The trampoline is one of the most popular and important types of equipment in a backyard. It provides fun for kids, exercise for adults, relaxation with music and can be used as a spot to host parties or play games like dodgeball.

The “Acon trampoline” is the best rectangle trampoline for the money in 2022. It has a lot of features and can be used by people of all ages. This means that it is a great investment for your family. Read more in detail here: acon trampoline.

Trampolines have changed fitness, sports, and outdoor entertainment since their introduction in the mid-1930s. Their employment in circuses, carnivals, and other theatrical productions has provided immense entertainment value, and their use in gymnastics, high-diving, and extreme sports training has pushed the boundaries of what is possible.

Trampolines are available in a variety of forms and sizes. While circular trampolines are great, in many cases, rectangular and square trampolines are a superior option. They not only fit flush against corners and walls — whether they’re your house’s external walls, a backyard fence, or even a shed or garage — but they also meet Olympic specifications, which call for rectangular trampolines because of their spaciousness and additional bounce.

The finest rectangular trampolines, in contrast to their round counterparts, are often employed in commercial settings. They are more costly than circular trampolines since they must bear higher force. Rectangle trampolines, on the other hand, are your best pick if you want the greatest bounces and longest hang durations.


The Rectangular Trampoline from Texas Trampoline is nine by seventeen feet.

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The Texas Competitor Rectangular Trampoline, which is 9 feet wide by 17 feet long, gives a large surface (84 square feet) for all types of jumps, tucks, twists, and aerials. The frame is built of thick gauged steel and is capable of withstanding almost everything you can throw at it. Jumpers are propelled to their highest heights by 96 8.5′′ springs.

The Permatron Trampoline Mat has a bursting strength of 750 pounds per square inch, capable of handling the heaviest of bouncers, whether you’re jumping for pleasure or preparing for gymnastics, cheerleading, or another activity. This system meets all ASTM criteria and exceeds industry standards in a multitude of areas, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

It may be ordered with or without the safety enclosure, although we recommend spending a little more for the additional protection. Texas Trampolines also has trampolines that are 15’x15′, 15’x17′, 10’x10′, and 13’x13′ in size, so whatever room you have, they can accommodate it.

Things We Enjoy:

  • Materials of High Quality
  • a lot of bounce
  • springs with a lot of force
  • Exceptional weight capacity

Things that might be improved include:

  • Expensive
  • There is no safety net provided.
  • Over springs, safety pads might be more secure and give additional coverage.

The Rectangular Trampoline by Oldzon measures seven by ten feet.

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The 710 foot rectangle trampoline from Oldzon is ideal for tiny yards. Despite its little stature, the trampoline delivers a powerful impact. This bad boy doesn’t play around when it comes to creating real air time, with a polypropylene leaping surface coupled to sixty 7-inch springs.

The springs are covered in environmentally friendly safety cushions that protect them from the elements while also protecting you from them. The unique enclosure net from Oldzon is constructed of high-strength polyethylene and has an easy access door that makes entering and departing the enclosure a breeze.

The trampoline’s structure is made of galvanized steel and has a unique W-leg design that keeps the device durable and stable. It’s certified to handle up to 200 pounds, making it an excellent choice for backyards with limited space. It should be noted, however, that although the overall space is 710 square feet, the actual leaping area is only 69%.

Things We Enjoy:

  • Ideal for tiny backyards or inexperienced jumpers.
  • On the interior of the spring system, there is a safety net.
  • Legs are designed in a 4-point W-shape for stability.
  • Inexpensive

Things that might be improved include:

  • The net’s zipper is known to catch and snag on occasion, and it is regularly unzipped.
  • It’s possible that it’ll be too small for certain requirements or that it’ll be outgrown shortly.
  • Color selections are limited.

Acon’s Rectangular Trampoline, ten by seventeen feet


TUV Approved Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline with Enclosure Net for Kids Spring Cover Ladder Combo, TUV Approved Outdoor Trampoline, T8-T16

  • AN OUTDOOR TRAMPOLINE WITH AN ENCLOSURE ON THE OUTSIDE: Our most popular trampoline is the Exacme T series trampoline. The trampoline is available in seven different sizes: 8 10 12 13 14 15 16 foot to accommodate a variety of courtyard sizes
  • Our trampoline poles have ground contact, which makes the trampoline more stable; also, the poles are connected to the trampoline legs with two quick clamps, which is safer than poles with screws.
  • TRAMPOLINE WITH A HIGH WEIGHT LIMIT: All Exacme trampolines are TUV certified. The trampoline’s galvanized steel frames can support a maximum weight of 335 pounds. The springs on our 15-16 foot trampoline are 7″ in diameter; the stronger the spring, the more bounce.
  • BOUNCING SAFETY GUARD: A 0.6-inch thick shock-absorbing foam spring cover, foam-padded poles, and a 360-degree net safety system significantly reduce the risk of injury when your children fall on the springs or poles.
  • Our trampoline frame comes with a 3-year limited warranty, as well as a 1-year warranty on the jumping surface, net, safety pad, and springs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns; we will try our best to assist you.

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The new Icon Air 16 Sport HD has a sleek, safe, and useful design. Its sleek, all-black design with blue highlights and edging is contemporary but timeless, making it a welcome difference from other trampolines designed for kids.

Acon employs a strengthened, heavy-duty frame to counteract the stresses caused by high-flying jumpers. The system becomes extremely stiff when combined with the strategically designed spring location, guaranteeing that no momentum is wasted or dissipated while leaping. To top it off, the trampoline set includes ground anchors to secure the device to the ground.

There is no single-user load limit on the rig. Many parents purchase it for their children, but they find up using it as often as they do for themselves. However, keep in mind that the trampoline’s strong structure makes it rather heavy and difficult to transport. So, before you start building, think long and hard about where you want it to go.

Things We Enjoy:

  • a lot of bounce
  • Design is simple and elegant.
  • Tank-like construction
  • Durable
  • Outstanding client service

Things that might be improved include:

  • Pricy
  • It’s difficult to move since it’s so heavy.
  • It takes a long time to put together.

Bounce at the top’s Rectangular Trampoline is eight by fourteen feet.


Merax 15 FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net, Basketball Hoop, and Ladder ASTM Approved Outdoor Trampoline for Kids and Adults with Jumping Mat and Spring Cover Merax 15 FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net, Basketball Hoop, and Ladder ASTM Approved Outdoor Trampoline for Kids and Adults with Jumping Mat and Spring Cover

  • When it comes to children, we recognize that SAFETY is your main concern. We value it just as much as you do. The Merax 15 FT Trampoline has a 6-foot high safety cage and is made of thick gauge galvanized rust-resistant steel with six W-shaped legs for increased stability.
  • UV-proof safety trampoline enclosures are supported by 5 foam cushioned poles and 1 extra thick pole for optimal safety when jumping. The heavy-duty 4-step galvanized steel ladder makes getting in and out of the trampoline a breeze.
  • The densely woven jumping mat and frame are firmly attached by 108 galvanized trampoline springs, providing outstanding and stunning bounce. You won’t have to worry about your hands or feet getting stuck in the gaps since they’re all covered with a tough blue frame pad.
  • Jumping and firing activities provide a double dose of enjoyment. The safety netting on this built-in amusement basketball hoop ensures that balls do not escape the cage. This is a fantastic way to keep your toddler active and amused. Its rust-proof construction assures that it may be used for a long time, even in humid and rainy conditions.
  • Note: This item is sent in three boxes and may not arrive at the same time. If you only get some of them, please wait patiently or contact the vendor. 375 pound weight capacity Instructions for assembly: ZzhV-WSE

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Bounce at the top trampolines are simple to construct and disassemble, with no intricate hardware or special equipment required. It has a sturdy steel frame with welded sockets to keep the upright enclosure poles in place, avoiding twisting and reinforcing the connecting points. These safety poles also bend at the top to keep the Terylene mesh net tight and out of the way, and they’re encased in foam sleeves with a vinyl coating to boost safety and extend the poles’ life.

The net’s entrance is secured and safe thanks to zippers and latch clips. Furthermore, the net is intended to reduce the potentially hazardous space between the enclosing net and the leaping surface, preventing arms, legs, hands, and feet from breaching the gap and being tangled in the springs.

Bounce at the top’s heavy strength, galvanized springs give unequaled flexibility and have a total weight capability of 500 pounds! A multi-level foam and plastic cushion covers the springs, which includes shock-absorbent, closed-cell EPE foam as well as PVC and PE thermosetting plastic polymers.

Bounce at the top employs an eight-row stitched woven polypropylene mesh for its jumping mat, making it exceptionally secure and avoiding rips, tears, and abrasion. The only thing restricting your bounce height will be your nervousness, since this trampoline is one of the most bouncy on the market.

Things We Enjoy:

  • Super a lot of bounce height
  • To keep the net tight, the poles are bent.
  • The safety net has a dual zip/clip door design to keep it tight and secure.

Things that might be improved include:

  • Over time, the Velcro on the pads becomes “unsticky.”
  • Putting it together is difficult and time-consuming.
  • The padding’s stitching might be stronger and last longer.

To say the least, selecting the greatest rectangle trampoline to match your and your family’s demands might be difficult. While quality is unquestionably essential, so is cost. Durability and strength are important, but most potential trampoline purchasers are more concerned about safety. However, higher danger entails greater reward, which has prompted people to seek out the highest-flying trampolines in order to reach their ambitious aspirations.

What Makes a Rectangular Trampoline Better Than a Round Trampoline?

Both round and rectangular trampolines have advantages and disadvantages. As a result, what works for your next-door neighbor may not be the ideal choice for you. So, what exactly are rectangular trampolines and how do they compare to their circular counterparts?

To begin, let’s look at the mechanics of the “bounce zone” – don’t worry, there’s no math required. When a force is applied to a round trampoline (for example, you jumping on the mat), the springs extend in a symmetrical way. As a result, on a circular trampoline, there is only one big bounce zone, which is located in the middle. Some springs are completely loaded while others are not, so you don’t experience the full power of each spring when you bounce anyplace else.

A rectangular trampoline, on the other hand, distributes force evenly over the jumping area, eliminating any particular big bounce zone. Rectangular trampolines provide a more uniform bounce, regardless of where the force is applied to the surface. This is why professional trampolines are rectangular rather than round.

A rectangle trampoline’s strength, pricing, and bounce height will likely be overkill if you’re looking for a nice trampoline for beginners, amateurs, or little children. If you’re seeking for the greatest method to prepare for cheerleading, gymnastics, wakeboarding, basketball, snowboarding, or any other sport or activity, a rectangular trampoline will give you with unrivaled bounce amplitude.

Rectangular trampolines also have a milder bounce. Unlike circular trampolines, where every spring engages on every jump at the same time, rectangular trampolines’ springs engage one by one. If you leap in the middle, for example, the springs in the center will activate first, followed by the ones farther down the sides, and ultimately the ones on either end.

Exercise using Rectangular Trampolines

Jumping on a trampoline is a terrific method to increase your cardiovascular fitness, leg strength, and core strength. It has a minimal impact since it engages your complete body without placing any one body area under stress. Trampoline workouts, unlike conventional gym routines, are enjoyable and thrilling, making you want to practice them every day.

Here are some examples of different sorts of workouts you may do on a trampoline!

Bounce at the top

Bounce at the top operates under the guiding principle “focus on your customer and everything will fall in place”. And it is this commitment to excellence that has pushed them to develop some of the finest products you can find on the market today.

They are aware of the current health challenges afflicting the United States and recognize the need of exercise. They aim to encourage health and fitness for people of all ages with their numerous trampoline lines, while also assuring the safety and lifespan of their products.


Acon was founded by a Finnish renegade using funds obtained via student loans in 1996, when founder Tarmo Sallinen returned to Finland with the first shipment of trampolines. Acon has continued to develop and flourish since that terrible year, reaching new heights and breaking through barriers. Its name is synonymous with extreme trampolining, and it was on an Acon trampoline that the world’s first quad backflip — four backflips in a single leap — was completed.

Q: Why do rectangular trampolines cost more than circular trampolines?

A: Round trampolines spread force uniformly across the unit due to their design. Rectangular trampolines, on the other hand, must be designed significantly stronger than circular trampolines. They cost more to construct because they need stronger frames, larger springs, and a more robust jumping mat.

Q: Can a rectangular trampoline be set up on uneven ground?

A: It’s not a good idea to set up a rectangular trampoline — or any trampoline for that matter — on an uneven area. It would place undue stress on the frame, making bouncing more difficult and hazardous. You could theoretically shorten or extend the legs to make the leaping surface flat over uneven ground, however this is not recommended since it would invalidate your guarantee and be ineffective. Simply leveling the ground under the trampoline would be a much simpler approach.

Q: Is it possible to install rectangular trampolines in the ground?

A: Rectangular in-ground trampolines are relatively prevalent. In-ground rectangular trampolines may provide safety, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, albeit they do need a lot of digging and technical know-how.

However, we do not recommend retrofitting an above-ground trampoline. Many firms and brands (such as Jump Power or Avyna) specialize in building trampolines for in-ground usage.

A rectangle trampoline is a terrific alternative whether you’re practicing for a sport, trying to lose weight, or just seeking for a fun way to be active outside. Acon is the best in the business when it comes to rectangular trampolines.

Their units are not only beautiful and secure, but they also give unparalleled bounce. They dominate the market in terms of design, combining and synergizing superior spring and pat mechanics to provide a genuinely unique leaping sensation.

They aren’t the cheapest choice, but you get what you pay for, as the saying goes. And I believe you’ll feel safe knowing you chose Acon for your trampoline requirements as you’re soaring into the air!

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The “Acon rectangle trampoline” is a great option for the money in 2022. It has an affordable price, and it can accommodate up to 2 people at once. Reference: acon rectangle trampoline.

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