Airsoft is a popular sport and hobby that has seen explosive growth over the past few years. It’s popularity didn’t start with guns, it started with smoke grenades – arguably one of the most important weapons for any serious player to have in their arsenal. There are many different types of grenade available but this list only includes premium-grade products that will help you dominate your opponents on the field!.

The “enola gaye” is a smoke grenade that produces a dense cloud of white smoke. It was used in the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima, Japan. The enola gaye has been discontinued and replaced by the M84 smoke grenade.

Airsoft games are exciting and enjoyable. You may need a few extras to enhance your gaming experience. Some folks like to play a whole tactical game using an airsoft smoke grenade.

If this describes you, you’ll need to look for a list of the finest smoke grenades for airsoft on the market. We’ve compiled a list of items that we think are excellent for airsoft.


In a rush? Here are some of our favorites…

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Best-Smoke-Grenades-For-Airsoft-Our-Top-Picks-For-2022 Adventure Awaits! – Baby Gender Reveal & for Other Festivals- Color Dispenser 12″ x 6-Pack Hand Held Air Filled Party Popper, Also for Color Run Festival Product (Baby Blue)   SEARCH ON AMAZON
Top1647025973_735_Best-Smoke-Grenades-For-Airsoft-Our-Top-Picks-For-2022 Rainbow 6 Pack of Colorful Pull Ring Smoke Tubes   SEARCH ON AMAZON
1647025974_855_Best-Smoke-Grenades-For-Airsoft-Our-Top-Picks-For-2022 Legend & Co., Baby Gender Reveal Powder Cannons | Air Compressed Party Poppers | Bonus Feature: Small Color Check Window to View Contents | ( 2 Pink & 2 Blue)   SEARCH ON AMAZON

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1. Rainbow 6 Pack of Colorful Pull Ring Smoke Tubes

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This set of six colored pull-ring smoke tubes is ideal for use on the airsoft field as a diversion. You get six rainbow colors: pink, white, purple, green, and orange, and each one lasts around a minute and a half, giving you just enough time to get the shot in or escape away from the other team’s adversaries.

It’s important to note that these smoke tubes, like any others, should never be used in an indoor airsoft arena. After pulling the ring, toss it in the direction of the opposing players and don’t touch it until the game is done or all of the smoke has been expelled. There is some heat generated by the tubes.

They also have a little unpleasant (but not overpowering) odor that is neither poisonous nor dangerous to humans. You may contact the seller and they can personalize your pack of 6 if you don’t want all of the colors or need a certain hue for your squad to distinguish.

What We Enjoy:

  • There are six distinct colors in each pack of six.
  • If necessary, colors may be changed to your liking.
  • Pull pin with ease
  • Smoke that is thick and bright.
  • It lasts around a minute and a half, giving you enough time to flee or drive out your opponents.

What We Don’t Care For:

  • Heat and odor are released. Indoor airsoft isn’t ideal.
  • A little on the expensive side

2. Color Dispenser: 6-Pack Air-Filled Party Poppers



Adventure Awaits! – Baby Gender Reveal & for Other Festivals- Color Dispenser 12″ x 6-Pack Hand Held Air Filled Party Popper, Also for Color Run Festival Product (Baby Blue)

  • BIODEGRADEABLE CARDBOARD (NOT PLASTIC LIKE SOME OTHER BRANDS) & 100% SAFE CORNSTARCH POWDER, MULTI-COLORS IN THIS 6-PACK WITH PLENTY OF POWDER: Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Blue and Orange. EASY TO USE: Hand held, easy to use Color Dispenser; Just twist to pop.
  • GREAT FOR CELEBRATIONS, SUCH AS BABY Gender Reveals, Concerts, Color Runs, and More!!
  • WHAT’S INSIDE: Choose either 6 PINK, 6 BLUE, or 3 PINK & 3 BLUE. Package includes SIX dispensers. Made with 100%, Biodegradable SAFE cornstarch powder. For more variety of colors, please check our other listing on Amazon, B01LWN2VP9 (add this code in your search bar browser and search)
  • BE SAFE: This product is exclusively for adults. Only use this product outside.
  • IMPORTANT COLOR MARKING: The tops of all dispensers are colored foil. If you don’t want people to see the color, cover it with spray paint or a marker. ONLY Usage ONCE: Each dispenser is only good for one use.

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These color dispensers come in a 6-pack and are available in baby blue, pink, or a multicolored choice. Because this is a “twist and pop” option rather than a pin-pull option, it’s still a cinch to operate during an airsoft game.

Because the smoke grenades are made of a natural and biodegradable cornstarch powder, they will not injure the players or create a mess on the airsoft field. Despite the fact that it is prepared with safe materials, it is designed for outdoor usage. Unless you’re in a big, well-ventilated airsoft venue, avoid using it inside.

These are significantly less effective than the other alternatives on our list since the smoke, although dense, only lasts 30 seconds to a minute in the air (at the very most). It’s undoubtedly a “get out of jail free” option if you or your squad ever find yourselves in a difficult scenario on the field.

What We Enjoy:

  • The twist and pop mechanism is simple and fast to operate, which makes it ideal for airsoft battles.
  • Our multi-color alternatives come in blue and pink.
  • Cornstarch is a natural component that is safe for individuals.
  • The smoke is heavy and the colors are vibrant.

What We Don’t Care For:

  • Smoke only lasts around 30 seconds, give or take a bit, so it’s basically just good for fast escapes or diversions.

3. Legend & Co. Powder Cannons 


Legend & Co, Baby Gender Reveal Powder Cannons | Air Powered | Included Feature: Small Color Check Window to View Contents | (2 Pink & 2 Blue)

  • ANXIETY-FREE: Each cannon includes a window that lets you to quickly inspect the contents’ color! Cover the hole with the black stickers supplied when it’s time for the reveal.
  • 2 Pink + 2 Blue are included: These will be a hit if you’re searching for a distinctive and carefree gender reveal!
  • Improved Design: Our release mechanism has been changed to make it simpler to twist!
  • ZERO CLEANUP: We utilize colored cornstarch, similar to what you’d find at a fun run.
  • 🎉 Hold with your bottom to the ground or to the side of your body. Twist the base tightly while holding the top. Every cannon has a kick and a satisfying audible *pop*.

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With There are almost 400 good ratings., the Legend & Co. Powder Cannons are a go-to option for airsoft smoke devices. Four cannons are included in two pinks and two blue colors. Like the previous set of cannons, the powder is biodegradable and dissipates, so there’s no cleanup necessary.

However, since the powder doesn’t remain in the air for more than 30-45 seconds (depending on weather conditions and wind speed), they are perfect for brief diversions – either to escape away or swiftly attack an opponent on the airsoft field. On the plus side, the color is vibrant and distracting, and the plume of smoke is substantial.

What We Enjoy:

  • Budget-friendly, ideal for people on a tight budget.
  • There are almost 400 good ratings.
  • The powder is non-toxic, biodegradable, and leaves no stains or debris behind.
  • The smoke plume is wide and colorful, ideal for quick diversions.

What We Don’t Care For:

  • It doesn’t last as long as some of the other alternatives on our list, so it’s best for brief trips or charging.
  • Only pink and blue are available.


This Gaye, Enola Airsoft Wire Pull Smoke Grenade is a must-have for the serious airsoft player and comes from one of the most well-known airsoft businesses in the United States. It comes in nine various colors: blue, white, pink, orange, green, black, yellow, purple, and red, and it emits a heavy cloud of smoke that lasts for at least 30 seconds.

The wire pull mechanism adds an additional inch of realism to the airsoft field, and the smoke coming out of both ends helps the grenade disseminate evenly, momentarily blinding your opponents’ senses.

Gaye, Enola, on the whole, understands what they’re doing. If you’re looking for an airsoft-focused solution, this may be the way to go.

What We Enjoy:

  • The grenade emits a strong plume of smoke from both ends.
  • The color scheme is vibrant and distracting.
  • There are nine distinct hues available.
  • The game’s wire pull mechanism adds authenticity.
  • Some of the biggest airsoft firms manufacture and sell these items.

What We Don’t Care For:

  • There was no pack. Each purchase is limited to one grenade.
  • It burns quite rapidly.


This smoke grenade, another Evike product, has a realistic look similar to that of legitimate military and law enforcement gadgets. It comes in five various colors and has a 1 minute burn period, ensuring that your opponents on the airsoft field are rendered immobile once they come into contact with it.

It emits a large plume of brightly colored smoke that distracts and briefly blinds your opponents, allowing you to make your move. The military spoon-style igniting mechanism adds to the authenticity of this dog and is surprisingly easy to use.

This smoke grenade, unlike the earlier Evike smoke grenade, only emits smoke from one end of the tube, however this does not undermine its potency.

Choose between white, green, blue, orange, purple, or red smoke and watch as your team takes control of the contest.

What We Enjoy:

  • White, green, blue, orange, purple, and red are the five hues available.
  • Has a fantastic smoking time of 1 minute.
  • There is a huge cloud of smoke discharged.
  • Bright colors are distracting.
  • Casing in military and law enforcement technologies that are realistic
  • The military spoon-style ignite mechanism is simple to use and contributes to the realism of the product’s use.

What We Don’t Care For:

  • On the pricey side. If you’re searching for a bargain, this may not be the greatest choice.
  • Smoke only comes out of one end, however this may not have a significant impact on its quality.

Smoke Grenade Training for Airsoft

Consider the following:

There are various aspects to consider when purchasing any smoke grenade. The ideal sort of smoke grenade for your requirements will be determined by these considerations.


The area covered by smoke from a smoke grenade is known as coverage. The coverage of various kinds of smoke grenades varies. Knowing the size of the region where the grenade will be used can aid in determining coverage.

The coverage of airsoft smoke grenades is measured in cubic feet. Smoke grenades typically cover an area of 10,000 cubic feet to 500,000 cubic feet.

The kind of smoke

The The kind of smoke emitted is another thing you should consider. For instance, windy areas will require a smoke grenade with heavy smoke. This is because the wind tends to clear the smoke faster than you would anticipate.

Smoke’s color

Another crucial consideration is color. Choose a color that complements your airsoft gaming attire. The smoke will assist you enhance your cover or notify your troops in this manner.


If you’re on a budget, look for one that suits your needs at a reasonable price. More realistic smoke grenades will almost certainly cost more than airsoft smoke grenades with a more minimalistic design.


Another important consideration is the location. We’re talking about whether you’re playing indoors or outside in this example. Because the smoke will not be impacted by wind or other external variables, indoor gaming parks need minimal smoke.

How to Use Airsoft Grenades

To create smoke screens for airsoft games, an airsoft smoke grenade emits harmless, bright-colored smoke. They work well as defensive barriers against opponents and emit smoke that lasts anywhere from thirty seconds to one and a half minutes. These smoke grenades have a range of coverage from 30,000 to 500,000 cubic feet.

Flameless and regular smoke grenades are the two varieties of airsoft smoke grenades. The latter are manually lit and produce 30,000 to 100,000 cubic feet of air.

The smoke is vivid orange and may continue for up to four minutes. You must pull the pin to activate a smoke grenade.

In the case of the flameless variety, the grenade is ignited by a 9-volt battery. They’re great for huge smoke screens that can be lit from a distance.

If you want to buy airsoft smoke grenades, choose one that fits your requirements. The duration of a smoke grenade varies depending on the brand and type.

This implies you’ll have to look for one that lasts the precise or approximate amount of time you want it to. When it comes to smoking ranges, choose one that is appropriate for the location where you will be playing.

If you’re in a small airsoft field, 30,000 cubic feet of smoke should enough. Larger fields will need grenades that cover 500,000 cubic feet or more.

If you wish, you may blanket a huge playing area with multiple little smoke grenades. Large smoke grenades should never be used to cover tiny spaces.

You could need a smoke grenade that can cover a vast area and endure a long period. Choosing one that is more than you need is not a good idea. It might cause your tactics to fail or backfire.

Get the Game Going

Using airsoft smoke grenades during an airsoft game may make it more realistic. After all, airsoft BBs aren’t the only thing in today’s games.

In genuine battles, mines and explosives are utilized. As a result, whether you’re guarding a base or disguising an assault, airsoft grenades will come in useful.

Lethal explosives, of course, are not permitted in any airsoft game. Players may employ copies of claymores, mines, grenade launchers, and grenades in these games since they are simulations of true military circumstances.

Please note that none of these devices include live explosives. These weapons are often powered by citric acid and green gas.

2 Best Brands of Airsoft Smoke Grenades

Gaye, Enola

Gaye, Enola is the longest-serving pyrotechnic company in Europe. It manufactures pyrotechnics for the airsoft and paintball industries.

The company was founded in 1996 with the goal of creating a biodegradable pyrotechnic paint grenade that looked like the genuine thing. The concept was to create an egg box-like product out of paper pulp.

The firm was formerly known as Astra Fireworks. It had a comparable pyrotechnic that was manufactured of styrofoam and painted black.

The product exploded into several white, non-biodegradable fragments. Paintball fields and parks that wanted to maintain their grounds clean found this method ineffective.


The Empire BT M8 and M12 airsoft smoke grenades are manufactured by this firm. Evike is recognized for providing its customers with the best possible experience.

They have pledged to be the most recognized and successful corporation in America in order to realize their mission. Due to their hard work, desire to invest back into the business, vision, honesty, passion for excellence, and loyalty to its clients, Evike is the market leader in paintball and airsoft smoke grenades.

The firm has been the world’s top creator, inventor, leading distributor, and most trusted brand of airsoft equipment for over 10 years. In the commercial, training, and sports industries, they are also the sole producer, service center, and representative of many of the leading airsoft brands.

A personal touch, safety, innovation, and a passion for excellence in customer service are at the heart of Evike.

The organization works with a global network of key partners. South America, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and the United States are all represented. They boast the biggest showroom, airsoft conference, warehouse, high-end airsoft distribution network, and employees in the industry.

FAQs on Airsoft Smoke Grenades

Is possessing a smoke grenade legal?

A: It is not illegal to use them if you are over the age of 18. Purchasing them is also not prohibited. Simply ask for permission or utilize them on your property.

You are definitely breaching the law if you generate a commotion or panic. It is recommended that you exercise judgment, get the relevant permits, or use them in an unrestricted environment.

Do Airsoft Smoke Grenades Have a Strong Smell?

A: Yes. The scent of airsoft smoke grenades is rather unpleasant, but it is not overwhelming.

Q: How Long Does A Smoke Grenade Last On Average?

A: A smoke grenade will last between thirty seconds to a minute and a half on average (for the most common devices).

Q: Can Airsoft Smoke Grenades be transported by plane?

A: Smoke grenades are not banned, particularly those used in airsoft games. They are, however, forbidden from being transported by aircraft. The major concern is that smoke might be emitted accidently and fill the cabin. This may generate fear among passengers and staff members. It might even penetrate the cockpit and confuse the pilots.

Q: How hot do smoke grenades get?

A: Smoke is produced by all airsoft grenades owing to a friction fuse, ring or wire tugging, or other similar igniting. These grenades emit smoke thanks to a formula that allows them to burn without the need of air oxygen.

As a result, the grenade’s casing may get somewhat heated. However, an airsoft smoke grenade that you set off should not burn you.

Wrap-up of Airsoft Smoke Grenades

That’s all there is to it! The greatest smoke grenades for airsoft, according to us.

For determined airsoft players or those who prefer realism, we recommend Gaye, Enola smoke grenades. These are of better quality than the rest. If you feel they do not meet your standards, the other option would be going for the 6-pack Colorful Smoke Tubes.

You should be able to pick a nice airsoft smoke grenade based on the facts provided above. Use this well-researched education to learn all there is to know about smoke grenades.

Any airsoft game would benefit from the inclusion of airsoft grenades. You will have a better gaming experience if you use them. Smoke grenades should only be used in specified places, such as airsoft game parks.

The “airsoft smoke grenade mil x” is an airsoft accessory that creates a thick cloud of smoke when deployed. The device can be used as a distraction or to cover your escape.

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