In 2022, children’s games usually revolve around the very latest in technology. In this game, you will be surprised to see how many of these ideas are already being used and implemented into our lives today!

“Simon Says” is a game that has been around for decades. In 2022, there are 28 awesome Simon Says ideas to play with your friends and family. The “simon says body awareness” is one of those ideas.

Have you ever tried your hand at Simon Says? The majority of us recall it as a fun, demanding game that seems simple at first but is difficult to master. For those who grew up playing it, you may remember how tough it was to come up with Simon Says Thoughts in the midst of the game’s excitement. We’ll show you some of the greatest Simon Says Thoughts and give you some pointers on how to come up with your own to make your games more exciting for students or family in this tutorial.

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What Is The Best Way To Play Simon Says?

Simon Says is a classic game that has spawned its own (though not family-friendly) film. However, if you’re one of the 13 people on the planet who hasn’t heard of it or just need a reminder, here’s how to play:

One individual is chosen to perform the role of Simon, while the rest are the players. Simon’s job is to instruct the players what to do, but there’s a catch: they can only do so if the order starts with “Simon says.” An example of how the game is played is as follows:

1. “Touch your nose,” says Simon.

2. “Simon believes you should stand on one foot.”

3. “Simon instructs you to leap on one foot.”


Those who stop will be kicked out! Because there was no “Simon says” before the directive.

“Simon says, ‘Stop.’”

They are now free to go.

The game continues until there is just one person left.

Simon Says Thoughts

  • Swing a wand, Simon says.
  • Jump like a monkey, Simon says.
  • Simon suggests that you chuckle like Santa.
  • Cry like a baby, Simon says.
  • Simon imitates a cow by mooing.
  • Simon advises that you walk like a duck.
  • Simon recommends crawling like a newborn.
  • ‘Roar like a lion,’ Simon exclaims.
  • Rub your belly and stroke your head at the same time, Simon explains.
  • Simon suggests that you hop like a frog.
  • Spin like a top, says Simon.
  • Fly like a bird, Simon says.
  • Wiggle your toes, Simon says.
  • Simon instructs you to sing.
  • Simon advises you to embrace yourself.
  • Stick your tongue out, Simon says.
  • Simon advises you to tickle your pal.
  • Do a stupid dance, Simon suggests.
  • Act as though you’re a buddy, advises Simon.
  • Simon instructs you to chachachachachachachachachachachachachachachachacha
  • Simon says (point at something <insert color>) e.g: “Simon says point at something green”.
  • Simon instructs you to divide into two groups of equal size.
  • Stand in pairs, Simon urges.
  • Pretend to sneeze, Simon says.
  • Clap, Simon says.
  • Simon gives a wave.
  • Simon advises that you go swimming.
  • Simon suggests that you go for a stroll.
  • Simon instructs you to repeat the letters.

You may also listen to a Simon says song in this video.

Advice on How to Be a Great Simon

The game is a lot of fun for the players, but being a Simon may be difficult. Most children will not or will not be able to obey your orders if they are difficult to follow. Making it too simple to follow or repeating other orders, on the other hand, might rapidly become tedious.

But what if I showed you how to become the greatest Simon in the world – Simon, The Great?

It’s easy to become a great Simon if you follow these guidelines:


You’ll want to change the pace at which you issue orders. Continue to keep them guessing. You may be handing out one order per minute one second and three commands in a matter of seconds the next.

Changing the pace at which you offer orders is an excellent technique to keep kids happy and chuckling throughout the game. You may even give three commands at once: two Simon says commands and one that doesn’t. Only those who correctly execute the “Simon says” orders are left. They’re out if they obey all three orders.


Increasing the intricacy of your orders, or even changing the language you employ, is a good idea. Say “grasp your abdomen” instead of “touch your belly.”

It’s a terrific approach to help youngsters to learn and grasp new phrases by using difficult terms to express basic chores. You might even start your instruction with “Timon says” rather than “Simon says” to fool the other players.

Simon Says Age-Related Games

This is most likely the most essential consideration when selecting instructions. The age of your participants is critical in determining which orders to provide. For example, an 11-year-old may not like the instruction “wiggle your finger” as much as a toddler.

Children under the age of seven

For young children, keep the chores as basic as possible. Slowly increase the tempo and be aware of your language. It’s possible that your children won’t grasp every word or notion you say. Simon Says is an excellent technique to test this age group’s motor abilities.

For children aged 7 to 15 years old

These young men are the most amusing. They’re mature enough to understand most directions while yet being young enough to enjoy the game. You want to provide directions that are a little difficult but not too difficult.

Changing the game’s pace at random is a fun technique to make it more tough. Combine motor motions, voice production, word spelling, and other activities. It’s a wonderful idea to include unexpected twists and pauses.

Players must be at least 15 years old.

For more experienced players, increasing the difficulty of this entertaining game with time, using unpredictable speeds, and random context shifts is a terrific concept. Don’t be afraid to bore them a bit before throwing them into the game. Keep in mind that players above the age of 15 like challenges and are competitive, so keep that in mind while you give them instructions.

The Advantages of Playing Says Simon

While Simon Says may seem to adults to be a frivolous little game that youngsters play, it may have a profound impact on the development of younger children.

Simon Says, like many other classic children’s games, is a memory game in which the player must remember and carry out the command of the “Simon.” This not only puts younger children’s memorizing abilities to the test, but it also puts their motor skills to the test. Children improve their coordination by learning how to correctly match a verbal order to a physical activity.

Simon Says also helps to strengthen a child’s listening abilities by requiring them to pay close attention to “Simon’s” instructions. Failure to do so will result in their expulsion (something no youngster wants!).

Simon Says: Games That Can Be Bought

Now that you have a few ideas of What Is The Best Way To Play Simon Says? the way we all did as a child, in this section of the article, we’ll be reviewing some of the most popular Simon Says games on the market! These are great for taking on the road to entertain kids or for making your at-home game of Simon Says that much more exciting!

Simon Micro Series Game No. 1


Single-player Simon Micro Series game

  • Simon Micro Series is a fast-paced, portable game.
  • Follow the game’s instructions to Bop, Twist, and Pull it in the correct order.
  • Each command you execute earns you a point.
  • There are two game modes: solo and pass it.
  • The electronic gaming device and instructions are included.

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This Simon Micro Series Game is the first Simon Says game that can be purchased. This is a super-Affordable, lightweight, and pocket-sized Simon Says Game that would be ideal for smaller children or traveling. It has two game modes and has the standard red, blue, yellow, and green lights.

With the Solo game mode, you may play by yourself, or with a buddy in the Pass It game mode.

What We Enjoy:

  • You may pick between two game modes: Solo and Pass It, in which you can challenge yourself or a companion.
  • The iconic red, blue, green, and yellow Simon Says lights are included.
  • Affordable
  • It’s a little, lightweight toy that’s ideal for younger children.

2. Electronic Memory Game; Simon Game


Simon is a hand-held electronic memory game with lights and sounds for kids aged 8 and above by Hasbro Gaming.

  • REPEAT THE PATTERNS: This is an intriguing electrical light and sound game. Players must push the colored pads in the proper order to repeat random sequences of flashing lights.
  • SUSPENSE BUILDS: It begins off at a great steady pace, but as the game progresses, the light sections get more and more challenging.
  • SIMON’S CLASSIC GAMEPLAY: Watch, remember, and play again. The electronic portable Simon game is a fun challenge that requires you to repeat patterns and progress to higher levels.
  • PLAY ALONE: You may play the Simon game with your friends or by yourself. Attempt to set a new high score by completing the longest sequence without making any mistakes.
  • KIDS’ GIFT: The Simon game is a great birthday or holiday present for boys and girls aged 8 and above. It’s a fast-paced, tough game that’s a lot of fun to play.

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This is the traditional Simon Says Memory Game, which has been enjoyed by children for centuries. It has the traditional red, blue, green, and yellow buttons, as well as a power button to switch the game on or off. You may play this game by yourself or with a companion. Simon begins gently, but as time goes on, the pace at which you’re asked to press the buttons rises, making the game more tough!

What We Enjoy:

  • The typical size of the classic Simon Says game
  • Buttons in the traditional colors of yellow, blue, red, and green
  • Affordable
  • You may play alone or with a companion.

The Game of Simon Swipe is a fun game that you may play with your friends.


Game of Simon Swipe

  • Toys of exceptional quality for children of all ages
  • Safe materials were used in the production.
  • Quality and durability tests were performed.
  • The Simon game tests your ability to stay up and swipe the correct combinations.
  • There are four fantastic games in all, including the traditional Simon game.

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The final purchasable Simon Says Game is a twist on the classic handheld Simon Says franchise. Though it still has the classic colors and the modes of playing solo or with a friend, the Game of Simon Swipe doesn’t require you to press the buttons. Instead, you swipe the colors on the pad as fast as you can.

Simon gets quicker the faster you swipe! This choice is little more costly than the other two, but it is still reasonably priced and enjoyable for the whole family!

What We Enjoy:

  • Affordable
  • The famous Simon Says game has been given a new spin.
  • Play alone or with your pals.
  • As time passes, it becomes more difficult.

To sum it up

Hopefully, reading this article gave you some great tips for your next Simon Says game. If you have additional suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments below. We’ll update the article with your ideas to make this the most thorough guide for Simon Says Thoughts. Now that you’ve got new ideas, go have some fun!

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