The advent of inflatable hot tubs has brought a new level of relaxation to the world. The top 5 best cheap hot tub options for homeowners on a budget, who want to enjoy their backyard!

The “best hot tub under 10k” is a category that can be difficult to find. There are many options available, but they are all expensive. The best option for someone on a budget would be the top 5 options in this article.

So you’ve chosen to spend roughly $500 on a decent hot tub. You’ve arrived to the correct location!

To assist you in making a selection, we’ve reviewed 5 of the finest affordable hot tubs around (or about) $500. We’ve also done extensive research to help you know how to choose the right hot tub for you.

Let’s get going!


In a rush? Here are some of our favorites…

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1. Lay Z Spa by Coleman



Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub | Portable Hot Tub W/ Heated Water System & Bubble Jets | Fits up to 6 People

  • EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE SPA RETREAT: Nothing like sliding into a warm, bubbling Jacuzzi after a long, hard day, as jets massage your back, neck, and shoulders with bubbles.
  • EASY TO USE: The digital control panel allows you to adjust the water temperature (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and jet pressure. To conserve energy and money, a power saving timer may even automate the temperature of the spa up to 72 hours in advance.
  • DURABLE & INNOVATIVE CONSTRUCTION: The spa’s durable PVC material and I-beam construction offer superior strength and stability while ensuring your hot tub never loses its shape.
  • SIMPLE SETUP & MAINTENANCE: No extra tools are needed to setup This portable spa. Simply inflate and deflate with the included pump! A cover comes with for an extra Safety feature, maintain the water’s warm temperature, and prevent debris from getting in the tub.
  • ADVANTAGES OF A PORTABLE HOT TUB: The spa may be easily moved about thanks to the lift handles. This spa deflates to a small size for easy storage and portability.

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Coleman has a variety of inflatable outdoor hot tubs to choose from. The Coleman Lay Z Spa is a nice four-person inflatable hot tub.

One of the reasons we appreciate this hot tub is that it allows you to rest in warm water while receiving a pleasant massage from 60 air jets. Keep a mind that they are slightly less powerful and fewer than those found in bigger tubs.

It has a diameter of 71 inches, making it one of the smallest hot tubs on our list – and ideal for tiny spaces. The tub’s flooring is cushioned for extra comfort.

The Coleman Lay Z Spa can heat water to a temperature of 3 degrees each minute. It normally takes less than a day to reach its maximum temperature of 104 degrees.

This is the greatest choice if you like being on the go. It includes two solid grips that make it simple to move the device.

The tub is controlled via an interactive control panel. It is very user-friendly and can be managed by someone who has never used a hot tub before. If you have any problems, see the user handbook, which has extensive descriptions of all controls and functions.

What we liked

  • Heats water faster and retains heat longer than comparable tubs in its price range.
  • One person can move it.
  • During operating, it is completely quiet.
  • Is simple to put together and just requires basic tools.

Things that bothered us

  • Not advised for places with temperatures below 40 degrees.
  • Isn’t it a waste of energy?
  • The jets aren’t as forceful as those in other hot tubs.

2. GoPlus Hot Tub for Four People



4 Person Portable Inflatable Outdoor Square Hot Tub Spa with 114 Air Jets, Cover, Pump, and 2 Filter Cartridges, Gray, Coleman 15442-BW

  • INFLATABLE HOT TUB: The Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub is designed for up to four people and instantly warms up to a relaxing 104 degrees with 114 air jets.
  • FEATURES: The peaceful AirJet Spa, quick heating system, and integrated water filtration let you to relax at the press of a button. Floor is cushioned and has a drain valve. Heating and bubbling combine to provide a relaxing massage experience.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Durable and comfortable TriTech 3 ply inflated walls; Built-in air compartment for insulation and reinforced cover with safety lock clips 2 handles to make moving the spa pool easier (when empty)
  • 1 pool liner, 1 pool cover, 1 spa pump, 1 chemical floater, 2 filter cartridges (VI), 1 repair patch, and 1 AirJet system are included.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Heat range: 40-104 degrees F, water flow: 320 GPH, and loaded weight: 1,938 lbs; 110/120-volt 3-prong plug 71 × 71 x 28 inches in size (L x W x H). In temperatures below 40 degrees, do not use; This spa is not suitable for usage in temperatures below 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The user-friendly panel on this tub is situated along the tub’s corner. Even at extreme temperatures, it is simple to use.

130 high-powered calming bubble jets activate once the device is turned on. The combination of these jets and hot water provides an unrivaled sense of relaxation.

The GoPlus is incredibly easy to maintain. It has a filter cartridge, which not all of the finest inexpensive hot tubs under $500 have. Once this is updated, you’ll have constant, clean hot water whenever you need it.

The filter includes suspended crystals. They make sure you have soft water to help you relax. This serves as a mechanism for treating hard water.

This is the model to choose if you want to travel with your hot tub. When you’re through with it, it folds up simply. This means that loading or unloading it from the back of a truck or minivan is a breeze.

The external walls of the hot tub are made of insulated ground cloth and fabric-coated materials. You will also be given an insulated cover to guarantee more safety and warmth.

What we liked

  • Hard water treatment system built-in
  • Simple to clean and assemble
  • Transport is simple.
  • When the weather is exceptionally hot, it may be utilized outdoors.

Things that bothered us

  • When compared to other hot tubs in its price category, it has a tiny footprint.
  • It takes longer for the temperature to reach the required level.

3. SaluSpa AirJet Helsinki Hot Tub by Bestway 54190E (Six Person)

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If you’re having trouble locating a good Jacuzzi hot tub, this is one of your best alternatives for a cheap hot tub around $500. To begin with, its Jacuzzi-style design goes with practically everything.

It has an aluminum covering, which is uncommon among inflatable hot tubs. The capacity to keep water hot for lengthy periods of time is a benefit of this kind of coating.

To generate a massaging sensation, this tub employs an air-jet bubble mechanism. It’s a fantastic way to unwind after a hard day or on the weekend.

It heats water using a quick heating method. As a result, you may quickly attain temperatures of 104 degrees.

It is one of the most spacious hot tubs on the market. Despite the tub’s capacity of six people, it can accommodate up to eight people if they are smaller.

The Bestway SaluSpa hot tub has integrated water purification. You won’t have to worry about problems arising from using the tub with hard water. Within minutes after turning it on, it turns hard water.

What we liked

  • For increased mobility, raise the side handle easily.
  • Extra support is provided by cushioned flooring.
  • To remove water, a drain valve is incorporated.
  • The bundle includes an inflating pump.

Things that bothered us

  • It will significantly raise your power cost.
  • You’ll need enough room to accommodate it.

4. PureSpa 6 Person Intex


Intex 28409E PureSpa 6 Person Portable Heated Round Hot Tub Spa 85″ x 28″ with 170 Bubble Jets and Built-in Heat Pump, Blue

  • TOTAL RELAXATION: In this calming warm water surrounded by soothing bubble jets, pampering yourself is simple. Enjoy the multi-colored LED light system by leaning back on the accompanying headrests.
  • FITS UP TO 6 PEOPLE: The easy-to-use control panel allows up to 6 people to rest at the press of a button. The 170 high-powered bubble jets that encircle the inside of the spa are activated by an easy-to-use control panel for a relaxing massage. Dimensions: 85 x 28 inches (L x H); cord length: 25 feet
  • HARD WATER TREATMENT: PureSpa’s built-in hard water treatment system makes water kinder on skin, clothing, and the whole spa system; PureSpa’s simple maintenance includes two easy-to-replace filter cartridges for clean, refreshing spa water. Replacement filters (stock # 29001E) are available separately.
  • Spa Tub, Cover, Heating System, Test Strip, 10W Hard Water System, Filtration System with 2 filter cartridges, Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser, Ground Cloth, Inflation Hose, Headrests, Carry Bag, Cover straps with child security lock are all included.
  • For orders transported to California, a 28523E energy-efficient cover is required; otherwise, the order may be canceled owing to shipping limitations.

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This is one of the most popular huge inflatable hot tubs available. It’s an excellent option if you prefer hosting a big group of people or if you have a large family. If you require a hot tub with a strong massaging system for water aerobics or hydrotherapy, this is a fantastic choice.

The hot tub’s walls are made of the company’s fiber-tech material. It also has a rip-resistant, triple-ply PVC skin. The wall is exceptionally robust because to the combination of these two building techniques.

The walls can now easily support the weight of many persons due to increased sturdiness.

Most people believe that a hot tub with solid walls would be unpleasant. With the Intex PureSpa 6 Person hot tub, this is not the case. The floor is padded for added comfort, and the tub includes two cushioned headrests at no additional charge.

What we liked

  • Despite being one of the top affordable hot tubs under 500 dollars, there are a few frills.
  • It is a portable hot tub that provides exceptional comfort.
  • Easy to use and plug and play
  • It works effectively in hard water locations.
  • Hydrotherapy and water aerobics massage system with a lot of power

Things that bothered us

  • It’s too huge for tiny families and couples.
  • You’ll need at least 11 square feet of flat area.

5. SaluSpa Air-jet Hot Tub in Miami

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87 massage jets are used in the SaluSpa Miami. Although this tub has fewer jets than others in its class and price range, the hidden advantage is that each jet has greater force, resulting in a more effective massage.

The heater and hot tub combo unit is near to you while you’re in the tub. This implies they are quieter.

The Miami pump produces relatively little noise. Bubble jets are the source of the bulk of the noise. However, the noise will not interfere with your relaxation.

The programmable heating option on the SaluSpa Miami is excellent. You can control when the heaters turn on and off. You have up to 99 hours to program it before you use the tub.

At any given temperature, the heater may operate for a maximum of two days. As a result, rather than you waiting for the tub, it will be waiting for you.

The disadvantage is that this particular brand only has one filtering system. Saltwater and hard water treatment is included in more costly versions. You’ll have to manually maintain the filter on the Miami air-jet hot tub during planned chemical maintenance.

What we liked

  • Excellent customer service after the transaction as long as the guarantee is still valid
  • 4 people may be accommodated in a small space.
  • Bubble jets provide a relaxing and mild whole-body massage.

Things that bothered us

  • Two or more functions cannot execute at the same time.
  • There are no focused and powerful massage jets.

Choosing the Best Under $500 Hot Tub


Before purchasing a hot tub, the first thing to consider is the location. Select a spot near an electrical outlet. Keep in mind that the placement must be stable enough to support the weight of the tub when it is full.

The space should also be level to ensure that the water level surrounding the tub is constant. A patio or deck is the greatest place for an outdoor hot tub, according to our research. This relocation facilitates access.

Unless they are evergreen trees, the space around the tub should be free of plants and trees. Trees attract birds that may defecate on the tub in addition to dropping leaves.

Permanent or temporary

You’ll need to determine whether a portable or in-ground hot tub is the greatest match for your yard and lifestyle early on.

The fundamental structure between the two is the first thing we noticed. Portable hot tubs are prefabricated, free-standing devices with a rigid interior shell. Steel rebar and poured concrete are often used to construct in-ground hot tubs.

Another consideration is the price. Portable hot tubs are more costly than in-ground tubs. This is due to the accompanying building and landscaping requirements (including ultimate removal).

Finally, the portable tub outperforms the in-ground variant in terms of simplicity of installation. The whole system for a portable best cheap hot tub under 500 may be transported, setup, and utilized on the same day.


Every hot tub is built to hold a specified number of people. Consider how many people will be using the tub at any one moment. Consider acquiring a tub that can accommodate four or more people if you have a family of four.

Choosing the appropriate capacity guarantees that everyone can use the tub at the same time. When deciding on the capacity, don’t forget to factor in the available space at the chosen site.

A hot tub for two should enough if you are a couple who does not want to create a family very soon. If you intend on sometimes entertaining a buddy or two over, you may want to consider acquiring a larger one.

Restrictions on Temperature

Some tubs have Restrictions on Temperature. This means such a hot tub cannot be used in extreme cold weather conditions.

The reason for these limitations is because certain tubs cannot heat up quickly enough to eliminate cold components. If you reside in a very chilly climate, you’ll want to find out what temperatures your best inexpensive hot tub under $500 can handle. Hot tubs work best when the temperature is approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Check read this page if you’re seeking for fantastic hot tubs that can withstand cold conditions.

Jets’ Types

Hydro jets and air jets are the two major forms of jets. Jets are crucial for ensuring that you have a peaceful hot tub experience. In hot tubs, air jets are the most prevalent.

They are popular because they provide a lot more straightforward soothing experience. In addition, they are somewhat less expensive than hydro jets.

People who want a personalised and individualized bubble massage can go for hydro jets. The disadvantage is that they are much more expensive. This is owing to the extra features that enable you to personalize and customize your hot tub experience.

Materials and Construction

One of the most important factors to consider while looking for the best inexpensive hot tub under $500 is the longevity and quality of the system’s outside and inner workings. Hot tub shells are produced from a variety of materials. The most frequent materials are rotomolded plastic, vinyl, and acrylic.

Some shells are better at retaining heat than others. Find out how energy-efficient the tub you’re thinking about is. A shell should be energy-efficient, long-lasting, beautiful, and able to sustain years of continuous usage.

Insulation for Hot Tubs

The inside of the hot tub is insulated with a thick layer of expanding foam. The internal floor and bottom of the shell are insulated by certain manufacturers. If you reside in a cold region, be sure the tub has proper insulation before purchasing.


In recent years, lighting has improved. It is ideal for both safety and aesthetic purposes. Lights are now installed underneath the water, around the rim, and above the water in hot tubs. This makes it easier to maneuver about the spa safely.

LED bulbs are used in the majority of tub lights. Some of them contain settings that let you adjust the brightness or hue of the light to your liking.


Hand-held or side remote controls are standard on the top affordable hot tubs under $500. Some even allow you to control your tub from your smartphone. You may modify the runtime, pump, illumination, heating, and jets with these controls.

The following are features to look for in a tub’s control panel:

  • Temperature – may be pre-programmed or you can choose your own temperature.
  • Jets – you can change the strength and speed of the jets.
  • Lights – allows you to alter color and brightness as well as switch lights on and off.
  • Blower control – regulates the jets’ bubbling.
  • Overheating and GFCI or GFI failure are the key warnings and alarms to be aware of.

The Top 5 Cheap Hot Tub Brands Under $500

When it comes to hot tubs, Bestway is one of the most well-known brands. The business has been in operation since 1944. They have a reputation for providing services and goods that deliver enduring, enjoyable experiences for everyone throughout the globe.

Intex is another manufacturer that offers a high-quality best affordable hot tub under $500. Boats, furniture, toys, spas, hot tubs, above-ground pools, and airbeds are all distributed by the corporation. They are part of a global family of businesses with over four decades of expertise.

The Jacuzzi brothers are the third firm on our list of top brands. In 1930, they invented a pump for orchards that won them a gold prize. They have now invented a portable hydrotherapy pump that transforms any ordinary hot tub into a restorative and pleasant hydrotherapy spa.

Sundance Spas are noted for their commitment to improve people’s lives and health by providing outstanding hydrotherapy. When potential consumers purchase spas, they can be certain that they will be dealing with pros.

Hot Spring Spas is another famous brand for delivering memorable experiences while providing all of the benefits of hydrotherapy. Soaking in one of their top inexpensive hot tubs under $500 will help you sleep better and relax more.


What is the point of having a hot tub?

Warm water treatment has been demonstrated to be effective in preventing and treating injuries, as well as mending them. Warm water treatment is a stress reducer for the vast majority of individuals. It’s also a fantastic place to reconnect with friends and family.

Should I choose an indoor or outdoor location?

In most situations, whether you want an indoor or outdoor hot tub is determined by cost and personal choice. If you like to relax outside, you’ll want to invest in an outdoor hot tub. If you don’t have access to outside area, such as if you reside in an apartment building, an indoor hot tub is your only alternative.

Is it tough to maintain a hot tub?

The sort of tub you choose will decide how simple or difficult it is to keep clean. The purpose of a hot tub is to relax, not to add another task to your to-do list. The tubs on our list are simple to keep clean. They need basic cleaning every now and again. This implies that maintaining a hot tub is not difficult.

Do hot tubs need specific plumbing?

No. You only need to fill it with water. You won’t require any more plumbing or special installations after it’s installed.

Is it safe to use a hot tub?

In a hot tub, safety is paramount. This is why all hot tubs are tagged with the ETL (Electric Testing Labs) logo. They are the world’s leading safety testing company. As a result, all ETL tubs are among the safest on the market.

How can I be sure my water is safe to drink?

In a hot tub, a water filtration system is essential. You must replace the filter according to the instructions handbook to keep your water pure. Some may set you a deadline, while others may recommend waiting a few months. If you use your tub often, the rule of thumb is to change the filter frequently.

You’ll also need a supply of chemicals for use in the water. The chemicals are used to suppress the growth of algae and germs. Cover the tub correctly while not in use to keep the water clean. Because certain models do not come with covers, finding a high-quality cover that suits your model is simple.


The top affordable hot tubs under $500 are on this list. We advise you to use Intex. This is due to the fact that it has more features and is more durable than the other options. Furthermore, when you consider the advantages, the price is fairly reasonable.

If the first choice is too expensive for you, the SaluSpa Miami is a good alternative.

Keep in mind that the greatest hot tub is not always the most inexpensive. Before you make your decision, think about things like size, efficiency, capacity, and pricing.

The “best inflatable hot tub” is a type of hot tub that can be inflated and deflated. These types of hot tubs are great for people who have limited space, or for those who don’t want to take up much space at all. The best inflatable hot tubs are affordable and can be found on the market for under $500.

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