Whether you’re looking for a garden or patio in your backyard, here are 25 awesome brick patio ideas to take inspiration from.

The “brick patio ideas on a budget” is a type of patio that can be built with bricks. It is one of the most popular types of patios because they are cheap to build and easy to maintain. They come in many different styles, colors, and textures. The brick patio idea is not just for the backyard but also for front yards as well.

Do you want to revamp your outdoor living area? If that’s the case, I’ve compiled a list of brick patio ideas that will give your backyard the makeover it deserves! Yes, working with bricks takes some time and effort, but I guarantee you’ll adore your new patio once it’s completed! You’ll discover brick patios in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes on this list. The most difficult aspect will be deciding which one you like! You do not want to lose out on these opportunities.


1. A straightforward brick patio

This Old House shows you how to make an attractive and simple brick patio. It’s not necessary to employ a construction team; you can do it yourself. It came out fantastically! Look it up here.


2. Create a Brick Patio

Apartment Therapy provides a step-by-step instruction on how to properly create a brick patio. They provide you lots of pointers that will help you maintain a beautiful brick patio for years to come. Take a look.


3. Brick Patio in a Circle

Today’s Meena shows you how to make a beautiful round brick patio. There’s even a campfire in the middle. Consider the calm evenings spent on this terrace toasting marshmallows. Learn how to create one for yourself.


4. Build Your Own Brick Patio

Do you need a weekend project? Check out Bob Vila’s video on how to build a brick patio in only a few days. This is ideal for the novice DIYer. Have a look.


5. Construct A Brick Patio

Over at Oklahoma Projects Around The House, recounts how a low part in his backyard led him to build a patio. He had been considering this and felt it was time to put his thoughts into action. For more information, go here.


6. Patio with Brick Pavers

When installing a brick paver patio, Hunker emphasizes the necessity of planning. Half the fight is done, and you’ll be pleased you put in the effort after it’s over. Check out their suggestions.


7. Paver Patio

Renew and reclaim Remodel informed her friend that she had a sand-filled area in her lawn that needed to be addressed. They show many images of the process as it occurred. Take a look.


Patio with a firepit

Brooklyn Limestone demonstrates how to turn your backyard into a calm and entertaining place. A brick patio with a campfire was built. The before and after pictures are great! Check out the changes.


9. Patio with Faux Bricks

Desha demonstrates how to make a fake brick patio. This might be a more natural choice for you if you don’t want to put in the effort of installing the bricks. It came out beautifully!


10. Paver Patio Made From Bricks

Ron Hazelton created a stunning patio with brick pavers. He offers you instructions on how to finish the job on your own if you don’t have much time. Check it out!


11. Paver Patio

You must see how Lehman Lane constructed their backyard brick patio. They provide an excellent instructional with several funny photographs. The patio finished out beautifully! Look at what they did.


12. Build Your Own Brick Patio

Dengarden couldn’t decide whether to hire a professional to re-install their brick patio or do it themselves. They decided to put the money aside and go to work. The refurbished patio looks great, and they now have more money to spend on other things. Check out their lesson.


13. Lovely Brick Patio

Better Homes & Gardens advises making sure you make your brick patio big enough for all your furniture as well as extra space for walking around. They offer some fantastic ideas and tricks to help you. See what they say.


14. Patio Makeover

Young House Love talks about their experience installing a brick paver patio. Their patio has a lot of curving, which adds a lot of character and elegance. Here’s how they did.


15. Patio with Brick Pavers

HGTV provides a step-by-step tutorial for transforming your yard with a brick paver patio. They also provide you with a list of required items so you may be fully prepared to create your masterpiece! Take a look!


16. Terrace & Brick Patio

Eric emailed Do It Yourself to tell us about how he built a much-needed terrace and brick patio in his backyard. Along the journey, he offers several insights and images of his progress. Take a look at what he did.


17. Patio with Faux Bricks

Budget Barbie used Quickrete and paver molds to create her imitation brick patio. I must say, the end effect is stunning! You may even add other colors to the cement! Have a look.


18. Lovely Backyard Patio

The 2 Seasons are delighted to show off the results of their backyard remodel. The terrace is really gorgeous! The pattern was executed flawlessly. Take a look at the final product.


Antiqued Brick (19.)

She shows how her patio turned out after having stamped concrete and antiqued brick installed on her blog, Maison de Pax. This will undoubtedly provide you with some motivation! It’s stunning. Check it out.


Patio Steps (20)

If you’re building a patio with steps, you should read this article from Patio Idea Guides. They provide you a full breakdown of everything you’ll need to properly implement those stages. Check it out.


21. Long-Lasting Brick Patio

The Family Handyman teaches how to build a patio that will last a lifetime. With a few days of hard labor and a little money, you can have the patio you’ve always wanted in no time. See how. 


22. Cement Pavers with Bricks

Flea Market Gardening decided to construct a gorgeous patio by decorating cement pavers and combining them with bricks. This is an excellent project for beginners. Take a look.


23. Patio Makeover

Domesticated Nomad didn’t want to put in their patio, but it turned out to be beautiful! You must read their amusing account of their adventure. Look it up here.


Painted Bricks (number 24)

Crafty Chica demonstrates how to paint your bricks and add bright colors. The result will be a one-of-a-kind patio that is both useful and attractive. Take a peek at this page. 


25. Patio with Steps

Many individuals desire a raised patio but are unsure how to go about constructing one. Hunker demonstrates how to construct a raised patio using brick pavers. This is going to look fantastic! Look it up here.


As you can see, when it comes to brick patio designs, the sky is the limit! Allow your creativity to go wild and create something unique to you. Which is your personal favorite?

The “outdoor patio design pictures” are a great way to add some color and style to the outdoor space. There is no need for expensive brick patios when you can use these 25 awesome brick patio ideas in 2022.

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