The Accurite Deluxe Wireless Weather center provides an easy and affordable way to track the weather at home, and allows you to track self-calibrated weather forecasts, indoor and outdoor temperatures and even the humidity and daytime highs and lows for the area.

This easy to use weather system can be used as soon as you bring it home. Setting it up is simple and the tracking process can begin in as little as ten minutes after the weather system has been turned on.

It has never been easier, or more affordable to track the weather at home while using a portable weather station, reducing the need to rely on weather websites, television broadcasts and smart phone applications.

What are the features of the Accurite Deluxe Wireless Weather Center?

– Measures indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity and includes the daily and record high and low temperatures of the area
– Measures Barometric pressure
– Weather forecast is designed to self-calibrate
– Easy set up of the weather station can be completed in just a few minutes after removing the portable weather station from the box
– Intelligent-Time Self-Setting Clock
– Includes Backlight button for those times of low light, or to measure the weather and other temperatures throughout the night
– Affordable price tag makes it an easy purchase to measure the weather without putting stress on the wallet

The self-calibrating weather station is able to create weather forecasts based on the information in the air, through air pressure and other measures. The weather station is designed to monitor the weather and track times and dates, but the user doesn’t have to worry about setting the time for daylight savings and other events, as the monitoring system is designed to constantly update.

The backlit design makes it simple to read the weather indoors and out, regardless of the light. Reading the forecast has never been easier – and can be completed from the portable handheld system that can be mounted on the wall, used on a desk or used in the hand.

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