Ariens snow blowers have been in the market since the 1960’s and have earned their reputation . They offer a wide range of models to meet different needs from small yard clearance to commercial business support. Moreover, the integrated traction system of some models make the job so much easier.


The Ariens Company was born in 1933 in Brillion, Wisconsin when the founder built his first rototiller in his garage. The company was recognized in 1945 for its helpful products and their support of World War II with their mobile mortar cases. They entered into the garden market with a riding lawn mower and it was when it took off. In 1960 they introduced their first snow blower and since then they pride in their family name with a local museum dedicated to show how machinery helped shape the American landscape and also participate in STEM programs to help expose students to the science of the working world.


Ariens Deluxe Two-Stage Snow Blowers

As you have seen, Ariens name has become a lasting product in many households since 1960. The company has earned its reputation and has worked during years with consumers to meet the needs of property owners all over North America. On top of this, they also offer an interactive snow blower selector to help you check their many models and be sure you get the best product for your personal needs and preferences, and they also offer an excellent customer support.


All the snow blowers by Ariens come with a 2 to 3 year warranty depending on the model (commercial use has specific limitations) to protect against defects in material and workmanship. . Authorized dealers repair or replace the parts in question free of charge within the time limits given. Extensions to certain parts are also offered for extra cost.


Ariens offers 25 models in 9 different series of blowers both in single and dual stage, so the snow blower selector and their comparison tables can help you find what you are looking for with little effort, and their top-rated customer support service will be ready to help you and answer the questions you may have. Now I will show the series this company offers from the most compact single-stage blowers to the most powerful machines.


Ariens Professional SSR 21 inch Single Stage Snow Blower is offered in two models. It’s a powerful single-stage tool in a compact body that comes with a smart lift system to aid you in loading and unloading without fatigue. The durable steel housing ensure a long life and the spring loaded scraper bar will get the job done. You can choose between a manual or remote chute.


Ariens Path-Pro Single Stage Snow Blowers

The four different models from this series are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Moreover, they are durable and powerful and are made for homeowner use and are able to clear up to 8 inches of snow. Electric starts and optional remote chutes make your job easier, and they include an easy maintenance hatch to ensure you keep your machine running smoothly.


Ariens Classic 24 in. 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower-920025. The Classic comes in only one design that provides compact durability. With a big 24 inch clearing width, it’s made to provide one handed operation of the serrated steel auger which sides in throwing snow up to 40 feet away. The electric start makes it easy to start and the remote chute can rotate 205 degrees. The steel body construction and top loaded aluminum gear case provides protection and accessibility.


Ariens Compact Two-Stage Snow Blowers

This series offers three models to provide dual-stage power in a compact tool. These models are made for durability at home and commercial use. The 12 inch impellers can move 59 tons an hour and the 15 inch tires ensure you move over the ground easily. The remote chute and cap rotation allows for getting snow out and up when needed, and the folding handlebars allow you to store the machine almost in any place.


Ariens Deluxe Two-Stage Snow Blowers

The five models of this series are considered beasts by the company because of their optimum efficiency and power. A 14 inch high serrated auger makes short work of packed snow and the auto-turn steering keeps the machine moving with ease. The impeller can clear 62-72 tons per hour and can throw it up to 50 feet depending on the model. There’s a dual belt drive within the steel housing to help keep the machine powered up, and when combined with an optional electric fuel injected engine, it makes this tool more efficient.


Ariens Platinum 24 SHO Snow Blower

The four models belonging to this series are considered the top end of residential machines, featuring from heated handgrips to auto turn steering technology. They’re capable of clearing from 73 to 83 tons of snow and throw it up to 55 feet depending on the model, and the 21 inch housing height will allow you to tear down drifts easily and quickly. Moreover, it’s built to last thanks to the cast iron gear case, steel frame and the super high output impeller for more longevity and efficiency.


Ariens Professional 28 Snow Blower

This series that features four models is the best to clear snow at home or as a professional. It can clear up to 102 tons of snow per hour and throw it up to 60 feet depending on the model. Plus, you can choose from a clearance width from 28 to 36 inches, some of the widest in the industry. They also come equipped with the EZ- launch system that only requires to turn of the key and one pull to start the machine. The dual belt drive also come in these models to keep you moving with less wear over time, and the steel frame and dash add durability.


This series features only one model that was built to clear areas that have steep drives. It keeps consistent traction in any surface, ensuring consistency and efficiency when clearing the snow. It features 6 different forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. The precise speed controls allow you to control the power of the tracks and don’t worry about slippage, which is an advantage when you are in a hill. The housing height is adjustable so the machine can move over variable surfaces without getting hung up.


The Rapid Track series is the answer to customer’s needs for more than the Track series offers. The variable settings depend on the surface you want to clear, but offers three different modes to for clearing, maneuverability or dig-in that can be switched while you are on the go. The two models of this series can move between 79 to 90 tons of snow per hour, and they also have a great durability. The 420 cc engine is a beast that provides enough power to move the quantity of snow previously mentioned.


As you have probably seen, this company offers a lot of different series of snow blowers with lots of features and details, even more than the described above. However, you need to know your own needs in order to buy the best suited for you. You should take into account how the climate is during the winter in the zone where you live, but the great part is that Arians most likely has you covered! Now let’s take a look of some of the tier best selling models:


  • Motor Size: 136cc -208cc
  • Clearance width/height:~ 21inch x 8 inch
  • Drive System: Auger driven
  • Warranty: 3 years +2 year extension

This single stage 4 model series is one of the best for residential use with powerful 136cc to 208cc engines and a clearing width of 21 inches to tackle moderate snowfalls quickly. They’re lightweight and easy to maneuver, and have a compact design to be stored well in narrow spaces. The chute can rotate 210 degrees and throw the snow up to 35 feet in any direction.


  • Handles heavy snow well
  • Lasts all season
  • Clears snow flush to the ground


  • Belt may need adjustment
  • Limited clearance


Specific to residential use, these are great models if you are looking for a dependable machine for quick snow removal. Made to tackle inclimate weather where small amounts of regular snowfall occur.


  • Motor Size: 233cc
  • Clearance width/height: 20/24 inches x 20 inch housing
  • Drive System: 8 gear
  • Warranty: 3 years +2 year extension

The three models from this series are compact and easy to handle, but are able to provide enough power for residential or commercial use thanks to their 223 cc motor, a choice between 15 inch threaded tires or a track system that keeps traction with the ground, and the remote chute and cap rotation to let you work one-handed. The 20 to 24 inch clearance width and the 20 inch high housing lets you tackle series snow quickly and efficiently.


  • Easy assembly
  • Great power
  • Good on uneven surface


  • Snow may stick- spray with lubricant


These machines are built to handle heavy snowfalls both at home and commercially. The compact size and folding handlebars lets them store with ease, and also helps with transport.


  • Motor Size: 254cc – 306cc
  • Clearance width/height: 24/30 inch x 21 inch housing
  • Drive System: 8 gear
  • Warranty: 3 years +2 year extension

The Deluxe series features a versatile and powerful model with a giant 21 inch housing to support up to 30 inch clearance width. Moreover, it’s made of steel and cast iron to be durable and the serrated augers, the auto-turn steering and the large 1 inch treaded tires keeps you moving in the worst conditions. The powerful 14 inch impeller can move from 62 to 71 tons of snow per hour up to 55 feet away. The optional electronic fuel injected engine can help you to save fuel and improve power.


  • Easy to start and runs good
  • Auto turn feature is excellent
  • Easy to assemble


  • Large amounts of heavy wet snow may stick
  • Need to get used to clutch


These are machines built for homeowners that need the extra power, or for commercial businesses who want a dependable product.


If you have explored the snow blowers made by other companies, I Hope this article has explained you what the Ariens Company offers and what their product claims are. This is a company that is worth considering when buying a quality and durable snow blower, but you will have to choose the best model depending on your needs. If you have any question about Ariens products or you would like to share your experience with one of their products, we would like to hear about that in the comments section, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

2018 Ariens Deluxe Series

Most 2 and 3-stage snow blowers use a 12 inch or smaller impeller and have relatively small discharge chutes. The Ariens Deluxe Series is different and offers a 14 inch impeller. Moreover, this series features an economical heavy-duty 2-stage snow blower with a large impeller and other components to give you a solid and durable snow blower, and if you have a thousand dollars or more to spend in a snow blower, then this series is for you.

The Deluxe series work very well in areas with moderate snowfall where snow is wet and yearly snow fall is 100 inches or less, just like Boston, West Virginia, Lake Erie shore, Muskegon, among others. This series is also suitable to work in places with lots of drifts like southern Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas and other Plains States. However, if you live in an area where yearly snow fall is more than 100 inches, you should use the Ariens Platinum or Professional series since these series feature a larger engine and high output impellers to move a lot of snow faster.

I like this series because all you have to do is steer the snow blower with the handles and there are neither triggers to pull nor extra cables to fray and little plastic levers to break.

A common question that I’ve received is: “What is better- Auto-Turn or the Trigger Style Power Steering?” and my answer is that that depends on what you need. If you have a long crowned driveway or need to clear across a longer sloped area, the trigger steering is best suited for that since it can continue in a straight line until you tell it to turn by pulling a trigger.

Auto-Turn works really well when you have a lot of maneuvering to do, like when you are clearing curved driveways, wide driveways and areas where you need to turn around often. It’s very simple to use and it can be used by persons with low experience in handling snow blowers.

2020 Ariens Platinum Series

The Platinum series just adds “creature features” to the deluxe snow blower, larger engines and high output impellers for a heavier duty snow blower. The Platinum is the right choice if your old machine plugs up always and you’re looking for heated handgrips and quick chute control. Moreover, these models provide enough power and capacity for their size. I recommend these models for persons who live in Buffalo, NY, northern Idaho, Boston, Northern Michigan and so on.

Platinum 28 SO RapidTrak! This is one of the best 28 inch residential snow blower on the market because of the speed and maneuverability it has, along with its traction and drift digging power. It’s the best choice if you have large areas that need to be cleared, sidewalks that always get snow plowed, sloped driveways or if you just want a good snow blower. It’s much faster than other track drive snow blower on the market. It features a 369 cc Ariens AX engine and a 14 inch SHO impeller to throw the snow up to a distance of 55 feet.

2020 Ariens Professional Series

The Pro series by Ariens is composed of true Professional/Commercial snow blowers with square tube, extra strong handlebars, 16-inch serrated front auger, hydrostatic or 6-speed Disk-O-Matic Drive. These snow blowers are able to clean up to 102 tons of snow per hour and throw snow to 60 feet, and are very superior to most of the snow blowers in the market.

2020 Ariens Professional RapidTrak

The RapidTrack system will provide you digging traction, flotation, speed and ease of turning that can be great if they’re combined with a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission and Auto Turn you can adjust the speed of this snow blower depending on your needs.

RapidTrak has three positions or modes. In the regular mode (1), the track is flat agins the ground for good traction. In the wheel mode (2), the rear of the track will be raised if you pull a small trigger on the right handle. In the “dig-in mode” (3) the weight of the snow blower is put on the rear portion of the track to provide more pushing an digging power when working with hard packed drifts.

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