The Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner is obviously one of the best available in the market today. It can help you thoroughly clean your pool in no time. This pool cleaner is easy to operate and can be operated by anyone who has ever handled a pool cleaning equipment before. It has many unique features that make it stand out from all other pool cleaner available in the market today.


Overview of features

1. 40 feet cable

2. 2-micron fine built-in filter bag that is reusable

3. Power supply transformer

4. Fully automatic cleaner vacuums

5. 24 volt pump motor

6. 2 hour automatic shut-off timer

Explanation of the features

The 40 feet cable allows you to operate the pool cleaner around the pool without worrying about dealing with short cable problems like in other pool cleaners. This is one of the features that help to make this pool cleaner superior over other cleaners.

Its large power supply transformer helps a lot to ensure that adequate power is supplied to the pump motor and all another electrical and mechanical parts of the pool cleaner. This transformer is able to supply the power required to run all components of this pool cleaner at the same time with all of them receiving the power they need to operate efficiently.

The fully automatic cleaner vacuum makes it easy for the operator to clean the pool. This is because a cleaner does not have to put his hands on the control all the time to control the pool cleaner. Once it on, it can carry out the pool cleaning work required without much help from a human operator. This helps a lot in reducing the effort used to get the pool cleaned up.

The 24 volt pump motor provides all the power required to drive the pump. This motor can run the pump at top speed for a long time without any issues. Although the motor is small, it is surprising that it has a very high torque.

This pool cleaner 2 hours automatic shut off timer help a lot to save power by automatically shutting it off when it remains in unused for two hours. This also helps to ensure that the cleaner cannot cause unexpected
injuries to others.


This is definitely one of the best pool cleaners you can buy. If you have been thinking about buying a pool cleaner or upgrading to an automatic pool cleaner, this one will be perfect for you.


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