Here are some of the best guns to use in laser tag games in 2022. Specifications vary depending on your particular preference, so check out these suggestions and see what works for you!

The “best professional laser tag guns” is a term that refers to the best guns for scoring hits and ramping up the action. These are usually high-quality, durable, and reliable weapons that can be used in any environment.

Consider it a combination of Star Trek and a beloved childhood game with a high-tech twist. It’s like stepping into the set of a reality-based computer game, only you’re the one being hunted. You’ll want to hunt for the finest laser tag weapons to spice up the action if you want to have the most fun.

Our guide will walk you through the process of selecting the best product for your gaming style. We’ll go through the characteristics to look for as well as some pointers on how to get the maximum hits. Whether you want a basic model or one with all the newest features, you’ll find lots of possibilities.


1. Infrared Laser Tag Game by Kidzlane


Kidzlane Indoor and Outdoor Infrared Laser Tag Game – Set of 2 Red / Blue – Infrared Laser Guns 0.9mW infrared

  • 4 TEAM MODES – Choose one of the four teams, each of which is designated by a light color: Red, White, Green, or Blue.
  • – 4 GUN MODES Choose from four different weapons types: pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, or rocket.
  • REALISTIC — Shooting noises that are realistic, with separate sounds for each gun mode (Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine, and Rocket)
  • FUN & ACTION ✨– Lights up and vibrates when shooting or hit, different life bars and available shots for each gun mode.
  • OUTDOORS & INDOORS ✨–a striking distance of approximately 130 Feet makes it a great outdoor or indoor activity – Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Uses Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission 0.9mW

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The Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game’s corporate name tells it all. It succeeds as a family-friendly product with the kind of attention to detail that we like. You may play in four-person teams with brilliantly colored firearms. Each side may have an unlimited number of players. Players do not need to wear vests since they have an integrated target.

With a range of up to 130 feet, the Range of Fire is adequate. There are four game types to choose from: pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket. Each one is distinguished by distinct noises and movements. Each cannon is 11.8 inches long, 6.8 inches wide, and 4.1 inches tall, weighing slightly over a pound. They need AA batteries, which adds to the weight significantly.


  • The power output is 0.9mW, which is comfortably under FDA guidelines.
  • The item is reasonably priced.
  • The firearms are of high quality.


  • The sound effects cannot be turned off.

2. Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests from ArmoGear



ArmoGear Laser Tag – Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set of 4 – Multi Player Lazer Tag Set for Kids Toy for Teen Boys & Girls – Outdoor Game for Kids, Adults and Family – Ages 8+

  • ORIGINAL LAZER TAG GAME With the ArmoGear laser tag blaster set, the most sophisticated set of laser tag blasters available, you can turn your house or garden into a laser tag battleground! No other laser tag set offers actual TARGET VESTS, INVISIBILITY MODE, NIGHT VISION FLASHLIGHT, VOICE-GUIDED DIRECTIONS, or a Range of Fire of 150 feet!
  • MULTI-AMMO, MULTI-PLAYER This exciting duel may include up to four teams! To blast your attacker and proclaim victory, switch between the distinct capabilities of the PISTOL, SHOTGUN, MACHINE GUN, and ROCKET. These laser blasters are intended to fit comfortably in your hand, especially for little children. 100% SAFE, thanks to the use of child-safe infrared emission.
  • ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Tactile sensations and realistic gunshot noises provide an immersive gaming experience that will keep toddlers and adults away from their screens! With a fun family laser tag tournament on holidays, snow days, or birthday celebrations, you can have a blast and make lasting memories! It’s the PERFECT GIFT IDEA for children of all ages!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & CHILD SAFETY 🔥 The ArmoGear laser blasters for kids are made according to the highest manufacturing standards for a top-quality, long-lasting toy. LITHIUM RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES are NOT included for child safety, each blaster uses 3 AAA batteries and each vest uses 3 AAA batteries. (set of 4 totals to 24 AAA batteries, batteries not included)
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE FOR CUSTOMERS We go above and above to assure your complete satisfaction with this product by providing a FULL money-back guarantee! Please contact us if you have any questions or reservations about your purchase, and we will gladly return your money.

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The ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests offer several features that justify their increased price. Four firearms and vests are included in the package. A 150-foot Range of Fire is available. To add variety to the gameplay, there is a night-vision flashlight, voice guidance, and an invisibility option. Like the previous model, it features four gun settings. It also has a respectable 0.9mW emission rate.

The firearms are attractively colored and have easy-to-use controls. The audio is realistic and audible. The precision of the shots, however, isn’t great, particularly while playing inside. However, without the indoor-cheat effect, you’ll probably find games more pleasurable outdoors.


  • The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee on their goods.
  • The added elements add to the fun of the game.
  • The firearms are simple to use.


  • Both the pistols and the vests need batteries, therefore each round of play will take 24 AAA batteries.

3. Phoenix LTX Tagger from Nerf


2-Pack Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger (Amazon Exclusive)

  • This variant comes in a plain brown box.
  • Battle in furious real-life laser combat with a complete 2-player system.
  • Two Phoenix LTX taggers compete in a thrilling, action-packed match.
  • Taggers use lights, noises, and sensations to record hits.
  • 2 Phoenix LTX taggers are provided; 12 “AA” batteries are required (not included)

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The Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger raises the bar on realism by including not just noises but also sensation and recoil while shooting the pistol. For older children and teens who wish to step up their game, this is a wonderful option. The weapon measures 17.5 inches by 13 inches by 4 inches, which is bigger than several similar weapons. However, without the six needed batteries, each one weighs slightly over a pound.

The Range of Fire is roughly 120 feet long and has good accuracy. With these weaponry, there is no way to cheat the system. While they are pricey, they are well-made, but with a childish appearance. Multiplayer options are available to spice up the action. It’s worth noting that this product does not accept returns unless you contact the maker directly.


  • The thrilling gameplay is based on realism.
  • The shot that protects against force fields is a wonderful feature.
  • The product complies with all applicable safety regulations.


  • They may be too bulky for certain players.

4. Laser Tag Toy Guns from USA Toyz


Laser Tag Toy Guns for Boys and Girls – 4 Pack by USA Toyz Multiplayer Shooting Game Lazer Tag Set for Kids and Adults with 4 Laser Tag Guns

  • LAZER TAG TOY GUNS FOR 4 PLAYERS: These toy weapons for youngsters with gun target technology in each laser gun need no vests; blasters feature Life Meter, Team Selector, and Grip Reload.
  • LONG RANGE LASER TAG SET: Play multiplayer laser tag games throughout the neighborhood with these toy weapons’ 130-foot range; infrared lasers emit less than 1mW, making them kid-safe.
  • Laser tag weapons for kids come with four different firing modes: toy pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket launcher. Use all four modes for indoor or outdoor laser tag fun.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Have fun playing laser tag with your family and friends; these laser tag kits are great for kids aged 6 and up; each child toy pistol takes four AA batteries.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: Have a blast with your laser tag kit! If you’re not happy with your laser tag set for kids and adults, we’ll give you a complete refund.

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The USA Toyz Laser Tag Toy Guns are well-made and add to the fun of the game. Instead of AAA batteries, they employ lithium-ion batteries, which are lighter and simpler to handle. With noises, lights, and sensations, each shot is packed with activity. Extra indications for team selection, life, and grip reload are also included.

The firearms are more stylish than other similar ones we’ve seen. They each weigh less than a pound and measure 17.7 inches by 11.3 inches by 4.7 inches. We particularly enjoy the muted color design, which makes them seem less like a toy. With a power output of less than 1mW, they are suitable for children. Customer service is excellent, with assistance accessible around the clock.


  • For powering the firearms, lithium-ion batteries are a superior option.
  • It is not necessary to wear a vest to utilize them.
  • With your purchase, the vendor gives a money-back guarantee.


  • The precision might be improved.

5. TOYS OF DYNASTY Laser Tag Set for Families



Indoor Outdoor Multiplayer Toy Guns Battle Blasters Mega Pack with Carrying Case by Liberty Imports Infrared Laser Tag 4 Players Game Set for Kids

  • Extreme 4-Player Laser Tag Set – Play on the same team or in a 1v1v1v1 Free-For-All Battle with FOUR distinct Team Settings. Players are unrestricted! The more blasters you have, the more people you can invite to participate!
  • Choose from four different weapon settings – pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher – and annihilate the opposition! Each setting is accompanied by ultra-realistic gunshot noises for a thrilling game!
  • No vest is necessary! The blaster is the intended victim! Choose from the Blue, Orange, Green, or White Teams and start the brutal warfare!
  • Long Range Sensor – An infrared receiver monitors and records strikes from up to 132 feet (40 meters) away. While firing, these Laser Blasters light up and vibrate, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the action!
  • This toy complies with ASTM F963-16 and is a certified class 1 laser toy product, safe for children of all ages, with a Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission of less than 1mW.

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The TOYS OF DYNASTY Family Games Laser Tag Set is another high-quality offering from a firm that prioritizes the safety and design of its goods for children. A carrying case is included with the two-gun set for simple travel and storage. Each pistol uses four AA batteries, which is standard practice. The dimensions are 14.6 inches by 11.3 inches by 4.4 inches, which is somewhat smaller. They each weigh nearly 1.5 pounds.

These guns, like the other models we looked at, have a power output of less than 1mW. We appreciated the manufacturer’s additional effort in having it validated by a third-party tester. To create your teams, you may purchase them in two or four packs. You may also add as many players as you like. We enjoyed how the pistol continued to fire until the maximum number of bullets was reached.


  • A carrying case is included with the package.
  • Even while playing, you may adjust the settings.
  • The gun mode alters the sound effects.


  • The weapons don’t feel as solid as some of the other brands we tested.

Things to Think About When Buying Laser Tag Guns

When you first start looking for the best laser tag guns, you’ll probably feel overwhelmed. There are so many options to pick from! While it may seem to be a children’s game, scanning the available items reveals that it is also enjoyed by older children and even adults. As a result, the first thing you should consider is the consumers’ ages.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with your laser rifle. The more it does, the more you’ll have to pay. Consider the following features:

  • Infrared Radiation
  • Range of Fire
  • Gameplay Styles
  • User Preferences

Each one will be discussed in depth.

Infrared Radiation

We’ll discuss this feature first since the safety of the laser gun hinges on this spec. The concern rests with the Infrared Radiation. These products emit this type of light wave in a narrow beam in the familiar red color that you may associate with pointers. Instead of touching someone, you “tag” them with the light.

The beam and its concentrated output are the red flags.

If someone stares straight into the light, they may become momentarily blind or permanently injured. That explains the FDA’s participation. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that youngsters may use the laser weapons carelessly during a game. Only purchase goods with an IEC Class I designation that emit no more than 5mW, ideally less, particularly if they will be used by youngsters.

Range of Fire

You’ll see this spec in the product description because, frankly, it’s a major selling point. Usually, they run 100 feet or more. It certainly adds to the fun, depending on the venue in which you play. If you’re playing indoors, a large Range of Fire won’t bring a lot more to your gameplay. If you’re outdoors, that’s another story. Most product descriptions will include this spec.

If you’re unsure, we recommend measuring it and creating a frame of reference to give you an advantage while playing laser tag. Knowing what to anticipate from your gun can enhance your hit rate.

Gameplay Style

Each product has its own set of game modes. They look like something out of a video game. The amount of preloaded shots and the power load are usually involved. In the midst of battle, the more laser guns you posses, the more choices you have. If you’re serious about laser tag, having additional weaponry at your disposal is a must.

Once the game is started, certain laser tag weapons won’t allow you adjust the settings. If functionality is important to your gaming, be sure to check it out.

User Preferences

This feature category provides a plethora of customizable options. Night vision may be included in certain devices, which is an excellent feature. Others offer realistic sound effects that may add to the thrill. There will be firearms with various colored LEDs and sensors. Many of these choices are just window decoration to fit the laser gun’s motion with the desired experience.

Remember that many goods do not allow you to disable these effects. However, the gun mode will most likely cause the noises and lights to alter.


If you play for lengthy periods of time, ergonomic design is a gift. If the handle has rough edges, you’ll likely grasp it firmly, which might cause hotspots or blisters. That’s typically the difference between a low-cost item and one in a higher-end category. And if you like something more sinister or realistic, here is where you should concentrate your efforts.

The majority of the items we looked at resembled a toy more than a genuine gun. You may, however, discover ones that are less garish and more in line with your gaming style.

The Top Three Brands


TOYS OF DYNASTY is an Illinois-based company that is all about making entertaining and safe toys for kids. One of its hallmarks is the creativity that goes into its products, making them fun for parents too.


Laser weapons and accessories are ArmoGear’s specialty. The firm seeks to provide high-quality goods that engage children in safe play while also teaching them life skills.


Kidzlane makes toys for kids of all ages that are both entertaining and educational. “Quality above quantity” is their motto. By the way, the company’s tagline is “Where enjoyment never stops.”

Questions Frequently Asked

Q: Which laser tag gun is the best to buy?

A: The best laser tag gun complements your gaming style with the features you want, such as an adequate Range of Fire. Most models are affordable, whether you’re buying weapons for yourself or multiple players. If you play it a lot, you can justify paying a bit more. We’d suggest focusing on the options that provide a good balance between gameplay and cost.

Q: Is it possible to play laser tag with two people?

A: Yes, technically speaking. Two youngsters chasing each other around the house or in the backyard will most likely have a good time. If you go to a gaming facility, though, you’ll very certainly be placed in a group with other players, particularly if there are just one or two arenas. It’s a chance for your children to meet new people while also learning teamwork skills.

Is laser tag a safe game?

A: This is a question with two sides. The gun is arguably the most important factor. Because of the risk of eye damage if these goods are used inappropriately, the FDA regulates them. As previously said, the danger is real. The gameplay is covered in the second section. Consider the following situation. It’s dark. The players are all over the place, giddy with anticipation. Tripping risks and other dangers abound.

Finally, playing laser tag using FDA-approved equipment is safe as long as participants are alert of their surroundings to prevent falls and accidents.

Conclusions on the Best Laser Tag Guns

Playing laser tag elevates your gaming experience by adding excitement and the exhilaration of being right in the middle of the action—literally! With realistic noises and other elements that immerse you in the moment, the finest laser tag guns make your gaming even more entertaining. It’s also a great way to get some exercise while playing your favorite game. You won’t even realize you’re exercising.

The “professional laser tag equipment for home use” is a common type of gun that can be used in a variety of settings. It has been designed to make scoring hits and ramping up the action easier than ever.

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