Whether you live in an area with light or heavy snowfall, it's always essential to have the proper snow removal tools on hand. After the first snowfall, you're prepped and stocked with all tools needed to shovel wet and heavy snow out your driveway and sidewalks.

The best roof rake ensures that you can prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. It also helps in clearing heavy and wet snow that could have accumulated.

We've reviewed the best roof rakes and outlined features to consider when buying them.


What's the Longest roof rake?

What Is A Roof Rake?

A roof rake is a superb way to clear excess snow from your roof. It comprises an extending handle and a blade, which allows you to remove snow from your roof while staying on the ground.

We've discussed below the best roof rakes that assure efficient clearing of snow.

Best Roof Rakes

1. Garelick 21-Foot Snow Roof Rake

The Garelick is the best snow rake for fast and efficient snow removal. It's available in two sizes 16' and 21', with the former being ideal for a mid-sized roof and the latter for a roof that's on the larger side.

The snow roof rake comes with four sections that snap together, giving you the maximum reach. In addition, you can add an extension if in need of increasing the range.

The snow roof rake features patented shingle saver rollers that make it easy to maneuver. In addition, the Garelick roof rake rollers prevent the blade from causing any damage to your roof's shingles, thus increasing their shelf life.

The blade width is 7 inches meaning it can clean a large area in one pass. In addition, the rake weighs under 6 pounds making it very lightweight for a model of its size.


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and handle
  • Helps to prevent ice dams
  • Protects the shingles from damage


  • The wheels come off easily

2. Snow Joe 2-In-1 Telescoping Jumbo Snow Broom + Ice Scraper

Snow Joe SJBLZD-JMB-SJB 2-In-1 Telescoping Jumbo Snow Broom + Ice Scraper,Blue
  • [DUAL-PURPOSE]: Patented dual-purpose design...
  • [NON-ABRASIVE]: Oversized 19-inch foam head...
  • [XL ICE PAPER]: Quickly clears Ice build-up...
  • [AUTO-LOCKING]: Telescoping pole adjusts from...
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT]: 1.5 lbs for easy handling

The Snow Joe telescoping roof rake is designed to tackle snow and ice.

The snow removal tool features a Twist-n-lock mechanism that comes into play. This makes it easy to remove and disconnect the head from the handle. In addition, the telescoping pole can be adjusted from 33in to 52in extend reach.

The snow removal tool has a maximum reach of 21 feet, though you can further increase it by adding an extension. In addition, once you have set the length, the roof rake is equipped with an auto-locking mechanism. Lastly, the jumbo foam head ensures that you only scrape the snow while keeping the roof's shingles intact. It can also push off heavy, wet snow off cars without damaging glass or paint.


  • Easy to use and assembles
  • Great for fast and easy snow removal
  • Dual function- clears snow and scrapes ice


  • The foam head begins to unscrew after a couple of swipes

3. Avalanche! Traditional Snow Roof Rake

The Avalanche is the best roof rake for lightweight snow removal.

It features an aluminum handle that is easily assembled when you need to use the rake. In addition, it can easily be diassembled, making it great for storage.

The roof rake handle has a vinyl grip for a firm hold giving you the best control. The snow roof rake can be extended to 20 feet and has a 24-inch broad rake head for reaching areas near roof valleys and high ledges.

The Avalanche roof rake also features built-in wheels to prevent damage to your roof shingles.

There are also wheels built-in near the edge to help keep the blade from scraping and damaging your shingles. Lastly, the snow roof rake is also designed to prevent ice dam formation.  It is advisable to clear the first 4-8 feet of your roof to prevent ice damming


  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Very Lightweight
  • The handle is easy to maneuver
  • Great at clearing ice dams


  • The metal pole is susceptible to rust
  • Ideal for clearing light snow
  • It doesn't feature braces that connect the outer edge of the blade to the pole to give it more stability

4. Suncast Adjustable Roof Rake

Suncast Adjustable Roof Rake with 21' Resin Handle for Snow and Leaf Removal, Black
  • ROOF RAKE: Ideally suited to remove snow,...
  • DURABLE: Constructed of resin-coated...
  • EASY STORAGE: Rake can be conveniently...
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: Extension pieces extend...
  • 2 STORY REACH: Versatile handle can reach up...

The Suncast roof rake is designed to remove snow, leaves, and debris from the roof of your house, shed, or garage.

It features a resin-coated aluminum handle that's built to be sturdy. The roof rake has four sections that snap together to extend the handle from seven to 21 feet. In addition, the plastic bow-shaped head comes with a curved, non-stick graphite blade.

The roof rake has a 24-inch non-stick graphite blade that effortlessly glides along the roof. In addition, it's not difficult to get the snow to fall off the shovel. It does, however tend to get caught in the scoop, putting extra pressure on the handle.

What makes it the best roof rake is its versatility.


  • Super-versatile roof rake
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Prevents ice dams
  • Designed for easy storage


  • Poor build quality ( the plastic is brittle)
  • Rake gets more challenging to use with each extension added
  • It can be hard to get it apart once used

5. GYMAX Extendable Aluminum Snow Rake

GYMAX Roof Rake, Aluminum Snow Rake for House Roof, 5’-20’ Scratch Free Roof Shovel with 26"...
  • Extra-long Adjustable Handle: This roof snow...
  • Large Blade & Two Rollers: The two unique...
  • Premium Materials & Firm Structure: Made of...
  • Lightweight & Easy to Install: The roof rake...
  • Multi-purpose Using Experience: This snow...

The Gymax roof snow rake features a long extendable handle with 3 adjustable knobs on the pole. It's ideal for people of different heights. In addition, the length can be adjusted between 5 to 20 feet, reaching every corner of the roof.

The roof rake for snow can also e used to remove leaves, dirt, and branches during warmer months.

The roof snow rake features two unique snowflake rollers that minimize the damage to the roof. These rollers also keep a small gap between the aluminum blade and the roof when you use it, preventing any damage.

The snow roof rake is made of high-quality aluminum materials, thus assuring durability. In addition, the support rods form a firm triangular structure between the blade and the main tube, ensuring better stability of the snow rake.


  • Great at clearing snow
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Multi-functional roof rake
  • Features an anti-slip handle for better grip


  • Some reviews noted that when fully assembled, it can be pretty hard to maneuver at times

Features To Consider When Buying Best Roof Rake

a) Pole Length

The best roof rakes feature adjustable poles that can be extended from 14 to 22 feet for snow removal and cut down to less than eight feet for storage. The longer the pole, the higher and further you can reach the roof. However, longer poles can also be challenging to maneuver and may require more physical strength to lift.

b) Weight

Most roof rakes weigh between four and fourteen pounds, with most of the weight in the rake head. Heavy rakes tend to sink deeper into the snow, allowing you to remove a good amount with each pull. The downside is that they require more physical strength to lift and position.

c) Material Used

The best roof rake poles tend to be made of aluminum because it's strong and lightweight. On the other hand, rake heads are made from heavy-duty plastic, aluminum, or molded polyethylene. Aluminum tends to be the most durable but is also the heaviest.

d) Rake Head

You'll come across roof rake heads of various ranges when searching for the best roof rakes. They range in depth from 3 inches to 10 inches, and widths run between 12 to 24 inches.

Essentially, the larger the rake head, the more snow it can remove in a single pull. However, if the snow is wet and heavy, additional strength will be required to pull it, leading to back and shoulder fatigue.

e) Handle

It's important to check if the handle of your roof rake is comfortable to use and ergonomically designed. You'll be dealing with heavy weight from the rake and snow hence you want to select from the best roof rakes that assure comfort and an easy hold. Also, look out for cushioned grip or secondary grips as these can help take some strain from you.

It's also vital to consider the handle material when searching for the best roof rakes. Metal tends to be the most durable. Plastic and wood will be lighter but is more likely to break in extreme conditions.

The best roof rake handles come in three types:

  • Straight Handle: Straight handle rakes can get the job done, but they're can be quite challenging to handle since they have no give
  • Bending Handle: These handles work for any downward-sloping roof and for getting into corners that can't be accessed by a straight handle
  • Telescoping Handle: A telescoping handle permits you to easily adjust the length for more adaptability for different roof heights

f) Storage Space

Before buying a roof rake, it's always crucial to think about where and how easy it will be to store it. First, ensure you have the space to store. Some roof rakes have collapsible handles that make the overall length shorter, while other can be broken up into smaller pieces making it easier to take them apart and store.

g) Rollers, Wheels or Bumpers

Some roof rakes feature rollers, wheels, or bumpers near the rake's blade to keep them from actually touching the roof's surface. This helps protect both your roofing material and the rake from scraping and damaging each other.

h) Type of Blade

There are two styles of roof rake blades:

i) Scoop Blades

They are shaped like traditional snow shovels.

A scoop blade is designed to be placed at the top of the roof and dragged towards the ground. It allows gravity to help clear the snow. However, the downside is that it sheds snow into gutters or onto shrubs and plants along the foundation. One must careful not to push upward and potentially damage shingles.

ii) Slicer blades

They are designed to be pushed upward rather than pulled down. This is because you're pushing against the grain; hence the roof rake must have wheels or coasters to avoid damaging shingles. Their advantage is the trailing sheet. Snow shoots along the sheet, staying out of gutters and away from shrubs and plants.

Safety Tips To Consider When Removing Snow From Your Roof

Safety is critical, and thinking about removing snow from your roof. Here are a couple of vital actions you can take to ensure you are protected.

  • Ensure to inspect your roof before the first snowfall for any loose shingles that the rake can catch on.
  • Put on temperature-appropriate clothing that allows you to move around with no restriction
  • Wear heavy boots with a non-slip grip that will keep your feet warm and give you a firm grip, ensuring you don't slip
  • Always try to rake from the ground, and if you must get onto the roof to reach higher/further places, ensure to have a safety rope in place for protection
  • When raking snow, remove small chunks at a time. It's not only easier but also protects your shrubs from too much weight
  • Be aware of large slabs of ice. If pulling one down, ensure no one is in the vicinity of where it will fall as they can cause severe damage
  • It's important to know where your power lines are so that you won't catch them with the roof rake. Pulling on power lines can be a disastrous affair

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Roof Rakes For Snow Removal

a) Will a snow rake damage my roof?

Roof rakes for snow removal are designed and built to cause minimal damage. However, it's essential to exercise caution while still using one. Ensure not to slam the rake on the roof or violently pull a chunk of snow off the roof. Instead, you can consider buying the best roof rakes with wheels, as these can prevent the rake's blade from touching the roof.

b) What are ice dams?

Ice dams form when accumulated snow builds along the edge of the roof. The buildup prevents any snow that's higher on the roof from sliding to the ground. Once formed, it can be difficult to remove and is potentially harmful to your roof since it needs some force to break the ice. Hence, to prevent the formation of ice dams, it's vital to clear the edge of your roof of excess snow.

c) Does my snow rake require maintenance?

No, they don't. Once stored, the roof rake only needs to be inspected occasionally to ensure its bolts are secure and all pieces are intact. 

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