The future of airsoft is a question that excites gun enthusiasts and manufacturers alike. The rapid development in technology has created new opportunities for both players and manufacturers, creating exciting gear to immerse you into the game more than ever before.

The “airsoft shotgun review” is a blog post that reviews the best airsoft shotguns for accuracy and realism. The article also includes a list of the top 10 airsoft guns to own in 2022.

Finding the greatest airsoft shotgun that is accurate, realistic, and fits within your budget might be difficult. Fortunately, we’ll go through five of the best airsoft shotguns in this post and provide you with an useful shopping guide to get you started.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

In a rush? Here are some of our favorites…

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Best-Airsoft-Shotgun-for-Accuracy-and-Realism-2022-Own-The P1799 Spring Power Airsoft Gun, High Velocity 400 FPS Sawed Off Pump Shotgun   SEARCH ON AMAZON
Top1647025999_836_Best-Airsoft-Shotgun-for-Accuracy-and-Realism-2022-Own-The Airsoft Gun 350-fps Double Eagles m58b Metal Tactical Shotgun (Airsoft Gun)   SEARCH ON AMAZON
1647026000_582_Best-Airsoft-Shotgun-for-Accuracy-and-Realism-2022-Own-The Pump Action Spring Shotgun Airsoft M500 Tactical Full Stock   SEARCH ON AMAZON

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1. DE M58A


Full Stock Evike DE M58A M500 Tactical Heavy Weight Airsoft Pump Shotgun

  • This is not a listing for a single Airsoft component. There are no components intended for use in actual firearms. Unless otherwise noted, batteries, scopes, and other accessories are not included. Please carefully read the bullet points and description below. The required blazing orange muzzle tip is already attached. Certain assembly may be necessary, particularly on bespoke models and some bigger Airsoft weapons.
  • M500 Airsoft shotgun, realistic 1:1 scale
  • Ideal for use in training/simulation, as a film prop, or plinking.
  • Hop-up is adjustable.
  • Magazine and speed loader are included.

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The DE M58A offers a complete tactical appearance at an absurdly cheap price. Double Eagle has managed to put a pistol on the market for such a cheap price without sacrificing any of the high-quality features for which they are recognized.

This Pump-Action shotgun has all-metal internals that almost guarantees that you won’t experience technical difficulties or jams. It also comes with a fully Hop-up is adjustable. so you can make this gun whatever you want it to be.

It has a speed of 380 feet per second. Double Eagle also ensures that you have the kind of power that may make the difference between winning and losing your next match.

Regardless of your airsoft experience, this is an excellent pick. The M500 is popular among both experienced and novice players.

What we liked:

  • For a high-quality shotgun, it’s really inexpensive (Best Bang for the Buck)
  • Speedloader is included (quicker reload)
  • Great FPS and Reliability

We didn’t care for:

  • Magazine capacity is limited.
  • Only one shot is supported.

2. AGM M500

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The 4 x 30 round magazines make sure that you will not waste any time hiding to reload when you’re in the middle of a heated match. The fully Hop-up is adjustable. and 350 FPS (although some users indicate they’ve seen it go up to 390 FPS) capabilities make this a bargain buy for a gun that will get the job done in the middle of a competition.

The simple pump motion has an extraordinary degree of precision, allowing you to compete well in a competition without needing to spend a substantial lot to produce one round every pump.

Aside from the features listed above, the M500 has an external shell holder that fits nicely into the stock. This frees up space in your equipment belt. It is a lightweight but very robust shotgun, making it a good option regardless of your level of skill.

What we liked:

  • Affordably priced option
  • Good frame rate
  • Pump action is simple to operate.

We didn’t care for:

  • Quite popular – (sometimes you may need to search multiple stores to find it in stock)
  • Only one shot is supported.

3. UTG Sport M4/90 Combat Shotgun with Multi-Burst


Airsoft Multi-Burst M4/90 Combat Shotgun by UTG Sport

  • Triple the fun by firing three BBs at once with incredible power and pinpoint accuracy.
  • Ghost Ring Sight with Windage/Elevation Adjustment for Rapid Aiming in CQB/Combat Applications
  • Twistable Telescopic Stock, Low Profile Tactical Rail, Front/Rear Sights, and Pistol Grip are all included.
  • To carry out critical missions or airsoft skirmishes, pump and fire full power combat loads.
  • Muscle Spring Action with Most Dominant Force, High-quality Polymer Construction with Matte Black Non-glare Finish

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This battle airsoft shotgun can fire three BBs at the same time with excellent power and precision. There’s an adjustable elevation/windage ghost ring sight for rapid targeting in CQB/combat situations. There’s a twistable loaded telescopic stock. Low-profile airsoft shotgun handle, front/rear sights, and tactical rail.

Users may also pump and shoot whole combat loads to carry out serious missions or airsoft fights. The pistol is designed with a high-quality polymer structure and a matte black non-glare finish.

This M4/90 comes with a huge 10-round, 30-capacity magazine/cartridge, but be warned: you’ll go through it rapidly.

What we liked:

  • Triple the fun by firing three BBs at once with pinpoint accuracy and massive power.
  • Adjustable Elevation/Windage Ghost Ring Sight for Rapid Aiming in Combat/CQB Situations
  • Shotgun Grip for Airsoft, low-profile tactical rail, front/rear sights, and a twistable telescopic stock are all included.
  • Pump and Fire Airsoft Skirmish or Critical Missions need full-power combat loads.
  • Matte Black Non-glare Finish with High-quality Polymer Construction, Muscle Spring Action with Most Dominant Force

We didn’t care for:

4. Double Eagle M58B 350-FPS Metal Tactical Airsoft Shotgun

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This is a fantastic rifle for the money and an excellent sidearm for close-quarter fighting. The Double Eagle M58B, spring-loaded and pumpable, delivers a punch. It has a muzzle velocity of 340 to 400 feet per second. The hop-up can be adjusted for accuracy, so with little practice, you’ll be able to get a nice shot out of this airsoft pistol.

It’s remarkably long-lasting and has a decent range. One of the downsides is that the shotgun’s magazine capacity is just approximately 14 shots, thus it has to be reloaded regularly. Back sling swivels, a complete stock, and a replica heat shield are among the things you may anticipate.

What we liked:

  • Quality construction with a lot of bang for your budget.
  • A velocity of up to 400fps may be achieved using 0.12g BBs.
  • At 1:1 scale, this is a good sidearm.

We didn’t care for:

  • Small magazine size, so you’ll probably need a backup.
  • A sling is useful, even if it isn’t of the best quality.

5. 400 fps BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun

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The BBTac Shotgun is a reliable pump action weapon capable of 375-400 FPS. The appearance is really realistic, and it’s made largely of metal alloy and durable ABS plastic.

As a result, it has a substantial weight to it. They come with a free speed loader and a free spring. It can hold 14 rounds in its magazine.

It has a very nice Shotgun Grip for Airsoft and it doesn’t take too much to cock it back either, even though it has a high FPS. Accuracy can easily be improved with an Hop-up is adjustable..

What we liked:

  • Good gun weight with sturdy construction.
  • Very effective and precise.
  • The whole gun frame is made of metal.
  • Damage and increased accuracy may be achieved using 0.25g BBs.

We didn’t care for:

  • Because the magazine capacity is 14 rounds, having a spare or extra would be advantageous.
  • A new BB speed loader would be beneficial.

Airsoft Shotgun Training

If you’re new to airsoft, it might be confusing to figure out which product is best for you. The following sections will assist you in determining which airsoft shotgun is right for you.

Types of Weapons


They are manually cocked and fired one at a time. They only have a few moving components, making them very sturdy and trustworthy. Because the downside has a sluggish rate of fire, you must make every shot count.

Because these weapons are usually the cheapest, most airsoft players start with them. Many high-capacity airsoft shotguns are spring-loaded. They’re controlled by a bolt action lever that charges the spring while loading the next BB.

Using 0.20g BBs, they may reach 450 FPS or above. To ensure accuracy at high speeds, heavier BBs are normally suggested.

Electrified (AEG)

They are battery-operated and generally have semi- and full-auto modes. An electric motor drives the firing mechanism by turning a gear in a gearbox. When the battery is completely charged, auto mode AEGs will continue to fire BBs for as long as you hold down the trigger.

When you squeeze the trigger in semi-auto mode, the gun shoots one shot. It is not necessary to cock. The majority of airsoft guns are AEGs. Airsoft weapons with a complete metal gearbox are referred to as these. LPEGS stands for low-powered electric weapons that employ plastic gears.


Green gas and CO2 are the most common gases used in airsoft firearms. The pressurized propane gas used in the shotgun is known as green gas. Each shot is propelled by a burst of gas produced when you squeeze the trigger. The majority of green gas vehicles are semi-auto only, however a handful are available in both full and semi-auto configurations.

CO2 airsoft shotguns work in a similar way, except they utilize compressed CO2 cartridges instead. Most high-end gas airsoft shotguns include a characteristic called blowback.

When the gun is discharged, the slide goes back and forth, much like a genuine semi-automatic airsoft shotgun. The blowback function provides a modest bit of recoil to these airsoft weapons, making them more realistic.

Terms to Understand


It’s a firearm that shoots 6mm plastic BBs. It’s also known as “soft air” weapons. The majority of airsoft shotguns are designed to resemble actual weapons and are often used for training purposes. Airsoft games may be found all around the globe, and the activity is growing in popularity.


Airsoft guns employ BBs, which are normally 6 mm in diameter. They are graded by weight and available in various different grades. Each 0.12g BB weighs 0.12g, 0.20g BBs weigh 0.20g, and so on. Heavyer BBs are employed in more powerful firearms.

Blow Back

Many airsoft shotguns have this functionality. It assures that anytime you discharge a shot, the slide will return. The goal is to create realism by enabling you to experience a “kick” akin to that of a real shotgun.

Hi-Cap (High Capacity) Magazine

It’s a sort of airsoft pistol magazine that can contain a lot of BBs. More BBs are forced into the airsoft shotgun’s firing mechanism by turning a little wheel at the bottom of the magazine.

It enables the user to carry a large number of rounds while just carrying a few magazines. The downside is that after 30-70 rounds, the magazine must be wound up.


It’s a term for “Close Quarters Battle.” This is a form of conflict in which the participants fight at close quarters. It is performed in airsoft using airsoft shotguns designed for close quarter airsoft games. They feature a rapid rate of fire and are shorter in length to allow for more mobility. Most CQB fields have a 350 FPS restriction with 0.20g BBs, so bear that in mind if you intend on playing CQB.

Gear Box

A series of gears linked to an electric airsoft gun’s motor transmits the rotational energy generated by the motor to the spring mechanism that shoots the BBs. It’s an essential component of any AEG; the better the gearbox, the better the gun.


Most airsoft guns include a function that enables the user to control the backspin applied to the BB as it leaves the weapon. Backspin makes the BBs fly straighter and further.


The velocity at which BBs escape the cannon is measured in feet per second. The FPS stands for the firing rate of airsoft shotguns. The more energy the BB has when it departs the barrel, the higher the FPS.

FPS is measured with a 0.20gBBs. It makes it easier to compare the FPS of different Types of Weapons. Heavier BBs lower the FPS but tend to increase accuracy.

Shotgun Grip for Airsoft

Any gun with an airsoft shotgun-style grip qualifies.


It’s a shotgun-style airsoft gun with a handgrip that’s pushed back and forth to load the spring and get the gun ready to fire. Before each shot, it must be pumped.


This acronym stands for Rail Integration System. Airsoft shotguns with R.I.S will have a system of rails attached on the front of the gun. They enable you to personalize your airsoft rifle with a range of various attachments. Sights, scopes, lasers, grenade launchers, and customized grips are among them.

What Gun Is Right For You?

Personal preference should be considered while making decisions. Because most weapons are fundamentally fairly similar, you should choose one that looks nice and fulfills the reason for which you’re purchasing it. There are several shotguns available, each with a distinct degree of quality and elegance.


Both price and quality should be considered. If you are new to airsoft, it may not be prudent to get the most costly shotgun.

Some are rather costly, and if you discover that airsoft is not for you, you will almost certainly be dissatisfied with your investment. You also don’t want to get the cheapest item available.

Intermediate Competitors

If you’ve played airsoft a few times and possess one or two airsoft guns, you’re definitely thinking about upgrading to a more powerful weapon. Look for characteristics such a large magazine capacity and an FPS rating of 300 or more.

You should also consider purchasing a second or third magazine. When it comes to rifles, you’ll want one with a metal gearbox and an AEG. We suggest obtaining a non-blowback green gas airsoft shotgun if you’re thinking about acquiring one. It shoots powerfully and is reasonably priced!

Professional Players

Those who have been playing for a long have enough experience to know what characteristics they want and what sort of shotgun they want. If you’re having trouble locating what you’re looking for on the internet, follow the steps outlined above.

The Top 3 Airsoft Shotgun Manufacturers


The firm in charge of producing the Double Eagle M58A and M58B is this one. Evike is recognized for providing its customers with the best possible experience.

They have pledged to be the most recognized and successful corporation in America in order to realize their mission. Due to their hard work, desire to invest back into the business, vision, honesty, passion for excellence, and loyalty to its clients, Evike is the market leader in paintball and airsoft smoke grenades.

The firm has been the world’s top creator, inventor, leading distributor, and most trusted brand of airsoft equipment for over 10 years. In the commercial, training, and sports industries, they are also the sole producer, service center, and representative of many of the leading airsoft brands.

A personal touch, safety, innovation, and a passion for excellence in customer service are at the heart of Evike.

The organization works with a global network of key partners. South America, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and the United States are all represented. They boast the biggest showroom, airsoft conference, warehouse, high-end airsoft distribution network, and employees in the industry.

Leapers (UTG)

Leapers Inc., based in Michigan, is responsible for the production of UTG airsoft shotguns. Since 1992, it has been offering outdoor, hunting, and shooting equipment.

In all of their commercial activities, they have established exceedingly high standards. The company’s purpose is to give a complete solution for all of its goods.

Leapers pay careful attention to client feedback and industry developments with this in mind. They also concentrate on developing the greatest specialty items for outdoor, shooting, and hunting lovers.

They took the vital choice to start their “Made-in-the-USA” manufacturing business in 2009. They began developing innovative polymer stocks and mounting solutions with a complete dedication to service more customers in the market utilizing 922R compliance items. This is done in Michigan under the UTG PRO brand.

Leapers Inc. was able to complete its expansion into a 40,000 square foot building in 14 days in 2011 with tremendous drive and joy. They have promised to stick to their aim for American-made goods. They also promise to provide their consumers with the best value and quality items at the most competitive prices in the industry.


It offers some of the best airsoft equipment and BBs available on the market. As a result, BBTac excels in producing airsoft shotguns. They continue to innovate and bring in high-quality items.

BBTac is a process-driven, market-driven company that provides and develops cutting-edge solutions and products for its clients. They constantly exceed their counterparts because of this.

FAQs about Airsoft Shotguns

What do GBB and EBB stand for?

A: When air is forced and expanded to propel the bullet forward while the bolt is pulled back due to triggering. The empty cartridge is discharged as the bolt moves to the rear. The compressed action springs and pushes the bolt back to its original place.

GBB: To imitate the blowback effect, use compressed gas.

EBB: To replicate the blowback effect, use electricity.

Q: What does it mean to be totally automated?

When the trigger is pushed and held, the gun will continue to fire until the trigger is released.

What does it mean to be semi-auto?

A: Semi-autonomous. The gun is only fired once when the trigger is pulled.

What do the numbers on the BBs mean?

A: The values in grams represent the weight of the BBs. It has an impact on the trajectory and the amount of energy required to fire the BBs out of the barrel.

Each product’s manufacturing is determined by the specified BB weight.

What is a Hi-Cap magazine, exactly?

A normal magazine may carry between 10 and 30 BBs. Hi-cap magazines, or high-capacity magazines, carry 100 to 600 rounds of BBs.

These magazines generally feature a wheel at the bottom to manually pull the BBs up into the “ready” tube. BBs in the ready tube are sucked into the gun when it is fired. To shoot BBs, the user must sometimes spin the wheel, causing the BBs within to bounce about, causing the Hi-cap to create additional noise. Because regular magazines carry considerably less and make no noise, you may only require 2 or 3 BBs throughout a game. For airsoft players who don’t enjoy reloading, high-cap magazines are a better option.

What do “EBB”/”AEG”/”GBB”/”AEP” mean, for example?

  • Electric Blowback Guns (EBB)
  • Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) (Electric Powered Airsoft Guns)
  • Gas Blowback Guns (GBB)
  • Shotguns with AEP (Automatic Electric Power)
  • Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR)
  • Shotgun with universal self-loading capability (USP).
  • Submachine Guns (SMG)
  • SPG stands for spring-powered gun or air-cocking gun.
  • Light Machine Guns (LMG)
  • ACP stands for Automatic Colt Airsoft.

Remarks: Among full automatic AEGs, safety/single semi-automatic actions are generally changed.

What exactly is free-float?

A: Free-float (or for short “floating”) hang guards are designed to avoid making touch with your rifle’s barrel. They connect directly to a barrel where they are secured to the upper, enabling the handguard to “float” or “hover” over your barrel.

The less likely your barrel’s angle is to be significantly adjusted, the less likely your handguard will come into contact with the barrel. Bending, also known as warping, is what causes your accuracy to degrade.

Free float handguards, on the other hand, do not have this problem due to their floating nature. Minutes of Angle (MOA) in the range of 5-75 are known to improve accuracy.

Wrap-Up on Airsoft Shotguns

Choosing the best airsoft shotgun should be simple. All you need is a guide to show you how to choose one that meets your requirements. Use the information in the above guide to learn all you need to know about airsoft shotguns. It covers all you need to know about shotguns and airsoft.

If you’re a novice, the Double Eagle M58A is the best option. It’s a solid shotgun with a high FPS. It is also quite economical, making it an excellent choice for someone who is trying out an airsoft shotgun for the first time. The presence of a speedloader for rapid reloads is a benefit.

If the M58 A does not work for you, the other option would be the AGM M500. It has an Pump action is simple to operate. which is great for beginners. It is also an affordable option if you are working with a low budget. Lastly, it has a Good frame rate. Unfortunately, it only supports single shots.

The UTG M4/90 shotgun is recommended for more experienced airsoft players. It can fire three BBs at once. The gun’s dominating power and high FPS are due to muscle spring action. The adoption of an elevation and windage adjustable ghost ring sight ensures rapid aiming in close-quarter conflicts. It also has a front/rear sight and a twistable telescopic stock.

All of the goods listed above are useful depending on your needs. Before you make a selection, consider the qualities of each.

We conducted extensive research to guarantee that you get the finest airsoft shotgun available. You may use it to choose one of the possibilities or to assist you in finding the best alternative.

The “airsoft shotgun” is a type of firearm that is used for the sport of Airsoft. This article will cover what to look for when purchasing an airsoft shotgun.

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