The rifle is the most important tool needed to play paintball. The best long range guns have a length of at least 17 inches, an effective range of 100 yards or more and can be used reliably in cold weather conditions. Paintballers should find a gun that has all these features and comes with few drawbacks such as gas consumption, noise level or weight.

The “best long range paintball barrel” is a gun that can shoot up to 400 meters. It is designed for experienced paintballers in 2022.

A sniper generally uses the finest long-range paintball weapons. The quality of your game will be determined by how well you find one.

If you want to be a great sniper for your squad, you’ll need the greatest long-range paintball pistol on the market. We conducted considerable study and identified numerous excellent solutions to help you make the best selection possible.


Tactical Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun

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Tippmann is one of the highest-quality firearms on the market. The Cronus Tactical is designed for intermediate to advanced paintball players. Two reasons are that it is very accurate, simple to use, and dependable.

The biggest drawback is that it weighs 3.7 pounds, indicating that it is a more expensive weapon. On the other hand, it is quite sturdy, so even a novice will not be able to shatter it. To disassemble, clean, and reassemble the Cronus Tactical, no professional is required.

There’s also an internal gas line and a high-quality in-line bolt system. Instead of leaving the line exposed, relocate it within the gun for a better grip and a more pleasant feel.

What We Liked

  • Doesn’t put a dent on your wallet
  • Internal body that is ammo friendly
  • Beginner-friendly

What We Didn’t Enjoy

  • Add-ons are ineffective.
  • Only a beginner’s paintball gun

2. Empire Sniper Pump Marker with Barrel Kit for Paintball Guns

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This is a true sniper paintball gun fit for a competition. It’s a high-quality pump gun based on the famous WGP sniper design. One of the gun’s benefits is that it may be used as a high-performance sniper at a fraction of the price of other long-range paintball guns.

It’s designed for folks who are just getting started with real-world gaming. The sniper was designed from the ground up to provide you with exceptional performance. Another benefit of the pistol is that it is made of aluminum. This means it’s a wonderful paintball gun to use on the field, and it’s also quite light.

In terms of efficiency, the gun discharges paintballs at a rapid pace. It’s also quite simple to use. It’s what you’d call a plug-and-play pistol.

Maintain the pistol to guarantee it lasts a long time. Maintenance is simple. To keep the pistol in good working order, you should oil the regulator on a regular basis.

What We Liked

  • Paintballs are saved.
  • It’s ready to use right away.
  • Feature of automatic triggering
  • Smooth shooting ability
  • Exceptionally quiet

What We Didn’t Enjoy

  • Upgrades aren’t available.
  • Only comes with a three-piece barrel kit.

Paintball Marker Gun Tippman Cronus Player Package


Paintball Marker Gun Tippmann Cronus Player Package

  • Cronus Tippmann Paintball Marker 68 Caliber Package
  • In a milsim body, the Cronus combines outstanding performance with exceptional durability.
  • GenX Stealth Anti Fog Paintball Mask is included in the kit.
  • Maddog 20 Oz. CO2 tank, 200 Round Gravity Fed Loader (Shipped Empty)
  • (6) Standard 140 Round Paintball Pods with 6+1 Paintball Harness

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Because of its longevity, dependability, cheap maintenance, and good performance, this is one of the most popular paintball guns. It was created with the intention of being used by a paintball sniper. It has molded rubber grips and is exceptionally light as a result.

The inclusion of an internal gas line improves control while increasing mobility. For quick and simple customizing, four Pica tinny rails are supplied. It also comes with a high-impact composite body.

Paintball mask goggles are included in this bundle. A quick-release mechanism, as well as a strap and visor, are included.

What We Liked

  • Paintballs are not chopped.
  • Marker with upgradeability
  • High-accuracy
  • Grip is really pleasant.

What We Didn’t Enjoy

  • Squeegee for huge barrels
  • The tanks go dry.

4. T15 Paintball Marker Paintball Gun by First Strike


T15 FS First Strike

  • Cast aluminum construction in two pieces
  • AR Rifle with 1-to-1 Design
  • & First Strike Caliber 68
  • Hand Guard for Quad Picatinny Rails in Aluminum
  • Tank/Stock Combo 13/3000psi

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The T15 resembles a genuine AR-15 rifle in appearance. The paintball gun is also the same weight as a genuine AR-15. When you play with the T15, you will feel as though you are using a real gun with real ammunition.

Another excellent aspect is that it is adaptable. To make the marker as practical as feasible, you may add genuine steel or airsoft pieces.

The magazine can carry 19 bullets, plenty for a paintball sniper. A hopper is available that allows you to swap if you want to adjust your playing approach.

The dual-feed mechanism is one of the features that distinguishes this paintball pistol. It implies that you have the option of choosing between a hopper and a magazine.

The marker’s distance may be increased to 360 fps without the need to change or adjust the marker. To get the controls and speeds down, you’ll need to try the weapon multiple times.

What We Liked

  • A system with two feeds
  • Charging handle that works
  • 19 to 20 magazines with continuous feed initial strike
  • Aluminum tank 13 CI 3,000 psi
  • Fixed movable sites

What We Didn’t Enjoy

  • For the best results, the velocity must be adjusted.

Tippmann A-5 Sniper Paintball Gun with Red Dot is number five.

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It comes with a hopper that allows you to fire quickly as needed. The gun has a 16-inch barrel, an adjustable stock, and a red dot.

Tippmann A-5 is built entirely of die-cast aluminum. As a consequence, it is a tough gun that is unlikely to break during a game.

It also has a shock-absorbing end cap that helps to lessen recoil and wear and tear. A front cocking knob is fitted to guarantee that the receiver is completely enclosed.

A red dot is included in the packaging, which makes it simple to focus on your goal. Two red dot batteries are included in the box. Remove the red dot and replace it with a scope of your choosing if you wish to use one.

A semi-automatic rifle, the A-5. It operates with nitrogen, HPA, or CO2 and utilizes a normal 200-round loader. A hopper offset may be necessary if your aim is compromised. This is because the hopper may have an impact on the red dot’s efficiency.

What We Liked

  • The outstanding effective range of over 200 feet
  • The air mechanism and the feeder sprocket are linked via a cyclone feed system.
  • Assembly takes less than 60 seconds.
  • High rate of feed (17 balls per second)
  • Customizable

What We Didn’t Enjoy

  • To use it efficiently, you’ll need a lot of experience.
  • Models that are heavier than others

Paintball Guns with a Long Range

Finding the finest long-range paintball guns is difficult due to the large number of variations available. With this in mind, you’ll need some advice to assist you make the best option possible. The information below will assist you in selecting the finest long-range paintball pistol for your requirements.

Length of Paintball Gun Barrel

Each manufacturer of long-range paintball guns has its own set of requirements. This implies that there are several barrels of various materials and lengths. You may considerably boost or decrease your accuracy with such settings.

Shorter barrels, such as those used in shotguns, for example, offer the best degree of accuracy. Choose a rifle with a long barrel if you want to snipe from a great distance.

A long barrel is used in most long-range paintball weapons. Because they are made for long-range shooting, this is the case. Keep in mind that some barrels are better suited for certain paintball sizes.

Match the Paintball Size to the Barrel

The most common paintball caliber is.68. Each brand, though, has its own characteristics. You will have accuracy troubles if the paintballs you use do not fit your barrel.

To guarantee you obtain the optimum paintballs for your barrel, we suggest using a barrel kit. Alternatively, you may purchase paintballs made expressly for your preferred brand.

For a reasonable price, several businesses offer hundreds of paintballs. Keep in mind that you will receive what you paid for. If you want to be a paintball sniper, get the more expensive paintballs. They generally provide greater quality and more constant performance.

Consider the Long Range Paintball Guns Regulator.

Paintball guns utilize compressed air to discharge the paintball. As a consequence, shots with low air pressure are weaker. As a result, paintballs won’t go as far and will reach your targets more slowly.

Make sure you’re using a high-pressure compressor regulator. These compressors operate at a high rate of rotation. As a result, you’ll be able to reach your objectives swiftly and at the greatest distance possible.

Make sure you’re using the regulator that comes with your paintball gun. Additionally, if you want to obtain the most range feasible, pick one with the greatest air compression.

Scopes or sights?

Choose iron sights if you wish to use sights. They are the most accurate for consistent shoots.

Keep in mind that there are several scoping alternatives accessible. People who desire to enhance their general marksmanship should use these solutions.

Paintballs, for example, have a maximum range of around 200 feet. Unfortunately, once shot, these balls plummet rapidly. It suggests that getting a straight shot from a distance will be difficult.

Fireing higher than your target is the greatest technique to operate a long-range paintball gun. If you wish to improve your marksmanship, there are many scoped alternatives available. Red dot sights are the finest choice for novices.

At your local paintball field, you may test scopes and sights. You will be in a better position to make the best decision this way. As always, double-check that the choice you choose is compatible with your weapon.

Consider These Features of a Long-Range Paintball Gun

Few People Understand

You’ll come across a list of “essential characteristics” while shopping for a long-range paintball pistol. This is where the weapon’s greatest features are highlighted by the maker.

Some of the lingoes are likely to be bewildering to a newbie. The following is a collection of fundamental definitions to assist you in making your decision:

  • Paintball guns are known as marker guns.
  • ASTM International is an international organization that certifies new technology and establishes safety standards in a variety of fields, including paintball guns.
  • The diameter of a paintball or the approximate diameter within the barrel of a paintball gun is referred to as caliber. It is usually measured in hundredths of an inch.
  • First Strike is a paintball that has twice the range of standard paintballs. It also has a 25-fold increase in accuracy. A.68 caliber fin is utilized on the initial hit to help stabilize the ball in flight.
  • The speed at which an item moves is called velocity. The velocity of certain firearms may be adjusted with a velocity adjuster.
  • Hopper – A paintball hopper is a plastic container that holds paintballs. It connects with the vertical feed.
  • Vertical Feed – a nozzle that regulates the amount of paintballs that descend from the hopper into the firing chamber.
  • Site Rail — a half-pipe-shaped rail that stands on top of the cannon. It assists in the alignment of a shot.
  • The space right before the barrel where the ball resides before being fired is known as the firing chamber.
  • Upper Receiver – this is also an actual gun part. It is fitted to a paintball magazine and replaces the hopper.
  • Lower Receiver — A paintball gun’s striker is housed in this channel.

Term Definitions

  • Striker is a paintball cannon that fires paintballs. It’s the lengthy cylinder along the length of the cannon.
  • Striker Pin – a tiny cylinder composed of plastic or metal that connects the striker to the lower receiver.
  • The charging handle is a release switch that unlocks the gun’s interior.
  • When you shoot, the hand-guard shields your hand. It’s more frequent on larger-scale realistic firearms.
  • Electro-pneumatic – ensures the ball is in motion by using an electrically driven striker (pneumatic solenoid).
  • In realistic weapons, the stock glides over the barrel. It holds CO2 and ensures shot stability.
  • After each shot, a semi-automatic marker reloads itself with the next load from the hopper or magazine. To shoot another bullet, you must squeeze the trigger again.
  • When this word is used to a paintball gun, it signifies that the gun will fire paintballs continuously as long as the trigger is depressed. If you do not release the trigger, the gun will continue to shoot until no more ammo is available.

Brands of Long-Range Paintball Guns

Tippmann is a family-run business. It started off making collector machine guns in half-scale. Gun laws changed in 1986, causing the company to alter its primary business.

They thought that entering the paintball sector would be the best answer, therefore they employed the same fundamental concepts they used while making machine guns. Tippmann was the first paintball company to provide both fully automatic and semi-automatic paintball weapons.

G.I. Sportz is the company behind a number of paintball weapons, including First Strike. It was formed by a group of business leaders and professional paintball players with the goal of providing the most innovative goods to field owners, dealers, and players in order to enhance the entire playing experience, quality, and performance.

Their team combines their significant playing experience with their commercial acumen to create inventive new products that elevate and evolve the game to new heights.


What is the maximum range of a paintball gun?

A: Most paintball guns have a speed of about 200 miles per hour (280 feet per second).

Q: How long would a hundred balls last?

A: The average number of paintballs per person on a field is about 300. This occurs after the rifle has been used for around three hours. As a result, 100 balls will take around an hour.

Q: Is it possible to reduce the quantity of paintballs I use?

A: You certainly can! The amount of players on the opposing team will decide this. Your accuracy will also affect the amount of paintballs utilized.

Q: Can you be killed by a paintball?

Some individuals believe that a paintball gun is a lethal weapon. Paintballs are not heavy enough to do injury to the body. Furthermore, the firearms do not fire rapidly enough to cause major injury.

There have been no instances of somebody being killed by a paintball. When the ball touches you, though, you will feel a sting.

Q: Is airsoft or paintball more painful?

A: Paintballs are somewhat quicker than airsoft. Paintballs, on the other hand, are bigger than airsoft BBs. As a result, paintballs have a higher impact.

When it comes to basic impacts, a paintball will hurt more than an airsoft BB. A paintball may even break the skin on occasion.

How many paintballs does the hopper hold?

A: A paintball hopper typically holds 200 paintballs. Keep in mind that most current electro-pneumatic markers can empty a full hopper in under 10 seconds.


Some variables must be considered before selecting one of the finest long-range paintball guns. How frequently do you intend to play sniper? How much fun do you have when playing?

You don’t need a strong long-range paintball gun if you only play a few times a year. People who intend on playing sniper practically every weekend or whenever they have spare time will require a rifle that can fire at vast distances.

As a result, you’ll require a strong gun. This will assist you in remaining undiscovered. It will also assist you in ensuring that your colleagues have the finest support on the battlefield.

You will be an important player in the game if you have the greatest firearm. A dependable long-range paintball gun is required.

As a result, the Tippman Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package is the best option in the above list. It not only assures dependability, but also that you obtain the greatest shot possible. If you don’t think it’ll work for you, the Empire paintball sniper rifle pump marker with barrel kit could be a better option.

We conducted thorough research to compile a list of the top paintball pistols available. Use this advice to assist you in making the best choice possible.

The “best realistic paintball guns” is a type of gun that is used by experienced paintballers. There are many different types of long range paintball guns, but these are the best for experienced players.

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