Water balloon games are a rewarding way to have fun with your family. They’re easy and provide lots of laughter, making them great for kids of all ages.
Learn how to play these 27 favorites from around the world!

The “water balloon obstacle course ideas” is a blog post that contains 27 fun water balloon games to play with your kids! It also includes some tips on how to make the games more challenging.

When school is out and the weather is hot, the greatest way to stay cool is to throw water balloons about. Water balloon games are simple to set up, need few resources, and provide hours of entertainment. Some of these activities are also instructive, beneficial to athletes, and simple to set up for parties. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 27 entertaining and unusual water balloon games to enjoy this summer with your kids.


Sports using water balloons that are popular

Some of the most entertaining water balloon games are parodies of well-known sports. Why not give one of these a try if you have a family member who is an athlete (or simply has a lot of energy)?

Batting Practice No. 1

This game has the potential to provide hours of entertainment for baseball aficionados. A bat, a balloon, and someone who understands how to pitch are all you need.

Two players will face each other from a distance of several feet. One player will throw a balloon, while the other will attempt to strike it with his bat.

The balloon will splatter if the swing is successful, and the batter will get a point. If he misses, the hitter may swing twice more, but three strikes and you’re out, exactly like in real baseball!

Tennis Practice #2

Using a tennis racket instead of a baseball bat is a simple version of water balloon batting practice. The exciting part about this version is that it allows numerous people to play at the same time.

The first player will serve the balloon softly with her racket. The next player will attempt to capture the balloon with his racket and then return the serve.

The balloon will most likely explode rapidly the first few times. However, if players get the hang of it, they may serve the balloon many times before the eventual splash.

3. Basketball with Balloons

Balloon basketball is another sports-related water balloon activity. Players will form a line and take turns hurling water balloons through a hoop in this game.

Each player, like HORSE, will have to imitate the previous player’s placement and throw method. If someone fails to imitate that player, or if a balloon splashes on the backboard, they are given a letter, and the first person to spell WATER loses.

Whoever loses first has to wait beneath the net for a balloon to be thrown. If the player misses, they could get fortunate, but if not, they’re ready to be wet!

4. Darts

This game is for older children, such as teenagers and extra-responsible pre-teens.

You’ll need to fill multiple water balloons first, just as in the previous games. Next, write a number in 10 increments on each balloon, ranging from 10 to 50.

Tape these balloons to a target and hand out a dart to each participant. The participants will hurl the darts at the balloons one by one, with the goal of popping the ones with the greatest numerical value.

The winner will be whomever receives the highest score. Then, by moving the objectives further away or shrinking the balloons, you may create a totally new, more challenging game.

Volleyball is number five.

Okay, this isn’t really volleyball – if it were, the balloons would explode right away!

Instead of following standard volleyball regulations, participants will split into two teams, each holding a towel between them. The balloon will be launched over a volleyball net using this towel, and the other team will try to catch it with their own towel.

This game may be over shortly depending on the ages and expertise of your participants. However, once you’ve mastered the proper technique for catching, you’re in for a difficult and competitive game.

Dodgeball is no. 6 on the list.

Dodgeball, a popular kid’s pastime, works exceptionally well with water balloons. The rules are identical to the original: participants will split into two teams and toss their balloons towards the opposite team, with one team attempting to knock out the other.

If a balloon is caught by the other team, the player who tossed it must stand on the sidelines. The player who caught the balloon may then bring a teammate back who was previously out.

If a water balloon lands on a player and bursts, that player is also eliminated.

This game has a habit of devolving into a full-fledged water balloon battle, with participants laughing, yelling, and attacking their own colleagues. If this happens, we recommend that you stop keeping score and instead join the fight.

Back-to-Back Races (nine races in a row)

This game may seem to be simple at first, but as you play it for yourself, you’ll see that it’s not that simple.

Players separate into two groups of two to begin a back-to-back race, and they must dash over a finish line without bursting their balloon. What is the issue? Because the balloon is stuck between their backs, one player must sprint backwards while attempting to keep up with his buddy.

If a team’s balloon pops, they must go back and get a new one before restarting the race. Due to the slick nature of these balloons, each team is likely to collect numerous fresh ones before declaring a winner.

Games with a Twist on the Classics

Some traditional pastimes, like sports, are made much more enjoyable when a water balloon is added. These water balloon activities are a great option if your kids are seeking for something to do this summer.

Hot Potato, No. 8

Players will create a circle and throw a water balloon around in this spin on the traditional hot potato game. Each participant has the option of tossing the balloon to the person next to them or tossing it at random to a different player.

Turn on some background music as the balloon is being tossed about; when the music stops, whomever possesses the balloon loses and must concede defeat by shattering the balloon on his head.

The game will continue until there is just one player left. This player may then explode the balloon on himself, hurl it at a buddy, or use it to start a new game with it.

Duck Duck Goose (nine)

Duck, duck, goose is an entertaining game in and of itself. It’s much great with water balloons!

Each participant will be given a water balloon to begin the game. One person will volunteer to be “It” and the players will sit in a circle. “It” will stroll around the circle, touching each player on the shoulder and shouting, “Duck, duck,” until they discover a “goose.”

After then, the “It” player will hurl a water balloon at the goose of their choice. The selected player will rise and circle the circle, chasing whomever is It. The geese will attempt to tag whomever is It in the standard version of the game; but, in this variation, the goose will try to strike It with a balloon of their own!

If the goose succeeds, the present It will remain It, and they will repeat the round. If It manages to avoid the balloon, though, the goose will take over as It and stroll around the circle instead.

10. Spoon Race with Water Balloons

A spoon race, like an egg race, is a great way to keep your kids active and entertained. Several little spoons, several tiny water balloons, a bucket, and a hose are all you’ll need for this race.

Fill numerous balloons with water, but not too much. Then give each racer a balloon and instruct them to balance it on their spoon.

Players will attempt not to drop their balloons as they race from one end of your yard to the other. The first person to get his balloon across the yard safely wins, and he may celebrate by popping it over his head or hurling it at one of his pals.

Games for a Party

Finding the ideal game for a party is simple with water balloons! Try one of these water balloon games for an additional dose of excitement whether you’re celebrating a birthday or a holiday.

Balloon Toss (#11)

This is a traditional party game that you’ve most likely played before. Players divide into two teams of two, face each other, and stand a foot apart, similar to a catch game.

One player will throw his balloon to a teammate who will be responsible for catching it. After then, the catcher will step back and throw the balloon himself.

This game will continue until someone misses a catch, with one participant moving back when he catches a balloon and then throws it. The balloon will fall to the ground and burst, putting the team who dropped it out of the competition.

Pinata (12.)

Birthday parties with water balloon pinatas are a lot of fun. They blend the excitement of pinatas with the excitement of water balloons.

Each participant will be blindfolded and given the duty of swinging at a massive collection of balloons one by one. These balloons will cover the player in water instead of candy; nonetheless, for each balloon burst, the player will earn a piece of candy.

When the last balloon is burst, the game is over. Whoever pops this last balloon will get one additional candy piece and the choice to play the following game.

13. Toss a Balloon

This water balloon game might last minutes or come to a wet end quickly. Begin by giving each participant a balloon and instructing them to kick it across the yard. Whoever gets her balloon across first wins, and she gets to choose a balloon target of her choice to celebrate.

Though it may seem that this is a simple game, balloons have a habit of popping, particularly when kicked over gravelly or grassy yards. Make sure you have plenty of additional balloons on available since your kids will most likely need to start over with a fresh one multiple times.

14. Fill the Bucket with Water

This water balloon game is comparable to an Easter egg search, but it’s a lot more fun and splashy. Fill several hundred water balloons and scatter them about your yard to begin. Give each participant a bucket and instruct them to form a line next one another.

When you yell “Go,” each participant will sprint around your yard, attempting to locate as many balloons as possible. Tell them to put the balloons in their buckets and that whomever fills theirs first wins.

To make it even more difficult, have each player pop the balloons into his own buckets. The player who gathers the most water wins this version of the game (which might take a long time).

Water Balloon Games for Kids

Educational games are a fun method to acquire new information and practice skills. When you add water balloons to the mix, these activities become much more entertaining.

Sight Words (15.)

This water balloon throw combines some reading and might help your children learn and develop as they play.

A word will be scrawled on the surface of each balloon, and the player must read the word to choose which target to strike. One balloon may say “tree,” while another would read “sidewalk.”

Once someone obtains a balloon, they must sprint to the spot that matches their balloon and be the first to burst it. The winner is the one who discovers and strikes their target first.

This game may also be used to learn a new language since you can write the words in the new language and assign everyone the responsibility of translating them to reach their goal. Then the normal rules apply: it’s a race to see who can pop theirs first.

Arts and crafts (16.)

This next water balloon game is particularly enjoyable for those with a creative bent.

To begin, fill multiple glasses with water and add various food colours. Fill your water balloons with this water, making sure each one has a distinct color.

Puncture a tiny hole in each balloon and squeeze water onto the cement. You may use this water to make patterns or to make a whole picture by mixing multiple colors together!

We don’t encourage playing on stain-prone fabrics, but if you do, there are techniques to get rid of the stains.

17. Having a Good Time with Math

To play the following game, you’ll need to gather certain materials. You’ll want to jot down some arithmetic problems and their solutions on separate pieces of paper in addition to the water balloons.

Tape the solutions to surrounding trees and hand out a sheet of paper with a math problem to each participant. To win, they must solve this equation and then hurl their balloon towards the correct answer.

The first person to successfully answer three questions wins. Include some trivia questions or extremely challenging mathematics for additional fun.

Games That Are Beneficial

Some water balloon games also offer the additional advantage of assisting with clean-up or domestic chores. Consider incorporating these games into your water balloon activities to make them less messy and more productive.

Garden Assistant

This is the game for you if you want a game that your kids will love while also helping you with gardening. Other games have focused on popping or filling balloons, but this one is all about squeezing them out.

Each participant will be given a balloon and a plant or section of the yard to tend to. Each balloon will have a small hole, similar to the color game, and players will squeeze water from that hole to assist you water your garden.

The winner is the first one to successfully go through their balloons and wet their patch.

Of course, you’re the winner since your garden is now healthier and happier.

Picking up balloons is number 19 on the list.

Water balloon activities might result in a lot of shattered balloons. Turning the balloon pick-up into a game is a simple way to tidy your yard.

All you’ll need for this game is the broken balloon parts and a table or other flat surface.

To begin, assign each player the job of collecting as many water balloon pieces as possible. They may then take these pieces to a flat surface and attempt to make a picture with them.

This game will urge your children to pick up many balloon pieces in order to guarantee that they have all of the necessary colors to complete the image. Take images of your child’s artwork and place them on the fridge when the game is done.

Water Balloon Games that aren’t Water Balloon Games

Because they aren’t based on a sport or intended to be instructional, some water balloon games are difficult to identify. Of course, a game might be good solely for the sake of entertainment, as all of these games are.

Don’t Pop the Balloon, Number 20!

This game might be a great way to keep your children amused if they are old enough to utilize a hose.

Each player will take a turn getting a balloon and filling it with water from the hose. The twist is that they’re each attempting to inflate the largest balloon possible, but if it bursts, they’re gone.

You may assign players the responsibility of filling a second balloon if the balloons are equal in size. This game may also be turned into a relay race to see who can fill the most balloons the quickest. The advantage of this second game is that you’ll end up with a number of balloons that you can use to play other games with.

21. It’s Time to Pop the Balloon!

In contrast to the last game, the goal of this one is to pop as many balloons as possible. When the judge announces, “Go!” each side will send a player to sprint toward, sit on, and explode a balloon that has been laid out by the parents.

When the first player has successfully popped his balloon, he will return and tag another player. A second balloon will be burst by this second participant (meaning that mom or dad will need to replace the one that was originally popped).

‘Pop the Balloon,’ says the narrator. will continue until each participant has popped a balloon successfully. Whoever comes in first wins, and they get to celebrate by exploding even more balloons!

Balloon Obstacle Course (number 22)

This next water balloon game will take some planning and preparation, but it has a lot of replay potential and will have your kids doubling over with laughter. You’ll need numerous cones, rope, and a small balancing beam to make your balloon obstacle course.

To make boxes, arrange the cones in a line and put the ropes down. Players must maneuver around the cones and leap through the rope boxes while maintaining control of their balloon, which will be balanced on their head.

The last challenge will be the balancing beam. Players must stroll over it while maintaining the integrity of their balloons. If your children breeze through the course, you can always change up the obstacles; just avoid using anything with sharp edges, since the game has the potential to get slippery.

Yo-Yo Balloons (number 23)

Filling a water balloon and wrapping a rubber band around its tail is all it takes to turn it into a yo-yo. The balloon will then be attached to the player’s finger, and they will try to hop it up and down like a genuine yo-yo.

Some players may get too enthusiastic about bouncing their balloon, causing it to explode. Others will get several minutes to enjoy their balloon before it bursts, and whoever keeps theirs bouncing the longest wins and gets to keep it.

Slip-and-Slide (number 24)

A slip-and-slide is already a child favorite, but adding water balloons will make it much more exciting! You’ll need a lot of balloons and a slip-and-slide if you want to play this game.

Fill your balloons and place them over your slip-in-slide for a quick setup. Then keep an eye on your kids as they charge forward, each attempting to pop as many balloons as possible.

25. Toss in the colander

This next concept needs two players, numerous balloons, and a colander, and is more of a game than an excuse to get your buddies saturated. While one player holds the colander over his head, the other throws the balloons.

Having a balloon fall in the colander before exploding and drowning the person carrying it is all it takes to win. To make the game more difficult, try if the players can land a balloon without it popping.

Who Can Throw the Farthest? 26. Who Can Throw the Farthest?

There are two versions of the following game. The first is straightforward: each participant throws a balloon and sees who can get it the farthest, regardless of whether it explodes.

The second version is a little more challenging. Players will still compete to toss their balloon the furthest, but it will not count if the balloon explodes. The winning balloons are likely to be close to the start line, but every now and again, one may go a startling distance before exploding.

Ring Toss (number 27)

There are several ways to play this game, much like numerous other games on this list. A hula hoop, two players, and, of course, balloons are used in the initial edition.

While one player carries a balloon, the other holds a hula hoop. The first player must pitch their balloon into the hoop without colliding with the hoop itself.

Hula hoops are also used in the second edition of this game. Instead of being held, these hula hoops will be laid down on the ground. Players will have to hurl their balloons into the hoops in an attempt to land as many as possible.

This version is best played on cement, since it will be easier to see where each balloon falls (just look at the giant wet spots). In addition, your lawn won’t become overly soggy, making cleanup a breeze.

Final Thoughts

One of these water balloon games is a great option for when your youngster is searching for something to do this summer. With so many options, you’re likely to discover one (or more) that will keep your youngster occupied for hours. And if you finish all of these games and still want more, we have a few more possibilities for you.

We hope this list of water balloon games has given you some inspiration. Remember to wear sunscreen, invest in sunglasses, and brush up on your water balloon abilities while you’re out in the sun.

The “water balloon scavenger hunt” is a fun game that can be played in hot weather. It consists of teams who have to find the water balloons scattered around the yard and bring them back to their team’s base.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games can we play with water balloons?

A: There are plenty of games you can play with water balloons, for example, Duck Dynasty or Just Dance.

How do you make water balloons fight more fun?

How do you make a water balloon game?

A: In order to make a water balloon game, you will need some balloons. You can either use the small ones that are sold at most grocery stores or purchase party size white balloons. Fill these with water and tie off one end so they dont pop in your hand during playtime. Then hold each of them under the faucet while running cold tapwater into them until they get filled up enough to take without bursting all over you!

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