Chainsaw chains are important for many reasons in addition to cutting away at your yard projects. A good set of chains will help you with a variety of tasks, from pruning trees and clearing branches off powerlines to making cuts through frozen and dense wood.

The “best chainsaw chain for professional use” is a review of the 5 best chainsaw chains that are available on the market today. The article includes pictures and reviews of each product.

A chainsaw is often required if you like DIY tasks or prefer to repair your property yourself rather than hiring a professional. If your chainsaw’s chain is losing its edge, you should consider purchasing a new chainsaw chain. Purchasing a new chain rather than a new chainsaw is a far better alternative and will save you money in the long run. Finding the finest chainsaw chains to replace the ones on your chainsaw is really not that difficult!

On the internet, there are a variety of chainsaw chain possibilities, so if you’re bewildered by all the options, avoid the drama and continue reading. In this post, we’ll go over the Chainsaw Chain Manufacturers, the best performing items (together with their benefits and drawbacks), and some useful hints for selecting the finest chainsaw chain for your requirements.


Chainsaw Chains: The Top 5

AdvanceCut Oregon S56


AdvanceCut Oregon S56 Chainsaw Chain for 16-Inch Bar -56 Drive Links – low-kickback chain fits Makita, Echo, Husqvarna and more

  • For all chainsaw manufacturers that run 3/8 Inch Pitch,.050 Inch (1.3 mm) gauge, 56 drive links, durable, low-kickback, low-vibration chain helps decrease user strain for extended durations of work-
  • Fits Echo CS-400, CS-310, CS-352, and CS-370 chainsaws, Poulan 2150 and 3816, Makita EA4300F40B, Ryobi RY3716, and other comparable chainsaws.
  • Heat-treated semi-chisel chain cuts cleanly and has a larger debris tolerance. Limited Lifetime Warranty – Made in the USA
  • Hardened rivets and a tough, long-lasting chrome outer coating aid decrease wear and allow for fewer chain changes.
  • The integrated Lubri-Tec automated oiling system extends the life of your chain by supplying oil to important chain components, allowing you to operate smarter with less downtime and maintenance.

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It goes without saying that you should not utilize any chain that is compatible with your computer. Most chains have the flaw of being designed to be used often. Leaving them aside for months at a time may cause harm to the chain, as well as your machine. The Oregon S56 was designed with the “DIYer” in mind, and it’s sophisticated enough to perform some challenging cutting projects while being very user-friendly.

This chain is very flexible and will fit any 16-inch saw, including Craftsman, Echo, and Remington.

In terms of performance, the chain is flawless, cutting through butter like a hot knife.

Overall, if you want a chainsaw chain that works with a variety of chainsaw brands, this might be the ideal choice for you. If you have many chainsaws and want a chainsaw chain that will work with all of them, this is a good choice.

What We Appreciated:

  • This chainsaw has been heat treated and hard chromed.
  • The chainsaw chain has a unique design and cutter shape that provides rapid and smooth cutting.
  • It fits most chainsaws with engines up to 42 cc.
  • It is designed to be safe, therefore it provides a lower danger to the user.
  • Because the cutters are robust and sharp, they can cut through practically anything.

We didn’t care for:

  • Some consumers have complained that the blade quickly dulls.
  • A few users also believe that cutting may be difficult, particularly on difficult terrain such as large trees (though this is a given with most chainsaw chains).
  • There have been several concerns with compatibility. As a result, when buying a chain, be sure it will suit your saw.

Chainsaw Chain Wen/Wagner

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This chain is great for chainsaw owners who seek a flawless fit. The brand’s customer support staff is eager to assist you in determining if it is the correct match for you. Simply share the model of your chainsaw, and you’ll get an honest and objective response.

What We Appreciated:

  • Because of its improved cutting experience, several customers have said that this is undoubtedly the best chain available.
  • The majority of users also think that this chain is simple to set up and utilize.
  • Even users with extremely ancient chainsaw models discovered that it was compatible with their equipment.
  • The chainsaw chain is of excellent quality.
  • It makes any old chainsaw perform like a new one.

We didn’t care for:

  • If you use the chain often, it should be sharpened.
  • It does not have an installation manual. If you’re replacing your chain for the first time, this may be an issue. You might also get assistance from a friend or search the internet.
  • Check the model compatibility before purchasing, since many customers have experienced purchasing an unsuitable chain.

Stihl 33 RS-72

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This might be the one for you if you’re seeking for a smooth chainsaw chain that performs swiftly and flawlessly. This chain’s cutter and tie strap design ensures that there is no vibration, while its sharp edges guarantee that you obtain speedy results.

What We Appreciated:

  • It can cut both frozen and hardwood with about similar effectiveness.
  • It is compatible with professional chainsaws of high performance.
  • It may be used for forestry tasks including as felling, limbing, and bucking.
  • There is less room for mistake with less vibration.
  • The square corners guarantee that you love the chain’s appearance while also enjoying its functionality.
  • Professional cutters should also think about it.

We didn’t care for:

  • A few people complained that the packaging labeling was incorrect and that there was a tiny size variation.
  • The chain’s productivity was often below expectations.
  • A few customers have also experienced loose chain connections, which may be a major issue if you need to complete a task fast.

16-Inch Pixel Saw Chain by Husqvarna

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Another excellent chainsaw chain to consider is this one, which is designed to provide good performance while minimizing vibration. It’s ideal for usage in high-stress situations and works well when you’re on a tight deadline.

What We Appreciated:

  • Because it is so sharp, the chain may assist you in getting started right away.
  • You can simply sharpen it even if it loses its sharpness.
  • If you know what you’re doing and have a half-inch bolt, the installation is simple.
  • The chain is of excellent quality and is produced in Canada.
  • For many users, this chain seems to be a good investment.

We didn’t care for:

  • When put on a tree, the metal of the chain broke, according to one user.
  • Resuming work after a hiatus may be a time-consuming procedure.
  • The seller’s return policy seems to be below what some consumers would anticipate.

Poulan 3/8-Inch Pitch Chain, 18-Inch

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This chain’s outstanding performance, smooth cutting motion, and good chip flow distinguish it from others. This chain seems to be a good value for money, since it costs less than $20.

What We Appreciated:

  • The notched bumper drive link on the chain guarantees minimal kickback performance.
  • The cutters’ dual corners guarantee that you receive exceptional performance as well.
  • Many consumers thought the chain’s pricing was inexpensive for the kind of service it provides.
  • Most people consider it to be an excellent alternative for old, dull, or damaged chainsaw chains.
  • The vendor provides exceptional customer service.

We didn’t care for:

  • A user acknowledged that when cutting a tree, the grinding teeth on the inside of a chain bent.
  • Cutting requires a lot of effort, which may quickly wear you out.
  • You must also sharpen it often, which may reduce the chain’s overall life.

Consider These Factors When Choosing a Chainsaw Chain

If you’re just learning how to operate and own a chainsaw, you may not know how to choose the finest chainsaw chains for when the old one goes out. Some individuals who are just getting started with chainsaws, for example, make the mistake of rating a chainsaw only on its power. This method is cumbersome since other factors such as cutting, driving, and connecting links all have a role in determining which chain is ideal.

Pitch Chain

The Pitch Chain matters because the higher it is, the better it is for complex operations. You should remember why you need a chainsaw chain and its application before deciding the ideal Pitch Chain for yourself. For instance, 0.25 inches is suitable for people who need the chainsaw for gardening purposes only. In contrast, the pitch of 0.75 inches is ideal for people who use a professional chainsaw as a logging tool.

Dimensions of the Drive Link

If you wish to use a low-power chainsaw, choose a chain with a thickness of 1.1 or 1.3 millimeters (which is more common and works pretty well, too). However, if you wish to utilize a chainsaw that is designed for professional usage, you will most likely require at least a 2mm thick chain. Overall, the thicker your chain should be, the more powerful your chainsaw is.


If you’re seeking for the finest chainsaw chains for home usage, a low-profile chainsaw chain is the way to go. Manufacturers often aim to strike a compromise between the number of pitches and profile height when creating chains for professional usage. The makers normally choose a high profile for a small pitch and a low profile for a big pitch. If a manufacturer fails to strike this balance, you may wind up with a chainsaw that cuts swiftly but isn’t long lasting.

Understand the Different Chainsaw Chain Types

Though there are many other kinds of chains, you should focus on the two most common ones: chisel chains and chipper chains. Professional chainsaws are more likely to use chisel chains. Chisel chains are cut with extreme precision. Sharpening such chains on your own, however, might be tricky. Chipper chains, on the other hand, are much better for home usage and are great for persons who lack saw sharpening abilities (or just don’t want to).

Another thing to bear in mind is that certain chains are specifically designed for tearing and cross-cutting. Because the wood resistance is lower than that of ripping chains, they do not need a severe angle of sharpening. Most individuals don’t require a ripping chain since circular saws can accomplish the job just as well. The suggested chain sharpening angle for cross-cutting is 30 degrees, but only 10 degrees for ripping.

Finding the Right Chain for Your Chainsaw

If your chainsaw chain has dull blades or missing teeth (and you’re reading this), you’ve probably already realized it’s time to replace it. Below, we’ve done our best to clarify the significance of chain markings and the tail of your guide bar in picking the correct replacement.

The Measurements

The chain metrics are usually expressed in inches. It’s also worth mentioning that the pitch is seldom converted to an imperial numbering system, and most manufacturers only display the gauge in metric. The largest is.404″ (3/8″), while the smallest is 0.43″ (1.1mm). Some individuals use.375 instead of 3/8, which isn’t a big deal.

The Guide Bar Provides Information

When reading the information on the guide bar, you should seek the Pitch Chain. It will likely be .325”, 3/8”, ¼” or .404”. The Pitch Chain is essential because it lets you know about the distance between every other rivet in the chain. Similarly, you should also look for chain gauge, which is Dimensions of the Drive Link which rums in the groove of the guide bar. The number could be .063”, .058” or .050”. If the numbers are in meters, they would be 1.6, 1.5 or 1.3 mm. The third thing you need to check is the number of drive links. For a 50cm guide bar, it can be 70 or 80. For a 30cm guide bar, it can be around 50. And for longer guide bars, there are no limits.

Chainsaw Chain Manufacturers


In 1947, Oregon became a state. Saw chains, guide bars, forestry accessories, sprockets, and other outdoor equipment components are among the goods available. Blount Inc., a firm with approximately 3,000 people, owns and operates the business.

Products by Wen

WEN is a brand that has been producing high-quality, low-cost power tools for many decades. The firm was created in 1951 and quickly became known for combining tools with electricity. Electric jigsaws, electric engravers, electric soldering guns, wet wheel sharpeners, hand tools, generators, and other common instruments are available from the firm.

Stihl USA

This firm was established in 1920, back when people utilized manual tools and hard work instead of the high-powered equipment we have today. In 1926, Andreas Stihl, the company’s creator, sought a better method of doing things and invented a two-person electric chain saw. The brand has made its mark in 160 countries because to its high-grade goods, incredible inventions, and excellent service quality.


This firm specializes in lawn mowers, chainsaws, blowers, garden tractors, and snow throwers, among other outdoor power goods. DIY enthusiasts are likely to like the items offered by this firm. It was established in 1689, which is incredible.


Poulan specializes in battery and gas-powered lawnmowers, pole saws, trimmers, chainsaws, garden tillers, hedge trimmers, blowers, brush cutters, and other outdoor power equipment.

Questions Frequently Asked

Is it better to buy a new chain than to sharpen an old one?

It depends on how regularly you need to sharpen the chain and how much you use it. Sharpening could be a cost-effective option if you just use it once in a while. If you use the chainsaw often and have to sharpen it every other day and spend a lot of time doing so, you might consider replacing it.

What Characteristics Do Great Chainsaw Chains Have?

A good chainsaw chain will start working as soon as it is taken out of the box. You should also be able to smoothly integrate it and utilize it without any pauses or hours of messing about.

Should I Purchase a Well-Known Brand Chainsaw?

Though it is recommended that you choose a branded and appropriate chainsaw chain, if you are unable to locate one with a well-known brand, you may purchase a non-branded chainsaw chain. In most circumstances, compatibility should take precedence over branding.

Is it necessary for me to work hard now that I’ve found the right chain?

No, one of the characteristics of an excellent chainsaw chain is that it serves your objective without requiring excessive effort or force.

What Is the Best Way to Replace a Chainsaw Chain?

This tutorial is for you if you’ve identified the greatest chainsaw chain and need to know how to replace it.

How do I make sure the chainsaw chain is tight enough to run safely?

Tightening a chainsaw chain is a simple operation. The procedure is described in great detail here.


Chainsaws are fantastic equipment for clearing brush, dead trees, and DIY tasks, but they may become problematic when the chain blades get dull. Finding a good chainsaw chain for your equipment is essential for keeping your tasks on track. This information should have assisted you in finding the finest chainsaw chain for your requirements. If you have any further suggestions for choosing the best chainsaw chain, please leave a comment below. We’d want to take what we’ve learned from you and make things simpler for everyone.

The “best chainsaw chain for stihl” is a review of 5 chains that are the best to buy. The article includes pictures and reviews of the chains, as well as links to purchase them.

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