The paintball industry is booming, and players are looking for the best gear to provide them with maximum performance. Our top 6 options will help you stay on target in any game this year.

The “best paintball pants for speedball” is a question that has been asked many times. In this article, we have ranked the best paintball pants based on their performance and comfortability.

Some of the finest paintball trousers on the market might be tough to come by, particularly if you’re just getting started. However, safety equipment is essential, and obtaining equipment that is both practical and durable may be tough. Fortunately, purchasing durable paintball trousers is simpler than it seems. The paintball trousers on this list, in our view, are the finest, and you can easily walk into a game of paintball knowing that you or a loved one is safe.


Paintball Pants by Bunker Kings


Featherlight Fly Paintball Pants (XX-Large (2XL), Black) by Bunker Kings

  • Small 24-32in | Medium 28-36in | Large 32-40in | X-Large 36-44in | 2XL-Large 40-48in Adjustable Waist Sizing
  • [Weight: Featherlight] Weight: Featherlight Fly along the field without any constraints. At approximately 430 grams (15 ounces), the BK Fly trousers may be the lightest and most durable paintball pants ever.
  • [System of Harness Locking by BK] The System of Harness Locking by BK The double-functional royal lock pants closure device locks down your pack while also preventing your trousers from falling down.
  • [No-Zipper Buttonless Fly] Fly with no buttons or zipper Pull the Fly pants on over your head and push the velcro together. It’s as simple as that to remove them. There are no snaps or zippers to deal with.
  • [Four-Way Weatherproof Stretch] Both the main front and back pieces are constructed of a fantastic Durastretch material that is both water resistant and incredibly flexible for unlimited movement and has a gentle waist adjustment mechanism.

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These paintball trousers are some of the finest paintball pants you can buy and are a terrific addition to your paintball arsenal. These trousers are tough to lose, with an Waist Size Adjustment, a harness locking mechanism, and a Zipperless and Buttonless seam, all while guaranteeing they remain securely on your person while you play. These trousers are an essential part of your gear pack since you may easily scratch your legs without them. Every product, however, has a flaw, and this pair of trousers has one. These trousers may rip out in the crotch after months of heavy wear, which is a deal-breaker for some people. If you’re a casual player, these trousers should stand up well and may make a difference in your comfort and safety.

Things We Enjoy

  • Waist Size Adjustment
  • System of Harness Locking
  • Zipperless and Buttonless

Things We Don’t Understand

  • After many usage, the seam may separate.

Paintball Pants IDIOGEAR Gen 2


Men’s Multicam Combat Pants with Knee Pads from IDOGEAR Military Paintball Tactical Camo Trousers for Airsoft Hunting

  • IDOGEAR battle trousers are composed of high-quality new 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester, teflon water-resistant coating, and military-grade elastic and thread, making them very comfortable and durable. The YKK zipper has a smooth zipper puller that is difficult to break.
  • ABOUT Sizing: Before purchase, please refer to the size chart in the final picture. It’s a typical European size, which is roughly ONE SIZE SMALLER THAN US SIZE.
  • IDOGEAR fighting pants are Lightweight, breathable, soft, and comfortable, and provide great sweat absorption. Perfect for everyday use, military duties, airsoft sports, shooting, hunting, wargames, skirmish games, and a variety of other indoor/outdoor activities!
  • Excellent tailoring design with several pockets and retractable knee protection (insert the knee pads into the pocket). Adjust the waist, pocket, and bottom using the distinctive low-profile Velcro patch.

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With excellent material, a warning that the sizing runs small right in the description, and a 45-day after-sales warranty, there is nothing left to wish from these paintball trousers. What’s even great is that no one has ever complained about these jeans. No one is uneasy, no one has had shipping concerns, no one has had tears, nothing. Overall, these pants are popular and reliable, with a well-tailored style that makes them suit you even better.

Things We Enjoy

  • Good Materials
  • Size Caution
  • Guaranteed Customer Service

Things We Don’t Understand

TACVASEN Tactical Pants No. 3

No items were found.

If you’re searching for a pair of paintball trousers that are both durable and trustworthy, know that they are on our list of the best paintball pants for a reason. These pants are comprised of cotton and polyester, which is a great mix for flexibility and durability. They’re also durable and breathable, making them ideal for hot weather. Add in the various pockets and the fact that the vendor offers sizing recommendations, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic pair of paintball trousers. Unfortunately, there is a drawback to these pants: they periodically rip and sometimes arrive in a different color than stated. Aside from that, you have a fantastic complement to any paintball gear package that will enable you to spend longer time on the field.

Things We Enjoy

  • Wearable and breathable
  • Several pockets
  • Size recommendations

Things We Don’t Understand

  • Easily tearable
  • Color is different than what was stated.

Paintball Pants IDIOGEAR G3 Tactical Camo

No items were found.

Because of its great detachable knee pads, System of waist adjustment, and enormous capacity system, they made our list of best paintball trousers. Knee pads can be removed and changed as required, the weight capacity system can be altered, and when combined with your large-capacity carrying system, you’ll be able to travel about the field with ease. The delivery is generally the only problem with these paintball trousers. The knee protectors may or may not be included with the trousers. By design, the knee pads are also softer than some individuals like.

Things We Enjoy

  • Knee pads are removable.
  • System of waist adjustment
  • Large capacity for transport

Things We Don’t Understand

  • Knee protectors are sometimes lacking.
  • Knee pads are designed to be gentler.

Paintball Pants HK Army HSTL Line

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These pants have a loyal fanbase, with many people purchasing just this brand. They’re tough, so you can play them again and over without fear of tearing, ripping, or damage. They’re flexible, allowing you to move freely during a game, and they’re Lightweight, making them high-performance and low-impact. For all of these reasons, they’ve earned a position on our list of the best paintball trousers. This pair of trousers is adaptable and durable, making it easy for you to enjoy yourself.

However, there is a drawback to these trousers. First and foremost, the zipper is prone to breaking after extensive use. There have also been some complaints about sizes running too big, which is frustrating since huge paintball trousers may make it difficult to play. Overall, they are excellent trousers that any player would be fortunate to have if they fit correctly.

Things We Enjoy

  • Durable
  • FLexible
  • Lightweight

Things We Don’t Understand

  • Size concerns
  • Zipper is broken

Exalt Paintball Pants, No. 6

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These paintball trousers are a great addition to any paintball player’s gear collection. With Knees in Kevlar, Side pockets with zippers, and almost limitless cushioning, you can be certain that these trousers will keep you safe. Because all of the features provided are expressly meant to protect you, these trousers made it into our list of best paintball pants. The only true drawback to these trousers is that the merchant sometimes sends the incorrect size. Overall, this is aggravating but not a deal breaker, particularly if you purchase far ahead of time.

Things We Enjoy

  • Knees in Kevlar
  • Side pockets with zippers
  • Knees, hips, and groin padding

Things We Don’t Understand

  • Occasionally, the incorrect size is sent.


Though it had been spoken about for little over 10 years, the first paintball game was played in 1981 on a field owned by one of the participants. The game pitted one team against another, pitting woodsmen against professions such as authors and physicians, to determine who would survive. One of the woodsmen effortlessly won the capture the flag game by avoiding any firing and focusing only on collecting the flags. Even today, a sign commemorates the first game that introduced paintball to the globe on the area where they played.

This was a physically demanding game, and although the paintballs don’t hurt as much as you would assume, you do get welts and bruises. Our makes protective clothing, such as the paintball trousers on this list, important. You are not ready to play paintball if you are not prepared to get fired at. Each round may be physically demanding, similar to running your own ninja warrior course, and the more protection you have overall, the more fun you’ll be able to have, even if you are shot and tagged out. This is a fun game to play during a graduation celebration in the outdoors!

Top Brands

Bunker Kings, IDIOGEAR, TACVASEN, and HK Army are four major paintball gear companies who provide some of the finest paintball trousers on the market. IDIOGEAR is the most well-known, producing a significant number of paintball equipment each year for players who can’t get enough, but any of the companies on our list are excellent alternatives when it comes to finding a brand that fits you and your play style. None of them have difficulties that would prevent you from using them during your paintball game.

Of course, there are more brands on the market, but most don’t provide the same degree of quality, longevity, or overall pleasure as the pants on our list. Each of these trousers earned a spot on our best paintball pants list for a reason, and although some of them have minor issues, based on the brand name, each of them is durable, stable, and a wonderful addition to any paintball player’s arsenal. All you have to do now is choose which of the trousers on this list best suits your or your loved one’s playing demands.


Q: For paintball, how many layers should you wear?

A: It depends entirely on the individual and the weather. Most individuals can get away with only one layer, but if you’ll be playing in cooler temperatures, you’ll probably need more. Remember to consider the high activity rate before making your selection!

Q: Can paintballs be washed away?

A: Yes, they do; they’re designed to be simple to remove if washed promptly after use. Otherwise, a stain might form. You should be alright if you just throw them in the washing after you’re done playing.

Q: Does paintball do harm to children?

A: Paintball may harm anybody of any age, but it can quickly cause bruising if you’re using a pressurized paintball pistol.

Q: How does it feel to get struck by a paintball?

A: It’s only slightly worse than being snatched with a wet towel, but it may be as gentle as a hard flick to the shoulder.

Q: Can you be killed by a paintball?

A: No, paintballs and paintball guns are nonlethal; no one has ever been shot and killed by a paintball. Protect your head and neck, however, since a shot to the veins on the edge of your neck might result in medical complications.

Q: Which part of the body is the most painful to be struck by a paintball?

A: Your hand is the most painful location to be struck, narrowly beating out your crotch, the back of your skull, and your inner thighs. Your neck is also on the list, so be care to protect it!

Last Thoughts

Paintball is a physically demanding sport that necessitates the use of some of the finest paintball trousers available. It’s tough, demanding, and a lot of fun. Overall, it’s more enjoyable when you don’t come home with bruises and welts. When you’re attempting to go out and play a game of paintball, these paintball trousers are a must-have. They protect your body, especially your knees and, on rare occasions, your crotch, and may be the difference between returning home pleased or with bruises and scrapes. Paintball pants are an extraordinarily powerful weapon in the paintball world against everyday paints.

So, instead of putting on a pair of jeans and claiming it’s good enough, have a look at these five pairs of amazing trousers. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but they all provide significantly more protection than the pants you were planning to wear. So, before your next match, consider investing in a good pair of paintball trousers; it might be the difference between going home with minor injuries or not.

The “are paintball pants worth it” is a question that many players ask themselves. There are many options for great performance, but finding the best paintball pants can be difficult. Here are our top 6 options for great performance.

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