One of the best feelings is working in a space where everything has a sense of order. There's something great about knowing where to find what you're looking for. That's the power of organization. It creates harmony and can elevate your mood and, to some extent, influence your productivity.

The best filing cabinets make it easier to organize. They offer sufficient storage space for your legal-size files and office supplies and feature lockable drawers.

We reviewed the best file cabinets and outlined factors to consider when buying them.


What Is A Filing Cabinet?

A file cabinet or filing cabinet is a type of storage container and furniture designed to store documents, papers, and office supplies efficiently and securely. Cabinets are made to be durable and to hold the items for long periods without much wear and tear.

We reviewed the best filing cabinets that offer sufficient storage and will meet your organizational needs.

Are Filling Cabinets Obsolete?

Best Filing Cabinets

1. DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet

DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet, Mobile Lateral Filing Cabinet, Printer Stand with Open Storage...
  • AMPLE WORKSPACE: Spacious desktop can hold...
  • 3 DRAWERS & LARGE OPEN STORAGE: 2 top small...
  • EASY TO MOVE: Rolling on four wheels, this...
  • HEAVY DUTY & EASY ASSEMBLE: This solid...

The best filing cabinets can serve two purposes. First, they can be used to store documents and papers, as well as being an extension of your furniture as well.

This is the best file cabinet if searching for ample storage space to store more than documents and papers.

The filing cabinet comes with three drawers plus extra shelves that can be used for storage. It's multifunctional and perfect for those looking for a unit that offers extra storage space. The file cabinet can hold your printer or scanner as well.

It has two 2 top small drawers that are great for storing small items. While the bottom drawer keeps hanging letters, A4 size files organized and extended fully for easy access.

Lastly, the file cabinet features four wheels making it easily portable. It also has built-in brakes on the front two casters to keep it in position and add stability.


  • Stylish and offers sufficient storage
  • Drawers slide easily
  • Easy to move around


  • It's hard to assemble to file drawers

2. Lorell File Cabinet

Lorell File Cabinet, Black -
  • Material : Steel Cabinet
  • Accommodates letter-size hanging files
  • Designed with stylish embossed drawer fronts...
  • Smooth suspension with three-quarter drawer...
  • Product Dimensions are 14.3"WIDTH x 18"DEPTH...

This is the best file cabinet if searching for an affordable unit that's lockable and portable.

The Lorell file cabinet features two locking drawers that accommodate letter-size hanging files. It's built out of steel with embossed drawer fronts and chrome handles.

The file cabinet is equipped with rolling casters, making it easy to move around between rooms or store under a desk. It's perfect for home offices.

Lastly, the filing cabinet features smooth glide suspension drawers that can extend out three-quarters of the way.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Both drawers are lockable
  • Affordable


  • It has sharp metal edges
  • Poorly built

3. DEVAISE 3-Drawer Slim Vertical File Cabinet

DEVAISE 3-Drawer Slim Vertical File Cabinet, Fully Assembled Except Casters, Legal/Letter Size,...
  • LOCKING FILE CABINET: The interlock system...
  • LARGE STORAGE SPACE: 2 utility drawers and 1...
  • FULLY EXTENSION DRAWER: With Full Extension...
  • 5 CASTERS MOBILE CABINET:Comes with five...
  • STABLE & DIMENSION: All steel construction...

The Devaise file cabinet is stylish and comes in a size that fits under most desks.

The metal filing cabinet is made of alloy steel, and though it maintains a slim profile, it offers ample room for files and documents. The file cabinet is equipped with an interlock system that secures three drawers at once. In addition, it comes with 2 keys to protect your files and valuables.

The file cabinet can accommodate both letter and legal-size folders. It features 2 utility drawers and 1 complimentary stationery tray, allowing you to store and organize small items. In addition, the file cabinet comes with full extension drawer slides that allow you to quickly access the contents at the back of the drawers. Lastly, it has one hanging-file drawer with a removable hanging bar.

The file cabinet features five sturdy wheels, 2 of which are lockable for stability.


  • Built from solid steel
  • Complements home or office decor
  • Rolls easily and has a compact design
  • Fits under most office desks
  • The bottom drawer can accommodate hanging file folders
  • Features a locking system


  • It might be too small for larger documents than A4

4. Alera 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Alera 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet, 36 by 19-1/4 by 29-Inch, Black
  • Drawers with side-to-side hang rails to...
  • Full drawer extension on steel ball bearing...
  • Stylish full-width radius edge recessed...
  • Anti-tipping interlock system allows only one...
  • Single key core removable lock with two keys.

This elegant Alera two-drawer file cabinet is sure to look great in your workspace. Unfortunately, it weighs about 140 pounds meaning it's not exactly designed to be portable.

The lateral file cabinet has drawers to accommodate side-to-side hang rails to accommodate letter/legal hanging files. In addition, it has a single lock system to keep your important documents secure and has drawer glides that level even if the floor is uneven. Lastly, the anti-tipping interlock system enables only one drawer to open at a time. 

The lateral file cabinet is designed to be sturdy enough to store extra office essentials from a printer to office supplies—on top of it without bending. In addition, the Alera file cabinet is covered by five-year limited warranty coverage.


  • The drawers can carry the letter and legal size hanging files
  • Drawers slide smoothly
  • Offers plenty of storage for both legal and letter size documents
  • Features a locking system


  • Does not allow for front-to-back filing. Additional hanging file racks will be needed
  • It's heavy and not portable

5. Hirsh Industries Deep Vertical File Cabinet

4 Drawer Letter Size Commercial File Finish: Black, Fully Assembled
  • Commercial grade ball-bearing suspension...
  • Letter Size
  • Precision steel ball-bearings provide the...
  • Lock included to keep contents of all drawers...
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The file cabinet comes with 4 drawers that accommodate letter-size documents. It's ideal for those looking for suffient storage space.

All 4 drawers are lockable. In addition, it's fitted with a precision steel ball-bearing that provides the ultimate smooth and quiet drawer performance.

Lastly, the high side drawers are designed to accept hanging file folders.


  • Occupies minimal space
  • Great for ample file storage
  • The drawers roll smoothly
  • All four drawers are lockable


  • Some reviews complained of poor quality control

Factors To Consider When Buying Best Filing Cabinets

a) Type of File Cabinet

i) Lateral File Cabinets

They are also referred to as horizontal file cabinets and consist of wide, shallow drawers. A lateral file cabinet consists of 32 to 36-inch drawers that are large enough to accommodate both letter and legal size documents that can be arranged side by side or front to back order.

The cabinets consist of two to seven drawers, and some units are short enough to fit underneath a desk or work surface.

ii) Vertical File Cabinets

A vertical file cabinet contains narrow, deep drawers that are typically 15 to 20 inches wide. The file cabinet is best suited for smaller spaces since it does not take up too much room. In contrast to lateral file cabinets, vertical file cabinets have a smaller capacity; however they are still suitable for everyday personal use.

iii) Mobile File Cabinets

A mobile file cabinet features wheels allowing it to roll easily from room to room or into a closet. The file cabinet usually has a vertical orientation and one to two drawers, making it compact enough to slide underneath a desk.

Some mobile file cabinets have lockable wheels to keep them from moving while set in place. With a mobile file cabinet, you can roll your files up to your office chair, then roll the cabinet back out of the way when done.

b) Size

It's essential to consider the size when searching for the best file cabinets as they vary in height, width and depth. In addition, file cabinets can take in different sizes of documents which is it's vital to choose the right size that meets your storage needs.

Most file cabinets can accommodate standard 8 1/2 by 11-inch letter-size documents. Many file cabinets are large enough to store legal-sized documents that measure 8 1/2 by 14 inches. Some filing cabinets designed specifically for items like index cards are smaller.

c) Material

When searching for the best filing cabinets, you'll come across units made from a variety of materials. Metals file cabinets are durable and often used in office spaces for high-capacity filing and long-term record keeping. Steel and aluminum are the most frequently used materials when making metal file cabinets. However, it's crucial to note that steel can withstand impact more than aluminum.

Laminate file cabinets resemble real wood, but they are built from inexpensive particle boards. Wood tends to give off a more stylish design ad has sturdy construction making them more durable. The downside is that wood is prone to scratches.

Lastly, there's the option of plastic file cabinets. They are often the cheapest in the market. It's worth noting that if you choose this material, you'll need to replace your filing cabinet after a short time. Plastic filing cabinets are not as secure as wood or metal. Nevertheless, they are ideal for storing documents.

d) Fireproofing

Emergencies can occur at any time hence it's essential to be prepared. When shopping for the best file cabinets, it's vital to consider fireproofing. Fireproofing your file cabinet protects documents from fire, theft, and water damage. The file cabinet is sturdy, secure, and constructed from special materials like fire-resistant insulation and strong metals. Fireproofing gives you peace of mind that your documents will be protected in an emergency.

e) Stationery Drawers

Stationary drawers are best suited if looking for a multipurpose filing cabinet. In addition to holding files, some file cabinets consist of smaller drawers designed to hold stationery and other items like sticky notes, pens, and pencils. This file cabinet is ideal for an office space or a craft room.

f) Security Features

This is a crucial feature to consider especially when storing important and confidential documents. There are different types of locking mechanisms, with the most common being a key. Other types include, push button locks, keypads, and locking bars. In addition, some file cabinets feature a single lock that locks every drawer, while others have only one or two lockable drawers.

It's worth noting that plastic units usually don't accommodate efficient locking mechanisms; hence are not ideal for storing sensitive documents. Instead, you may want to consider investing in a wooden or metal file cabinet. In addition, steel file cabinets tend to provide the maximum amount of protection. They are not only impact-resistant, but they can keep the contents safe from water damage as well. 

g) Design

A file cabinet can function as a stylish piece of furniture while being a useful organizational tool. It's possible to find filing cabinets that match or add to your office or home decor. In addition, cabinets come in different colors, textures, and styles, affording you the versatility and flexibility of choice to find what suits you best.

h) Portability

Certain file cabinets are small enough to be carried by hand. However, if storing essential files, it's best to store them in a file cabinet that you can move around easily in case of an emergency. A larger file cabinet offers more space, but the downside is you can't move it around.

i) Additional Features

i) Hanging File Folders

The file cabinet you select should be able to accommodate hanging file folders to keep your documents organized.

ii) Castors

If looking to move your filing cabinet with ease, a unit with castors is vital. The feature allows you to transport the unit around your workspace, meaning you can roll it from one area to another without the need of heavy lifting.

iii) Handles

File cabinets feature a variety of handles, giving you multiple styles to choose from. For instance, you might prefer a file cabinet with discreet molded handles, or you could opt for one with stylish D-shaped handles. Regardless of your choice, it's best to ensure that you can easily pull open and push close each drawer section.

iv) Drawer labels

This is an essential feature when creating an organized filing system. It allows you to allocate a label to each compartment, making it easier to find things at a glance.

v) Scratch Resistance

A file cabinet that's scratch-resistant assures durability. This means that your unit can withstand the daily rigors of being used, be it as an office cabinet or home office file cabinet. Scratch-resistant filers usually have a rough, textured casing.

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