The tactical firearm that has the ability to make a big impact on any battlefield is the Airsoft SAW. It can be used by law enforcement and military personnel, but many people are interested in taking up airsoft for recreational purposes with friends. This article will explore some of the best guns available today as well as what features you should look out for in your gun purchase!

The “best airsoft guns for beginners 2022” is a comprehensive guide written for beginner Airsoft players. It covers the best AEGs, spring rifles, and gas powered pistols in 2018.

Best Airsoft SAW: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners 2022

Any airsoft combat requires the use of a SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon). Finding an excellent airsoft SAW is one of the finest ways to improve your airsoft gaming experience.

In this post, we’ll go through 5 of the best airsoft SAWs and provide you a shopping guide to help you get started.

Let’s get going!


In a rush? Here are some of our favorites…

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1. GFSMG Airsoft Submachine Gun by GameFace

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GameFace’s GFSMG Airsoft Submachine Gun is an electric airsoft SAW. A drum magazine is included in the design, giving you a more realistic feel.

When you look at the design, it looks a lot like the SAWs used in Vietnam. The drum magazine is plainly visible.

You should be cautious while considering purchasing this SAW. It is not possible to convert the drum magazine to a straight magazine. Look for another choice if holding it may cause you troubles.

This is one of the options to consider if you’re looking for a timeless style. It’s a little gun, weighing just over 3 pounds. This makes it simple to transport and utilize in confined locations.

It takes an 8.4-volt battery since it’s an airsoft SAW. You have the option of going full-auto or semi-auto. These choices give you the feeling of firing a genuine machine gun.

There are around 800 rounds in the magazine. This is a large number when compared to other SAWs. If you shoot at full-auto, though, you’ll go through them quickly.

This simulated weapon has a maximum rate of fire of 300 rounds per minute. This implies that depending on how you fire, you may go through 800 rounds in around 5 minutes.

What We Enjoy:

  • It includes a shock-absorbing end cap to decrease both recoils and wear.
  • Up to 320 frames per second
  • Can fire 300 shots per minute.
  • High-capacity publication (800 rounds)
  • Full-auto and semi-automatic shooting modes are available.

What We Don’t Care For:

  • A straight mag cannot be swapped for a drum mag.

2. Electric-powered Soft Air Thompson 1928 Airsoft Gun

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This Air Thompson Airsoft Gun is a high-quality, accurate reproduction of a 1928 military weapon.

This airsoft rifle is constructed of heavy-duty polymer and metal elements, giving it an Ultra-realistic feel and weighing just over ten pounds. It’s a heavy alternative, and it may not be the greatest airsoft gun to carry around for an hour-long airsoft game, but it’s a fantastic choice for the history buff who wants to get as near to the actual thing as possible.

The Soft Air Thompson is a strong electric SAW that fires at a rate of 400 to 450 FPS and is powered by a 9.6v NiMH battery. This airsoft pistol can fire semi-automatic or full-automatic and can contain up to 450 rounds of 6 mm ammunition.

While this is an excellent airsoft SAW in general, it is advised that you use the best BBs you can get, since some users have reported that cheap BBs get caught or don’t feed as smoothly.

What We Enjoy:

  • Construction is stunning.
  • Made from durable materials (polymer and metals)
  • It weighs little over 10 pounds, which is about the same as the actual pistol.
  • Ultra-realistic
  • Shoots @ 400-450 frames per second.
  • 450 rounds of 6mm ammunition may be stored.
  • A 9.6v rechargeable battery provides a powerful electric alternative.

What We Don’t Care For:

  • Cheap BBs may not feed as smoothly through the drum. To eliminate possible sticking, we suggest purchasing a high-quality alternative.

3. Airsoft Rifle Gun LT-15T M4 SD Metal Gear

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The LT-15T M4 SD Airsoft Rifle Gun is a rapid, dependable solution for the serious airsoft player, with a velocity of 360-400 FPS. It has a capacity of 300 rounds and 1000 0.20 gram rounds included.

This airsoft rifle, which weighs just over 4 pounds and is built of robust polymer and metal elements, has a pretty realistic appearance and feel. The front and rear sights are both adjustable, and the rifle may be fired in semi-automatic or full-automatic mode.

It works smoothly and is surprisingly precise, even across great distances. This airsoft pistol is equipped with a strong electric, rechargeable battery that allows players to play for hours without stopping.

What We Enjoy:

  • Good quality; composed of long-lasting polymer and metal materials
  • Colored sand/tan. Ideal for fitting into a natural setting.
  • 360-400 frames per second
  • It can hold 300 rounds of 6mm ammunition.
  • Both the front and rear sights may be adjusted.
  • It works well.
  • Long-lasting battery with high capacity
  • Feeling realistic, but not too hefty

What We Don’t Care For:

  • It lacks the authenticity of some of the other selections on our list.

4. FN Scar-L Airsoft Rifle (Spring Powered)


FN Scar-L Spring Airsoft Rifle, Tan, 400 FPS, SOFT AIR USA

  • Spring with high velocity: 300 FPS with 6 mm ammo
  • Getting ready to play: In a single shot, it fires 6 millimeter ammunition. 100 starting BBs are included.
  • For a genuine feel, the replica is made of high-strength ABS polymer. 4 pound weight
  • Loading is simple: the magazine carries 50 rounds.
  • Flip-up front and rear sights, as well as a folding/collapsible stock

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The FN Scar-L Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle fires at a rate of 300 FPS, making it a weapon not to be overlooked. It has excellent accuracy and fires quickly, making it ideal for long-range shooting.

It boasts several decent features for a low-cost airsoft pistol, such as an adjustable and folding buttstock and a hopper that carries 300 BBs.

The sight isn’t adjustable, and many customers have claimed that removing the magazine invariably results in two or three BBs dropping to the ground, which is a waste of time and frustration. It also has a plastic feel to it, making it an unsuitable choice for anyone seeking a realistic airsoft pistol.

This is a wonderful option for someone seeking for a low-cost item with high quality. You can’t go wrong with this airsoft SAW for the price.

What We Enjoy:

  • Budget-friendly purchase
  • For the price, the quality is rather nice.
  • The buttstock is adjustable and collapsible, which is a handy feature.
  • The hopper holds roughly 300 BBs.
  • FPS of 300
  • Good accuracy up to around 50 feet

What We Don’t Care For:

  • According to certain users, every time you remove the magazine, you lose three BBs.
  • Sight cannot be altered.
  • Plastic in general. It’s not ideal for individuals seeking realism, but it’s light enough to appeal to children (or players who just want a lightweight, cheap option)

5. Cybergun FN Licensed M249 para Featherweight Airsoft Machine Gun by Evike Airsoft


Cybergun FN Licensed M249 para Featherweight Airsoft Machine Gun by Evike Airsoft (Model: Standard)

  • No battery is provided.
  • FN Herstal has granted full permission. Support licensed merchandise. Your contribution directly supports the creator.
  • Heavy-duty construction with a small weight for battle mobility and endurance! Handguard, top cover, stock, and bipod are all made of fiber-reinforced nylon polymer.
  • Easy tune-up, repair, and upgrade with a quick change spring, lipoly ready internals, and Marui M4 system compatibility.
  • Precision adjustment is provided via the rotary dial hopup.

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The Cybergun Featherweight Airsoft Machine Gun is a force to be reckoned with, brought to you by Evike, one of the most well-known airsoft brands in the United States.

If you want to pack a punch on the field, this lightweight airsoft machine gun is the weapons to acquire. In comparison to other heavy-duty airsoft machine guns, the Cybergun weighs just 8 pounds, saving you at least half the weight of full-metal alternatives.

This machine gun makes up for its weight loss in durability. The receiver and chassis are constructed of long-lasting fiber-reinforced nylon to ensure that this pistol lasts as long as you do!

What We Enjoy:

  • For what this airsoft pistol is and can accomplish, it is quite light.
  • Durable nylon fiber-reinforced materials are used.
  • It’s half the weight of similar airsoft weapons.
  • From a respected manufacturer

What We Don’t Care For:

  • It does not have the battery, but it does include the bipod.

Airsoft SAW Training

We’ll go over things to look for while searching for the Best Airsoft SAW in the following sections.

Consider the first-person shooter.

FPS refers to the rate at which an airsoft SAW can fire a pellet. The greater the FPS, the better, since a sniper rifle with a high PFS will fire more accurately. However, if you’re into CQB, a high FPS may not be a good thing since being tagged at close range by a sniper rifle or other high-FPS weapon isn’t exactly enjoyable.

Remember to Consider Your Weight

The weight of an airsoft SAW must be considered. Although it may seem awesome to rush about with a ferocious M60 or RPK, the weight of these monster weapons is just too much for most airsoft players.

More power to you if you’re built like a middle linebacker and have the strength to lug one of these nasty boys about with you. However, you’ll almost certainly be better off choosing a versatile lightweight model.

Our airsoft SAW purchasing guide and in-depth evaluations will undoubtedly assist you in making a decision. Consider these suggestions and explore the rest of our website’s resources to select the best airsoft SAW for you now!

Decide on a weapon type.

There are hundreds of various varieties of airsoft SAWs, ranging from M16s and MP5s to G36s and P90s, that are designed to look and fire just like the real thing. After you’ve determined your budget and the kind of shooting activities you want to participate in, as well as the position you’ll play in your team if you want to compete, you’ll need to pick the precise sort of gun you want in your arsenal. There is no right or wrong answer here; it all relies on your requirements, likes, and desires from your airsoft SAW.

Types of Weapons

Electrified (AEG)

They are battery-operated and generally have semi- and full-auto modes. An electric motor drives the firing mechanism by turning a gear in a gearbox. When the battery is completely charged, auto mode AEGs will continue to fire BBs for as long as you hold down the trigger.

When you squeeze the trigger in semi-auto mode, the gun shoots one shot. It is not necessary to cock. The majority of airsoft guns are AEGs. Airsoft weapons with a complete metal gearbox are referred to as these. LPEGS stands for low-powered electric weapons that employ plastic gears.


Green gas and CO2 are the most preferred gas for airsoft SAWs. The pressurized propane gas used in the shotgun is known as green gas. Each shot is propelled by a burst of gas produced when you squeeze the trigger. The majority of green gas vehicles are semi-auto only, however a handful are available in both full and semi-auto configurations.

CO2 airsoft SAWs work in a similar way, except they utilize compressed CO2 cartridges instead. Most high-end gas airsoft SAWs include a feature called blowback.

When the gun is shot, the slide goes back and forth, much like a genuine semi-automatic airsoft SAW. The blowback function provides a modest bit of recoil to these airsoft weapons, making them more realistic.


They are manually cocked and fired one at a time. They only have a few moving components, making them very sturdy and trustworthy. Because the downside has a sluggish rate of fire, you must make every shot count.

Because these weapons are usually the cheapest, most airsoft players start with them. Many high-capacity airsoft SAWs are spring-powered as well. They’re controlled by a bolt action lever that charges the spring while loading the next BB.

Using 0.20g BBs, they may reach 450 FPS or above. To ensure accuracy at high speeds, heavier BBs are normally suggested.

HPA Airsoft Guns

This is the fourth and the most powerful airsoft gun on the list. In these Types of Weapons, you have an Air container on your back as those scuba divers have, and pipe from container goes into the gun. Pressurized air from the container causes very high-speed pellets to emit.

One of the most intriguing features of these firearms is the ability to alter FPS (frames per second), Trigger Response, and a variety of other parameters. These categories distinguish these weapons from others. They are unsuitable for novices since they are expensive and need a lot of upkeep.

What to Look for in an Airsoft SAW

There are two methods for selecting and purchasing an airsoft SAW.

1. Purchase anything from a store.

2. Online Purchase

It will be preferable if you go to a shop and find a gun yourself if you like doing your own thing. In this situation, you’ll put the pistol to the test by holding it in your hands and feeling how it feels. If you are unfamiliar with the shops, You may use Amazon to locate stores in your area.

Another option is to purchase a firearm online. You may look at hundreds of goods online, check specifications, and read reviews before deciding to purchase an Airsoft Gun. You may purchase Airsoft guns from certain internet retailers.

A Good Airsoft SAW in the Normal Price Range

You can get an excellent electric airsoft gun for $50 if you want to purchase one.

A rifle, on the other hand, should not cost more than $150-200.

Specifications to Look for in an Airsoft SAW:


You’re shooting a gun, and if your grip isn’t comfortable, you won’t perform effectively. Consider this a crucial component since it affects your game performance.

Gun’s Length

The pistol you purchase should be adjustable in length. As a result, you make adjustments to improve your grip.

Hop UP

They are one of the extras used to extend the gun’s range. Make sure you choose a gun with a hop-up that can be adjusted.

Material and Weight of the Gun

When purchasing an airsoft gun, consider the material. If the gun’s substance is poor grade plastic, don’t go for it.

Beginners should start with a polymer-based gun. You may choose the weight of firearms that you feel convenient to carry.


Another feature that many people look for in a rifle is whether it accepts M4/M16 magazines. Because these magazines are ubiquitous and everyone on the Airsoft field uses them, you may seek for them as well, although this is a small consideration.

Best Airsoft SAW 2 Brands


Heckler & Koch GmbH is a defense manufacturing company based in Germany. It manufactures grenade launchers, submachine guns, handguns, and rifles. The company has subsidiaries in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, although it is located in Oberndorf, Germany.


This firm is in charge of producing a variety of airsoft firearms, including airsoft SAWs. Evike is recognized for providing its customers with the best possible experience.

They have pledged to be the most recognized and successful corporation in America in order to realize their mission. Due to their hard work, desire to invest back into the business, vision, honesty, passion for excellence, and loyalty to its clients, Evike is the market leader in paintball and airsoft smoke grenades.

The firm has been the world’s top creator, inventor, leading distributor, and most trusted brand of airsoft equipment for over 10 years. In the commercial, training, and sports industries, they are also the sole producer, service center, and representative of many of the leading airsoft brands.

A personal touch, safety, innovation, and a passion for excellence in customer service are at the heart of Evike.

SAW FAQs for Airsoft

Should Kids Play With Airsoft SAW Guns?

A: Your children will be racing around the field while playing airsoft games, which is a terrific method to increase their stamina and physical strength. These games also encourage students to utilize their heads while devising tactics to overcome their opponents. In terms of the weapons themselves, certain SAWs may be too hefty for children to carry.

Q: What does it mean to be totally automated?

When the trigger is pushed and held, the gun will continue to fire until the trigger is released.

What does it mean to be semi-auto?

A: Semi-autonomous. The gun is only fired once when the trigger is pulled.

What do the numbers on the BBs mean?

A: The values in grams represent the weight of the BBs. It has an impact on the trajectory and the amount of energy required to fire the BBs out of the barrel.

Each product’s manufacturing is determined by the specified BB weight.

What is a Hi-Cap magazine, exactly?

A normal magazine may carry between 10 and 30 BBs. Hi-cap magazines, or high-capacity magazines, carry 100 to 600 rounds of BBs.

These magazines generally feature a wheel at the bottom to manually pull the BBs up into the “ready” tube. BBs in the ready tube are sucked into the gun when it is fired. To shoot BBs, the user must sometimes spin the wheel, causing the BBs within to bounce about, causing the Hi-cap to create additional noise.

Because regular magazines carry considerably less and make no noise, you may only require 2 or 3 BBs throughout a game. For airsoft players who don’t enjoy reloading, high-cap magazines are a better option.

SAW Wrap-Up in Airsoft

We propose the GameFace GFSMG as your first choice from the list of the top airsoft SAWs above. For starters, it comes with an 800-round high-capacity magazine. Second, it has a maximum rate of fire of 300 rounds per minute.

The FN Scar-L Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle is the ideal alternative if you’re on a budget. Despite its inexpensive cost, it works well.

All of the firearms on our list would make excellent airsoft weapons for both beginners and experienced players.

The “new airsoft guns 2022” is a comprehensive guide for beginners. The article includes everything from the best airsoft rifles to the best airsoft shotguns.

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