23 Best Doghouse Ideas in 2022
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A doghouse is a shelter for your pet dog. In this article, we will discuss 23 of the best doghouse ideas that you can use to create a home for your pet in 2022. Read more in detail here: how to make a dog house.

Dogs have been believed to be man’s best friend for as long as humans can remember, and they’re frequently a cheerful, tail-wagging addition to our families that we couldn’t imagine living without. Dogs give us with a never-ending supply of friendship and pleasure. So, for the love of dogs, we’ve collected a list of 23 unique doghouse ideas to keep your four-legged family member safe, comfy, and fashionable.

There are a lot of dogs in this piece, by the way… Try to concentrate on the doghouses rather than their adorable faces (we know, it’s difficult).



1. Front Porch Wooden Doghouse


This wooden doghouse with a front porch is ideal for a dog that enjoys lounging in the shade or watching storms (without getting wet, of course). It’s quite well-made of lovely wood and would look fantastic in any backyard without detracting from the overall aesthetic.

2. A Doghouse with a Front Door is a Simple Doghouse.


Despite its simplicity, we felt this doghouse was well worth adding to our collection of doghouse ideas. With that small doggie front entrance, how could we not? The front door not only has a doorknob, but it also swings back and forth like a real home door, which is adorable when you consider that your dog has his own human home.

3. A Doghouse Made of Colorful Tiles


This brightly colored doghouse is ideal for a rambunctious pooch. The brilliant orange and blue tiles are unlike any other doghouse we’ve seen, and they make a terrific complement to the energetic pet owner’s property.

4. Doghouse in the Style of a Log Cabin


This doghouse is perhaps best suited for the dog owner who is exceedingly… ahem… enthusiastic. This cabin-style doghouse, complete with a home light and windows, is ideal for individuals with a large number of dogs (or one really pampered dog).

5. Doghouse “Dog’s Inn”


No one can deny the adorableness of this puppy house. This doghouse is the perfect home for your pet, with its beautiful cartoon bone and “Dog’s Inn” sign. The “Dog’s Inn” sign is quite smart, but a sign more appropriate for your pet would almost certainly be just as valuable.

Dalmatian Doghouse, No. 6


This easy-to-make Dalmatian-style doghouse will warm the hearts of all your visitors if you have a spotted dog. Simply paint an ordinary doghouse white (or whatever color to match your pet), add a few odd spots, and you’re done! You’ve got a dalmatian doghouse on your hands.

Bohemian Doghouse is number seven on the list.


This hippie-style doghouse is ideal for the colorful garden and free-spirited puppy in the flower child in you. For those who like the weird and dynamic aesthetic of exaggerated flowers and rainbows, this would be a great painting project.

Doghouse with an Angled Roof


These angled-roofed booth doghouses are ideal for dogs that spend time outside in the cold. The entrance is on one side of the doghouse (rather than in the middle) so that your pet has a pocket of space that is sheltered from the weather, as seen in the picture. Even though this doghouse is more protected than others, it’s still essential to bring your dogs inside when the weather becomes bad.

9. Dog House Made of Bricks


This doghouse is a better long-term alternative for your dog’s shelter. The brick is a lovely style that doesn’t detract from a yard’s refinement. A doghouse like the one in the picture would undoubtedly be more insulated than open-door, wooden doghouses, which is ideal if your pet has to go outdoors often — and the entrance could be kept open for air circulation during the summer.

Patriotic Doghouse, No. 10


A proud Swiss puppy lives in this doghouse with a little stairway, flower pot, and flag. This little copy of a human house is a creative addition to any patriot’s garden, whether your dog will be flying Old Glory in her iconic Red, White, and Blue… or another flag of your choosing…

11. Combination of a doghouse and a kennel


This doghouse and kennel combo is ideal for temporarily housing your dog while you’re away or having your pet looked after. The combination gives additional protection from the weather as well as a place to store food and drink. Not to add that the kennel’s concrete floor makes it simple to clean.

A-Frame Doghouse No. 12


This A-frame doghouse’s quaint, dollhouse décor would be great in a bright garden. This beautiful doghouse would not only complement your landscape, but it would also be ideal for a little dog. (Can you image living in that small fantasy cottage with a fluffy Pomeranian? Adorable).

Holly Jolly Doghouse (#13)


Is it that time of year once more? Decorating your dogs’ doghouse with wreaths, lights, and other Holiday decors is a paw-some way to celebrate the season when Christmas arrives.

Doghouse in the Tudor Style


If you want a Tudor-style home but can’t afford one, making a Tudor doghouse may be a good substitute. This doghouse’s eye-catching European design is guaranteed to stand out in your yard.

Basket Doghouse, No. 15


We don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto. This wicker basket doghouse is not only reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz, but it’s also a one-of-a-kind place to rest your dogs. Of course, you won’t want to leave this doghouse out in the weather unprotected. If you do need to use it outside, make sure it’s beneath an awning or on a covered porch.

16. Awning on a Wooden Doghouse


This A-frame doghouse was constructed with an awning to shield an inquisitive dog’s head from the weather. A doghouse’s awning will not only shield your pet when they want to peek outside, but it will also block snow, wind, and rain from destroying the interior of your pet’s home.

17. Doghouse in the Style of a Barn


This rustic doghouse might be precisely what you and your dogs need if you live on a farm or in the country. The open entry and broad floor make this the ideal house for your dogs to relax in on a hot summer day, and the red and white barn design complements your home’s Southern flavor.

Igloo Doghouse (number 18)


Igloo dog homes are huge, igloo-shaped doghouses with an enlarged entryway to keep the weather out of touch with your dogs. These are simple to assemble and can be found at almost any pet shop (or on Amazon). They’re also often ventilated and constructed of long-lasting, sturdy materials to keep your pet safe and comfortable.

19. Doghouse with Rooftop Garden


This doghouse with a rooftop garden was one of the 70 Best Backyard Design Ideas we featured in our post. It’s one of our favorites, so we had to feature it here as well! This doghouse would not only keep your pet safe, but it would also add brilliant flower hues to your yard (or tasty foods to your meal)!

20. Doghouse in the Style of a Birdhouse


This doghouse resembles a birdhouse in the woods, with its basic metal roof and round entrance. If you like both birds and dogs, a dog-sized birdhouse (along with your bird-sized birdhouses) might be a fun addition to your yard.

21. Contemporary Doghouse


Despite the fact that this contemporary doghouse is (clearly) not designed for use in the outdoors, it is nonetheless a charming and fashionable doghouse for your dogs. This doghouse is one-of-a-kind and stylish, bringing a modern touch to whatever space it is placed in. If you’re going to install this doghouse outdoors, make sure it’s protected from the elements with something like a covered patio.

Take a peek at these more contemporary doghouse ideas if your style is up to current.

Snoopy’s Doghouse (number 22)


This cartoonish reproduction of Snoopy’s doghouse is one of the most inventive doghouses we’ve seen for all Snoopy enthusiasts out there. The nostalgic feeling that comes with this doghouse is enough to make anybody smile and transport them to the world of Peanuts.

23. Doghouse for Small Dogs


This low-to-the-ground wooden doghouse with a modest entranceway is ideal for keeping your dogs warm and secure. Dogs are known to feel safe sleeping in tiny, enclosed spaces, so if your pet spends time outdoors, this doghouse might be an ideal choice.

Dog homes are a great way to add charm to your yard while also keeping your dogs safe from the weather. Even while doghouses may be a useful addition to your yard, it’s vital to remember that dogs should be kept inside when the weather is very bad. We hope you liked our selection of doghouse design ideas!

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