If you’re looking for a way to save water in your home and also lower your energy bill, then rain barrels are an excellent option. These 5 models from Envirolytics will help you figure out the best barrel size for your particular area.

The “top rain barrels 2022” is a list of the top 5 best rain barrels for efficient water usage in 2022. This article will also include information on what to look for when purchasing a rain barrel and how to use it.

Harvesting rainwater may save you money and assist the environment, whether you live in a drought-prone area or are just eco-conscious when it comes to your house and yard. If you live in an area where collecting rainwater is permitted, installing a rain barrel in your garden might be a terrific idea.

Rainwater overflow from your roof may be collected and stored for a variety of uses, including watering your yard and washing your vehicle. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 rain barrels that will help both your budget and the environment!


1. 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel with Brass Spigot by RTS Home Accents


50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel with Brass Spigot, Brown, RTS Home Accents

  • Each barrel has an authentic wood barrel texture that will not fade or decay.
  • Linkable to additional barrels to improve water collection; Flat back to sit flat against a wall. Rain Barell measures 33.5″ in height, 24″ in width, and 18.25″ in depth.
  • Capture rainwater to use for your lawn and garden to save water and money. Filling watering cans is simpler with the optional stand (item # 55100002008081).
  • With no wide aperture, the aluminum screen keeps trash out; it’s designed to be kid and pet friendly.
  • Brass spigot shut-off valve with dual overflow for hose connection; An overflow on the front side prevents water from overflowing your outer wall.

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Up to 50 gallons of rainwater may be stored in the RTS Home Accents Rain Water Collection Barrel. It’s made of UV-resistant, Food-Grade Polyethylene and has the appearance of a real whiskey distillery barrel. This weather-resistant synthetic material can tolerate a wide range of conditions. It’s also more resistant to fading, mildew, insect damage, and decay than wood. The RTS Home Accents barrel has a flat back, allowing it to be placed flush against your home.

Simply connect your garden hose to the elegant brass faucet at the bottom of the barrel when you’re ready to utilize the rainfall gathered in the barrel. Although many people put their rain barrel on cinder blocks, the RTS Home Accents barrel comes with an alternative stand that may be purchased separately. Adding the stand allows you to easily raise the barrel to fill a watering can. The stand is also more appealing than cinder blocks.

If it’s raining outside, the RTS Home Accents barrel features a front-facing overflow valve to remove excess water, preventing it from pooling against your house and causing damage to your wood siding. Keep in mind that although the material is tough, it isn’t completely leak-proof or crack-proof. When the weather becomes colder in the winter, it’s advisable to carry this barrel inside your garage or shed to avoid a crack that might lead to a leak.

What We Enjoy:

  • Up to 50 gallons of water may be stored in this container.
  • Brown, Tan, and Wood Grain are some of the imitation wood tones available.
  • The same design is also available in 100% recycled resin from RTS Home Accents. The RTS Home Accents ECO Rain Barrel is a great option.
  • To give this synthetic barrel a hint of hand-crafted beauty, the Wood Grain option is sanded and hand-painted.
  • RTS Home Accents barrels are made from real whiskey barrels, giving them a realistic appearance.

We don’t have:

  • To feed into the top of the barrel, you’ll need to shorten your gutter’s downspout.
  • When you set up your barrel, you must insert the brass spigot by hand. It might be difficult to match the threads of the brass spigot with the aperture right out of the box.
  • The barrel has an aluminum cover that keeps insects and dirt out, although it’s a little fragile. It might be blown away by a powerful gust of wind. Your best chance is to use a rock to fasten it.

2. Flat-Back Rain Barrel from Gardener’s Supply Company


Oak Flat-Back Rain Barrel

  • An appealing method of collecting free rainwater for irrigation.
  • Dimensions: 25″ W x 36″ H x 19″ D
  • It has a capacity of 50 gallons.
  • Polyethylene construction with a strong brass spigot.
  • A convenient brass spigot is included for filling watering cans.

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The Gardener’s Supply Company Flat-Back Rain Barrel costs more since it holds 50 gallons of rainwater. It does, however, come with a solid brass spigot that is higher on the barrel, allowing you to fill your watering can without having to lift the whole container. With one flat side, this barrel will hug your home and gather rain from your roof’s downspout without letting a drop fall to the ground. A detachable screen allows partial access to the barrel’s inside while keeping dirt and animals out.

The hose connector is also separate from the brass spigot on this barrel. As a result, you may maintain your garden hose connected to the barrel while still filling a bucket with water. This is ideal if you want to water your grass with your garden hose while filling up your watering can to tend to your flower bed.

Landscape designers and backyard gardeners alike respect The Gardener’s Supply Company’s recognized, attractive brand. If you’re intending on giving this item as a present, the brand name awareness alone may be enough to wow the receiver. It also resembles the kind of aged-wood barrel you’d see at a Napa Valley vineyard.

What We Enjoy:

  • Polyethylene that is UV-resistant, durable, and food-grade.
  • The beauty of aged wood is appealing and realistic.
  • Oak or Wood Grain are two alternative wood tone possibilities.
  • The solid brass spigot is located in the middle of the barrel, allowing you to fill your watering can without having to mount the entire barrel on a stand or cinder blocks.
  • Also included is a hose adapter that is separate from the brass spigot, allowing you to keep your garden hose attached while still filling up your watering can.
  • The firm has a strong brand name awareness and is a favorite among backyard gardeners.

We don’t have:

  • Although this is true of all rain collecting barrels, you will still need to shorten the downspout of your gutter to feed into the top of the barrel.
  • If left outdoors throughout the winter, it will break and leak, just like any other plastic barrel. During the winter months, keep this barrel in your garage or shed, particularly because it is more expensive.

3. Products that are environmentally friendly Cascata Rain Barrel, 65 Gallon


Aloe Vera Products 65-gallon Cascata Rain Barrel, Dark Brown

  • Elegant design with a texture reminiscent of clay
  • BPA-free and made of roto-molded plastic that won’t chip, break, or fade.
  • It has a high-quality brass spigot, a corrosion-proof screen, and a bottom fitting connection that enables you to access 100% of the water in the unit.
  • When the rain barrel is full, the dual water overflows enable enough water to escape, and the connection kit from Algreen allows you to join numerous rain barrels together.
  • For further durability, choose a crown planter with a double-wall construction.

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The Algreen Products Cascata Rain Barrel is a 65-gallon pear-shaped rain barrel made of fade-resistant and crack-resistant plastic (BPA free). Using the Algreen’s Linking Kit, you may connect it to additional barrels to increase your water gathering capacity. It’ll also work with the Algreen Rain Barrel pump kit, giving you a terrific choice for watering your garden under pressure.

The Cascata Rain Barrel has an integrated planter so you may grow a few flowers or plants on top of it, as long as they don’t need a lot of root depth. The downspout from your roof is fed into a separate hole in the barrel so that rainfall collecting does not interfere with the planter.

Another advantage of this rain barrel is that the top is completely detachable. This means that when it isn’t full with rainwater, you may give it a complete cleaning.

What We Enjoy:

  • Faux terra cotta has a warm, earthy appearance that mimics the genuine thing.
  • It’s a lovely pear-shaped pattern.
  • At the top of the barrel is a planter where you may grow flowers or other plants like succulents or herbs.
  • You may connect it to additional rain barrels to increase the amount of water collected.
  • It features a top that is completely detachable.

We don’t have:

  • Because the planter lacks a drainage hole, your flowers or plants may get soggy.

4. Impressions of Good Ideas Nantucket Rain Saver 50-Gallon Rain Barrel Nantucket Rain Saver 50-Gallon Rain Barrel


Excellent Concepts Impressions Nantucket Rain Saver Rain Barrel, 50 Gallon, Dark Brown (IMP-N50-DBR)

  • Rain barrel has a 50 gallon capacity and a 4 inch planter top
  • Rain harvesting with a wicker finish adds refinement and flair.
  • A mesh screen keeps dirt out of your water supply.
  • hose spigots on both sides and a five gallon bucket spigot- Unlike plastic equivalents, brass spigots will not corrode or crack.
  • hose spigots on both sides and a five gallon bucket spigot- Unlike plastic equivalents, brass spigots will not corrode or crack.

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The Beneficial Concepts The Nantucket Rain Saver Barrel has some similarities to the above-mentioned choice. It has a small 4-inch planter at the top of the barrel that may be used to grow succulents, herbs, or floral plants.

This synthetic choice imitates the appearance of wicker and appears almost identical to the genuine thing, but it never warps or frays in the heat or humidity. Season after season, this barrel will keep its concave form while holding up to 50 gallons of water.

It has two spigots, one at the bottom and the other at the middle of the barrel. Additionally, an incorporated tube at the top of the barrel controls excess water and directs it to the front of the barrel, preventing flooding near your home’s foundation. Insects and leaves are also kept out of the water with a mesh screen.

What We Enjoy:

  • The design style is fake wicker.
  • At the top, there’s a 4″ planter.
  • Double brass spigots allow you to attach your garden hose.
  • Protect your home’s foundation with a front-facing overflow spout.
  • The concave curve looks great against a house’s outside wall.

We don’t have:

  • Only a few colors are available (black and dark brown). A natural wood tone (such as brown) would have been a better choice for imitation wicker, in our opinion.

5. Kyoto Sandstone-Look Rain Barrel (55 Gallon)

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The Kyoto Sand-Stone-Look Rain Barrel, our last pick, will contain 55 gallons despite its little appearance. It has one brass spigot and is composed of UV-Resistant Plastic. This choice is quite durable and comes with feet that lift it slightly off the ground. A safety grid screen protector is included to keep pests and children out. Furthermore, the bottom features a drain plug, allowing you to quickly wipe out the inside when it isn’t full with water.

This option would complement a stucco house or other desert-style structure well. The design is the smallest and most simple of all of our top picks. If you don’t have a lot of yard space, the Kyoto Sand-Stone-Look Rain Barrel would look great next to a patio or deck.

What We Enjoy:

  • The form is lovely.
  • It is lifted off the ground by the feet.
  • The color and appearance of fake sandstone are simple and appealing.
  • For style, you get top marks. It’s almost like a piece of thoughtful art.

We don’t have:

  •  Only one spigot is available.
  • For the extra water, there is no overflow spout.

For Your Consideration

Rain barrels constructed of synthetic materials that replicate the appearance of wood, clay, or stone are now available in fantastic patterns. Rainwater was collected for generations in wood barrels, terra cotta pots, and stone containers. Natural-material containers, on the other hand, are more susceptible to mold, mildew, weather damage, and disintegration. Synthetic choices are now available that are both durable and useful, as well as stylish.

The imitation wood rain barrels on our list have the weathered appearance of ancient oak, similar to what you’d see in a whiskey distillery or vineyard. This design would look great in a backyard with a lot of native vegetation or one that is near to the woods. This design would work as well at a beach home or a lodge because of its historic appeal, which is evocative of the cargo hold of an ancient ship.

The imitation terra cotta and sandstone barrels on our list, on the other hand, reflect the earthy appearance and feel of desert life. These possibilities would look great in a backyard with actual terra cotta clay pots or stone planters, which you may already have on your deck or patio for growing plants. The earth tones of rust and sand provide a warmer appearance than fake wood. Terra cotta tones will offer comfort to a dark day while it’s pouring.

Remember that you may buy extra hoses so that you can link each rain barrel to other rain barrels to increase your water collection. If you don’t get a lot of rain on a regular basis, a rain barrel may suffice. If you live in a wet region, though, you’ll likely want to expand your storage capacity to maximize rainwater collecting.

Finally, rain barrels employ gravity as a passive method of collecting and extracting water for various purposes. Adding a pressured hose to your rainwater collection system will provide you more alternatives for rainwater use, such as operating a sprinkler. You may even construct a pressured pump system and pump the water inside for specified needs for a higher cost. Furthermore, there are fantastic alternatives for rainwater filtering systems that will eliminate germs and toxins, allowing you to utilize your rainwater for home needs.

Understand the Laws

Please be aware that certain states have tight regulations and limitations against rainwater gathering, and the consequences may be severe. The rules might be particularly strict in drought-prone areas. We don’t want you to get into any difficulty, so be sure you’re familiar with all of your state’s laws and regulations first.

Some regulations and prohibitions are based on the notion that rainwater is a shared resource that cannot be gathered or possessed individually. Other rules now in effect aim to ensure that water is distributed fairly to all inhabitants in drought-prone areas.

Rain harvesting was an ancient tradition in many places of the globe, and it is being practiced today. Long ago, humans collected and stored rainwater using dried, stretched animal skins. Rain has always been gathered in some form or another.

If you reside in an area where it is legal to have a rain barrel in your backyard, then go ahead and do it. Continue reading for answers to commonly asked questions regarding rainwater collection and use.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Is rainwater safe to drink?

A: In the broadest sense, no. Rainwater is gathered for washing, cooking, and drinking in many places of the globe. However, since your rainwater is coming from your roof, which may include chemical elements as well as animal exposure, you should not drink it unless you have a filter system installed. Rainwater may include contaminants, particularly if you reside near an urban or industrial region.

What is “food-grade” polyethylene, exactly?

“Food-grade” is the answer. Polyethylene is a plastic that has been determined to be chemically resistant. Nonetheless, some chemical degradation of plastic may occur on hot summer days when there is hours of sustained, strong sunshine. As a result, you’ll want to think about how you’ll utilize the rainwater you collect, since certain applications may be safer than others.

Q: What can I do with the rainwater I collect?

A: Your rainwater may be used to a variety of applications. You may utilize rainwater to water your grass, garden, or houseplants, for example. It may also be used to clean your automobile or hose down garden tools and lawn equipment. If you create a system to pump rainwater inside, you may use it to wash laundry or even flush your toilets.

However, do not use unfiltered rainwater for activities such as dishwashing or bathing, particularly if the water is runoff from your roof, which might include chemicals and bacterial pollutants, as previously noted. Where you reside and if you collect rainwater indirectly from a roof will determine whether your rainwater is contaminated.

Q: What is the maximum amount of rainwater I can collect?

A: That depends on how many barrels you have put up and/or linked together. The typical 1000-square-foot roof can gather 600 gallons of water in one inch of rain. Unless it’s linked to another barrel, the average-sized rain barrel will store around 50-65 gallons of rainfall before spilling. Of course, a lot depends on where you live and how much rain your region gets on average.

Wrap Up

Hundreds of gallons of rainwater may be collected on your roof during a typical rainfall. Normally, this water finds its way into your gutters, only to end up as puddles and muck on the ground. Having a free supply of water for a variety of applications in your house and yard might be as simple as capturing this overflow.

As you can see from our top five recommendations for the finest rain barrels, you don’t have to choose between beauty and utility. Today, robust outdoor materials are combined with classic patterns that mimic the appearance of genuine natural materials. A useful but attractive rain barrel is a must-have for your garden when the sky goes gray!

The “food grade rain barrel” is a device that collects rainwater from the roof and stores it in a tank. It is used for watering plants and can also be used for irrigation purposes.

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