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In this list of top rated insoles for soccer cleats, we will look at some of the most important trends that have gone into making these amazing products..

The “best insoles for youth soccer cleats” is a blog post that discusses the best insoles to buy. The author of the article, Own The Yard, discusses what they believe are the top 3 best insoles for youth soccer cleats.

The majority of your motions as a soccer player will be with your feet. Soccer can be physically demanding, requiring rapid foot movements and lengthy durations of running. You could benefit from a decent insole if you have a lot of foot discomfort, particularly if you feel it even while you’re not playing. In this post, we’ll go over why you may require insoles and which ones are the ideal for soccer cleats, depending on your needs.


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Best-Insoles-for-Soccer-Cleats-2022-Own-The-Yard Currex CLEATPRO – Quick Stops, Tight Turns, More Control – Feel The Difference In Your Game Whether You Play Football, Soccer, Baseball, or Lacrosse.   SEARCH ON AMAZON
1647029212_359_Best-Insoles-for-Soccer-Cleats-2022-Own-The-Yard Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support Men & Women 1PAIR M   SEARCH ON AMAZON
Top1647029213_805_Best-Insoles-for-Soccer-Cleats-2022-Own-The-Yard Arch Support Insoles for Men and Women with Plantar Fasciitis is a kind of plantar fasciitis that affects the Flat Feet Foot – Running Athletic Gel Shoe Insoles – Orthotic insoles for Arch Pain High Arch – Boot Insoles   SEARCH ON AMAZON
1647029213_663_Best-Insoles-for-Soccer-Cleats-2022-Own-The-Yard Superfeet CARBON, Unisex, Gray, Medium/D: 8.5-10 Wmns/7.5-9 Mens, Thin and Strong Insoles for Pain Relief in Performance Athletic and Tight Casual Shoes,   SEARCH ON AMAZON
1647029214_129_Best-Insoles-for-Soccer-Cleats-2022-Own-The-Yard XXX-Large/15.5-17 Mens New Balance Sport High Impact Insole, Vibrant Yellow   SEARCH ON AMAZON

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Insoles for Soccer Cleats: Why Do You Need Them?

If you play soccer on a daily basis, you are aware of how taxing it can be on your feet. Your feet might get quite tired from evading the opponent, passing the ball, and kicking the ball into the goal.

There are a variety of conditions that might cause your feet to put forth additional effort, such as a high arch or Plantar Fasciitis is a kind of plantar fasciitis that affects the. You may enjoy a more comfortable game and play to your best ability by fixing these difficulties with a soccer cleat insole. Furthermore, selecting the ideal insoles for your soccer cleats will help you avoid injury in the future.

Biochemistry of the Foot

The study of how the feet move while walking, running, and other activities is known as foot biomechanics. You may get a variety of sports-related ailments if your foot biomechanics are bad. Soccer puts a lot of stress on your feet and legs since it requires a lot of rapid sprints and unexpected changes of direction. Poor biomechanics may raise the risk of injury and possibly impair sports performance.

Plantar Fasciitis is a kind of plantar fasciitis that affects the

Plantar Fasciitis is a kind of plantar fasciitis that affects the is a common cause of heel pain, which causes inflammation on the bottom of your feet. Any activity that includes a lot of foot movement can put you at risk for having Plantar Fasciitis is a kind of plantar fasciitis that affects the, and soccer is no exception. Having an insole can give some cushion on your feet when you push off the ground during demanding soccer moves.

Foot Pain with a High Arch

While high arches on your feet may not necessarily cause discomfort, they can if you spend a lot of time on your feet. High arches make it difficult to locate shoes that match your feet’s contours, putting extra strain on your arch while performing explosive foot motions. An insole may assist fill up the gaps so your foot can rest on stable ground.

How to Pick the Best Soccer Cleat Insoles

When you buy a new pair of low-cost soccer cleats, they usually come with a generic insert that provides just limited support. Replacing them with a firm, supportive arch support will assist to minimize inflammation, allowing you to perform at your best without pain.

Examine how well your cleats fit.

Take note of how nicely your cleats fit when you try them on. If they’re comfortable, look for an insole with a comparable thickness to the generic one. If they’re too tight, you may replace them with a thinner insole, and if they’re too loose, you can enhance your fit by adding thicker insoles.

The insoles of certain soccer cleats are securely bonded to the inside of the shoe. You may still pry up beneath the centre of the arch to remove the thin insert layer in this scenario. You should be able to quickly remove it, which will offer you more room to insert a nicer, more supportive insole.

Selecting the Correct Arch Support

If you have high arches, more arch support in the cleats will assist prevent your feet from wandering about. Even if your foot arches are ordinary, adding insoles with little additional arch support might give your cleats a bit more cushion. To prevent your feet from moving around too much, you want a somewhat tight fit. Blisters are more common in loose-fitting cleats than in tight-fitting shoes.

Making the Most of Your Insoles and Cleats

Although investing in a decent pair of insoles will help your feet feel better and your insoles last longer, there are a few other things you can do to keep your feet feeling good and your insoles lasting longer.

Make sure you have “the correct shoe” in the first place before picking an insole. While insoles may significantly improve the comfort of your cleats, they cannot compensate for ill-fitting shoes.

Not only should you maintain your soccer cleats clean to avoid smells and bacterial development, but you should also keep your insoles clean to extend the life of your shoes. There are a variety of methods to clean insoles, but a regular old soap and water should suffice.

CLEATPRO by Currex


CURREX CLEATPRO – Quick Stops, Tight Turns, More Control & Super Grip – Football, Soccer, Baseball or Lacrosse

  • COMFORT: Significantly enhances foot comfort over flat sock liner in cleats/boots.
  • INJURY PREVENTION: Designed to reduce foot pressure & fatigue, improve performance & prevent injuries by reducing stress on joints, ligaments & tendons, the cause of many injuries in the foot, knee & hips
  • ANTISLIP: The revolutionary NEO TOUCH grip technology prevents slipping.
  • STABILITY: Fills void between foot & flat shoe liner creating close to full foot contact for increased stability
  • CUSTOMIZATION: A dynamic arch is built into the regular flat cleat. Blue = HIGH, Orange = MED, and Red = LOW? Color is determined by your foot type!

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It’s critical to choose an insole that can accommodate your individual foot type while shopping for insoles. The Currex CLEATPRO insoles are wonderful since they come in a variety of sizes and three arch profiles, allowing you to achieve an unique fit for your feet.

Soccer players must have complete control of their feet, and the last thing you should be concerned about during the game is your shoes slipping or shifting. The NEO Touch SuperGrip anti-slip technology in these insoles keeps your foot steady so you can feel in command on the field.

When it comes to footwear, a tight fit is essential for playing your best soccer game. The CLEATPRO insoles bridge the gap between your foot and the basic flat shoe lining, enhancing your running stability. By minimizing stress on your joints, ligaments, and tendons, these comfy insoles are meant to relieve foot pressure, increase performance, and avoid injuries.

These insoles are an excellent choice for a pleasant and useful liner.

What We Enjoy About It

  • Even when worn for lengthy periods of time, it is comfortable.
  • For a better fit, use NEO. Touch SuperGrip anti-slip technology.
  • Can help you perform better by reducing foot pressure.

2. Full-length Physix Gear Sport orthotic inserts with arch support



Arch Support Insoles Men & Women by Physix Gear Sport – Orthotic Inserts for Plantar Fasciitis is a kind of plantar fasciitis that affects the Relief, Flat Foot, High Arches, Shin Splints, Heel Spurs, Sore Feet, Overpronation (1 Pair, Medium)

  • ✅ STEADY ARCH SUPPORT: Physix high arch insoles are designed to be the best shoe inserts men & women need as a soothing solution for Flat Feet, Runner’s Knee, Overpronation, Shin Splints, & Achilles Tendonitis. These Plantar Fasciitis is a kind of plantar fasciitis that affects the insoles relieve Metatarsal Arch & Heel Aches, Metatarsalgia (Ball of Foot Pain), Patellofemoral Syndrome (Knee Pain), & Low Back Pain!
  • ✅ LOW PROFILE, LIGHTWEIGHT, ULTRA THIN SOLES: Physix flat foot orthopedic insoles are more supportive than thick cushion insoles and won’t alter the way your shoe fits. Our Plantar Fasciitis is a kind of plantar fasciitis that affects the inserts allow more room in the toe box to ensure comfy fit in most shoe types: boots, booties, slippers, dress shoes, running shoes, sneakers.
  • ✅ ERGONOMIC, NON SLIP DESIGN: Physix orthotic insoles are meticulously designed to reduce pain & discomfort, with semi-rigid arch support & heel cup for added support & stability while on the go. Plus each shoe insole has a non-slip heel to hold the insert securely in place throughout the day!
  • ✅ SUPERIOR MATERIALS: Physix inserts are the best shoe insoles men & women love! Dual Base Layered High-Performance EVA foam & PU material helps correct abnormal walking patterns, relieves metatarsalgia, heel spurs, & knee pain.
  • ✅ DEEP HEEL CRADLE FOR STABILITY ensures your feet get the best tender loving care they deserve, use after use. Ideal as overpronation insoles and perfect for improving performance & physical activity.

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The ergonomic design of the Physix Gear Sport insoles was created to balance the force structure of your foot, giving a solution for people suffering from a variety of foot problems.

These orthotic inserts are made of medical-grade EVA foam and provide a soft yet supportive base for walking and running. The shock absorption not only relieves foot discomfort, but it also helps to minimize tiredness in the ankles and legs. The less tired your legs and feet are, the more power you’ll have in the game.

These were created to offer you with arch support and assistance for healthy foot posture. The non-slip heel will keep the insole in place throughout a game, preventing slippage.

What We Enjoy About It

  • Excellent stability thanks to the deep heel cradle.
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Medical-grade EVA foam with high performance.

3. Carbon Insoles from Superfeet


Carbon Pain Relief Superfeet Gray, 7.5-9 Men / 8.5-10 Women’s Strong and Thin Insoles for Performance Athletic and Tight Casual Shoes

  • Low-profile, low-volume full-length fit For optimal support, Superfeet insoles are intended to match the length and breadth of your shoe; just cut our arch-support inserts to fit your shoes.
  • Stabilizer Cap Made of Carbon Fiber: The stabilizer cap on our orthotic sole inserts is made of EVOLYTE, a patented carbon fiber and polymer combination that gives structure and support.
  • Our orthotic insoles with structural heel cups for heel discomfort assist stabilize and support the foot while positioning the heel to absorb impact naturally.
  • Comfortable Our ultra-thin shoe insert blends the strength of carbon fiber with the lightness of foam to give exceptional performance in moderate to slim-fitting sporting footwear.
  • Our men’s and women’s shoe insoles have a renowned low-profile orthotic form that is known worldwide for offering a supportive, energetic base.

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The Superfeet Carbon Insoles were designed to alleviate foot pressure and pain from issues such as Plantar Fasciitis is a kind of plantar fasciitis that affects the, heel spurs, flat feet, ball of foot pain, etc.

You can anticipate them to make your shoes feel exceptionally comfortable, even for the toughest of players, thanks to the dual-layer foam. These insoles are designed to cradle your heel and cushion impact so you can maneuver about the field with confidence.

The odor-controlling organic coating kills microorganisms that cause odors, keeping your cleats fresher for longer – even if you play a high-intensity game. These also contain foam openings beneath the midfoot and forefoot to let the lining breathe better.

This insole’s low profile thin shape makes it ideal for replacing the generic liner that comes with your cleats to give them a better, more comfortable, and lasting fit. They’re available in a range of sizes for both men and women, so you’re likely to find one that fits.

What We Enjoy About It

  • The heel cup is designed to support and absorb impact.
  • Thinly crafted to fit snugly within cleats.
  • Have an anti-odor coating
  • Breathability is improved via perforations.

4. New Balance Sport Insole with High Impact


15.5-17 Men US New Balance unisex adult Sport High Impact Insole, Vibrant Yellow

  • Athletic Shoe Inserts: Our athletic insoles for men and women are specifically created for athletes and give long-lasting comfort and support.
  • High-Impact Support: A bouncy underfoot sensation and enhanced protection during high-impact exercises are provided by forefoot cushioning. The heel is cradled by sculpted heel cups, which aid with shock absorption.
  • Our men’s and women’s high-arch insoles are intended to replace detachable factory insoles in sports footwear and training shoes.
  • Moisture-wicking: By wicking away moisture, our orthotic insoles for women and men are designed to regulate odor and reduce friction.
  • Our men’s and women’s shoe insoles have a renowned orthotic form that is known across the globe for offering a supportive, energetic base.

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New Balance is well-known for their athletic footwear, so it’s no surprise that their insoles made our list. They know what they’re doing when it comes to athletic footwear.

These insoles were created with athletes in mind to provide a long-lasting, sturdy, and comfortable support liner for sports shoes. The New Balance Sport High Impact Insole was designed to replace the original liners that came with your cleats.

When you use them, you’ll notice more cushioning in all of the places where you need it most. The forefoot is cushioned for a bouncy sensation, while the contoured heel cup cradles the heel for further protection.

The moisture-wicking construction keeps your cleats fresher for longer.

What We Enjoy About It

  • Designed specifically for athletes
  • Extra support and stability thanks to the sculpted heel cup
  • Moisture-wicking construction

5. Men’s ATHLETE Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert by Sof Sole


Blue Sof Sole Men’s 11-12.5 Insert

  • Ideal for walking, jogging, cross training, and casual usage, performance orthotic insoles increase the comfort and fit of men’s footwear.
  • Inserts made to fit in casual and sports footwear; contoured neutral arch is ideal for most foot types.
  • Comfort is provided by lightweight cushioning and gel patches in the heel and forefoot.
  • The Hydrologix moisture-wicking treatment keeps feet dry while also controlling temperature.

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The Sof Sole Men’s ATHLETE Performance Insoles will provide your cleats an extra layer of comfort and support. Gel padding in the heel and forefoot provide added comfort in the regions of your feet that get the greatest impact.

You’ll get a tight fit without the bulk when you replace the generic insoles in your cleats with these lightweight insoles. The inserts have a curved arch shape that fits most foot types nicely.

These insoles include a Moisture-wicking hydrologic treatment that assists with odor and temperature control. Even after a tough game, this guarantees cooler and dryer feet for soccer players.

The Sof Sole Insoles are a wonderful choice for comfort, durability, and maximum moisture control.

What We Enjoy About It

  • Gel padding in the heel and forefoot provide further comfort.
  • Generic insoles are lightweight and easy to replace.
  • Moisture-wicking hydrologic treatment

Type 3 (High Arch) FootScientific Arches Orthotic Shoe Insoles

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This insole from FootScientific is recommended for soccer players with high arches. This insole is a type 3, which means it’s designed for those with high arches. They conform to your arches to keep them aligned, cushion stress, and assist avoid discomfort and damage in those with high arches.

The heel-stabilizing padded foam aids in heel stability, providing athletes with both support and comfort. These insoles also include an EVA foam comfort layer for increased comfort on your feet. Every stride, pass, and kick you take on the pitch will feel supported by these insoles.

These insoles have an aegis micro-shield coating that helps to prevent smells from perspiration and moisture buildup. Because of the coating, there will be no sweat stain discolouration or staining on these insoles.

What We Enjoy About It

  • Designed for high-arched athletes.
  • Padded foam that stabilizes the heel for enhanced stability and support
  • Aegis micro-shield layer keeps odors at bay.

7. Plantar Fasciitis is a kind of plantar fasciitis that affects the Arch Support Insoles for Men and Women Shoe Inserts

No items were found.

If you struggle with Plantar Fasciitis is a kind of plantar fasciitis that affects the, these insoles can help provide some relief from the pain associated with this common issue. When using these, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds rather than a soccer field.

These insoles are highly recommended by podiatrists and are designed to provide just the right amount of arch support. Keep in mind that if your foot isn’t acclimated to arch support, you may have some pain for up to a week until it goes away. To assist your feet adjust to the insoles, start by wearing them for a few hours each day until they are comfortable.

One of the best aspects about these insoles is how adaptable they are. After you’ve decided on a size, you may fine-tune your orthotics by cutting them using their guidance. You’ll feel as though you’re wearing a custom-crafted insole built just for your feet.

They include anti-pronation biomechanical reinforcement technology, which is a fancy way of saying that these insoles will provide excellent arch support. The built-in heel support and deep heel cradle assist to maintain the foot bone upright, providing you ideal stability and balance.

With TPU in the arch support and a memory foam foundation, your feet will be both comfy and feel like they’re standing on solid ground.

What We Enjoy About It

  • Plantar fasciitis relief is a kind of plantar fasciitis that affects the
  • Supportive arch
  • Adaptable to a variety of foot sizes
  • A deep heel cradle is included.

Full-Length Athletic Orthotic Soccer Cleat Insoles by Footlogics


Heel Pain, Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia), Flat Feet – Football, Pair of Footlogics Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles with Arch Support (Medium)

  • SPORTS INSOLE WITH AMAZING SUPPORT – Footlogics orthotic shoe insoles provide cushion and support and are medically certified. This football pair is made to suit both soccer and football footwear.
  • FULL-LENGTH WITH ARCH SUPPORT – These full-length insoles fit comfortably in your boots, with a deep heel cup, built-in metatarsal lift, and powerful arch support. If necessary, they may be cut to size using scissors.
  • COMFORT AND VERSATILITY – Fits soccer and gridiron boots, as well as athletic shoes for jogging or basketball, providing added comfort and support while staying in shape or participating in sports.
  • Footlogics football insoles were created by Australian podiatrists to give treatment from heel and ball of foot discomfort, over-pronation, and other foot ailments.
  • DURABLE, CUSHIONING P.U. featuring a hard plastic T.P.U. outer shell and shock-absorbing forefoot and Gel heel padding. For a breakdown of available sizes, see our sizing chart below.

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The Footlogics Full-Length Athletic Orthotic Soccer Cleat Insoles are one of our favorites since they were designed with soccer players in mind. The medical-grade insoles were developed to relieve pressure on your feet.

These orthotics were created by podiatrists to aid with typical foot problems including heel pain and ball of foot discomfort. Overpronation, flat feet, and falling arches are also addressed.

When it comes to treating your foot problems, you want to make sure you get an orthotic made of high-quality materials, which Footlogics does. Footlogics are TGA-approved, provide good arch support, and are constructed of cushioned PU, a hard plastic TPU outer shell, and shock-absorbing forefoot and Gel heel padding.

Overall, most soccer players will find these insoles to be an excellent choice.

What We Enjoy About It

  • Specifically designed for soccer cleats
  • TGA-approved
  • Arch support is strong.
  • Made from high-grade materials

Final Thoughts

Using an insole may assist provide your feet greater stability and comfort throughout your games, whether you have a particular foot pain condition or simply got a new set of cleats. Many soccer players may have foot pressure if they play the game often, and utilizing an insole can assist not just with a current ailment, but also avoid future discomfort, pressure, and damage. The finest insoles for soccer cleats are mostly determined by how much arch support you need and the current fit of your shoe.

dr scholl’s for soccer cleats” is a shoe that is made of the highest quality materials. It is designed with the best technology and offers the most comfortable experience on your feet. The company has been in business since 1892, so they have plenty of experience to back up their products.

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