If you want your yard to look and smell as good as it can, a garden hose reel is the first step. These features make them easy for anyone to use- even if they have never done this before. Learn about five of the best on Amazon today!.

The “wood post mount garden hose reel” is a product that has been on the market for years. It’s a simple tool that can be used to get your garden hose off the ground and out of the way.

We all know how exhausting it is to untangle a tangle of gardening hose, and lugging the full hose around while watering isn’t ideal. Garden hose reels are the ideal answer to our tangled garden problems. With their various patterns, they make gardening a breeze and may add tidiness and aesthetic flare to your yard.

We’ll go through five of the finest garden hose reels in this post to make your life simpler while you’re out in the yard.


Our Pick

1. Liberty Garden Garden Hose Reel, Wall Mount

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This Liberty Garden Wall Mount may be exactly the garden hose reel you’ve been looking for if you like attractive embellishments. The beautiful brass and aluminum finish looks wonderful hanging on the wall in any yard, and it won’t rust or deteriorate after years of exposure to the elements.

This garden hose reel for the wall can store up to 125 feet of standard 5/8th inch garden hose. It unwinds the hose smoothly and does not lock up or become difficult to unwind. A tray is located above the reel and would be ideal for keeping small garden equipment like trowels or plant food bottles.

The hose is also equally dispersed by the reel, which maintains it clean, untangled, and centered on the cylinder.

What We Enjoy the Most:

  • Pattern is lovely.
  • Metal is used to construct this item.
  • In varied weather situations, it will not rust or deteriorate.
  • The cheapest option on our list.
  • 125-foot garden hose storage
  • Smoothly unwinds
  • Small garden things are held in this tray.

Additional Excellent Garden Hose Reels

2. Suncast Hose Reel (Automatic)

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The Suncast Automatic Hose Reel is powered by motors to make gardening as simple as possible. The only effort necessary for unwinding is to push down on the pedal on the container’s exterior. The container itself offers additional storage for basic gardening goods while also keeping the hose out of the weather.

This automated hose reel does need a battery, however it is rechargeable and lasts for up to 20 uses. With either a green light (totally charged), a yellow light (85 percent or less charge), or a red light (no charge), the container also displays how much battery life is left (dead battery or charging).

Although anchors are included, this hose reel is very strong and does not wobble or move even without them. The anchors, on the other hand, offer a lot of stability (so they’re worth utilizing).

These automated hose reels are dependable and long-lasting, with some customers reporting that they have lasted over ten years.

What We Enjoy the Most:

  • Long-lasting equipment
  • Reel machine
  • The battery life is fairly long.
  • Additional storage for minor gardening items is included.
  • Affordable
  • Stakes are included for added stability.

3. Multi-Directional Garden Hose Reel by Liberty Garden

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Gardeners may spin this Liberty Multi-Directional hose reel 90 degrees to navigate how and where they choose. This gorgeous bronze metal garden hose reel is Made from tough materials and can survive severe weather conditions without rusting. Although the hose reel flexes when in use, regardless of its durability, it’s always better to be careful with this equipment.

It can accommodate a 125-foot-long garden hose and comes completely constructed (though the mounting hardware is not included in the purchase). A little basket connected to the side of the garden hose reel may be used to store small gardening equipment like hose nozzles. This is a garden hose reel that is constructed to endure and has served many users well over the years.

What We Enjoy the Most:

  • Bronze finish that is visually pleasing
  • Made from tough materials
  • Swivels 90 degrees in both directions for convenience.
  • Holds up to 125 feet of hose
  • It comes already constructed.
  • Small garden objects may be stored in the connected basket.
  • Has lasted many years for numerous users

4. Decorative Metal Hose Cabinet by The Ames Companies

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Similar to the Suncast Garden Hose Reel, The Ames Companies Metal Hose Cabinet contains the garden hose inside its box for protection against the elements (and for a more put-together, tidy appearance). This cabinet is made of black metal and has a very modern look to it. It Smoothly unwinds and doesn’t get caught up or kink the hose.

The leader hose is provided, and the cabinet itself takes little assembly. Only the legs and the crank need to be connected. This garden hose reel does not need pegs or ties to keep it in place, and it is quite stable while in use, so don’t anticipate it to wobble or move much as you water your flower bed.

This reel can easily accommodate garden hoses up to 150 feet in length and was designed to last for years. The moving components are also well-greased, which saves you time and ensures that your reel runs smoothly and silently.

What We Enjoy the Most:

  • All moving components are lubricated.
  • Metallic black finish
  • able to resist extreme weather
  • Has lasted many years for users
  • Smoothly unwinds and coils up
  • Garden hoses up to 150 feet long may be stored.

5. Garden Hose Reel Cart by Liberty Garden

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This Liberty Garden Garden Hose Reel Cart may be the way to go if you need a more portable garden hose reel. With its elegant design, non-flat tires, and non-slip handle, this reel contains the most hose on our list at 200 feet and can be hauled all throughout your yard and garden.

It’s crafted of stylish, long-lasting brass that will keep your yard looking great for years. This garden hose reel cart has incredible stability and will not tip or wobble while the hose is in use or when the cart is moved about.

What We Enjoy the Most:

  • Portable
  • Design is attractive.
  • When in use, it is stable and will not tilt or wobble.
  • Material is durable and long-lasting.
  • Flat-free tires with a non-slip grip
  • Holds up to 200 feet of hose
  • Years of service

Before you buy, think about this.

Quality and Longevity

When buying a garden hose reel, one of the most essential factors to consider is the longevity of the materials used. Plastic garden hose reels are not recommended since they shatter or wear out more faster than metal garden hose reels. A plastic garden hose reel, on the other hand, may be dependable if it is manufactured with metal components (such as the Suncast Automatic Hose Reel we reviewed above).

You’ll want to ensure sure your garden hose reel is constructed of high-quality metal (or strong plastic) and isn’t inexpensive. We normally suggest the most cost-effective solutions to avoid burning a hole in your wallet, but when it comes to garden hose reels, a little investment in quality is well worth it. After all, what’s the sense in spending money on worthless reels when you might spend that money on a good garden hose reel?


You should first assess your budget before buying a garden hose reel. When it comes to the more costly end of the range, garden hose reels are often the most trustworthy. As previously stated, lower-cost garden hose reels are often composed of low-quality materials with components that fail after just a few usage.

Spending a significant amount of money up front will undoubtedly save you money in the long term. Rather of passing through many poorly constructed garden hose reels, we suggest spending your money and effort in a dependable, strong buy that will last you several years.

Length of Garden Hose

When looking for a garden hose reel, knowing the length of your garden hose is crucial. The majority of garden hose reels for household use can accommodate hoses between 120 and 200 feet in length (at the very most). As you buy, remember to keep the length of your garden hose in mind. Garden hose reels that can handle a few additional feet than the length of your garden hose are recommended.


Finally, examine the many varieties of garden hose reels and pick which would best fit your needs and your property. Swiveling reels, wall-mounted reels, floor reels, and portable cart reels were all discussed in this article. Let’s take a look at each one separately:

  1. Swiveling Reels: These reels enable you to easily move the cylinder by rotating it 90 degrees in either direction. Swiveling reels are available in three different varieties. Swivel reels are ideal because they prevent the hose from getting tangled or kinked while in use.
  2. Wall-Mounted Reels: As the name implies, wall-mounted reels are attached to the outer wall of your house, gardening shed, or any other structure. Because they don’t take up any space on the ground and are relatively out of the way, they are ideal for compact settings.
  3. Floor Reels: For added stability, floor reels may be fastened or staked into the ground (or they can simply sit on the floor). They frequently come in attractive “boxes” with extra storage for garden equipment for added aesthetic appeal. If you don’t like the sight of garden hoses and would rather have them kept neatly, they are ideal.
  4. Garden Hose Cart Reels: These garden hose reels may be easily moved about a yard. They are the most portable solutions since they are not stationary. If you have a greater area to water, they are ideal. They also take up less room than reels that sit on the ground.

Hand Crank or Automatic

For people who have restricted movement, automatic garden hose reels are ideal (or for those who just want things to be as quick and easy as possible). These reels are powered by batteries that will last around 20 uses before requiring recharging. Automatic garden hose reels are far larger than hand crank reels, making them ideal for larger yards.

A hand crank garden hose reel, on the other hand, eliminates the need to wait for batteries to charge and allows you to water whenever you want (albeit it is a little more effort). They’re also often smaller in size, and some may be easily moved.

Both automated and manual crank garden hose reels are designed to prevent hoses from kinking or tangling, so either choice is ideal. Which sort of garden hose reel is ideal for you is mostly determined by the amount of area you have in your backyard, your physical capabilities, and whether or not you want to wait for a battery to recharge.

Brands of Garden Hose Reels

Let’s look at the brands of our best recommendations now that we’ve covered the essentials of what you’ll need to know when shopping for a garden hose reel.

  1. Liberty Garden was founded in 1989 and has been pioneering the way for improved garden hose storage items ever since. They are dedicated to providing gardeners with high-quality, durable, and long-lasting hose storage solutions, and they are driven by a desire to make gardening as easy, attractive, and pleasurable as possible.
  2. Suncast was started in 1984 and has been producing tools and storage for all of your home and garden requirements since then. Suncast manufactures anything from storage structures and snow equipment to garden hose reels and planters.
  3. The Ames Companies was founded in 1774 with the goal of providing clients with a wide range of helpful equipment for all of their gardening requirements. Even though they’re almost 200 years old, their inventiveness shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


Q: Can portable garden hose reels be kept outside in inclement weather?

A: The garden hose reels we looked at in this article are all tough enough to be kept outdoors in any weather, even snow. You may cover your garden hose and reel with a waterproof sheet during seasons when it isn’t in use, but it isn’t required – particularly with metal reels.

Is it necessary to secure my garden hose reel?

A: It’s usually recommended to bolt or anchor down a garden hose reel that will be placed on the ground for increased stability. Although, according to most users, the garden hose reels we tested are strong enough to not need to be anchored down. Whether they’re anchored to the ground or not, they usually don’t wobble or bend while in use. It all boils down to personal choice.

Q: Does this reel include auto-track to ensure that the hose is wound evenly?

A: All of the garden hose reels we tested include auto-track to ensure that the hose is wound up or out evenly. This keeps the reel from swaying and the hose from knotting or kinking.

Q: Can huge poles be used instead of wall-mounted garden hose reels?

A: Yes. Garden hose reels that are fixed on the wall may be placed anywhere as long as the item to which they are attached is strong enough to support the weight of the reel and water hose.

Q: Is it difficult to shift hand-cranked reels?

A: Normally, no. Garden hose reels are quite simple to wind and unwind and don’t need much muscle to use.

Q: Will the hose reel on my garden hose rust?

A: Nope! All of the metal garden hose reels we looked at were made with rust resistance in mind. Users have stated that their metal garden hose reels have remained rust-free after being exposed to the outdoors for years.

Q: How high should I place my garden hose reel off the ground?

A: It doesn’t really matter how tall you are. Everything should be alright as long as it’s off the ground and the reel can move freely. We do suggest, however, that you position your garden hose reel such that you can reach the crank without bending down. This will make operating the reel a lot simpler and perhaps save your back.

Q: Can I install my outdoor hose reel on the wall and fasten it to the floor?

A: Of course. Most, if not all, wall-mounted garden hose reels may be fastened to the floor and still function. If you’re concerned about a wall mount failing to operate on the floor, you could look for a garden hose reel designed exclusively for floor installation.

Wrap Up

Garden hoses may be inconvenient. They’re cumbersome to transport, may twist or knot, and are unattractive while lying on the ground waiting to be utilized. Garden hose reels are the ideal answer to these issues, making gardening a breeze. They’re dependable, durable, and will provide you with years of gardening enjoyment.

We hope you liked reading about our favorite garden hose reels!

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