On the outside, children seem to have unlimited energy and enthusiasm for exploring with their friends, playing games or even just creating art. But in reality, parents can often see that a child’s ability to be self-sufficient has been depleted by technology. This article will provide you with easy ways to help your kids stay motivated without relying on screens and gadgets…

The “100 things to do on a rainy day” is a blog post that was published in 2022. The article includes 40 activities for kids to enjoy, without technology!

Oh no! It’s pouring once again! If you’re looking for a fun activity for the kids, we’ve got you covered! We’ll go over 40 fun and Rainy-Day Activities Without Technology for kids in this post.

On rainy days, we’re here to help you create some unforgettable experiences! So let’s get started!


Rainy-Day Activities Without Technology

1. Scavenger Hunt in the House

  • Choose any of their favorite toys.
  • Obtain a piece of paper.
  • To locate the toys, jot down hints.
  • To match the clues, hide the toys.
  • Send your children to look for the toys!

You might also use letters, numbers, shapes, colors, or anything else that is suitable for children. If you’re using letters, you may make it more challenging by having them locate particular colors first, or by having them discover the letters in alphabetical order. You can assist them in recalling where they last saw the thing if you use the more challenging method. It’d be like playing a game of hidden photographs in real life.

If you want to make the scavenger hunt even more thrilling, consider turning the floor become lava. They’ll only be able to access the stuff by walking on specific items, such as cushions or towels.

2. The Ground Is Made of Lava


This was one of our favorite games as kids! They also have a game that you can buy on Amazon! No concerns if you don’t already own the game. Place some pillows, blankets, or sofa cushions on the ground and inform the children that the floor is lava. You’ll be scorched if you touch the floor!

Your safe havens will be chairs, furniture, cushions, and blankets. Spread them out on the floor at your desired difficulty level, then go through the rules with the kids!


  • Begin at the center of the room.
  • “THE FLOOR IS LAVA!” yell out.
  • Everyone should seek refuge in a secure location.
  • They’re out if they don’t find a safe place to hide.

No items were found.

3. Baseball in Socks

This game has the potential to be quite entertaining. You pick up an old sock and roll it into a ball. Go get your bases if you have any on hand. If not, don’t worry; we’ll come up with something! Set up makeshift bases: the sofa could be the first base (not the whole couch, just a chunk), the chair could be the second base, and the third base may be another piece of furniture or a sheet of paper. Only the home plate and the pitcher’s mound remain. For home plate, the pitcher’s mound, and the bases, be inventive or use additional old socks.

It’s time for the bat – your hand – now that you’ve got your bases and the ball.

Now that you’ve acquired all of your indoor sports equipment, all you have to do is follow the simple baseball regulations. You may play this game with two or more players.


  • You’re out after three strikes.
  • After three outs, the other teams will bat.
  • Keep in mind that the ball is a sock.
  • Your hand is the bat.

4. Pillow Battle!

What is childhood without a pillow fight now and then? Let the pillow war commence after you’ve collected your pillows. The floor is lava if the youngsters start being a bit too rough! Get to a safe location! On this gloomy day, there’s so much to do!

5. Tag with lasers


Another fantastic activity to pass the time on a rainy day is to play laser tag. Laser tag isn’t a very difficult prank to pull off at home, however. Amazon.com is a good place to look for laser tag equipment. You may even make your own creative barriers to hide behind, or just utilize your walls and furniture. It’ll be entertaining either way!



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Nerf Gun Battle

This is usually a family-friendly activity. To make the game more tough and thrilling, you may even construct obstacles out of furniture or crates! Set up some safety regulations after getting all of your Nerf weapons and ammunition out and ready. Remember not to shoot someone in the face!

Have fun!

7. Playing Hide and Seek

What could be better than a classic game of hide and seek? Decide who will be “IT” first. The seeker will be the one who is “IT.” You must also determine whether or not to use a basis. A base is a specified safe location where the seeker/tagger will not be able to tag you if you contact it. Decide what number the counter should count to just before you begin.


  • The counter begins counting up to the predetermined number.
  • The hiders flee and seek refuge someplace.
  • “Ready or not, here I come!” shouts the counter as it approaches the number.
  • They’ll then attempt to locate the other participants.
  • The first person they discover will be “IT” the following time.

8. Baking with Assistance


Every child enjoys assisting their mother in the kitchen. Allow your children to assist decorate their favorite cookies, cake, or anything else you have on hand with frosting or sprinkles.

9. Construct a Fort

When your kids are locked indoors on a rainy day, forts are a great opportunity for them to participate in creative play. They’re simple to make, wonderful for keeping your kids entertained, and may even be entertaining for mom and dad!

Required Materials:

  • blankets
  • chairs
  • furniture
  • pillows

Drape the blankets over the chairs or furnishings, securing them in place. If they don’t remain put, you may try securing them with an item of your choosing. Build a fort that your children will never forget!

10. Dance Competition or Party

Dancing is an easy to-do from our list of rainy-day activities. Allow your child to demonstrate their dancing skills if they like it. Turn up their favorite music and dance in the living room — the good times are about to start!

11. Create a racetrack

If you have duct tape on hand, you already have everything you need to construct a racetrack. Take some tape and some matchbox cars with you. Make highways, tracks, or parking lots out of the tape on the floor. You’re all set after that’s completed!

Making your own racing tracks is a great method to inspire creative play. If you have guys, you can expect them to be engrossed in their own racing world for hours on end!

12. Teach Your Children How to Clean

It is self-evident that children will grow up to be adults. Adults, too, must be able to clean. What better opportunity to educate your children how to clean up than when they’re confined indoors on a rainy day? Turn on some music, turn it into a game, and begin cleaning! Maybe if you make it entertaining enough for them, they’ll volunteer more frequently!

Playing Dress-Up


Play dress-up with your old Halloween costumes, superhero costumes, and fairy or princess outfits. What youngster doesn’t like pretend play? Encourage children to act out the parts, play a game based on their new look, or put on a fashion show right in your living room!

14. Create an Obstacle Course Indoors

Make an indoor obstacle course for the kids by being creative and using everything you can find. If you’re having trouble coming up with anything original, Amazon has lots of possibilities! If you want to make your own indoor obstacle course, we have a few suggestions for you!

Example Required Materials:

  • To weave through, use chairs or stools.
  • To leap over, use blankets or pillows.
  • A hula hoop or something similar to leap through.


Antsy Pants Obstacle Course Set | Promote Active Play | Indoor and Outdoor Use

  • 1 Obstacle Course Kit with agility ring course, start flag, finish flag, adjustable height hurdles, and weave pole course is included.
  • PLAY WITHOUT LIMITS: Choose from one of four recommended courses or design your own!
  • HELP OTHERS PLAY: Antsy Pants donates a portion of every item sold to the national organization KaBoom! develop playgrounds for poor children throughout the United States

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15. Green Light/Red Light

Red Light, Green Light, as we previously said, may be played anyplace. You may play it without having to acquire a lot of materials since no further equipment is required.

You must first set a starting and finishing line. Decide who will be “IT,” the person in charge of calling out “Red Light, Green Light.”

Playing Instructions:

  • Players will form a line across the starting line.
  • At the finish line will be the one who is “IT.”
  • The gamers will be turned away from “IT.”
  • The players will begin marching towards the finish line when “IT” says, “Green Light.”
  • The players must instantly halt when “Red Light” is announced. They’re out if they don’t stop.
  • Continue until someone crosses the finish line and tags the “IT” person.
  • In the following game, the individual who tagged the “IT” will take their spot.

You could also use “Yellow Light” to have the players move in slow motion for added enjoyment!

Duck Duck Goose 16

To play Duck Duck Goose, have your kids sit criss-cross applesauce in a circle facing each other. Decide who will be “IT” next. The best part about this game is that it requires no materials. However, you’ll need a group of others to play.


  • The “IT” person will stroll around the circle, tapping or pointing to each participant and yelling “duck.”
  • They’ll finally tell one of the players to “goose.”
  • The “goose” player will leap to his feet and attempt to capture the “IT” player.
  • The person who is “IT” will attempt to return to their previous location by completing a full circle.
  • If they return to their original location, the “goose” is “IT.”
  • If the “goose” tags the “IT,” they return to becoming “IT.”
  • Rep and have a great time!

Simon Says #17

Simon Says is another wonderful rainy day activity on our list. Simon Says is a game that can be played anywhere and requires no additional resources. Three or more players are required to play.

Playing Instructions:

  • Decide who will play “Simon.”
  • The player that plays “Simon” will provide instructions to the other players.
  • If “Simon” says, “Touch your toes,” then all of the other players should do the same.
  • They should not do anything if “Simon” says, “Touch your toes.”
  • If the instructions state “Simon Says,” you must obey them.
  • They will be kicked out if they do not follow the directions when they are meant to.
  • They will be kicked out if they follow the directions when they are not meant to.
  • For the following game, whomever is the last one to play becomes “Simon.”

18. Tag

Tag is another another favorite rainy day activity on our list. Tag is a game that may be played by two or more players. With or without a base, you may play tag. A base would be a secure location where the tagger couldn’t tag you.

Playing Instructions:

  • Choose the “IT” person. The tagger will be them.
  • The other youngsters flee away, and the guy who is “IT” tries to catch them.
  • Before you begin the game, determine whether or not you will utilize a base.

You may play frozen tag if you want to mix things up. You must freeze if you are tagged with freeze tag. Another player must touch you to unfreeze you in order for you to be untagged. Decide how many times someone can be frozen before becoming the tagger. For frozen tag, you’ll need three or more participants.

19. Limbo

Lingo is another dancing exercise from our collection of rainy day activities. Prop a broomstick on two chairs or have two people hold it. You can then play Limbo!

Limbo, Limbo, Limbo, Limbo!

Hopscotch 20.

You’ll need some tape to play Hopscotch. To begin, tape the squares to the floor in whatever pattern you desire. Allow your children to assist you in taping the numbers down if they are old enough. If the game becomes too difficult, your children may play without the numbers.

21. A Family Movie

Watching a family movie is a more relaxing option from our rainy day activities list. Choose an entertaining family film and start popping popcorn!

Make Puppets (number 22)


If you and your kids have had a full day of energetic activities, you may unwind and become creative for a while. Make your own puppets using paper bags, old socks, buttons, and googly eyes. Then, as a family, act out your tale or play that you made.

23. Paint

Allow your child to practice their painting talents. Take some paper, paint, and a paintbrush and start painting. Then let your children paint anything their hearts want!

24. Craft

DIY projects are always a good idea! You may also receive a lot of inspiration from the internet. Bring out your creative items and allow your child’s imagination run wild as they create anything they desire. If a holiday is coming, now is a good opportunity to discover a charming holiday project for them to do for the fridge.

25. Have fun with Play-Doh

Who doesn’t like playing with play-doh? If you have all of the materials, you could even create your own. It may be used to make various shapes, letters, numbers, or words, as well as a cool design.

Make Slime No. 26

Slime recipes may be found all over the internet. There are several slime varieties to pick from. Fluffy slime, glow-in-the-dark slime, glittering slime, magnetic slime, and a variety of other options are available. Pick the one you think your kid will like the most and create it together.



Glow-in-the-Dark Slime Kit by Elmer’s (2062242)

  • Glow-in-the-dark glue for energizing arts, crafts, and slime
  • When the lights go dark, brilliant neon colors burst to life.
  • Washable, safe, and designed for children
  • The all-in-one Magical Liquid recipe removes the need for lens solution and baking soda.
  • 1 bottle Blue Glow-in-the-Dark Glue (5 oz. ), 1 bottle Natural Glow-in-the-Dark Glue (5 oz. ), and 2 bottles Magical Liquid are included in the kit (2.3 oz. each)

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27. Make a Relaxation Bottle

This may be a very enjoyable and beneficial way to kill time. Isn’t it true that everyone gets annoyed now and then? Making a cool down bottle or jar is an easy approach to relieve stress, and there are plenty of options online.

You’ll need a jar or container to begin. Glitter glue, glitter, beads, and water are also required.


  • Fill the container or jar to three-quarters capacity.
  • Pour in your glitter glue and stir well.
  • Pour in your glitter or beads and stir well.
  • Fill it up with water until it’s about full.
  • The calm down jar is now ready to be used.

28. Construct Moon Sand

Make your own handmade moon sand using your favorite recipe for an easy and enjoyable rainy day activity.

Required Ingredients:

  • Flour
  • Oil (baby or vegetable)
  • A container for lunar sand.

After you’ve finished making the moon sand, give your kids some Play-Doh items to use in the sand. As sand digging tools, you could even use any of your child’s little automobiles, trucks, or tractors!

Paint Rocks (No. 29)

Painting pebbles with positive phrases on them and hiding them in your neighborhood is a terrific way to bring a little pleasure. Someone may be having a difficult day when they glance down and see the rock with your child’s nice inscription on it. What an incredible opportunity! Your child’s easy rainy-day pastime can just make someone’s day!

30. Card and Board Games

Classic board and card games are still popular today. The good thing is that there are many different games to pick from. Hopefully, you have enough games on hand to make a day of fun with your kids!

31. Put a Puzzle Together


If your youngster enjoys puzzles, a rainy day can be the ideal time to get out a few and work on them together as a family.

32. Color

We’re not sure about you, but those adult coloring books may be really addicting. How relaxing would it be to sit with the kids and color in your book while they color in theirs? It may not be a long-term endeavor, but it’s worth a try!

Make Home Videos (number 33)

Take the time to record your kids. The days are long, but the weeks are short, and your children will be grown before you know it, as they say. So take out your video camera and record a few recordings of your days with your children. It’s also wonderful for kids to be the focus of attention!

Read Books 34.

We don’t know about you, but there’s something comforting about a wet day and a good book. Read a fantastic book to spark your child’s creativity. You could even have them read it to you and then play it out or tell you everything that happened.

35. Make Up a Story or Play a Game

This might be a lot of fun and amusing. Assist the children in creating their own narrative or play. Perhaps they need to improve their writing or spelling abilities? Allow them to practice by writing it down.

36. Expand Your Knowledge

Take a break from the rest of your rainy-day activities and learn something new. Perhaps your youngster needs assistance with tying their shoes or with spelling or reading? Make studying enjoyable for them at this time.

37. Send a Card

Make cards for Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, or use this opportunity to make a card or two for someone who is ill or hurting.

Required Materials:

  • Construction paper or paper
  • Coloring pencils, crayons, markers, and pencils

38. Consult with your child

Inquire about your child’s or children’s preferred toys. Play one-on-one or in a group with them and watch their imaginations come to life. Request that they offer you a toy to play with. Allow them to choose.

Perhaps your daughter enjoys playing Barbies. Play them beside her! Play supermom or superdad if you have a boy who likes superheroes.

Lego Competition #39

Playing with Legos is another option from our list of rainy day activities.

Take out all of the Legos and see who can construct the tallest or most powerful tower. Build something together or compete to see who can make the greatest design. You could even collaborate on a great Lego city! The options are limitless!

40. Go Outside and Play in the Rain


Grab your rain coats and umbrellas and go jump in a puddle or run in the rain with your kids if it’s not raining or chilly!

Away from Home Rainy Day Activities

  • Visit the local museum that your children have been requesting.
  • Go to the local jumping park.
  • Visit a trampoline park in your area.
  • Pay a visit to your neighborhood rink.
  • Visit your neighborhood bowling alley.
  • Visit your neighborhood library.


We hope you have a wonderful day creating memories while participating in our 40 rainy day activities. If you’ve already tried a few, that’s fantastic! If not, choose a few to try and go have some fun. We encourage you to get right in with the kids and participate in the activities, and remember our suggestions for the next time it rains!

The “things to do on a rainy day during covid” is a list of activities that are not dependent on technology. The list includes things like board games, arts and crafts, playing outside, reading books and more.

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