The most common use for a shovel is to dig, but that’s not all it can do. There are many other projects you may need one of these tools for. Find out what the best folding shovels on the market today should be able to handle in 2022 and beyond!

The “tactical shovel” is a must-have for anyone who needs to clean up the yard and dig in the garden. It’s lightweight, versatile, and easy to use.

Folding shovels have been more popular in recent years for a few simple reasons: they’re packed with tools, portable, and inexpensive.

Because these programs generally offer a number of capabilities, deciding which one would work best for you might be difficult. Pickaxes are included in some, fire starters in others, while whistles and serrated knife blades are included in others.

We’ve examined and broken down all of the top alternatives so you can understand which is the greatest folding shovel for your individual requirements.

Let’s begin with our overall favorite!

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Overall winner

Portable Harvet Shovel

Harvet’s portable shovel comes with a number of functions and is excellent for individuals who wish to utilize a folding shovel for a variety of jobs.

There are three height options on this shovel: 15, 22, and 28 inches. The shovel head may be rotated 45 degrees, 90 degrees, or 180 degrees, and the handle can be extended. You won’t have to worry about mobility with this one since the shovel can be disassembled and stored in the supplied bag.

A hammer, saw, knife, and screwdriver are among the extra functions included in the Harvet. Because the shovel head can be twisted at an angle, this shovel may also be used as a makeshift pick for digging at odd angles. This shovel is capable of a variety of tasks, although it isn’t very versatile. Continue reading if you want a large number of extra tools.

This tool’s product description offers a money-back guarantee, but neither Amazon nor the manufacturer’s website provide any details regarding how long the guarantee lasts or what it covers.

What We Enjoy:

  • Various height options
  • Can adjust the head’s angle to produce a pick
  • 4 more tools are supplied.
  • It is really good at what it does.

What We Don’t Care For:

  • There aren’t many tools offered.
  • We couldn’t discover any information on a money-back guarantee anywhere except in the product description.

If you’re searching for your first folding shovel, don’t have a specific feature in mind, or just want a decent overall selection, the Harvet shovel is a terrific option.

The Best Gardening Shovel

Shovel Rhino USA

If you’re searching for a tool that can serve as your best garden helper, Rhino USA’s shovel is an excellent choice.

When fully extended, this shovel is 23″ long, yet when compressed, it measures just 9″ x 6″. This shovel has a carrying case and weighs 2 pounds. The Rhino USA is simple to carry since it does not need to be broken down or divided into various sections.

Our shovel may not have as many functions as some of the others on this list, but it is a more specialized instrument. This shovel comes with a pick and may be used to construct a mattock for gardening by turning the shovel head at a 90-degree angle to the shaft.

The pick on this shovel is a really unusual feature, which is why we suggest it if you need to do some yard work.

If you don’t need any of the other features that other shovels have, this one is a wonderful value.

There is a Guaranteed for life provided.

What We Enjoy:

  • It is not necessary to separate the components.
  • The total weight of the item is 2 pounds.
  • The head may turn in any direction.
  • This shovel may be converted into a trowel for yard or specialty digging work with the addition of a pick.
  • Budget-friendly purchase
  • Guaranteed for life

What We Don’t Care For:

  • There aren’t many more features.

Overall, this is the shovel we suggest if you just need to perform a little yard work or are searching for the cheapest choice.

The choice with the greatest portability

Shovel Tabor Equipment

The Shovel Tabor Equipment eliminates all the excess and gives just a folding shovel, but it is a folding shovel that can be moved around, bought on a budget, and still perform better than some competitors.

When fully extended, the Tabor Equipment is just 19″ long and weighs 1.3 pounds. This shovel is lightweight and portable. You may chuck this shovel in confined spaces, stow it in your vehicle, or even carry it about in a larger-than-normal pocket without seeming like a lunatic.

This shovel trades functionality in exchange for its mobility. The shovel head has a serrated edge on one side, but anybody who has attempted to saw through wood with a shovel head knows that you may spend entire day sawing through a piece of wood that looks like a twig. You may cancel your gym membership since your acquired saw will meet all of your physical activity demands.

This shovel comes with no extra tools and comes with no guarantee. However, this is a really cost-effective purchase.

What We Enjoy:

  • The choice with the greatest portability
  • At a 90-degree angle to the shaft, the head may be folded.
  • Extremely cost-conscious

What We Don’t Care For:

  • Apart from a serrated edge, there are no further tools supplied.
  • No guarantee

The Shovel Tabor Equipment is the best pick if you’re looking for something to carry around without any trouble or want a shovel that is very lightweight.

All the Bells and Whistles is the best.

Folding Shovel Iunio

The Folding Shovel Iunio comes with so many features that MacGyver himself couldn’t think of anything else to do with it.

This shovel adjusts from 17″ to 35″ in height and weighs roughly 3.5 pounds when fully extended, making it the longest, biggest, and least portable on the list – but fear not, it still breaks down into individual components that fit into a single bag. Because of its size, this shovel is the most like a real shovel that is only used for digging, thus it’s a fantastic choice if you need to perform a lot of digging.

A hexagonal wrench, saw (included in the shovel head and separate knife), bottle opener, nail extractor, hoe, fish scaler tool, whistle, fire starter, pick, and knife are all included in the Iunio shovel. This does not include the bar extensions, which may be extended from 17 to 35 inches.

If you wish to use the tool as a mattock or dig from a strange posture, the head of this tool may stretch to numerous various angles.

This shovel comes loaded down with extra tools, but No guarantee is included. It will also set you back a few dollars more than other options on this list.

What We Enjoy:

  • Various height options
  • There are several tools included.
  • It comes with a pouch that you may attach to your belt.
  • Different angles may be formed by the head in relation to the shaft.

What We Don’t Care For:

This is the ideal option if you want a lot of tools in one package or if you know you’ll be performing a lot of hard digging. This shovel is an excellent choice for giving you some ground leverage since it can be extended to a full 3 feet.

Best Budget Purchase

Folding Dohiker Shovel

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, we recommend the Folding Dohiker Shovel.

This shovel may be adjusted to three different heights: 13, 19, and 25 inches. The head can be changed to 45, 90, or 180 degrees, and a pick is provided, so you can also use this shovel to build a mattock-style tool.

This shovel weighs 2 pounds and can be broken down into smaller pieces to fit into a bag. A fire starter, knife, saw, whistle, bottle opener, ruler, wrench, and other tools are contained in these individual components. Although there aren’t as many tools as some other alternatives (read: All the Bells and Whistles), this is the option with the most for the money.

It’s worth mentioning that this folding shovel does not contain the most tools of all of the alternatives we’ve looked at, nor is it the cheapest. We name it our best budget purchase since it comes with the most features for the money. It meets several requirements while being one of the more economical solutions.

Dohiker also offers a two-month money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty in case your tool fails.

What We Enjoy:

  • Height adjustments
  • The head may be rotated at an angle to the shaft.
  • There are several tools available.
  • Money-back guarantee for two months
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Here you get the most bang for your cash.

What We Don’t Care For:

  • It has fewer tools than the others.
  • Will leave you with a lighter wallet than the cheapest choices

If you want to receive as many features and tools as possible for the least amount of money, this is the tool we suggest. It’s an excellent choice for individuals looking to get the most bang for their cash.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Which features are most important to you?

As you can see, many foldable shovels come with a variety of equipment. To cut through tiny pieces of wood with certain shovels, a basic serrated blade is used. It’s a whole 16-piece set with extra shovels, which looks like it should be plenty to get you through the apocalypse.

“Can’t I simply dig with my foldable shovel?” you may wonder. “Do I really need all these gizmos and trinkets?”

Perhaps, but perhaps not.

It’s important pausing to examine exactly what you’re searching for. Do you merely want to dig a few holes using something compact and portable? If that’s the case, it wouldn’t hurt to check into one of the less cluttered choices.

Perhaps you want something that you can toss in a “go bag” and use for a variety of purposes while reducing space and weight – one of the more Bells and Whistles alternatives will fit the bill.

When it comes down to it, you must decide if you want one of the nicer all-in-one solutions or something a little more straightforward. We recommend that you take a breath, consider your goal, and don’t be scared to utilize your shovel just for digging.

A Word About Durability

Most of the shovels described above seem to be inferior to a “genuine” shovel; they don’t appear to be able to compete with a true, 5 foot tall, hefty metal-headed shovel.

However, this is not the case.

Despite their modest stature, the majority of the selections on our list can hold their own against their larger counterparts when it comes to lasting power. The shovels in this list were designed to last a long time.

All of the shovels we’ve looked at are built from high-quality carbon steel or stainless steel. These metals should keep your folding shovel rust-free and robust even when put to the test. Neither metal is particularly stronger than the other, but they will both help your shovel last a long time.

Because the grip is constructed of rubber, it is undoubtedly the weakest aspect of any of the shovels we’ve examined. In the worst-case scenario, excessive usage will cause your handle to wear down over time.

If you are worried about the durability of your product, take an extra look at the products with money-back guarantees or warranties. The Rhino USA folding shovel comes with a Guaranteed for life, meaning that if you break it at any point in your life, the company will replace it for you.

Each folding shovel should endure a long period for the majority of users and in the majority of conditions.

Questions Frequently Asked

Is there any shovel storage included?

Yes. All of the shovels we’ve looked at come with a pouch to store the shovel while it’s folded or broken down.

How do I open, fold, or break down my shovel?

The method is the same whether your shovel folds to its smallest size or can be built in many parts: loosen or tighten a hand screw (you won’t need anything other than your hands to accomplish this) and then operate the shovel as desired.

If your shovel is broken down into many components, each one will have a locking mechanism. It’s usually some kind of hand screw.

What is the total weight of the items and what is the size of the bags?

All of the shovels on our list have bags that are around 7-9″ x 6″. The heaviest shovel weights 3.5 pounds, while the smallest weighs just 1.3.

What is the steel kind and quality in these shovels?

Stainless steel or carbon steel are used in all of these shovels. The quality of each determines whether carbon steel or stainless steel is stronger, but be assured that all of the shovels on our list are constructed to endure.

Top Brands

Rhino USA

Rhino USA is a family-owned company run by a father and two sons. The Rhino USA staff is dedicated to assisting you in blazing your own path and allowing you to explore whenever and wherever you wish. They provide individual customer service and a lifetime warranty on all of their items.

Tabor Equipment

Tabor Equipment was founded in 1982 and with over decades of experience behind them, now wants to provide people with tools that can work as hard as you do. Their goal is to provide you with high-quality, durable tools that can help you to get your yard just how you like it.


Iunio is derived from the Latin word for “youth.” Iunio chose the name Iunio to represent a sense of entire well-being and a life well lived. Iunio is driven by a desire to provide high-quality goods to individuals who want to live their best lives. The most crucial thing about this firm is quality.


Dohiker was formed in 2016, but since then has developed a wide range of items to assist you in creating the yard of your dreams. Dohiker’s research & development department has a large number of workers that aim to make sure you receive more items for less money.


Thank you for taking the time to read our guide to the finest folding shovel! When it comes down to it, the greatest choice for you is the one that best meets your specific requirements.

It’s important considering what you want to do with your shovel. Do you just want to dig a few holes? Or are you seeking for a more all-in-one solution that will save you money over purchasing different instruments separately?

It’s also important thinking about the kind of holes you’d want to dig with your shovel. The longer the shovel’s maximum length, the simpler it will be to use when standing up, giving you complete leverage. If your shovel has a length adjustment, you may use it for chores such as digging little holes in the sand or in your garden, as well as digging post holes (but only if absolutely necessary). For this, we propose post hole diggers).

Our overall top pick is the Portable Harvet Shovel. It includes several tools, is packed with features, and won’t do too much damage to your wallet. If you’re looking for a feature-packed option, we recommend that you go with the Iunio. For the Best Budget Purchase, we recommend the Dohiker.

When everything is said and done, the greatest folding shovel for your needs will be one that can meet your requirements, deliver the features you like, and fall within your budget.

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