roof of a Flower-Covered Gazebo


Placing a metal gazebo near a viny, climbing plant such as roses, ivy, trumpet vines, or honeysuckles for a natural covering would be a lovely addition to any backyard or flower garden. Plants love to cling to open metal gazebo roofs, and you should have a beautiful flowery awning in no time.

Our favorite climbing plants are Trumpet Vines (albeit they are a hassle to care for or if you don’t want them to grow all over the place). Their vibrant hues would be stunning enveloping a metal gazebo. They’re available online via Amazon or at your local garden shop or plant nursery.


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12. A New Zealand pattern with a lot of detail


This metal gazebo roof, found on a vivid New Zealand estate, is covered with a lovely patterned glass of greens and yellows. A big centerpiece above the roof attracts and draws attention to the craftsmanship alongside the gazebo. To minimize visual congestion, a metal gazebo roof like this should be positioned in the center of a garden or open ground, as seen in the picture.

Butterfly-Friendly Gazebo (No. 13)


This butterfly-friendly metal gazebo roof would be ideal for a garden full of aromatic flowers, attracting animals to your yard. Butterflies and other insects may easily adhere to the thin metal netting that surrounds the gazebo, providing you and your family with an experience that you would normally only get at an insectarium.

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Copper Roofing, No. 14


Copper metal gazebo roofs, such as the one depicted in the picture above, would be stunning in the evenings, reflecting the setting sun and illuminating beautiful gardens in awe-inspiring fire color tones. Copper is a beautiful metal to use next to ornate garden elements like statues or fountains.

15. Gazebo of Ukraine


This lavish, gothic-style gazebo may be found in the deep woods of Ukraine. This is about as elegant as it gets, from the birdcage feature in the middle of the roof to the high peaks on all sides.

16. Metal Gazebo Roof in the Shape of a Heart


There’s a feeling of love in the air (literally).

Large, twirling hearts adorn the heavens above in this metal gazebo roof design. This may be a wonderful garden addition for the romantic in you. Surround this gazebo with brilliant pink roses, sweet-smelling Forget-Me-Nots, and exquisite Daffodils, and you’ve got yourself a romantic day ahead of you.

Romantic flowers like the ones seen below may be found on Amazon or at your local plant garden.



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17. Metal Dome Gazebo Roof


This domed gazebo provides a sense comparable to that of an outdoor lounge while yet being exposed to the air and intricate enough to attract your visitors’ curiosity for a less standard metal gazebo roof concept. Climbing plants would have an easy time clinging to the ironwork, which may ultimately offer a gorgeous, aromatic natural covering.

Last Thoughts

Regardless of the metal gazebo roof design you choose, your yard will feel more welcoming and look amazing. Metal gazebos are a beautiful, long-lasting garden addition that enhances the beauty of a flower garden, adds a touch of elegance to an ordinary suburban backyard, and brings out the best in our houses.

Have fun with your decorations!

The “pergola roof kits” are a great way to add some beauty and functionality to your home. You can find these kits at various retailers, or even online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use for a gazebo roof?

A: Most common materials for a gazebo roof are glass, metal, or plastic.

Is a gazebo a good idea?

A: A gazebo is a type of pavilion with an arched roof supported by columns. Gazebos are often used to provide cover from the sun, rain or snow and they create a small area that can be enclosed around you while allowing light in. They can also serve as extra seating when weather permits.

How do you cut a gazebo Rafter?

A: I do not know how to cut a gazebo rafter.

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