Poulan Pro is a company that has been providing quality outdoor use solutions for more than seven decades. They have several factories in the south that produce very good products. Its objective is that users have greater capacity to take care of their outdoor environments more easily, and to do so they launch to market tools that have the latest technological advances. From mowers to motorbikes,Poulan creates products for all types of users, including very good quality snow blowers that will help clean snow easily in the cold winter.

At first Poulan Pro made two-person chainsaws, and it was founded by a well-known lumberjack named Claude Poulan. At the time it was called Poulan Saw Company, and they became known in the town of Shreveport, Louisiana,where it waslocated. They began to manufacture single-person chainsaws that quickly gained good popularity by being fast, innovative and effective. From there, Poulan became a company focused on meeting the needs of the most casual users.

Snow blowers can be found in three types: one-, two-, and three-stage snows.PoulanPro fabricasnowblowersone- and two-stage stages only. Three-stagesnow blowers are much more expensive and rare for commercial use.

The common user can use the most basic snow blowers only, as they are suitable for small streets, alleys and sidewalks. They are very good for cleaning the pavement, including porches and ceramics. They are designed for lighter, less dense snow falling in areas where winters are not as heavy.

A single-stage snow blower usually doesn’t weigh too much, and is compact enough to be stored without much difficulty. They come in various sizes with different widths and work capabilities, so you have to choose the one that suits your needs and your pocket. Most of the snow blowers poulan Pro manufactures are gas-driven, and can with all the small jobs as many times as necessary without having to refill the tank.

Single-stage snow blowers usually have a single auger, which serve very well to break and break the snow. He swallows all the pulverized snow and then throws it through a hopper.

Two-stage snow blowers are often much more powerful than their single-stage counterparts. They tend to weigh more and be larger, but weight is not a problem as they have the self-propelled feature. They are much more useful when they have large spaces to clean, such as a road, and better handle heavy, freezing and wet snow. It also makes them suitable for users who live in areas with very strong winters that accumulate snow on several feet high.

Two-stage snow blowers use two sweeps, which you can use to cover plenty of snow-filled terrain, and also serve to sting the ice. Like single-stage snow, these snow blowers also throw crushed snow long away from where you’re passing, through a hopper. However, they may not throw snow at such high distances as they tend to handle heavier, wetter snow, although some two-stage snow blowers do manage to throw snow over fairly long distances.


This snow blower runs on gas, has six forward speeds and one in reverse. It can clean with an amplitude of 27 inches and up to 23 inches deep. It weighs about 240 pounds and its warranty covers up to two years, covering the engine separately for 4 years.

This machine is suitable if you receive heavy snow at various times of the year, where daily life continues regardless of the weather. You can clean almost two feet of snow without any problem, whether wet or dry snow. Your tank has a capacity of 0.71 gallons, so you’ll have enough fuel to clean up a three-car-wide road seamlessly, probably more than once. It has a 12-inch auger and a propellant of equal size, which will allow you to remove large amounts of ice and throw them at a good distance. Its 15-inch wheels ensure good traction and ease of movement both on pavement and on land.

It has a 27-inch mouth, which is quite large, and will allow you to finish the snow cleaning job in a very short time. You can clean your sidewalk in a single pass and throw that snow at a good distance away from property, and in any direction thanks to the rotary hopper. Its control panel is quite simple to use, and its headlights guarantee that you will have plenty of vision even on the darkest nights.

What we like most about this snos blower is that its mouth is quite large, it is very efficient in deep snow, and its auger is bolted and not welded for greater durability. The bad news is that your fuel tank is a small thing, and its price is somewhat high.

That said, this blowersnow is going to take care of all the heavy snow without squeaking. It has great power, with an excellent guarantee that could suit your needs.


This gas snow blower has an electrical ignition, although it is not self-propelled. It has an amplitude of 21 inches and a cleaning depth of 13 inches. It weighs about 81 pounds, and the hopper material is made of plastic.

This is a suitable machine for areas where no more than a few inches of snow fall. Usually in these areas, when it snows, that catastrophe and the city or the town is paralyzed. In these circumstances it is excellent to have at hand this snow blower. Its engine has a power of 136 CC single-stage, and has a mouth 21 inches wide. It offers great power without being too big and exorbitant, and is quite efficient for its size. It has an 8-inch auger and an 8-inch prop, too, which has no problem with 13 inches of snow, so it gets a little dense and moist. It has 7-inch wheels that keep it attached to the ground to ensure better cleaning when passing.

Although this model does not work very well on gravel, and does not have a very powerful steering, it is light enough to be easily directed and maneuvered. It is also compact enough to be stored virtually anywhere. Its tank is small, a little less than half a gallon, so you won’t have much extra weight due to the fuel. With some regular maintenance and care, this model could last you quite a few years.

The great thing about this snow blower is that its ignition is automatic, it is very light and it is easy to maneuver. The bad news is he doesn’t swallow that much snow, and his fuel tank is small.

However this machine is very suitable if you do not expect heavy snowfall in your area. It’s an economical snow blower that will reduce fuel and maintenance costs, keeping your sidewalk clear.


This is a gas snow blower with electric ignition, although it is not self-propelled. It covers a width of 24 inches, with a depth of 23 inches. It weighs approximately 240 pounds. Comes with a 2-year warranty for the product, and 4 years for the engine.

This blowersnow combines very efficient power and weight. Its mouth is 24 inches wide, so it is able to cover long extensions in a single pass, and this will save you a lot of working time. Its electric ignition system will save you the trouble of fighting with the engine to start, and it works perfectly so it’s very cold and it’s snowing. It has a 12-inch auger with a propellant of the same size, and covers up to a depth of 23 inches. It has 6 speeds forward so you can choose the speed you need, and it has a remote control for lving rotation.

This model does not have automatic routing, however it has 13-inch wheels that provide more traction and facilitate maneuverability, driving will be much easier on gravel and pavement.

The good thing about this snow blower is that it has a fairly large ability to swallow snow, has hopper and deflector rotation controls, and its engine is very powerful. The bad news is it’s heavy, and its address isn’t automatic.

However, this machine covers the need to remove large amounts of heavy snow without many luxurious features that can greatly raise its cost.


This gas blowersnow features electric ignition, has a capacity to clean 21 inches wide and a depth of 13 inches. It weighs approximately 95 pounds. Your warranty covers the standard product for two years, and for 4 years to the engine.

This is one of the most powerful single-stage snow blowers on the market. This product offers you the possibility to cover a lot of ground without much effort. It is very light, and its price is also relatively low. Its fuel tank weighs very little as it is small, and has a 21-inch wide mouth that covers a lot of space per pass. You won’t be able to clear snow that’s too dense and heavy, like the mountain, but you can easily get rid of up to 13 inches of snow. It has an 8-inch auger and propellant.

Because it’s very lightweight, it doesn’t need autodirection or self-propelled. Basically you can maneuver it with one hand without much difficulty, although the controls of the hopper and the deflector are manual. Despite being a cheaper and smaller machine, it still has the automatic ignition system.

The best thing about this blower snow is that it is really easy to manoeuvre, easy to store and your mouth is very wide. The bad news is that it’s not self-propelled and has no auto-address.

However, it’s very suitable if you don’t want a very large machine and don’t need very luxurious and expensive features, but at the same time you need a powerful engine.


This gas snow blower features electric ignition. It has 6 forward speeds and 1 one reverse. It has the capacity to clean a width of 30 inches, with a depth of 230 inches. Weigh around 270 pounds, and your warranty covers the product for 2 years, and for 4 years the engine.

This snow blower is excellent for areas where very heavy snowfall falls and you don’t want to spend all day clearing the dense, wet snow, especially if you live in rural areas where you have to cover more area, and the streets and sidewalks are much more Large. It has an advantageous control panel that allows you to control hopper rotation and deflection, and is much easier to use thanks to its automatic routing and self-propelled. The electrical ignition feature makes it much easier to start, and at the first attempt.

In addition to the automatic routing, it has 16-inch wheels that will make it even easier for you to steer and maneuver this snow blower. Despite being very heavy, it makes its way through the snow with ease thanks to its 12-inch bore and thruster. No matter how deep and heavy the snow, you will pass without any difficulty. Spray snow effortlessly.

The best thing about this snow blower is that it works excellently in any type of snow, and its ignition is electic. In addition, it is self-propelled, and extremely powerful. The not so good thing is that it’s pretty heavy. However, it is an excellent solution for everyone.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of buying a snow blower you have to take into account various features that manufacturers can offer you, that suit your needs. Among the things you should consider is how much snow falls in your area and how often, and how much space you have to store your snow blower. Every product we’ve presented to you offers a good solution so you don’t get stuck at home when heavy snowfall falls. When the snow plows of the city pass you can be sure that all that snow will fall on your house and make your day difficult. With these products you can keep your sidewalk and street always clean and clear of snow. The difference that each of these products will make is based on how efficient they are when it comes to getting the job done and how long it will take you to clean up. If you want the best option, consider the Poulan Pro PR300 30-Inch Dual Stage Snow Thrower, it is the most powerful and efficient in the Poulan cataloguePro, and will make your work much easier.

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