The Ambient Weather WS-1090 Wireless Home Weather Station is designed for the serious at-home weather tracker. Available with features that track the direction of the wind, the strength of the wind, the amount of rainfall and even pressure and dew points, the tracking system is designed to provide professional weather mapping at home.

Tracking the weather to create forecasts has never been easier, as the person using the weather device is able to create graphs and charts using the data uploaded to the computer through the easy to use USB connection, with weather information that is updated every 2.5 seconds. Quick tracking and constant updates ensure that the weather is going to be on track and accurate when tracked with the Ambient Weather Wireless Home Weather Station.


Some Important Features

– Comprehensive wireless weather device is designed to measure the wind direction and speed, rainfall amount and temperature, barometric pressure of the air, dew point and wind chill in the air
– Data logging with easy to use UCB interface makes it simple to engage with the program and track the weather trends and patterns through the home computer
– Real time weather tracking included
– Touch screen display and backlighting through battery power make it simple to track the weather without requiring AC power
– Thin and compact display is the perfect choice for the desktop or to be mounted to the wall
– One year manufacturer’s warranty to include high levels of quality in the weather station

Very few other models are equipped with an easy to use and control touch screen display, allowing the person tracking the weather to easily scroll through to the temperatures and other readings that are going to be used. This unique feature creates a user-friendly weather monitoring station that can provide accurate and real-time results for areas inside of the house and beyond.

With comprehensive features like data that can be uploaded to the personal computer and quick and real time updating of weather conditions, the Ambient Weather WS-1090 Wireless Home Weather System is one of the popular units on the market.

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