You can purchase any snow blower available at the hardware store near your home, but maybe you will eventually realize that it is not precisely the machine you needed. Not any snow thrower has everything you need, and Snow Joe understands that each locality, each driveway, and even each patio is different. Even though there are lots of different models from this brand, they are all alike in one aspect: They are all more environmentally friendly than the standard gas counterpart. You won’t need to give up on power either. Learn a bit about Snow Joe products before that annoying snowfall blocks your doorstep.


Some tips to find the Snow Joe blower you need.

For a start, you must estimate the amount of snow you really have to handle each year. Small Joe models are perfect for small to medium sized driveways that barely receive some inches of snowfall in every storm. You should also keep up to date with snow and not allow it to grow up and get compacted or else you will have to work twice as hard.

If you need a machine to cut through up to one-foot tall piles of snow, you will need a stronger tool. A 15-ampere engine can remove almost 800Lbs of snow in a minute. That’s to say you can clear the snow flush with the floor as quick as possible.

What makes electric or battery-powered snowblowers better?

I always thought that “outdoor appliance” and “environmentally safe” couldn’t be applied to a single product. Then brands like Snow Joe came out with new appliances like electric snow blowers and changed my mind. Of course, they aren’t as strong as the old gas blowers, but being zero-gas emitting is enough reason to consider replacing the old gas machine for the new electric device.

  • Electricity-powered snow blowers
  • Rechargeable Battery-powered Snow Blower

The brand is determined to create an electric snow blower that is a reliable choice instead of the tougher gas-feeding counterpart, and they are making it day by day. Actually, this was one of the first brands that decided to unplug the cable and provide an ecological option for snow removing that doesn’t need a power outlet.

Joe offers you a wireless, battery-consuming blower able to deal with high snowdrifts for almost an hour on a full battery. Lithium-ion power source has changed the rules for many utility appliances, and currently we can see it taking over the snowblower market.

All in all, when the headquarters of the CARB forecasted that gas outdoor appliances would be more pollutant than urban cars, it was the moment to change the paradigm of outdoor tools. Replacing your gas blower for an electric or rechargeable model has its advantages, anyway. You won’t need to buy gasoline to refill it and it is safer to store.

It doesn’t have a cord to pull and emits no rough gases. Electric models have a cable but it doesn’t limit you until you reach the end of your driveway. Battery-powered models allow you to move about without tangling up or falling short of cable, but it does limit you in terms of time to complete your task.

If you have to clear a gravel surface, then you will need to search further for a machine that doesn’t throw rocks. These specific blowers work as their name suggests: they lift up whatever is laying on the ground and blow it away to either right in front of it or to a side of the blower. As these machines reaches the ground, they will lift up and throw any particle there is, making it potentially dangerous.

Maybe the best method to ascertain whether any of these snowblowers is the one you need is reading reviews. There is a high probability that one of Joe’s products is the one for your driveway, your patio, and your doorstep, so read on!


Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 18” 13,5-Ampere Electric Snow Blower

  • 13,5-ampere engine
  • 18” clearing wide
  • 10” clearing deep
  • Removing power: 650 pounds per minute
  • Throwing distance: 20 feet
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • 2-year warranty


If you are looking for a snow blower that is able to clear small to medium snowdrifts, this affordable Snow Joe’s model might be the perfect deal.

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 18” 13.5-Ampere Electric Snow Blower is one of the cheapest high-quality choices available. This tiny snow warrior can plow up to 650 pounds of snow per minute. That’s to say you can get your driveway clear faster than you get up and dressed in the morning.

Weighing barely over 35 pounds and requiring no pulling startup, no gas or oil refilling make it an ever-ready equipment for getting out from your shed to start working in the street. It is fitted with steel blades that can cut through drifts faster than plastic blades, and also last longer. The blades even have rubberized edges to avoid damages made to the surface you’re clearing.

Though this specific model can remove snow from the driveway to your yard effectively, that’s only in moderate weather with recently fallen spongy snow. When the snow is compacted, icy, dense, it will require more exertion, and the max distance of the throw won’t be much more than 20 feet, as specified. Honestly, you will most likely remove up to six inches of material effortlessly, and it will be able to throw it where you want it to fall by more or less 8 to 10 feet, when the circumstances are good, not the best.


  • Removes snow down to the floor
  • Light
  • Not expensive
  • Easy handling
  • Steel blades with rubberized edges


  • You will have to pass more than once
  • May not be able to handle heavy snowdrifts


Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single-Stage Brushless Snow Blower with Rechargeable Eco-sharp 40-volt Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Power source: 40-volt 4.0 rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Engine: 500-watt brushless engine
  • Runtime: almost one hour
  • Clearing width: 18”
  • Clearing depth: 8”
  • Removing capacity: 495 pounds per minute
  • Throwing distance: 20Ft


If you are looking for a more portable unit from this company, then this rechargeable battery blower should satisfy your needs.

If you think you’ve got enough from old battery-powered machines, think twice, cause this brand has refreshed the concept with its Snow Joe iON snowblower. This wireless blower can remove snow from driveways, sidewalks, and doorsteps while unplugged and without gasoline, and more efficiently than you could suppose, due to a potent rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

This specific model does have some limitations. Sure, you won’t think it will remove a ton of snow in a moment, but it will clear up to almost 500 pounds of snow in a minute. This is only true with spongy, aired snow, but it will still fight wet and heavy drifts. The rubber-edged steel auger is great for chewing snow before spitting it off the movable chute while still protects your floor.

The main feature of this machine is of course the lack of cord, which allows you to take this guy anywhere. However, a battery is powering it so your working time is limited. You can work continuously for almost one hour on a full battery. Keep in mind that this machine comes with only one battery and one charger, so it might be a good idea to buy a supplementary battery for bigger tasks, though those are as expensive as half the cost of the blower.


  • Potent for a cordless model
  • Easy to operate
  • Chute turns 180°
  • Comes with 3W LED headlamps
  • Rubber-edged steel auger
  • Runs fairly quietly


  • A bit more expensive than similar devices
  • Supplementary batteries are costly
  • A bit weaker than electric or gas blowers


Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 18” 13.5-Ampere Electric Snow Blower with Headlamps

  • Engine: 13.5 ampere
  • Clearing width: 18”
  • Clearing depth: 10”
  • Removing capacity: 650 pounds per minute
  • Throwing distance: 20Ft
  • Weight: 33.3 pounds
  • 2-year warranty


This is a sturdy model that can easily clear mild to moderate drifts and comes with a headlamp that makes it great for removing snow from your driveway early at dawn or in the evening.

If you take a look at the specs of the Snow Joe Ultra blower you might think, “That’s nothing new,” and that’s true, except for one detail. This specific unit uses the same 13,5 engine that can handle up to 18” wide of snow with a depth of 10” at once, but it also includes a 20W halogen headlamp. That can extend your options between plowing your driveway just past a nighty storm and letting the snow become ice until the sun rises.

Think about those gas-powered snow blowers from other companies, and you will realize this electric model is an affordable choice that can remove snow efficiently from your patio and throw it to your backyard. It even protects the pretty floor of your patio with the rubberized edges of the auger.

It is powered by electricity, so you will need to get an extension cable in the proper size for its amperage. For a powerful electric machine, it is actually not that noisy. Just as much as a vacuum cleaner or just a bit louder. It has turning casters that make it very easy to move about, but still you’ll need to push harder to clear heavy snow, since it is not a self-propelled model.


  • Comes with 20-watt halogen headlamps
  • Turning casters
  • Protects your floor
  • As noisy as a vacuum cleaner


  • Needs a bit of strength
  • Not suitable for gravel surfaces


Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E 18” 15-Ampere Electric Snow Blower with Headlamps

  • Engine:15 ampere
  • Clearing width: 18”
  • Clearing depth: 10”
  • Clearing capacity: 720 pounds per minute
  • Throwing distance: 25Ft
  • Weight: 33.7 pounds.
  • 2-year warranty


If you like the idea of having a powerful snowblower that also illuminates your driveway while clearing at night, this model is that fantasy come true.

What type of snow you need to clear? Fresh and spongy; icy and heavy; or that gross pile of snow left by the plowing truck? No matter what kind of snow you need get rid of every winter, this Snow Joe Ultra 15-ampere model can do the job. With such a fierce engine, it won’t just clear your path through 720 pounds of snow per minute, but it will also throw the white mass to a distance of up to 25 feet away from your driveway.

You must consider that electric models as a rule can handle a max of 10” in a pass, but only in the best circumstances. You won’t receive always the same kind of snowfall, and you must even deal with the compacted drift left by the plow truck at your driveway. The idea is to do it patiently with these artifacts. They can handle it, but little by little. They may not be as fast as desired, but they are still more convenient than a shovel.

This specific blower will need you to push harder to slice through compacted drifts, which will work if you are persistent. Also, you even might need to stop every now and then when the thrower jams up. Luckily, this model comes with an accessory that helps you empty the chute and get back to work. Another great feature: A built-in 20W halogen headlight for clearing your driveway late at night or early at dawn, preventing the snow from building up.


  • Powerful for an electric blower
  • Comes with a scraper blade
  • Throws distance of 25 feet
  • Comes with an accessory to clear out the chute
  • 20-watt halogen headlight


  • It takes a bit of exertion
  • Cannot slice through dense drifts quickly


Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E 21” 15-Ampere Electric Snow Blower

  • Engine:15 amperes
  • Clearing width: 21”
  • Clearing depth: 12”
  • Capacity: 800 pounds per minute
  • Throw distance: 20 feet
  • Weight: 35.7 pounds
  • 2-year warranty


A lightweight, small sized yet powerful snow thrower might be your ace in the hole when you need a tool to clear up to a foot of fall but not to die in the process.

Do your best trying to find a clean-energy blower that removes snowdrifts as fine as the Snow Joe Ultra 21” 15-ampere does. It is said to remove up to 800 pounds of snow in a minute, which is almost 500 Kg. But remember, this info is only true under optimum conditions, and you know that each snow is different. If you were blessed with a smooth, aired snow, it is a piece of cake to throw it from your driveway to your yard, but when it is icy, compacted, heavy, the Snow Joe can still handle it, but it will require a bit of your exertion and patience.

To be true, you can clear a moderately large deck covered with a foot of snow in a period of 15 to 20 minutes. Now try to calculate how long it will take you to clear your driveway. Maybe a potential con should be that you won’t be able to use snow as a reason to be late to work anymore. This model includes a full 180° turning chute, so that you can throw snow left, right, or straight ahead.

The onboard LED headlamp lights your clearing surface so that you can clear snow late at night while you can watch your step. Anyway, this specific blower won’t work properly on acres of land covered with snow. But still works awesome on driveways, walkways, and doorsteps since it clears down to the floor while preventing any damage.


  • Stronger than many electric blowers
  • Lightweight
  • Full 180° turning chute
  • Comes with 3W LED headlamps
  • Protects surfaces


You have to get a costly extension cable

Needs a bit of effort and patience in some instances


The searching for the ideal snow blower for you is based on your budget, the capacity of the machine, and the type of snow you usually receive each winter. There is no Snow Joe that fits any kind of need, but there is a model that is nearly the perfect medium: Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 18” 13.5-Ampere Electric Snow Blower with Headlamp.

The 13,5-ampere engine is meant to deal with light to medium snowdrifts, and the 18” clearing width gives you the chance to clear your driveway, sidewalk, and deck in a few passes. It includes a headlamp so that you can remove white material early at dawn or in the gloomy evening. It is easy to operate, and it can handle aired or wet drifts. This model can also deal with heavy and compacted snow, but it will need you to push a bit and take it easy to have it done.

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