Weather stations used at home can be a great way to track temperatures without relying on the weather forecasts through the local news channel. For customers that are searching for a way to track temperatures from the home and the local area, the Ambient Weather WS-1171 Wireless Advanced Weather Station is an effective way to track the weather from up to 330 feet away from the remote location, using Wireless technology.


Features of the Ambient Weather WS-1171 Wireless Advanced Weather Station include:

– Wireless sensor is effective up to 330 feet from the weather device to report weather remotely
– Easy to read, clear and large LCD screen
– Monitors aspects like indoor humidity, outdoor humidity, temperature, dew point and barometric pressure
– Can be used on a desktop or mounted to the wall
– Low cost weather sensor provides an alternative option to higher priced models that detect the same sorts of weather
– Equipped with a handy clock feature that encompasses an alarm and snooze, as well as backlit for viewing in low light

The advanced weather station provides a great option for consumers that are searching for an affordable model to monitor the weather close to home. The model provides a high level of accuracy within five percent for indoor and outdoor humidity range and two degree accuracy range of temperatures that are measured indoors and outdoors.

The portable weather station includes a twenty-four hour history of the barometric pressure and can be easily calibrated to measure the minimum and maximum temperatures with date and time options, recording temperatures between -40 degrees F to 149 degrees F with a +/- of 2 degrees of accuracy in the recording.

With the easy to use manual that can be found online as well as included in the package, it is simple to set up the monitor through the remote and wireless system that can monitor weather up to three-hundred thirty feet away from the sensor. Easily controlled with the remote sensor, the user can have the portable weather station up and running in a matter of minutes, tracking the weather in the area with ease.


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