You have plenty of snow blowers available to choose from, and it is a hassle to shorten the list to find the machine that truly meets your needs. If the snow falls quite often where you live during the winter season, and you are used to clear about 8” or 10”, or you don’t rule out the possibility of having a storm that leaves more than a foot of snowfall, you need a potent 2-stage snow thrower that is able to do the job.

This could happen whether you live in the country and there is no paved driveway to clear, or you live in a residential zone. If the threat of an important snow storm exists, then you want a strong, potent, and reliable high-intake snowblower. The Ariens ST28DLE meets those requirements.



The Ariens ST28DLE is a mighty model with a huge snow clearance capacity and a deep cutting, reliable machine able to clear big amounts of snow form a wide surface fast and effectively. The super wide clearing capacity of this model is meant to clear snow thoroughly from the largest driveways in few turns and saving time. Being almost 2Ft high, the drift cutting is deep enough to handle the most compact mounds of snow.

The Ariens ST28DLE also has strong snow cutters able to bring down deep drifts to be removed by the auger which is made of welded steel. This makes it strong enough to cut through compact, icy snow drifts effortlessly. This is barely a hint of the durable pieces that the Ariens ST28DLE is composed of. It is an incredibly durable machine with a long lifespan of service.


The Ariens ST28DLE is a 2-stage snow thrower that feeds on gasoline, weighing 268Lbs and measuring 37” by 51” by 32” with a 420cc, 4-cycle Briggs & Stratton OHV motor. This engine runs the auger and the transmission.

  • 2-Stage Type Snowblower
  • Measurements: 37” by 51” by 32”
  • Button Start
  • Briggs & Stratton 420cc OHV Engine
  • Four-Cycle
  • Self-propelled driving
  • Six Velocities Forward, Two Reverse
  • 28” Removing Width
  • 23,5” Cutting Deep
  • Snow Throwing: Up to 40Ft
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Light n/a
  • 200-Degree Chute Angle
  • 16” by 5” wheels
  • Weighs: 260 Pounds
  • 2-year Warranty

The Ariens ST28DLE has a 28” removing width and a cutting deep of about 2Ft. The snow chute has a throwing distance of about 40 Feet. It is adjustable and can be manually turned around 200°. It has large, pronouncedly treaded casters that have deep traction on sliding surfaces. It has a 2-year warranty.


At first sight, the ST28DLE shows up as a powerful machine able to clear big amounts of snow in a very short time. It is certainly big and intimidating. It weighs about 250Lbs and leaves a deep trace. It is a high-quality machine for heavy duties. It must be big to have one of the widest capacities and deepest snow cuttings ever seen on a manual snowblower. At almost 2Ft high, its intake can handle the tallest drifts effortlessly.

This incredible power comes from a 4-cycle Briggs & Stratton 420cc motor. This motor has such a displacement that doesn’t waste time. Briggs & Stratton is among the best small motor makers worldwide. Now you can feel confident with the quality of the ST28DLE. Here we have a machine that will run the whole equipment for a long period of time. It won’t need much upkeep unlike most engines to keep working softly.

This is evidently a very solid snow thrower. The auger and other essential pieces are made of stainless steel that will endure the hostilities of extreme wintery weathers without suffering damage. Its casters are large and sturdy. And the build of the machine can withstand mistreatments and many kinds of accidents. Once you get this product, you won’t have the need to purchase any other snowblower for many years to come. And I dare say, it will probably be the last blower you will ever buy.


We don’t know where to start. This is the kind of machine that was made to do its task exactly how it should. And every addition is a plus to improve its already good snow removing capacity. The Ariens ST28DLE is large, mighty, and made to last longer. From any point of view, it outstands from its competitors.

Powerful Motor: In any snow thrower, having a potent Briggs & Stratton motor is already a good start. This brand is famous for their high-quality small engine production for yard appliances, and they certainly live up to their name. Having a Briggs & Stratton engine inside, this snowblower has consistent power guaranteed for a long time.

Broad clearance and tall intake: One of the main things to consider when opting for a snowblower is the size of the auger. Having an almost 2 feet wide clearance and cutting deep, the Ariens ST28DLE is fitted with one of the largest. That’s to say, you will clear wide spaces easily and fast. It doesn’t matter how sever the snowfall gets, it can deal with it effortlessly.

Durable pieces: When it comes to getting a machine that would be able to take on heavy tasks, you need to know that it is made of durable pieces that will last for a very long time. In the case of the Ariens ST28DLE, it is composed of very durable pieces. Features such as pneumatic tires or cast-iron gear box, each part of this machine is meant to work hard and have a long lifespan.

Functional design: It’s not enough to be huge and powerful. You need a snowblower that is also easy to operate. The Ariens ST28DLE is both. With features as the self-propelled drive or the practical button start along with a simple control panel, the brand came up with all that you could need to have your task done faster and safer. And while the snow keeps falling and the temps keep descending, this is what you need from a snowblower.

6 Forward velocities: Most snow throwers available in the market have a posterior wheel drive function and only four forward velocities. Many brands must think that four is a lot, but this Ariens give you six. In my experience, two more velocities make a huge difference. Needs may vary a lot when you are removing snow, and it’s good to have as many options as possible to deal with any circumstance.

In every aspect that matters, the ST28DLE has a notable presence. It is designed to give an excellent performance even when pushed to the most hostile circumstances. If a heavy snow storm menaces and the weathering is the worst, this is the kind of appliance you wish you had purchased. The reason is that it’s fitted with all that is needed to clear huge amounts of snow easily. It is made of durable parts and will run for a very long time.


Having such good traits, it can be shocking to find that it actually has some lacks and the Ariens ST28DLE has some aspects to develop. I dare say that none of these disadvantages do actually hinder any of the remarkable pros this snowblower provides. But of course, you must know about them before making your purchasing decision.

Quite big and burdensome: It’s not news that the ST28DLE is a robust, voluminous machine. You won’t like the fact that it occupies so much space in your garage. And when it is off, transporting it is kind of a heavy task. On the positive side, those dimensions are needed to provide one of the broadest clearances and have a large, strong engine inside of it. So, think about it.

The Chute is difficult to use: This is actually a thing that Ariens should take its time to improve. The chute turns 200°, and that’s quite good. But you have to adjust it manually, and if you don’t fasten it in the required position, it swings around when working. This fastening system is a bit bothersome, and they could really reconsider it and offer an easier method.

Doesn’t comply with CARB standards: This snowblower generates an important amount of carbon dioxide, enough to be disapproved by the California Air Resources Board requirements about small appliance productions. Because of that, people in California can’t use this product, unfortunately. Well, this is not surprising, since most gas-powered snow throwers, and especially two-stage models, don’t comply with CARB requirements.

Loud: Here is another characteristic of gas-powered machines that cannot be helped. These blowers have potent engines that generate high sound emissions, and we must accept it in order to harness the amount of power these monsters provide. But if you use it to clean your driveway at the wee hours of the morning, keep in mind that your neighbors may be still sleeping.

Controls can be overwhelming: All 2-stage snow throwers with several velocities have many controls to operate. You need not just to adjust the speed of the machine, but must also connect and disconnect the auger, maneuver the snowblower, and deal with the chute all at once. But with a bit of patience, you should get acquainted with the controls and be able to handle them.

As I guess you won’t dissent, the mentioned cons are not the kind of deficiencies or manufacturing issues that could actually deter you from deciding for a product with such awesome pros as mentioned. Most are expectable inconveniences on this kind of devices. And the other things mean that it will take you some time to feel confident while using the Ariens ST28DLE. In general terms, this is an excellent snow blower.

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