The best yard games are the ones that make you feel like a kid again. For adults, it’s nice to recapture those childhood memories and relive them with friends while being able to take advantage of modern technology. Here is our list of 7 giant yard games for endless fun in 2022!

The “fun outdoor games for large groups of adults” are the 7 best giant yard games that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The games include a variety of different activities, so there is something for everyone.

An enormous game will send the enjoyment at your next outdoor gathering into overdrive! It’s almost certain that partygoers and gamers of all ages will have a good time. This collection has something for everyone, whether you want to revisit your favorite tabletop games or try something completely new. We’ve identified the greatest gigantic Outdoor Games to take your party to the next level if you’re weary of playing dull normal-sized activities.


In a rush? Here are some of our favorite large-scale Outdoor Games.

Pong in the Garden


Outdoor Games Pong in the Garden with Durable Buckets and Balls Including High Strength Carrying Case

  • 12 colossal buckets and two heavy-duty plastic balls that don’t blow away! To play your favorite beer pong games, you’ll need exact bucket and ball ratios.
  • Play your favorite ping games the way they were supposed to be played on a bigger size with instructions and a high-quality, high-strength travel case!
  • Parties, BBQs, tailgating, group outings, camping, and other outdoor activities are all possible.
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. We are a US-based firm that will replace any game component if you are unhappy. Send it back for a full refund if it’s not working out.

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Pong is a party favorite. Whether you’re at an adult only party or playing with kids, everyone loves this classic tabletop game. Now you can play it jumbo sized! This Pong in the Garden comes with twelve giant buckets and two heavy-duty plastic balls. The set is designed to maintain the exact ratios of the smaller red solo and ping pong ball version of the game, so your skills will transfer perfectly, right? Right?

These 9-inch tall buckets are constructed of 1.3 mm thick plastic; just fill them a quarter of the way with water or sand (or beanbags if neither is available), and they’ll withstand even the most forceful tosses. The balls are larger than a standard whiffle ball and are made to look exactly like a ping pong ball.

This Pong in the Garden set comes with a convenient and durable high strength carrying case that fits the buckets and balls perfectly, so it’s easy to bring it with you wherever you go for hours of fun. They double as a jumbo-sized game of flip cup too!

Things We Enjoy

This is a long-lasting addition to your spring and summer outdoor activities repertoire because to its durable construction and strong plastic.

No matter where you want to play, the durable carrying case makes it simple to transfer.

MegaChess Premium Giant Chess



MegaChess Giant Oversized Premium Chess Pieces Complete Set – Black and White with 25-Inch Tall King

  • THE MOST POPULAR SET: MegaChess’ most popular set is the Premium 25-Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set. There are 16 black and 16 white pieces in all. The Giant Chess Pieces are 25 inches tall for the king and 16 inches tall for the pawn. The set is built of high-quality, long-lasting materials and may be used both inside and outdoors. When played out in the open on a lifesize set, chess can become a social activity that brings family and friends together. The chessboard is available separately.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING: These gigantic plastic chess sets may be found in a variety of climates and locations across the globe. They may be left outside for long periods of time without staining or fading, making them an excellent accent to any lawn, backyard, or garden. They’re made of waterproof, UV-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) injection-molded, hollow, recyclable plastic and will keep its massive form and color regardless of the weather.
  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT AND HEIGHT: At 25 inches tall, these huge lawn chess pieces are surprisingly light, allowing even the youngest players to move about with ease while being big enough to withstand the wind. Our innovative modular structure allows you to add up to seven pounds of sand, water, or weight to the bases to enhance their weight and height. Additional inserts may be bought to make the chess set taller, up to 37 or 49 inches tall.
  • COMMERCIAL OR RESIDENTIAL: This king-size yard chess set can be displayed anywhere for groups of people to enjoy the complex and entertaining strategy implementation in a game of chess – large open floors, backyards, parties, campgrounds, shopping malls, schools, university and corporate campuses, cruise ships, local parks, museums.
  • MEGACHESS QUALITY: Each MegaChess item is painstakingly created by craftsmen to guarantee that it keeps its beauty and integrity in all weather situations and throughout time. Since 2002, we’ve been producing huge chess and checkers sets, boards, mats, and other accessories to the greatest of quality standards.

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Giant chess is much more than a game. It’s a useful addition to your outside environment. It’s a topic of discussion. It’s a financial commitment. You’ll be hard pressed to find a higher-quality set of chess pieces than this one.

These high-density plastic pieces come in a whole set of sixteen pieces each side (in white and black). They’re waterproof, UV protected, and stain and fade resistant, so they’ll keep you dry and comfortable no matter where you go. If the weight has to be adjusted, you may add sand via a hole at the bottom to make them heavier. This package is ideal for gamers and professionals of all sizes. It’s light enough for kids to use and durable enough to withstand their abuse.

The only drawback is that this package does not include a checkered mat. You may not be delighted about having to buy a mat separately because of the high price tag. The set fits well on 12-inch tiles if you’re searching for a cheaper DIY option to buying one.

Things We Enjoy

This is the only huge chess set you’ll ever need due to its very sturdy build.

If necessary, adjust the weight to make the parts more durable.

Giant Wooden 4 in a Row Game by GoSports

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This adult-sized version of a childhood classic is equally as entertaining as it is for kids! This 3-foot-by-32-inch game provides a fantastic centerpiece for both indoor and outdoor activities. Built from excellent wood with a choice of traditional white or elegant dark stain to fit your garden decor. This Giant Wooden 4 in a Row Game is available in three sizes to accommodate your outdoor space perfectly.

The game comes with 42 red and blue plastic coins, so you can start playing right away, but if you want to match certain colors (for a wedding reception or baby shower, for example), you may order bespoke colored coins in a variety of colors. The coins are constructed of very tough plastic that is nearly indestructible, so you may play hard with them without fear of damaging them.

This kit also includes a robust canvas carrying bag if you want to take your game with you on the road. When your game isn’t in use, it will be kept orderly and out of the way, making it simple to transport!

Things We Enjoy

For games, plastic coins are almost unbreakable.

To create your ideal set, change the color of the game, the color of the coins, and the size of the board.

The carrying case makes it simple to transport the game wherever you go.

Tumbling Timbers Giant Outdoor Games



Tumbling Timbers Giant Outdoor Games with carrying case starts at 2.5-feet tall and builds to 5-feet

  • The giant size timbers feature 56 7.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inch wood pieces that stack 19 levels high! Two additional blocks are included for greater height and the finest packing arrangement.
  • The fully assembled game measures 7.5 x 7.5 inches and stands 2.5 feet tall! Depending on skill level, the game may expand to be over 5 feet long while being played.
  • Comes with 56 hand-sanded smooth sustainable New Zealand Pine wood blocks for simple setup and game play. Perfect for parties, BBQs, tailgating, group activities, camping, and many other indoor and outdoor events.
  • A high-quality, high-strength nylon carrying bag is included for simple storage and travel, and it’s the ideal gift size! The whole family will have hours of fun and amusement. Anyone can have fun and make memories.
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. We are a US-based firm that will replace any game component if you are unhappy. Send it back for a full refund if it’s not working out.

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Look no further if you’re seeking for one of the largest huge jenga sets available. This is undoubtedly one of the better gigantic jenga alternatives available. It’s big, it’s good, and the user evaluations speak for themselves. It’s a hit.

Tumbling Timbers Giant Outdoor Games comes with 56 kiln dried and hand sanded pine blocks. That gives you the standard 18 rows with an extra two to add to the bottom for a little extra height and stability. Each of the blocks measures 1.5” x 2.5” x 7.5.”

When completely assembled, your tower stands over 2.5 feet tall, but it may expand to over five feet tall during gaming. Talk about colossal! This game is suitable for all age groups. It’s as entertaining to watch as it is to play, so the whole party will be amused.

This game also comes with a nice carrying bag so you can easily transfer it to various trips and store it securely out of the way and all together when not in use.

Things We Enjoy

When the tower collapses, the blocks are built of a durable wood that does not dent readily.

Additional bricks provide a stable playing surface.

You can take your Giant Tumbling Timbers with you everywhere you go thanks to the sturdy carrying case.

Giant Wooden Playing Dice Set by GoSports

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There are so many different games you can play if you’ve got a set of dice and now you can play those games on a jumbo scale with the Giant Wooden Playing Dice Set by GoSports. This set comes with everything you need to get the party started: one set of Dice with Giants, a double-sided dry erase board with a pen, and a sturdy canvas carrying case.

The dice are 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″ in size and are constructed of high-quality pine wood that has been hand-sanded smooth. You don’t have to worry about the numbers wearing off since they’re burnt into the wood – and they look great too!

The dry erase board includes score charts for Rollzee and Farkle, but it may also be used to track score for a variety of other dice games. It’s an excellent addition. In addition, the canvas bag is ideal for storing and transit.

Things We Enjoy

Dice are made of a sturdy pine wood that does not readily dent.

To protect the number markings from wearing off, they are burnt into the wood.

It’s simple to take it with you wherever you go thanks to the sturdy carrying case.

6′ Giant Inflatable Beach Ball by GoFloats


Patch Kit Included with GoFloats 6′ Giant Inflatable Beach Ball, Extra Large Jumbo Beach Ball (GI-BEACHBALL-6-01)

  • LARGE FUN: 6 FEET IN DIAMETER – great for the beach, backyard, school gatherings, and more.
  • NEW RAPID VALVE INFLATION: Compared to typical valves, the new rapid valve enables for faster inflation and deflation – beach ball must be filled with a pump (not included)
  • Original Shape: Bright colors inspired by the classic beachball design, suitable for both adults and children of all ages.
  • DURABLE: The material is thick and made to endure, however it should only be used on soft surfaces.

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The GoFloats Giant Inflatable Beach Ball is the last item on our list. This device is ridiculously huge, with a 6-foot diameter. It’s also really entertaining. Nothing shouts ‘good times ahead’ like a large beach ball, whether you’re planning a pool party, a backyard BBQ, or just want to add some whimsy to your garden party.

This Giant Inflatable Beach Ball is comprised of a thick, robust material that will endure for as long as you play on soft terrain. If your outside living area is overrun by cacti, this may not be the best large yard game for you.

This ball can be inflated in four minutes with an electrical pump thanks to its quick valve inflation, so you’ll be ready to play in no time. The ball comes in a traditional multicolor pattern that will bring back all of your best beach memories, as well as a patriotic America design.

Things We Enjoy

The thick and robust material is built to withstand rough play.

Inflating your newest garden addition with a rapid valve inflation takes virtually no time.

The Best Giant BackOutdoor Games

When you’re picking out the best giant Outdoor Games for your next outdoor shindig, barbeque, or birthday party, think about the space you have for it. Games like MegaChess Premium Giant Chess will need a little more space to play than something like the Giant Wooden Playing Dice Set by GoSports and less space than the massive 6′ Giant Inflatable Beach Ball by GoFloats.

You should also consider the age range of your guests. An gigantic game of pong may appeal to older partygoers more than younger partygoers, but everyone likes a game of big jenga.

Playing Instructions


Although beer pong is widely recognized as a drinking game, it may also be played with water in a more wholesome and kid-friendly setting. Fill the cups about a quarter to half filled with water to begin your game (or other liquids). Make two triangles with them, one on each side. Fill an additional cup with water on each side. To keep things a bit cleaner, you’ll rinse your ball in here before taking your turn.

The game may be played alone or in two-player teams. To choose who goes first, play a fast game of rock, paper, scissors. You toss a ping pong ball from your side of the table and attempt to get it into one of the cups. That cup is taken from the table when you successfully land a ball within. Your objective is to eliminate all of the cups before your opponent does (s).

Need more information? Take a look at this resource.

Victory Strategies

  • To maximize your chances of success, arc the ball while throwing it.
  • Rather of aiming for individual cups along the perimeter, strive for a cluster of cups.
  • Distract your opponents without blocking their sightlines.
  • Determine which throwing technique works best for you, whether it’s overhand, underhand, or something completely different.


Oh boy. If you don’t know Playing Instructions chess already, you’ve got a lot of work to do. Here’s a more comprehensive guide. We’ll just give you the basics.

Each piece on the board has a designation that indicates how many spaces and in which direction it may travel every round. You play against a single opponent, and each of you gets one turn to move one piece. You can’t go through other pieces, but you can remove an opponent’s piece off the board if you land on it. That part has been vanquished.

Your objective is to trap their ‘monarch’ in a place where it can’t move without putting itself in danger. This is known as a ‘checkmate.’ When a piece threatens one of the kings, that king is placed in ‘check,’ and that turn must be utilized to safeguard the king, either by moving the king or by putting another piece between it and the aggressor, or by removing the aggressor from the board.

Victory Strategies

  • Keep an eye on the whole board to avoid missing anything.
  • Think about all of your possibilities.
  • Know when to swap your items and how to receive the best price.

4 in a Row

The aim of this game is to gather four of your pieces in a row, as the name suggests. A vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line may be used. Because you play by taking turns inserting a single playing coin in one of the slots, you must outthink your opponent to get your pieces lined up. As they accumulate, it becomes a strategic game.

The game continues until one of the players declares victory or all 42 spots on the board are filled. You may then claim your bragging rights, unleash the playing money, and begin again!

Victory Strategies

  • Block your adversary.
  • Take control of the center to increase your chances of winning.
  • Keep an eye on the board so you don’t mistakenly hand the game to your opponent (or miss a chance to win!)
  • Prepare ahead of time to ensure that you are the champion.


One of our favorite huge games is enormous jenga! To make a sturdy tower, stack the blocks in alternating rows of three.

Instead than striving to win, the purpose of jenga is to avoid losing! You take a turn pulling a block from the tower and placing it on the top tier. The structure becomes bigger and more dangerous as you play longer. The one who knocks it over is the loser.

Victory Strategies

  • Take your time and breathe; don’t hurry.
  • Place your top pieces first to offer your opponents a more difficult tower.
  • Instead of looking for more difficult or closely placed blocks, go for blocks that are easier to remove.

Check out our purchasing guide to discover more about gigantic jenga, including all the strategies you’ll need to be a pro!

Dice with Giants

There are virtually infinite dice games, but we’ll focus on just two since the board that comes with the kit we offer is specifically built for these games.

Rollzee is similar to the traditional dice game Yahtzee, but with larger dice.

The other game on the leaderboard, Farkle, is simple. Your aim is to get the greatest score possible, which is over 10,000. You roll all six dice in your turn, then add your score based on whether you rolled scoring combos or scoring dice. To assist you, below is a scoring guide.

You have various options for your next move after you’ve rolled. You may put the dice that have already scored points aside and reroll the dice that haven’t yet scored to attempt to gain more. This may continue until you run out of dice, but you risk rolling a Farkle, which occurs when you roll and get no scoring dice. Any points you’ve earned up to that point are gone, but you may attempt rolling any dice you haven’t placed aside again.

You may also put your points in a bank and pass the dice to the next player. You may roll all of the dice again to add to the points you’ve already earned if you have some “hot dice” and all of your dice scored on your initial roll.

If no one has reached their point total at the conclusion of a complete round, the player with the most points wins.

Victory Strategies

  • Don’t always put all of your scoring dice aside; you may be able to get extra points by rolling more dice the following time.
  • Even if it’s on your first roll, save your better scoring combos.
  • Stop while you’re ahead; the fewer dice you have to throw on subsequent rounds, the more likely you are to roll a Farkle and lose points.


What can’t a ball accomplish? You have plenty of alternatives, from a giant game of catch to a huge monkey-in-the-middle.

Top Brands

Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games is one of the most popular manufacturers of giant Outdoor Games. They’ve got a solid reputation for high-quality goods!


One of our favorite companies for outdoor games and equipment is GoSports. No matter what you need to get the most out of your outside environment, their goods are constantly among the finest available.


This renowned floating brand is also created by the same people that created GoSports. GoFloats manufactures a wide range of inflatable devices to enhance your beach or pool experience.


Q: What are the best Outdoor Games for children?

A: All of the games on our list are designed to be enjoyed by children just as much as adults. If you’re playing with younger children, you may have the most success with simple games like the Giant Wooden 4 in a Row Game by GoSports or Tumbling Timbers Giant Outdoor Games, just make sure they get clear when the tower falls!

Q: Are there any DIY options for giant Outdoor Games?

A: If you’re handy and thrifty, you’ve got a few options for DIY versions of these games. You can follow the instructions here for a DIY giant jenga game. You could also put together a giant version of pong, but you actually end up saving on both money and effort by picking up the Pong in the Garden.

Wrap Up

No matter what you choose for the best giant Outdoor Games for your next outdoor event, you’re going to have a great time. Everything on this list is designed to be enjoyed by players and partygoers of all ages. Our personal favorite is the Tumbling Timbers Giant Outdoor Games, since giant jenga is always a hit no matter who’s playing!

The “backyard games for families” is a list of 7 best giant yard games that are available in 2022. The list includes backyard games such as a basketball hoop, football goal posts, and more.

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