Enjoying the cool breeze on the beach with a drink in your hand is a refreshing experience. Nevertheless, it can be harder to unwind when you don't fit in the chair or if it starts bending under your body weight. This is one of the challenges that big and tall people face when letting loose on the beach. Fortunately, you can solve the problem by getting the best oversized beach chair available.

This post covers the most suitable models for heavier individuals and the considerations to make when choosing a particular beach chair.

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Who makes the most comfortable beach chairs?

1. Coleman Outpost Breeze Deck Chair

Coleman Outpost Breeze Folding Deck Chair
  • Portable folding camping chair designed for...
  • Cooling mesh back provides ventilation on hot...
  • Angled sitting position and padded arms for...
  • Strong steel frame offers reliable support up...
  • Convenient carry handles make transporting...

The first heavy-duty beach chair we'll review is the Coleman Outpost Breeze Deck Chair, designed to provide comfort and relaxation outdoors. It's the best beach chair, thanks to its rugged steel frame, which can hold up to 300 pounds of weight, making it a suitable pick for heavyweight individuals. No need to squeeze yourself into a small beach chair when you can buy plus-size beach chairs.

The back of this seat features a cooling mesh that delivers the breathability you need to stay cool even when temperatures are high. This means that you won't have to endure the discomfort of sweat accumulation since heat and moisture can freely pass through the mesh material to leave your body cool.

This chair has a slanted design that encourages relaxation by having you lean back when you sit. Plus, the arms are well padded to add to your level of comfort so that you can unwind on this beach chair for hours without fatigue or discomfort. The folding beach chair design also allows you to overlap the chair for easy storage. It's also travel-friendly thanks to the carry handle that allows you to take it with you wherever you want.


  • Easy to carry
  • Sturdy build
  • High weight capacity
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable


  • Makes an uncomfortable noise when you sit

2. Rio Gear Folding Beach Chair

RIO Gear ASC615-1801-1 Beach 15" Extended Height 4 Position Folding Beach Chair -Aluminum, Pop Surf...
  • The RIO Beach chair features an extended seat...
  • Easily recline to 4 different positions with...
  • The SAFE-ADJUST brackets provide a guarded...
  • The extra-wide molded armrests provide elbow...
  • The adjustable, padded shoulder straps and...

Our next pick among the best beach chairs for heavy people is the Rio Gear Beach Chair. It's an excellent choice for tall individuals thanks to its extended seat height and higher backrest that help maintain a comfortable posture. Plus, getting in and out of the chair is a breeze for tall people because of the convenient height.

With four reclining options, you can trust that you'll find a suitable angle for unwinding. You won't have to risk your finger safety when adjusting the chair recline since this chair comes with an integrated safe-adjust feature. The function ensures your fingers won't get pinched as you modify the seat.

Another reason this beach chair is great for the big and tall is the extra-wide armrests meant to deliver better comfort for your elbows and forearms. The sturdy aluminum frame is rust-proof and can deliver a reliable platform for you to rest without bending or breaking. It can support 250 pounds making it suitable for heavier persons.


  • Comes with a cup holder
  • Foldable
  • A durable but lightweight frame
  • Adjustable chair recline


  • Shallow cup holder

3. Timber Ridge Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

TIMBER RIDGE XXL Oversized Zero Gravity Chair, Full Padded Patio Lounger with Side Table, 33”Wide...
  • HIGH CAPACITY: The fully reclined length of...
  • OVERSIZED DIMENSION: Setup size is 43 1/2 x...
  • ADJUSTABLE POSITION: This outdoor recliner is...
  • PADDED SEAT & BACK: Fully padded seat,...
  • NO ASSEMBLY: The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity...

Up next, we have the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair featuring a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds. It's considered the best oversized beach chair because of the large and sturdy frame, supporting big and tall people without hassle. This plus-size beach chair is versatile and can function as a resilient camping chair for other outdoor activities.

With a maximum reclining angle of 170 degrees, you can adjust the slant on this seat to your preference for a customized relaxation experience. So whether you want to sit up and take a drink or lie back and enjoy the breeze, this extra-large beach chair is the solution you need. The seat and backrest are fully padded with thick cushioning for lumbar support and comfort.

Plus, you can say goodbye to a tedious assembly process since this beach chair comes fully assembled and is easy to transport or store. It's one of the best heavy-duty beach chairs for heavy people and can be used for leisure on a patio, beach, balcony, or poolside.


  • Sturdy construction
  • 500-pound maximum weight capacity
  • 1-year warranty
  • Padded seat and adjustable pillow
  • Adjustable recline position


  • Firm, rigid feel

4. Coleman Camping Chair with Built-In 4 Can Cooler

Coleman Cooler Quad Portable Camping Chair, Blue
  • Camping chair combines a cOuncey design with...
  • Built in 4 can cooler pouch keeps cold drinks...
  • Fully cushioned seat and back provide support...
  • Mesh cup holder and side pocket for quick...
  • Collapsible, folding design is easy to store...

We can't talk about oversized beach chairs without mentioning the Coleman oversized quad chair for camping. It's a unique folding chair that features an integrated cooler meant to preserve the low temperature of your favorite drinks. As a result, you can enjoy one cool drink after another on the beach without rising from this tall beach chair.

Unlike traditional beach chairs that don't come with cup holders, this unit features a mesh cup holder that can keep your drink within reach. Additionally, it has a side pocket that acts as a carry bag for your items so that you can access your belongings without hassle. This comfortable beach chair is cushioned around the seat and back to deliver a plush feel for maximum relaxation.

It can support 325 pounds without trouble and has a collapsible design that allows you to transport and store it conveniently. This Colman model is one of the best camping chairs on the market.


  • Comes with side pockets
  • Adjustable arm height
  • Can cooler feature
  • Available in various colors
  • Cozy to sit in


  • Poor breathability

5. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair, Polyester, Deep Sea
  • Sturdy powder-coated steel frame and 600D...
  • Each adjustable armrest comes with a cup...
  • Includes convenient shoulder carry bag,...
  • The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong is on our...
  • Dimensions: 38" W x 20" D x 38" H, Weight: 13...

The last option among the best beach chairs for plus-size people is the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair. It comes with a durable steel frame that's powder-coated to make it resistant to corrosion and rust. It's designed to withstand up to 800 pounds giving it the highest capacity among plus-sized beach chairs.

The polyester fabric on this seat is durable and has a rich color that makes this chair a stylish addition to your belongings. It's much broader than average chairs to accommodate big and tall people without space constraints. You'll enjoy your leisure sessions more conveniently with this beach chair, thanks to the two cup holders on either side.

You don't have to leave your belongings indoors since there are two side pockets designed to carry your items and keep them within reach as you relax on the beach. The chair will come inside a drawstring carry bag that makes it easy to move around.


  • Sturdy enough for big guys
  • Zippered storage pouches
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable armrest
  • High weight capacity


  • The drink holders are shallow

Why Do You Need a Heavy-Duty Beach Chair?

There are several advantages to getting a quality beach chair. Let's discuss these benefits below.

1. Comfort

Heavy-duty beach chairs come with thick cushioning around the seat and backrest to provide a soft surface to relax on. Unfortunately, the padding on standard beach chairs is usually thinner and quickly wears out after a few sitting sessions. With oversized beach chairs, you are assured of long-term comfort since the cushioning is thicker to ensure it lasts much longer.

2. Versatility

Something else you get with the best beach chairs for heavy people is versatility. Since these chairs are made with high-quality materials for maximum durability, they can be used in various environments. You can take them to the beach, a poolside, deck, balcony, and even camping.

3. Storage Convenience

A plus-sized beach chair also offers some room to store personal effects. This could be in the form of a zippered storage pouch or side pocket. As a result, you don't need to carry an extra bag to hold your belongings as you unwind on the beach.

How Many Types of Beach Chairs are there?

There are many beach chairs on the market designed to meet various needs. Let's look at the common types of beach chairs you'll come across in your search for a good seat.

1. Folding Beach Chair

Folding beach chairs are designed to collapse into a flat form for more accessible storage and transportation. If you are carrying the beach chair to different locations, you'll want it to be foldable. This'll ensure it takes minimum space in the car, leaving you enough room to carry other items.

2. Beach Lounge Chair

If you want maximum comfort and luxury, a beach lounge chair is the answer. They are longer than standard beach chairs and provide more legroom so that your feet don't have to touch the ground. Additionally, they come with headrests and footrests for the ultimate relaxing experience.

3. Heavy-Duty Beach Chair

Heavy-duty beach chairs can withstand heavier weights and offer more room for sitting. They are also constructed with high-quality materials that ensure they can hold up against intense pressure without breaking or bending. The fabrics they feature are also strong and resilient to resist wear and tear.

Factors to Consider When Buying Heavy Duty Beach Chairs

There are a few things to keep in mind as you choose the best oversized beach chair. With these factors in consideration, you'll find a model that meets your needs appropriately.

1. Foldability

The best oversized beach chair should be easy to carry and store. That's why it's essential to look for a seat that you can easily collapse into a flat design. The open shape of beach chairs is space-consuming, making them hard to store or transport if you don't have much space.

So, you should find a beach chair that you can fold in half. These foldable chairs can fit within small spaces without hassle, ensuring you still have enough room to carry other items in your car. Additionally, it's easy to carry the seat when it's collapsed since it becomes less bulky.

2. Breathability

Something else to look for is the breathability of the seat and backrest materials. One of the challenges plus-size people face when sitting for long periods is excessive sweating. The heat of the hot summer season and the direct contact between your body and the seat can cause you to sweat a lot.

That's why it's essential to choose a seat that has a breathable fabric. Mesh beach chairs are the best option for breathability since they allow heat and moisture to escape to the air. As a result, your sitting experience will be cooler and more comfortable.

3. Comfort

It's vital for you to find a well-cushioned chair if you want to sit comfortably for long hours. If the beach chair you choose doesn't have enough cushioning, it won't deliver the comfort you need. Plus, the extra weight that plus-size individuals have can cause padding to wear out much faster.

So, you should go for a seat that has thick padding and a wider seat. You don't want a seat you need to squeeze into or out of since this is hardly convenient. As such, you need a seat that's relatively wider than standard-size beach chairs.

4. Maximum Weight Capacity

The last factor to keep in mind is the weight the beach chair can hold without breaking. Heavyweight people should get a chair that can accommodate a higher weight than they have to ensure that it won't weaken with time.

If you don't check the weight it can withstand, you could end up with a beach chair that will start bending after a few sitting sessions. Since you don't want to go back for a replacement any time soon, a seat that can hold 300 pounds or more is the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best oversized beach chair on the market?

The Coleman Outpost Breeze Deck Chair is the best oversized beach chair you can buy.

2. What is the ideal capacity for heavy person beach chairs?

A heavy-duty beach chair should withstand a weight of 300 pounds or more.

3. Which accessories should extra large beach chairs offer?

Some of the accessories you want in your beach chair include a drink holder, storage pocket, or can cooler. 

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