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The “best electric tiller for breaking new ground” is a tool that will allow you to break the ground in a way that will make it easier to plant. It can be used on any type of soil, and is highly efficient.

There has been a lot of discussion on how to cultivate plants without tilling. It is based on the principle that the earth should be disturbed as little as possible. For backyard gardens, however, this is not feasible. Tilling the soil aerates the soil, which is the finest technique to develop a lush and healthy garden. In this post, we will discuss the finest electric lawn tiller currently available on the market.

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Electric Tillers’ Top 5

Our Top Pick: Earthwise TC70001.



TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator by Earthwise

  • Earthwise tiller with 8.5-Amp electric motor for long run duration and service life.
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized gardens, this corded electric tiller
  • Long-handled 4 tine cultivator that can cultivate and till up to 11″ broad and 8″ deep.
  • 11-inch cultivator with single lever switch that is lightweight and agile
  • A soft ergonomic grip cultivator machine that is a green alternative to gas-powered lawn and garden equipment.

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The traditional American tiller, Earthwise. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable tillers we’ve seen in a long time. In addition, for an additional $11, the manufacturer offers an extra 4-year warranty. So, if the product fails to perform as expected, you may get it replaced. There were no questions.

The simplicity of usage is one of our favorite features of this tiller. The Earthwise is a breeze to control. If you’ve only used gas tillers before, you’ll enjoy the Earthwise’s agility.

Assembly & Operation

It may take some time for you to get the hang of using this electric tiller. The poor quality of the user manual exacerbates the situation. The user handbook was complicated and badly written in our opinion. The user manual sticks out as an afterthought in a system this excellent. Something that the interns had to make quickly. This means you’re on your own when it comes to putting the machine together.

The motor, handle, and foot wheels are all assembled in three parts. You will have to put the machine together yourself. However, this should be rather simple, and we estimate that it will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Because it’s lightweight, you may till it in any part of your garden while keeping your other plants safe. When tilling the soil, be aware of the wires since the equipment is corded. If the cable becomes caught between the two, the machine may be damaged.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Garden tool maintenance is never easy. It’s a tedious, repetitive activity that constantly leaves oil on your clothing. The Earthwise TC70001 is quite easy to maintain. To remove the muck, we suggest using an old brush or getting a soft brush. While cleaning the tiller, this will safeguard the adjustable tines. You may wipe the bottom of the machine with a wet towel for further cleaning. If you wash down the tiller with water, it will rust.

Because the motor has a self-lubricating mechanism, you may skip this step. However, several users have complained that after around two years, the system stops operating. If you need to grease anything after that, see the handbook for instructions.

Pro Tip: After each until, sweep over the mud since there may be hard cliffs left behind. If left alone, they might create difficulties.

What We Enjoy:

  • It has 6 adjustable tines and a cultivating depth of around 8 inches.
  • The tiller’s folding handles and wheels make it very portable and simple to store.
  • Very simple to keep up with

What We Don’t Care For:

  • The self-lubricating mechanism often leaves an additional coating of grease on the motor.
  • Instructions are poorly written. Some essential instructions are missing from the handbook, leaving you to figure out how to set up the machine on your own.
  • It has a chord.

Cordless Cultivator by Greenworks

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This electric tiller is one of the few cordless electric tillers on the market. The issue with cords is that they may easily get tangled and fall beneath the blades. You can possibly be lacking a consistent power supply. Tiller without cords are useful in this situation.

The design is the first thing that strikes you about this product. In a sea of electric tillers, the Greenworks 40V boasts a sleek appearance that sticks out.


The Greenworks cordless has four blades that may be adjusted. Each blade is about 8 inches long and can cultivate a depth of up to 5 inches. This will enough for a raised bed. Each blade is also adjustable, allowing you to customize the cultivating breadth and depth to meet your specific requirements. You may adjust the cultivating width from 8 inches with two tines to 10 inches with four tines. The tines have a forward spinning configuration that is comparable to that of most standard electric tillers.

It is preferable to watch the manufacturer’s video when assembling the tiller. This will give you a better sense of how to properly place the tines.


The Greenworks cordless includes a push to start button and is powered by a 40v lithium ion battery. It’s important to note that the battery was not completely charged when it was sent. Before using the battery for the first time, we suggest that you completely charge it.

The battery has a decent lifespan, lasting around 2 hours before entirely discharging. The battery may also be charged rapidly thanks to the rapid charging technology. Many reviewers have said that a full charge took them roughly one hour.

A two-step safety switch has also been added by the manufacturer to avoid any mishaps. The fact that electric tillers bounce during tilling is a regular issue. The Greenworks do not have this problem. When the tiller strikes a hard rock, it will still bounce, but not as much as other electric tillers.

Overall, if you want a cordless electric tiller that performs well and is simple to use, The Greenworks should be your first pick.

What We Enjoy:

  • It’s a tiller with no cord. When operating this tiller, the absence of shackles is immensely freeing.
  • The batteries are of excellent quality. They charge quickly and have a lengthy running duration.
  • It works well in any kind of soil.

What We Don’t Care For:

  • In comparison to its gas and corded siblings, the Greenworks cordless is sluggish.
  • Because the chainsaw is powered by a battery, you must continually check its charge levels.

TB154E Troy-Bilt

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If you have a tiny garden, the Troy-Blit TB154E is a good choice. It is a low-cost tiller made for compact spaces. The tiller is driven by a 6Amp motor, which is inadequate for most applications. However, since this tiller will only be used in small gardens, a 6Amp motor should enough.


The 6-amp motor powers eight bladed tines that dig up the earth. The blades are effective in breaking up chods and separating any pebbles in your yard. There are also four forward spinning tines that are great for cultivating and tilling your garden. The blades are long enough to dig up to 5 inches of earth.

Compact Style

Tilling around the edges is always a pain, but the Compact Style makes it very easy till the corners too. Additionally, the small size makes it easy to operate. If you find it difficult to use a regular tiller then you may want to check out this product. The small size is a great advantage for gardeners who are older and not as strong.

Our favorite feature of this tiller is how quiet it is while in use. This item is completely silent. It is very quiet, enabling you to work in your backyard without bothering your neighbors.

Overall, we discovered that, despite its flaws, this tiller is the greatest alternative for a home garden. If you have a large garden, hard terrain, or a field of huge boulders to plow, this may not be the ideal option. It’s too sluggish and inefficient for that kind of task.

What We Enjoy:

  • It is both light and adaptable. It’s fantastic that you can modify the width of your till with this configuration.
  • It’s an excellent addition to any home garden. Operation is quiet, light, and simple.
  • As required, tilling depth is precise.

What We Don’t Care For:

  • The tiller was created with tiny spaces in mind. When used on a vast area, this makes its structure rather strange.
  • It has a hard time cutting through hard terrain.
  • Cord reliant.


Electric Tiller Mantis 7250-00-03

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The Mantis is very light, weighing just 21 pounds. It is therefore the lightest electric tiller available. But don’t assume it lacks the necessary force. When everything is said and done, this tiller can hold its own against the finest. The 7250-00-03 has a 3-speed control built in and is driven by a 540-watt motor.


The maker has tried to keep the design as simple as possible. This gives the product a lot of adaptability. The tines are also long enough to allow you to till up to a depth of 10 inches. You may change the pace and even the depth depending on how much tilling your raised bed requires. So all you have to do is reverse the tines if you just want shallow cultivation.

The revolutionary tine designs, which are bent at the bottom, are the key to managing the pace. They may acquire more friction and till deeper than normal tines because of this. Mantis stands by the quality of their goods totally. Their blades come with a lifetime warranty against chipping or damage.

Additional Features

It might be tough to till near the corners. The majority of owners merely until the middle, leaving the edges untilled. The 7250 is designed to fit into tiny spaces, making it simpler to till small gaps that a gas tiller can’t reach. However, you must use caution when doing so. The tines spin at 240rpm, which may be hazardous. Lifting the tiller should be done with caution.

It’s worth noting that the tiller has a manual throttle, which prevents it from moving ahead on its own. This means you won’t have to worry about the tiller spinning out of control in your garden even if the start button is turned on. But this is just a backup plan, and nothing compensates for being careful while using a tiller.

To get the greatest results, use the tiller on previously prepared ground. If the ground seems to be rather hard, keep the 7250 steady until it digs in well. Once you’ve determined that the tiller has sunk into the earth, carefully back up. This will greatly simplify your life.

What We Enjoy:

  • This is the smallest tiller on the market (weighing just 21lbs)
  • When it comes to working across fence boundary lines, it beats the gas tillers.
  • Changes in cultivation depth from 2 inches to 10 inches

What We Don’t Care For:

  • Cleaning the roots that become twisted in the tines is difficult.
  • Tilling the soil takes longer.
  • Because this is a Tiller with Cords, you must have a steady power source.

TJ603E Sun Joe

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One of the most crucial features of a rich and fruitful soil is aeration. However, the earth might get compacted as a result of foot movement from family and pets. This implies there is less room to store oxygen. A plant’s vascular systems may not operate effectively without oxygen. If the soil is excessively loose, on the other hand. It is incapable of providing the firm foundation that a plant needs to thrive. This implies that we must aerate our soil on a regular basis.

We have found that the TJ603E Sun Joe is one of the most efficient aerating tillers available. Their setup ensures that there’s always the right amount of oxygen present in the soil.


The TJ603E has six tough tines that spin at 340rpm. The tines are angled, which makes them ideal for tilling. We discovered that this tiller can effectively chop up a 50X50 space. The blades are about 16 inches wide and can dig up to an 8-inch cultivation depth. Furthermore, the 12 amp engine has more than enough strength to pull up massive boulders and cut through roots with ease (This is not as easy when you use an 8amps or 6amps model).

The handles include wheel position adjustments so you may fine-tune the angle until it’s exactly perfect. When transporting the tiller, the wheel position adjustments will come in handy.


One of the major issues we had with this tiller was its weight, namely its lack of it. The tiller is susceptible to bouncing over rough pebbles due to its small weight and big power supply. This is why we advise purchasers to use hose clamps while tilling the soil to make it more solid.

What We Enjoy:

  • The 12 amp motor is more than enough for most tilling tasks.
  • The high rpm quickly dislodges the stones and removes the vegetation.
  • Wheel position and handlebar adjustments make moving and storing easier.

What We Don’t Care For:

  • It does not have a lot of speed variations.
  • You must be cautious about cables being run over by tiller tines since this is a Tiller with Cords.

Brands of Electric Garden Tillers


The American Lawn Mower Company has a subsidiary called Earthwise. For nearly 120 years, they have been serving Americans. The American Lawn Mower Company was formed in 1895 and has been making tillers for homeowners ever since, with the goal of becoming America’s “clean air option.” Earthwise offers a wide range of items at incredibly low costs. Each machine has plenty of power, a quick line speed, and wheels that move out of the way so you can dig deep.

This has helped Earthwise become one of America’s most popular electric tiller companies.


Mantis is a well regarded brand that takes pleasure in its engineering. “Big Things Come In Small Packages” is the corporate slogan. This is evident in all of their goods. Mantis has been making small lawn and garden equipment for almost four decades. Their devices are known for their exceptional quality and tremendous power output. However, we discovered that their goods are considerably too expensive for the ordinary household – for the price of one Mantis, you can have two Earthwise machines ( this does not even include the price of accessories).


Tory-Bilt is well-known for its creativity. The firm is known for pushing the limits of what an electric tiller can do. They’ve lately started syncing their devices with smart assistants (Google Home, Alexa) and incorporating their functionality. Their greatest electric tiller makes bed care and cultivation a breeze. It has a slower tine speed but a good overall performance. If you prioritize top dressing/blending in compost operations above deep tilling, this is the best option.


Greenworks Equipment is the industry leader in battery-powered outdoor power tools for DIYers and landscapers. They offer a huge selection of outdoor equipment, so you’re sure to find the right Greenworks gear for any project you’re working on. They have some of the most cutting-edge technology available. Greenworks products provide the same power and performance as equivalent gas-powered tools without the drawbacks.

Sun Joe

Since 2009, Sun Joe has been on the market. But don’t mistake inexperience for young. The brand has already received several awards for its creativity. Their two-handle design is their most well-known feature. However, we discovered that the items are quite inconvenient to utilize. However, since ergonomics differ from person to person, you should try one out to determine whether the two-handle design is right for you.

Consider the following:

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the options? Hopefully, the parts below may assist you better comprehend your situation. You may choose the suitable tiller for yourself depending on the sector you are in.

The Clay Types

Soft Clay

If you’re in charge of tilling soft clay,

Clay Mixture

If you are gardening on Clay Mixture then rototilling is not going to be easy. We suggest you to use sprinklers to moisten the clay first before you till the soil. This is a very messy process and you are going to get your clothes dirty.

On the other hand, the Earthwise TC70001, will work great even on Clay Mixture. In this case, we recommend you to till at the highest cultivating depth(should be around 8″). Once this is done you want to manure the soil before proceeding to till it again at a 2-inch depth.

Clay Content Is High

Tilling, on the other hand, becomes a royal hassle if your soil contains too much clay. The dirt will develop into large stick clumps with even the little hint of rain. The Mantis is an excellent option in this instance. The machine’s modest size may give the impression that it is incapable of rigorous tilling, but this is simply not the case. Even the toughest soils may be broken up by the mantis electric tiller. It is the ideal option for regions that are generally tilled with a gas tiller due to its size and weight advantage.

If you are interested in learning how to deal with soil with Clay Content Is High then check out this article

Cultivation Field

What is the size of the land you want to till?

If you have a vast area to cover and money isn’t an issue, we recommend going with the Sun Joe. The equipment is ideal for swiftly tilling huge amounts of compost. The Troy Bilt, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative if you just want to till a limited area.

Cordless vs. Corded

You may choose between a corded or cordless electric tiller when purchasing an electric tiller. Tiller with Cordss are more common and less expensive, but Tiller without cords are quieter while in use. The next sections go through the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Tiller with Cords

One of the biggest advantages of a Tiller with Cords is the convenience. All you need to get a corded electric tiller started is a household power outlet. This makes the process as simple as charging your phone. Most Tiller with Cordss also have an adjustable tilling width. This lets you quickly and easily take on different styled jobs with a single convenient tool

Because they are more readily accessible, they are also less expensive than Tiller without cords. If you expect to work on aerating your garden for more than 45 minutes at a time, the corded type is the way to go.

Tiller without cord

Tiller without cords are much easier to use as you don’t have to deal with wires or cords anymore. They are also a great choice if you don’t have a power outlet nearby. However, since these machines are powered by a battery you can only use them for a limited time before you need to charge them again. Most Tiller without cords work for about 45 minutes on a single charge.

A battery-powered tiller is a fantastic alternative if you will be using your tiller far from an electric source.

Look for a model with a Lithium-ion battery for the optimum performance. They last far longer and provide steady power throughout the charging process.


By now, you should have a good notion of which tiller is best for you. The Earthwise TC70001 electric tiller is our best choice. The machine is supported by a company that has been around for a long time and understands what they’re doing. We love a good bargain, and the Earthwise is one of the most cost-effective tillers on the market today. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments section below!

The “best battery powered tiller” is a type of garden tool that has been around for decades. They are easy to use and don’t require a lot of effort to operate.

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