The technology revolution in grow lights is underway and more people are looking to buy LED-powered lighting systems than ever before. The best cheap grow lights options you can find on the market right now range from $100-$200, but with a little bit of research and shopping around, it’s possible to save even more money by finding quality products for less.

The “best cheap led grow light for 3×3” is a type of grow light that can be used to grow plants indoors. It has been designed with the intent to provide the best possible lighting for your plants, while also being affordable and easy to use.

The appropriate grow lights will transform the way you grow plants, allowing you to achieve maximum growth in less time. In the winter, you may use them to produce leafy greens, and in the summer, you can use them to boost plant development. We’ve put together a list of the finest affordable grow lights on the market right now, whether you’re growing them in your home or in a greenhouse.

Top Picks…

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb by TaoTronics


Seed Starting, House, Garden, Vegetable, Succulent, Hydroponic, Greenhouse Growing | 100W E27 Haus Bright LED Grow Light Bulb – for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum Lamp | (Original)

  • When compared to other Grow Lights with LEDs, this one is SUPER BRIGHT. Don’t settle for inferior indoor plant lights that are less expensive. THOUSANDS of happy customers have used our full spectrum growth bulbs to create gorgeous indoor plants and seedlings. Don’t take chances with cheap Grow Lights with LEDs; instead, choose Haus Bright!
  • WE LOVE PLANTS, and we’re plant parents just like you. Our customers have tried our grow light on practically all indoor plants with outstanding results, whether it’s succulents, house plants, medicinal plants, seed beginning, garden, veggie, orchids, tomatoes, cactus, or flowers. Your plant kids are deserving of the finest!
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUSES are exclusively available to Haus Bright clients. To obtain a bespoke protective lens cover, a value-packed e-book, an extended warranty, and a hidden movie, just follow the instructions given. Terms and restrictions apply; no other full spectrum grow bulb offers this level of added value!
  • ⭐ WE CARE ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS, and our support staff is available to you at all times. Every day, we get photos of our devoted customers (and their plants) enjoying their new grow light bulb. Hundreds of high-profile plant influencers who swear by Haus Bright have also collaborated with us. It’s the obvious option for an LED grow light bulb!
  • 👍 THE ONLY OPTION – test our led grow light bulb and see how quickly your plants grow! We began in 2017 with the goal of assisting plant parents in keeping their indoor plants alive and well. We’ve helped a lot of people, but our work isn’t done yet! Get Haus Bright and get it right!

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The Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb by TaoTronics provide everything your plant needs – on the light side of things anyway – with a selection of 12 evenly spaced LED bulbs you get all of the wavelengths that encourage your plant to grow in a single bulb.

With this grow light, you’ll never have to worry about heat. It has an aircraft-grade heat sink with aluminum fins that dissipate heat 1.5 times better than its predecessors, on top of being a low-output LED. This lamp will remain cold to the touch even after 24 hours of continuous usage, making it very safe for your plants.

Unlike the other alternatives on this list, this is merely a bulb rather than a full-fledged light. That means it’s very simple to put up and doesn’t need the kind of extra setup that a light may. It’s designed to work with normal E26 / E27 sockets and 100-240 AC, so you should be able to use it almost everywhere, and it even comes with a free E26 socket to make things even simpler.

You’ll notice that it has a lesser light area than some of the lamps since it’s only a bulb. With a 60-degree beam angle, though, you’ll be amazed with how decent it is. One of the advantages is that if you want to enhance the amount of light, you can simply (and inexpensively) add a few additional bulbs.

Things We Enjoy

Various wavelengths are used in different bulbs to actively encourage and improve plant growth and health.

A bulb with a 60-degree beam angle provides more light.

There’s no need for any further setup; just screw it in and you’re ready to go.

For extra convenience, it was designed to be compatible with popular socket types.

Even after lengthy usage, the lamp will remain cool to the touch because to its unique heat sink construction.

1000W LED Grow Light by ColoFocus


KingLED’s newest 600w Grow Lights with LEDs use LM301B LEDs and a 10x Optical Condenser with a 2x2ft coverage. Indoor Hydroponic Plants with Full Spectrum Grow Lights Greenhouse Growing Lamps for Veggies

  • HIGH QUALITY LED GROW LIGHT: The KingLED grow light uses the latest LM301B LEDs and a 10x Optical Condenser to deliver high PAR output, 2.8 umol/J energy efficiency, and improved light penetration. Ideal for 2’x2′ vegetative and blooming coverage
  • Full spectrum illumination of natural light for plants, veg and bloom modes are intended to offer suitable light for plants in various development phases from seedling to blooming to dramatically boost your crop
  • CHEAP LED GROW LIGHT: Unlike conventional HPS, our KP600 LED light uses high-tech SMD LEDs and reflector technology, requiring just 80W in comparison to standard 400W HPS/MH! It produces brighter light and consumes less power, allowing you to save money.
  • DURABLE LED GROW LIGHT: Multiple high-speed silent fans and enhanced aluminum radiators let the light bulb to operate at temperatures as low as 50°F to 60°F, which is far lower than other lights. Your plant will not be burnt at lower temperatures, allowing you to extend your lighting duration and boost plant development. Longer usage duration means you won’t have to replace the bulb as often.
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: Three years of professional service and a 90-day money-back guarantee. KingLED Laboratory has a sales staff with over seven years of experience in design, sales, and manufacturing to provide the finest goods and service to the majority of clients. Please contact us if you have any questions, and we will respond within 24 hours to offer you with a satisfied outcome.

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The 1000W LED Grow Light by ColoFocus is the most powerful light on this list. If you have a larger space to illuminate, it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

Each light has two 5 watt light chips, for a total output of 10 watts, each with its own resistance, so they function independently and a single bulb failure won’t knock out the whole light. This grow light combines red and blue lights with a few infrared and UV LEDs to truly boost your plant’s natural development and promote bigger yields and healthier plants.

You don’t have to be concerned about heat production since this grow light employs LEDs. To be sure, this device has a pair of powerful built-in fans that operate anytime the lights are turned on. They’re robust enough to keep condensation at away while being mild enough to enable your plants grow big without being knocked down.

It’s a larger grow light than the others on our list, and it can easily light a 3.5 by 4 foot space, however the precise number may vary depending on the height you position it at. Because it’s not waterproof, you’ll want to use it inside and in a location where it won’t get splashed.

Things We Enjoy

Various wavelengths are used in different bulbs to actively encourage and improve plant growth and health.

In comparison to competition, dual LED chips enhance output.

Built-in fans help seedlings grow stronger by regulating temperature and reducing dampness.

Ankace Grow Light with Two Heads

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Another high-quality affordable grow light, the Ankace Grow Light with Two Heads is a popular choice that’s perfect if you’re trying to give some smaller plants a little extra love. It’s especially good for starting seedlings, but if you’re trying to grow larger crops you may need to upgrade to a larger grow light once they’re out of the starting phase.

With 12 blue LED chips to assist your plants absorb in more energy and produce bigger leaves, and 24 red LED trips to help them germinate and blossom more successfully, these lights are intended to help nurture your plants through all stages of life. They’re designed to emit light at precisely the optimum wavelength for maximal development.

You’re ready to go with two light strips on readily adjustable supports that you may bend to obtain the optimal location. With five dimmable settings and three switch modes created with certain phases in plant growth in mind, as well as an improved timer setting with three, six, or twelve-hour cycle choices, it’s simple to tailor the functionality of this light to your precise requirements. Once you’ve switched it on, you may configure it to turn off after a certain length of time.

One of the best things about this grow light, apart from the price, is how simple it is to operate. It can be charged using a USB connection, making it simple to connect. You can aim your light wherever with the gooseneck design, and it has a clip-bottom so you can quickly place it on the edge of a desk, table, or windowsill.

Things We Enjoy

Various wavelengths are used in different bulbs to actively encourage and improve plant growth and health.

It’s quite simple to use and set up!

Each light may be pointed anywhere it needs to be thanks to the adjustable gooseneck design.

A built-in dimmer and timer ensure that your plants get the precise amount of light they need.

LED Grow Light Juhefa



LED Grow Light Juhefas, Full Spectrum Grow Lamp with IR & UV LED Plant Lights for Indoor Plants,Micro Greens,Clones,Succulents,Seedlings,Panel Size 12×4.7 inch

  • Full Spectrum Growing Light – 75 High-Power LED Chips: 3UV 3IR 3White 47 Red 19Blue NOTE: The UV and IR LEDs are very dim, but this is to be expected. SIZE OF THE PANEL: 12.2 * 4.7 * 1.2 INCHES
  • Wide Application – This LED artificial light may be used for both hydroponics and indoor plants in soil, and is especially useful for tiny plants, microgreens, and as a supplementary side panel during bloom.
  • Adjustable hanging light kits make it much easier to install these fluorescent lights. Your panel will be more sturdy and long-lasting thanks to the superior heat dissipation and strength of the ABS material body. Recommended Lighting Coverage: 1.2x3ft at 2ft height; 8-30 inch in height
  • This seedling light is exceptionally efficient in terms of LED power consumption. Electricity costs about $3 per month on average (12 hours a day). If you’re raising a few little plants, this is a good investment.
  • What Will You Get – We take pride in delivering high-quality items and providing a 12-month warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. You may reach out to our customer care team at any time by choosing “Sold by” on the product detail page or on your Amazon purchase page, and then selecting “Ask a question” to send us a message.

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If your budget is really tight, the LED Grow Light Juhefa is a quality product for an astoundingly low price. It’s easy to assemble and set up and comes with a full spectrum of lights designed to help your small plants grow big and strong.

The rectangular panel has LEDs with five distinct wavelengths to ensure that your crop gets all of the light it needs. It includes 47 red, 19 blue, 3UV, 3IR, and 3 white beads, ensuring that your plants are protected at all phases of development. It’s a great side panel for making your plants blossom for longer and stronger!

You can leave this dog running for hours thanks to its sleek ABS plastic shell and heat control LED chips. It’s meant to use as little energy as possible, and operating it for twelve hours a day, every day, will only cost you around $3 in electricity. It’s made to work with a wide range of plants, including flowers, veggies, and algae! It’s a terrific addition to your hydroponic system, but keep the water away since it’s not waterproof.

The simple hanging kit makes setup a breeze. At a height of roughly 2 feet, you can cover a maximum area of 1.2 feet × 3 feet. Depending on where your plants are in the grow cycle, you’ll want to leave 8-30 inches between the light and the tops of your plants.

Things We Enjoy

Various wavelengths are used in different bulbs to actively encourage and improve plant growth and health.

Hanging kit that is simple to assemble

Strip of OxyLED Grow Light


Sondiko LED Grow Light Strip, Auto On&Off Every Day Grow Light with Upgraded Controller, 48 LEDs, 4 Dimmable Levels for Indoor Plants

  • 2021 Upgraded Controller: Compared to the previous quartz timer version. The time control on our new controller is more exact. The error in one month is just a few seconds. You can distinguish more easily with three buttons and two indication lights.
  • Auto ON/Off & Timing Function: Sondiko grow light comes with the ON/Off & Timing Function switch. Never worry about forgetting to turn on the light for your beloved plants when you are on vacation or away for weekend.
  • 4 Dimmable Levels: Includes 40 high-quality LED lights with a 50,000-hour lifespan (wavelength selection 420-800nm). Grow lights may offer your plant with whatever amount of light it requires. A basic red and blue light combo is less efficient. You may change the brightness to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of the light, depending on the needs of the plant.
  • Easy to Install&Multiple Uses: This grow light bar comes with screws, a double-sided tape as well as zip ties so that you could easily install it on your cabinet, shelf, wall and so on. The length of this grow light is 13.2inch. It can be used on fruits, vegetables and a wide variety of other plants. Suitable for all stage of plants.
  • Best Service: We are a professional LED light manufacturer with advanced R&D and Sales department. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the best service.

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If you’re looking to incorporate your lighting into your greenhouse or indoor garden, the Strip of OxyLED Grow Light is perfect for you (and your wallet)! These strip lights are easy to mount and designed to be durable and environmentally friendly.

The 6-foot strip has 108 LED plant lights in a 1:3 blue:red illumination ratio, which is ideal for plant development. The exterior strip is constructed of food-grade silica gel, which protects your lights and circuit boards while also aiding in light diffusion by generating a diaphanous look.

Each strip is water-resistant to IP65, making it safe to use in a humid greenhouse or hydroponic system. They’re resistant to splashes, showers, and sprays, however you shouldn’t submerge them completely. They’re also UL94-V0 fireproof, so you won’t have to worry about them melting or starting a fire.

These lights are designed to be very simple to put up. A 3M sticky tape covers the flat back, which sticks and stays on any smooth, flat surface. It also includes a set of 10 cable ties in case you wish to hang it that way. When sunshine is scarce, these lights make it simple to keep your plants healthy.

Things We Enjoy

Various wavelengths are used in different bulbs to actively encourage and improve plant growth and health.

Waterproof and fireproof to ensure safe usage in any situation.

Non-toxic food-grade silica shell protects your lights and plants while also improving brightness.

Easy to assemble with the accompanying cable ties or the connected glue!

600W Roleadro LED Grow Light


Roleadro LED Grow Light, 600W Galaxyhydro Series Plant Light with IR Adjustable Rope Switch for Indoor Plants Plant Grow Lamp Veg and Flower Daisy Chain Outlet (Big-Chip 10W LEDs 60Pcs)

  • Optimal Full Spectrum—All Indoor Plants Will Be Content at Any Growth Stage, Any Time, Anywhere! Our grow light extracts the most useful Blue Red IR UV and white light spectrum from natural sunshine, allowing plants to conduct greater photosynthesis. Unlike other full spectrum grow lights, we added additional RED light to assure a 35 percent to 60 percent boost in yield.
  • The standard provided power cable may be used to connect two or more 600W Grow Lights with LEDs in a Daisy Chain configuration. The use of high-efficiency light sources in greenhouses, for example. Because the absence of sunlight causes the flavor of tomatoes, cucumbers, and other greenhouse vegetables to deteriorate, winter greenhouse pea fruits and vegetables are listed before and after the Spring Festival, meeting the goal of anti-seaso.
  • Unique Big LED Bead and Zener Design—Instead of using a reflector, we used a led bead and zener design to guarantee that one led does not effect the others. Furthermore, the test results suggest that the plastic reflector surface cannot withstand temperatures beyond 70 degrees and would melt. That is why Galaxhydro grow lights insist on using led beads/zeners. We hope that growing will be safer and more environmentally friendly.
  • Increased PAR Value and Energy Conservation— The PAR value (540umol at 24″) and Lumen output are greater than competitors because to the unique 90 degree optical lens and Eplieds 10w chips design. Effectively limit light loss and assure up to 98 percent light consumption. As a result, this rising light has struck a balance between efficient use and energy conservation.
  • Reliable Warranty and Professional Service/Support—We are not only the seller but also a professional manufacturer with 10 years R&D and production experience of led light.All our products were strictly through high temperature test and check before sent out, 12 months warranty is our promise. With our grow lights, you can enjoy kinds of plants,veg and flowers in anti-season.Any problem, you can just contact us, we will provide you the professional solution and support.

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For the money, the Roleadro LED Grow Light is an excellent choice. It’s the one we always suggest. This 600-watt grow lamp has a clever 60-degree reflection cup design that maximizes diffusion and ensures maximum coverage for your plants. These reflector cups have been updated from earlier versions and decrease light loss, so you’ll save money on power while your plants benefit from more light!

You receive 84 full-spectrum reflectors and 12 blue spectral reflectors, each with two chips, with a fair spectral ratio and updated dual-chip. Because the full-spectrum lights serve to nurture your plants through each phase of development, and the blue spectral reflectors stimulate greater leaf growth, your plants will grow quicker and stronger.

A white flame-retardant plastic shell complements the elegant minimalistic style of this grow light. That’s simply a precaution, however, since LED lights produce very little heat in the first place, and the grow lamp is equipped with many high-quality fans and aluminum heat sinks to allow it to operate continuously.

Pick up multiple of these grow lights and daisy chain them together to provide expanded coverage to keep your whole greenhouse growing effectively. This means you may link the flights to one another, saving space and time.

Things We Enjoy

Various wavelengths are used in different bulbs to actively encourage and improve plant growth and health.

Even after lengthy usage, the lamp will remain cool to the touch because to its unique heat sink construction.

Increased illuminated area with a 60-degree beam angle

Built-in fans help seedlings grow stronger by regulating temperature and reducing dampness.


Grow Lights: Different Types

The majority of grow lights on the market for small-scale growth are either fluorescent or LED.

Grow Lights Fluorescent

Fluorescent lights have been around for a longer time and provide a number of benefits. They generate light by passing a current through mercury vapor, which initiates a chemical reaction that produces the visible light. They come in a variety of sizes, wattages, and outputs, and they’re simple to operate, needing no extra setup other than hanging the lamp.

Fluorescent lights are fantastic for promoting growth in the early stages of a plant’s life, but they aren’t as effective at helping your plants blossom. Although the temperature of your lamps is unlikely to cause problems for your plants, it should be considered if you’re using high-output fluorescents.

Fluorescent lights are frequently cheaper up front, but they cost more to operate in the long run and have a far shorter lifetime. You’ll also have to be cautious with your fluorescent lights. Breaking them may create health problems since they contain mercury, which is very hazardous, and they continue to harm the environment long after you dispose of them.

Grow Lights with LEDs

Unlike fluorescent lights, LED lighting allows you to modify your light spectrums at various phases of a plant’s development, giving you a lot more control over your growing. Instead of functioning on the available wavelengths, LED lights may have separate light chips running on various wavelengths, allowing for a carefully customized ratio of red to blue light with a few more wavelengths thrown in for good measure.

They’re also very energy efficient, utilizing just a fraction of the energy used by conventional lighting kinds but lasting up to 10 times longer. Because they’re directional, unlike fluorescent lights, which transfer light and heat in all directions, the light will travel where your LED is focused, so you’re not wasting energy illuminating the ceiling and instead directing all of the light to your plants.

They’re also harmless! There isn’t any mercury vapor within. You don’t have to be concerned about a breakage producing long-term issues or consider the long-term consequences of your decisions since fluorescent lights continue to leak poisons long after they’ve been discarded. Instead, you get a very effective, adaptable light that is both energy efficient and non-toxic.


Gardening Under Grow Lights


A great deal of research has gone into determining which wavelengths of light are ideal for promoting maximum plant development. To simplify things, wavelengths determine the color we see light as. When the sun shines, it absorbs all of the various wavelengths of light. If you’ve ever gone outdoors, you’ll notice that the light does an excellent job of helping plants to grow.

We can hack the system when we utilize grow lights to boost yields, flavor, and quality of the plants we’re cultivating since we know so much about how to impact plant development using wavelengths. Red and blue are the most significant hues for plant development.

Blue light stimulates the creation of chlorophyll, the chemical that plants utilize to make energy from light and gives them their green hue, as you undoubtedly learnt in middle school. As a result, employing blue light will make your plants healthier and more leafy.

Red illumination, when used in conjunction with blue lighting, may help your plants become more prolific. Red illumination also speeds up the germination and flowering of your plants, improving harvests. Any LED grow light will have a suitable mix of red and blue illumination, and you’ll notice a significant improvement in the growth of your plants!


Each plant has various requirements depending on the intensity of the light it receives. Plants native to woods or jungles, where they would have spent most of their life in a shaded habitat, need less strong light than plants native to the desert, where they would have grown up in direct sunshine.

Since all of your plants will have different needs, it helps to read up on the type of plant you’re growing. You’ll also find that different Grow Lights: Different Types have different heat and intensity outputs that will affect your plant growth as well. If your plants are too near your lights you could end up with bleached plants, nutrient deficient plants, or, worse, dead plants.

While there are many factors to consider when setting up your grow light, here’s an excellent website with charts to help you out!


Because LED lights save so much energy, you may be tempted to keep them on on all day. Some plants will thrive in this environment, while others need the darkness to flourish. Orchids and cactus, for example, thrive under constant light and develop far quicker than they would in the wild. Other plants, such as poinsettias, which bloom in the winter and have evolved to cope with shorter amounts of sunshine, would struggle in a 24/7 environment. In truth, it is the darkness, not the light, that causes your plants to bloom. Plants are divided into three groups depending on their light and dark requirements.

Plants for Short Days

Plants for Short Days would more accurately be called long night plants, because what they need to flower isn’t a short exposure to sun, but a longer exposure to dark. They won’t flower without that uninterrupted stretch of night. This means that if you’re keeping your lights on all day long, you’re going to find that these plants aren’t doing as well as you may expect. With more than 12 hours of sunlight a day, they simply won’t flower. Plants in this category tend to bloom in the spring, fall, and winter.

Plants for Long Days

Plants for Long Days require only a short night to bloom. Giving these plants more than 12 hours a day of light will thrill them! Most vegetables, like spinach and potatoes, and summer flowers, like asters and poppies, will thrive under these lighting conditions.

Plants that are day-neutral

Plants that are day-neutral will flower regardless of whether or not they’re receiving long days or long nights. Tomatoes and corn fall under this category.

Top Brands


Roleadro is a Chinese firm known among indoor growers for producing high-quality, energy-efficient, and inexpensive grow lights.


TaoTronics is a consumer electronics business with a mission to utilize technology to make us more successful and efficient in our everyday duties. They’ve increased our capacity to grow plants inside significantly!


Ankace makes high-quality products for the DIYer in all of us, from tools to grow lights.


Juhefa produces a wide range of home lighting items, from ornamental lighting to flashlights and grow lights, and they have a reputation for producing high-quality, low-cost goods.


OxyLED is a strong competitor in the LED sector, focusing on providing inexpensive and high-quality lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Q: Will my plants be burned by grow lights?

A: Although most of the grow lights on this list are made with LEDs and don’t get very hot, if you don’t utilize them properly, you may burn or bleach your plants. The easiest approach to prevent burning your plants is to keep your grow lights at a safe distance from them. If you can’t find information on the right heights for your individual light in your user’s handbook, it’s recommended contacting the manufacturer to ensure your plants remain healthy and unburned.

Q: Can grow lights cause eye damage?

A: Your eyes may be damaged depending on the brightness of your lighting and the time of your exposure. You shouldn’t have any troubles if you simply have a tiny grow light and don’t spend too much time planting underneath it. If you’re working on a bigger project and will be spending a lot of time beneath your lights, investing in a pair of specially made LED glasses to shield your eyes from the light emitted by glow lights is a good option. You may learn more about it by clicking here!

Q: What is the significance of purple grow lights?

A: Grow lights are designed to emit light at wavelengths that are readily absorbed by plants. The blue and red sections of the spectrum are where they absorb the most light. When you purchase lights that are particularly intended to help plants develop, they concentrate on the wavelengths that most plants absorb more readily, allowing them to grow faster.

Wrap Up

If we were setting up a new indoor garden right now and could only choose one of the lights we’ve talked about, we’d want the best cheap grow lights out there and that would easily be the 600W Roleadro LED Grow Light. It’s affordable, effective, and has a reputation backing it.

If you’re looking to set up a different type of growing situation, we also recommend the versatile Strip of OxyLED Grow Light. It’s easy to install in a custom way and it’s designed to be super safe and ideal for a hydroponics situation.

Looking for something a little different? See our finest string lights, best rope lights, and best solar lights recommendations!

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