A couple of years ago, I wrote this blog where I detailed 21 fun and creative pranks for kids to use on their parents. It was a way for me to teach my daughter that it’s okay to prank people as long as you’re not cruel about it or leave them in pain. Ever since then, we’ve been doing these hilarious little tricks every day with our friends and neighbors!

The “easy pranks for kids” are a list of 21 mischevious pranks that can be pulled on parents. Some are easy and some are more difficult.

All children, as nice and innocent as they may seem, have a wicked, fun side. It may be entertaining to promote that part of them, and pranks are a great way to let them express cheval cheval. Of course, you’ll want to keep these pranks safe, and there’s no tolerance for cruelty!

A good prank should also make the person who is being pranked laugh! So, whether you want to prank your own child or teach them how to pull off some amusing, harmless pranks on their own, we have ideas.

So, without further ado, here are a few of our favorite kid-friendly pranks!


Food Jokes

Food Jokes are a great way to take something tasty and make it hilarious. Everyone loves to eat, so there’s plenty of choices for these pranks, and we’ve chosen the funniest, most delicious options.

Pastry Seeds 1


This first prank is sure to make people laugh, and it could also make them hungry. This is an excellent prank for smaller children.

Give your kid some seeds and instruct them to sow them. It doesn’t matter what kind of seed they are; what counts is what you do the following morning.

Place some stakes in the mud and hang a delicious doughnut from each one. Then summon your youngster to the plant and see their stunned response. They’ll undoubtedly be curious as to how the seeds turned into pastries so quickly and ask you to plant more!

What’s the finest thing about this joke? After that, you may have doughnuts.

2. Dessert with Dirt


Dirt pudding with gummy worms is a great treat if you’ve ever tasted it. However, if someone has never heard of dirt pudding, they will be surprised when you eat it!

You shouldn’t play this prank on smaller kids since you don’t want them to believe it’s okay to eat dirt… If your youngster chooses to attempt the prank on their own, make sure they don’t mix cookie crumble dirt with actual dirt.

3. Picnic Jokes


It’s simple to trick your kids with some unexpected food if you’re planned a picnic. Fill the centre of deviled eggs with buttercream icing, for example. And instead of mayonnaise, use vanilla pudding on your sandwiches.

The Not-To-Drink


Your child will be thirsty after a long day of playing outdoors. Offer to go inside and bring them anything when they ask for a drink. Then take some jello and put it in a cup with a straw. They’ll probably mistake the meal for a drink and wonder why it’s so difficult to drink!

Ice cream, perhaps?


The ice cream prank, like the Not-Drink prank, does not really include ice cream. Fill a bowl with mashed potatoes and top with whipped cream to make it genuine. Then sit back and watch as your toddler takes a taste and immediately spits it out.

If you want to play a similar prank on your parents, perform the same… However, for that additional icky element, add some fudge.

Seasonal Jokes

Some children’s pranks need a certain setting or season. For example, you can’t do snow pranks in the summer, and you shouldn’t surprise someone with water balloons in the winter (at least not intentionally!). Fortunately, for each of the four seasons, we have specialized pranks for kids.

Leaf Monster, no. 6


You probably have more leaves than you know what to do with in the autumn! While these leaves may be used in a variety of activities, they can also be used in hilarious pranks.

This autumn prank is quite easy. Rake a mound of leaves, then hide within till your target passes by. Then leap out and shout, “Boo!” when they’re right in front of you. They’ll have no clue you’re in there and will be pleasantly pleased!

Attack of the Water Balloons


It might be fun to surprise someone with a water balloon assault during the summer. Of course, you’ll want to double-check that the individual isn’t carrying any devices and isn’t in a rush to go someplace essential!

This prank might evolve into an all-out water balloon fight depending on the prankee. So, if you’re going to assault someone unexpectedly, expect them to react!

8. Odorous Flowers


This is one of the finest spring pranks for kids since it takes use of the hundreds of new plants to explore and smell. All you need to do is buy some fake or real plants and spray them with a foul solution. Then give your youngster the flowers and instruct them to take a big smell!

9. Snowstorm


This following prank may not go over well with all prankees, and it may even result in a full-fledged snowball brawl. Simply approach your unwitting victim, pull down their coat, and throw a handful of snow down their back!

If you’re far from home, don’t attempt this prank; the prank victim will most likely be chilly, so you’ll need a nearby location where they can warm up.


Giving an ordinary area or thing a makeover is one of the most enjoyable and simple pranks for kids. You may do a subtle makeover by changing things a little every day, or you and your kids can do a big prank by making a big alteration all at once. In any case, be sure to choose items that won’t cause harm to property — if you shatter or ruin anything, the joke is over!

Gnome Invasion in the Garden


Covering your yard with garden gnomes is a simple way to transform it. Imagine your children going to bed and waking up to find hundreds of gnomes looking at them. It’s spooky, humorous, and completely unexpected!

You may use garden flamingoes instead of gnomes, or a combination of both. You really can’t go wrong with weird ceramic and plastic animals in your yard — it’s always a good laugh for the kids.

11. Car Redesign


A safe and temporary prank, you can simply paste sticky notes all over a vehicle or wrap it in wrapping paper without causing any harm while also surprising your prank victim! Just make sure your prankee isn’t in a rush to go since removing everything will take some time!

12. Holiday Bicycles


If your child has a bike, streamers, ribbons, and bows may simply be added to it. If you had a bike, though, your child may easily execute the same joke on you! In any case, remove the decorations before riding to avoid getting them stuck in the wheels.

What’s New in the Mail?


Putting something unexpected in the mailbox is a simple and enjoyable prank for youngsters. This might be anything from a mirror to a bunch of little balloons. It’s a great prank for youngsters who check the mail often since they won’t anticipate it – but if you’re the one who checks the mail regularly, you may be the one who gets pranked!

Silly Sidewalk Chalk (No. 14)


Because sidewalk chalk washes away, you can write some pretty ridiculous things on your driveway. If you have a spouse or other kid who isn’t at home right now, they’ll find it amusing when they get home.

15. Googly Eyes When All Else Fails!


Using googly eyes to decorate your home, yard, or automobile is a simple and amusing prank. This prank may simply be carried out by the children themselves, or you can organize it and have them participate.

Googly eyes come in a range of sizes and hues, with some even including fake noses and mustaches. You won’t have to worry about anything being broken, and the prankee will be surprised!

Other Hilarious Jokes

We have a few more kid-friendly pranks for you, all of which are enjoyable and simple to execute. Even if they don’t fall into any one category, they’re nonetheless a lot of fun for kids (and adults)!

Coins that are superglued


You and your youngster already have everything you need for this next prank if you have super glue and some leftover cash. Simply place the coins outside and glue them. Then observe a passerby attempting (and failing) to pick them up.

We recommend sticking the coins to a firm surface away from traffic. Remember that the purpose of pranking is to always be safe and have fun, so make sure the venue is as well!

17. Bug Infestation


Seeing a large insect might be startling, particularly if a spider is peering at you from the woods or a beetle is hiding in your picnic basket. Of course, this prank does not use real bugs; instead, it uses plastic toy bugs that come in a range of sizes and colors.

Only try this trick if you’re certain it won’t startle your victim. Some individuals are terrified of bugs, and it would be terrible to transform a lighthearted notion into something distressing.

You can do the same thing with a rubber snake, but make sure the emphasis is on amusement rather than terror. People are afraid of snakes as well, and we don’t want anybody to feel upset!

Bubble Fountain (nineteen)


This prank only works if the individual has a fountain, and it’s rather amusing if they do. Toss some soap into the water at the fountain and watch the bubbles swarm. Make sure your friend’s fountain isn’t near any grass — we don’t want the soap to harm their soil!

Dyed Water (19.)


If you have food dye on hand, you can quickly alter the color of the water that comes out of your water hose, surprising the next person who uses it. Use colors like green or purple, and be cautious about the kind of dye you use; certain hues and brands may stain the grass.

20. Hide and… Where have you gone?


You should definitely only attempt this prank with older children, and you should do so while you’re close to your own home. The prank is simple: play hide-and-seek without attempting to locate the hider. Instead, go swinging, drawing with chalk, or waiting on the grass. The hider will emerge soon, curious about your whereabouts.

21. Make-Believe Dog Poop


Okay, this last prank is a little… disgusting, but it’s sure to make people chuckle. You may either purchase fake dog feces online or make it at home. Whichever variety you pick, spread it in front of your porch or in your backyard – wherever your children (or parents) will see it.


There are a plethora of amusing pranks for kids that you and your youngster will enjoy pulling out. You’ll be laughing, connecting, and thinking of new pranks to do next whether you plot them together or try them on each other. When pranking, always be cautious and don’t prank someone who doesn’t want to be pranked. The greatest pranks make everyone laugh, and the ones on this list will accomplish exactly that if you follow our instructions.

The “april fools pranks to do at home” is a list of 21 mischevious pranks for kids and their parents to pull! The list includes everything from making your mom think your dad is cheating on her, to telling your friends you have the flu.

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