Snow buildup on your property can bring a tonne of inconvenience. A lot of snow can make the driveway inaccessible causing difficulty for you and fellow residents. With that, you need to clear the snow using the best quality snow blower. However, due to the availability of various brands of snow blowers on the market it might be difficult to choose the best one specially created to cater for your individual needs.  

One of the best tools for snow clearing is the 2 stage snow blower. An upgrade from a single stage blower, the 2 stage can be more effective when it comes to clearing snow on your property. Be sure to  read more and find out the two-stage blower right for you.


What is a Two-Stage Snow Blower?

The 2 stage snow blower is a machine you can use to remove snow faster as compared to when using fully manual hand tools. They are easy to use and come with heated handgrips, compact designs, and power steering to help get the job done faster. Two-stage Blowers have essential features to enhance their efficiency and performance.

We understand the difficulty that arises when faced with the tough choice of selecting the Best Product; and it isn't any different when it comes to choosing the best 2 stage snow blower. No need to worry, we are here to help you make that decision. We will provide you with a reliable list of the best two-stage snow blowers in the market, followed  by a consumers buying guide to help you make the best, wise and informed decision.

The Best Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Troy Bilt Storm 2625 Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 243cc Airless Electric Start 26-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower
  • Powered by a dependable 243cc 4-Cycle...
  • Equipped with Just One Hand operation to...
  • Clears snowy walkways up to 26" wide and 21"...
  • Extended clog resistant polymer manual...
  • Backed by a 2 year limited warranty

The Troy Bilt Storm, 2625 two-stage gas snow thrower, is among the best two-stage snow blowers available today. This gas-powered snow thrower is loaded with amazing features. It has an 8-speed drive system with 2 reverse and 243cc motor size for a more powerful performance.

It has an easy electric start and is ideal for handling wet deep snow efficiently and quickly. It also comes with remote 200-degree chute control for easier operation. You can expect a 2 years warranty when purchasing this snow-blower. The Troy Bilt Storm 2625 has a big 26 x 21-inch housing that can handle heavy snow. This snow blower also features a patented Xtreme serrated steel auger, which allows it to handle icy situations without wearing down. If you experience regular snowfalls, this Troy Bilt snowblower is perfect for you. If you want a long-lasting snow removal machine, then this product is right for you. You are sure to get a big return once you invest in purchasing this product.         


  • This 2 stage snow blower allows you to clear snow efficiently and quickly.
  • It has great power steering with fairly quiet operation.
  • Comes with two reverse speeds and 6 forward speeds
  • Features a deluxe reversible skid shoe for enhanced control
  • It has an extended clog-resistant polymer manual discharge chute that propels snow.
  • Offers Quality as a budget-friendly blower


  • One drawback of this blower is that the chute needs adjusting and may rattle loose.
  • Gas and oil improper draining can clog the carburator.
  • It doesn’t come with heated grips and is difficult to transport.

HUSQVARNA ST224 Two Stage Snow Thrower

Husqvarna ST224P, 24 in. 208cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering and Electric Start
  • 208cc Husqvarna engine
  • Remote Chute Deflector/Remote Chute Rotator
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty and 5 Year Engine...
  • Electric Start. Gross torque: 9.5...
  • 24-Inch Two Stage; Horsepower - 6.3 hp

The HUSQVARNA ST224 is one of the best 2 stage models for snow removal. This 24-inch snow blower is equipped with more innovative features making it a reliable piece of equipment when handling piled up snow. It has a 208cc motor size and a 7-speed drive system. Once you purchase this snowblower, it comes with a 5 years warranty.

This 24-inch snow thrower is equipped with power steering and an electric start feature. Made for reliable usability and comfort. It has heated hand warmers, creating easier and comfortable functionality. This snow blower has a heavy duty auger for excellent operation in frozen and wet snow. The HUSQVARNA ST224 doesn’t easily slide or slip as it has a tight 180 degrees turning system. It will definitely be your favorite once you see it intake 23-24 inches of snow. If you want to have a comfortable snow removal experience, this 24-inch thrower is the much needed solution.


  • It has heavy duty construction and precision controls for efficient operation.
  • Available with 5 years warranty..
  • Comes with remote chute deflector/ rotator
  • This 24-inch blower is durable and has adjustable skid shoes.
  • Has headlights for day or night operation. 
  • A quality product that can remove heavy snow


  • The impeller can dent with the uptake of rocks.

Ariens Deluxe 921046 two-stage Gas Snow Blower

The Ariens Deluxe 921046 two-stage electric start gas snow blower is a self-propelled snow blower that you can certainly trust. It has a dual belt drive to move more snow efficiently, as well as an auto-turn steering and helps you to remove snow quickly and easily. It has skid shoes made 100% from steel .

This gas-powered snow blower has 28 inches clearing width that can move 65 tons of snow every hour. It also comes with interlocking handles for one-handed operation. It has 14 inches auger diameter. It has a great quality, which makes it a good investment for your time and money.


  • Good quality and performance for snow removal
  • Big directional tires that deliver agility, mobility, and excellent grip to reduce slipperily
  • It has a dual belt drive for efficient snow removal. It is also a good value for your money.


  • Alleged to not last long.

Briggs Stratton Light Duty 1696610 Dual Stage Snow Blower

Briggs & Stratton 24" Dual-Stage Snow Blower with Electric Start and 208 Snow Series Engine, 1024...
  • 24 Inch wide clearing path with a 20 inch...
  • Powerful 950 snow series 208cc Engine for 9.5...
  • Friction disk drive system and equipped with...
  • Equipped with an electric start for...
  • 3 year limited equipment and Engine warranty

This Briggs Stratton Light Duty is among the top two-stage blower in the market. It features an electric start and has an 8 speeds friction disk drive system, which includes 2 reverse speeds. It has a 208cc motor size and comes with 3 years warranty.

The Briggs Stratton two-stage gas snow blower has 24 inches clearing width and can intake 20 inches of snow. It also has dash mounted chute rotation. It comes with 9.5-foot-pounds of torque and features steel reversible skid shoes for easy snow plowing. With its reliable performance, you will not regret purchasing this snow blower. It can offer a good value for your budget when it comes to removing snow on your property.


  • Has a frictions disk drive system and electric start for easy starting.
  • Comes with 3 years warranty and made from durable aluminIum for maximum efficiency
  • Has a steel frame; is built to last
  • Left side crank rotation as well as manual deflector controls
  • Dash-mounted chute rotation.


  • Considered expensive by a number of consumers.

Troy Bilt Arctic Storm 30xp two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP 357cc Electric Start 30-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower
  • Powered by a 357cc Electric Start gas engine...
  • Clear snowy walkways up to 30" wide of...
  • Heated hand grips and Touch 'N Turn steering...
  • High impact, adjustable polymer skid shoes...
  • Designed with 16" x 6.5" X-Trac tires to...

The Troy Bilt Arctic Storm gas snow blower is powered by a 357cc electric start gas engine. It also has a 4-way chute control that allows you to throw snow easily and quickly. It has power steering and can clear heavy snow up to 30 inch wide with serrated steel augers.

The blower has heated hand grips for more convenience. It is available with 5 years warranty. This snow blower is designed to handle wet and tough snow. This two-stage electric start snow blower can help you remove snow in your pathway quicker and efficiently.


  • 357cc electric start gas engine for more powerful performance
  • Comes with power steering and heated hand grips for comfortable operation
  • Available with 5 years warranty
  • 4-way chute control for a more convenient experience
  • It can clear snow about 30 inches wide using its serrated steel augers


  • The two-way blower is alleged to be less durable; has a short service life.

Snow Joe ION24SB-XRP Cordless snow Blower

Snow Joe ION24SB-XRP iON 80V Cordless Two Stage 3-Speed & Reverse Digital Drive Snow Blower
  • Revolutionary battery-powered two-stage snow...
  • 2 x 40 V Eco Sharp rechargeable Lithium-Ion...
  • Integrated push-button display: LEDs indicate...
  • Serrated steel auger moves up to 1000 lbs of...
  • ETL approved; Full 2-year warranty; Includes...

If you want a cordless electric snow blower, you can prefer this Snow Joe model. It has an integrated push-button display. It can cut about 24 inch wide and 13 inch deep without damaging the surface. It also has quite a run time. Its headlights make it possible for night visibility. The Snow Joe cordless snow blower will provide full value of your time and money once you purchase it.


  • Serrated steel auger that can move snow about 1000 Ibs
  • Integrated push-button display, it has LED which indicates speed selection and direction.
  • Full 2 years warranty
  • No carbon emissions


  • Professed to be of a lower quality i.e its quality is can be improved.

Cub Cadet 2X 26 HP Snow Blower

The Cub Cadet 2X 26 HP Snow Blower comes with a 243cc engine and electric start capability. It comes with 3 years of residential warranty and 1-year commercial warranty. It has a 26 inch clearing width and allows you to clear snow faster and efficiently. The Cub Cadet 2x snow blower is a good investment if you experience frequent snowfall. It can handle tough snow and help you remove snow with much ease.


  • This dual-stage snow blower is designed to clear snow comfortably.
  • It has heavy duty serrated steel auger for maximum performance.
  • This Cub Cadet model has great quality and trigger control power steering for comfortable maneuverability.
  • It is available with 1-year commercial warranty and 3 years residential warranty.


  • Some complaints about the companies poor customer service.
  • Alleged questions on its failed longevity, service life.

Buying guide for two-stage snow blowers

There are many snow blowers in the market. Regardless of that, it is important to choose a quality dual-stage snow blower that will be able to satisfy you needs. To help you with this, here is a buying guide to assist you when making your snow-blower purchase decision.


Snow blowers come at a different cost. Be sure to work in your means and go ahead to buy one that suits your budget. You can still find quality and efficient slow-blowers in affordable prices.

Ground material

Before you buy, you must also consider your ground/property material. Thus, a 2x snow blower works best on concrete or gravel grounds since its auger doesn’t touch the floor.

Average snowfall depth 

Another factor to consider in buying is your location’s average snowfall depth. The two-stage blower is perfect for you if you live in a place with a higher average depth.

Size of your driveway or lawn

The size of your driveway or lawn is another important thing to consider when buying your snow thrower. The 2x snow blower can cover a good amount of ground if your driveway has an average size length.  


Snow blowers come with specific features. For example, you can purchase one that includes features like an electric starter, headlights, big tires, heated grips, and more. With these features, you can have an efficient snow blower working well to clear your property of excess snow.


For sure, you always want to get a snow blower of great quality. With that, you must only purchase from trusted brands. This will help you avoid unnecessary  problems and assures that you receive quality equipment worth your investment.

By considering these buying tips, you can be sure to get a quality 2x snow blower for your snow clearing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of snow blower is best?

Well, among the most reliable brands for 2x snow blower includes Troy Bilt, HUSQVARNA, Ariens, Briggs Stratton, Cub Cadet, and Snow Joe.

Is a 2 stage blower worth it?

Yes, a 2 stage blower is worth it because it has bigger clearing heights and widths. It can throw snow further, easier, and quicker. It is also lighter compared to a 3x stage blower and stronger when compared to a single stage one. This equipment can be an efficient partner for helping with your snow clearing troubles.

Which is a better, single or two-stage snow blower?

Are you curious about which is better between single-stage and two-stage blower? Well, let us find the difference between the two. Single-stage models are not recommended if you live in a region with heavy snowfalls. A Cordless single-stage blower is a self-propelled electric snow blower that allows you to clear snow efficiently. In addition, a single-stage blower is lighter compared to a 2x snow blower. However, dual-stage blowers are more powerful than the single-stage snow thrower.   

Which are better 2 stages or 3 stage snow blower?

A two-stage has a rotating auger in the unit’s front. It also incorporates an impeller rotor that adds power to discharge snow. It can be ideal to use even on uneven terrain. It can throw snow about 60 feet away. Two-stage is lighter than the 3 stage models. On the other hand, three-stage snow blowers are also equipped with a front auger system, which is the first stage. The impeller rotor is the second stage, which enhances its ability to shift heavy snowfalls. The third stage is another 2 augers wherein the one is placed in front, and the other is behind the main blade. A three-stage snow blower commonly has a clearing width from 20 to 30 inches.

Where is the best place to buy a two-stage snow blower?

There is a lot of two-stage gas snow blowers in the market. So, you must be careful in choosing the right one that satisfies your personal specifications. Make sure to buy only from reliable brands. It is also a good idea to get the product from the official website of the manufacturer. You can also buy from trusted stores like Amazon. There is an affiliate advertising program designed to help affiliates earn from the product sold. With this, you can get the product's original version. In addition, you will not experience a scam or other forgeries.

How to maintain a snow blower?

A gas-powered snow blower needs regular maintenance. You must check it before and after usage. With proper maintenance, you have the assurance that your equipment will last longer and keep efficiency at the desired level.

Should you prefer more expensive snow blowers?

Snow blowers come at various prices. However, you must keep in mind that the price of the snow blower is not the basis for its quality and performance. Some products are expensive, but they can offer you with excellent efficiency. There are  more affordable models that can provide you with satisfying quality and usability. Get one that suits your standards and budget.


To sum it up, our top pick for the best two-stage snow blower is the Troy Bilt Storm 2625 Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower. It will help you to get the job done faster and efficiently. It comes with great durability and is built to last. With this 243cc electric start OHV engine, you can easily remove snow from your property. It is among the highest quality gas snow blowers in the market. This 26 inch two-stage gas snow blower can be your essential tool for removing heavy wet snow.

With the help of our top list of snow blowers, we are hopeful you were able to pick your most favorite. Each product on the list comes with its specific advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which one is right for you.

There are lots of two-stage snow blowers, so make sure to get the right one for you. Consider going through the buying guide mentioned above to get the best snow blowers that can offer you maximum performance. Meanwhile, it is also important to consider your safety when it comes to removing snow from your property. Always wear ear and eye protection, together with quality working gloves for excellent control and grip.

Do you want to keep your home from snow buildup? What are you waiting for? Get the best two-stage blower now!   

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