Soccer is a year-round sport, and that means we need all the gear to keep up. Whether you’re heading to the game or just kicking around in your own backyard with friends, there’s soccer backpacks for every style. We’ve rounded up our favorite picks from brands like Nike, Adidas, Mango and more!.

The nike soccer bag with ball holder is a great option for those who are looking to buy a good quality, affordable soccer backpack. It has plenty of storage space and comes in many different colors.

Best Soccer Backpack: Our Top 7! 2022

When it comes to soccer, having to haul your stuff back and forth is one of the worst things you can do, which is why you need the finest soccer bag. What happened to your cleats? Is this your ball? Do you have any extra socks? If you had a bag that could carry everything, you wouldn’t have this difficulty.

Thankfully, we’ve taken the time to put together a list of the finest soccer backpacks available, so you’ll never have to struggle with lumpy bags or disorganization again. Soccer has a long and illustrious history; you may make a living as a professional soccer player or just enjoy a game with a group of friends. In any case, being organized may be the difference between a great match and a bad one.

1. Stadium II Backpack (Unisex)



Black adidas Stadium II Backpack, one size

  • Guaranteed for life.
  • Bottom ball pocket with a zipper that can store a size 5 soccer ball or be worn outside in a mesh pocket.
  • There are two water bottle pockets and a media compartment with a zipped tricot lining.
  • To keep you comfy, the shoulder straps and back panel are padded.
  • Water-resistant foundation, extra-durable 3D ripstop fabric, and up to three branding areas

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This backpack was designed with athletes in mind. These are only the tip of the iceberg, with an inside zipped pocket, twin water bottle compartments, cushioned shoulder straps, and a water-resistant base. This bag is designed for soccer players and other sports, as well as family members. It has a designated shoe or compartment for cleats, a soft-lined pocket for your valuables, and a zipped ball pocket for packing your soccer ball into your bag for fast, efficient, and secure travel.

That’s not all; this bag also comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can rest certain that no matter how tough the matches get, it’ll be made to last and replaceable. One user complained that the backpack’s handles broke, but the guarantee remains in effect, so if this happens to you, you can simply replace the bag by contacting customer service.

Things we enjoy:

  • Guaranteed for life
  • Slots for two water bottles
  • Ball slot with a zipper

Things we despise include:

  • There have been a few instances of breaking.

2. Athletico Soccer Backpack for Kids


Athletico Youth Soccer Bag – Soccer Backpack & Bags for Basketball, Volleyball & Football | Includes Separate Cleat and Ball Compartments (Pink)

  • LARGE VENTED BALL COMPARTMENT – Carry a soccer ball, volleyball, basketball, or football in the front ball compartment.
  • SEPARATE compartment for cleats – The bottom compartment is ventilated to keep the odor out when carrying your cleats or shoes.
  • RUGGED, COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC – In addition to its storage capacity, this soccer ball backpack has cushioned, adjustable straps for a secure, comfortable fit. This soccer bag is made of lightweight polyester and nylon fabric that is sturdy enough to endure rain, mud, and dirt, enabling players to transport their kit in all weather situations and outdoor locations.
  • 100% Guaranteed SatisfactionD BY THE ATHLETICO GUARANTEE – If for any reason you are unhappy with your new Athletico Bag, just return it for a complete refund, no questions asked!

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Another excellent option for the finest soccer backpack is this one. It includes a wide vented ball compartment, as well as a compartment for cleats, and it’s not only tough and comfy, but also ergonomic. This bag comes with a 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction from Athletic. So either you fall in love with it or you get your money back. It contains a cushioned back and straps to make it more comfortable to carry, as well as a main compartment with seven pocket organizers.

The zippers are engineered to open and shut without catching on anything, and there’s even a freshness air vent in the cleat pocket. With its water-resistant fabric, this bag packs a serious punch. The main disadvantage is that it is smaller; it is designed for children who are eager to go out on the field rather than adults. As a result, this backpack is not recommended for anybody beyond the age of 13, and it may be too small for children aged 8 to 12.

Things we enjoy:

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • compartment for cleats
  • Zippers with a catch-resistant design

Things we despise include:

This Fantastic Soccer Backpack


All Sports Bag Gym – Soccer Backpack – Basketball Backpack – Youth Kids Ages 6 and Up – with Ball Compartment Tote Soccer Futbol Basketball Football Volleyball Tote Volleyball Tote Volleyball Tote Volleyball Tote Vol

  • Size is ideal for young players: There should have enough room for all of their sports and school stuff so they don’t lose anything, but it shouldn’t be too big. DIMENSIONS: 18″ high, 12″ broad, and 10″ deep.
  • Prepared for Practice- There’s a spot for everything: Water bottles, cleats, socks, shin guards, a jacket, snacks, and a ball are all required items. When compared to rivals who do not have water bottle holders, this is a clear winner.
  • 420D Nylon with PVC Backing ensures that these bags are robust enough for regular usage!
  • – Ventilated Side Pockets: Keep socks, shoes, cleats, and shin guards aired out. – Fits up to a size 5 soccer ball, full-sized basketball, and volleyball.
  • Comfortable Padded Back with Adjustable Shoulder Strap! Many bags lack this feature, so you’ll be grateful that yours does.

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This bag is on our list of top soccer backpacks since the age range for eligibility begins at six and continues upward. It has a great mesh ball compartment that accommodates up to a size five ball and allows you to see whether you have your ball or not. You can’t go wrong with a selection of colors, strong construction, and cushioned back and shoulder straps.

There’s also a lot of room and compartments for all of your soccer gear, including shin guards, snacks, socks, and shoes. This bag is built to withstand regular Wear and tear are inevitable., is ideal for younger players, and can even hold cleats! You’ll have a hard time staying off the pitch with one of the top soccer backpacks like this.

Things we enjoy:

  • It’s simple to arrange
  • Back and shoulder straps are padded.
  • Excellent ball pack

Things we despise include:

  • Cleaning the inside is challenging.

The Errant Soccer Bag is number four on the list.


ERANT Soccer Bag for Girls – Soccer Backpack for Boys – Soccer Bags for Boys – Girls Soccer Bags with Ball Holder – Soccer Backpack for Girls – Kids Soccer Backpacks with Ball Holder

  • ✅FITS ALL GEAR: Our boys and girls soccer backpack with ball compartment are designed with a large ball compartment (up to size 5), compartment for cleats (up to size 12) and water-resistant personal item compartment.
  • DURABLE: Made of high-density polyester fabric, this kids soccer bag is built to endure. Reinforced zippers have been added to these soccer bags with ball holder for kids and boys to eliminate strap and tear concerns.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Our soccer bag backpack is more than simply a soccer bag for kids. It may also be used as a basketball, volleyball, or sports backpack. It’s a fantastic basketball and volleyball backpack.
  • ✅VERSATILE FOR TRAVELING: Our soccer bag for girls is perfect for storing all your soccer gear to and from practice & tournaments. Our soccer bag with ball holder is an easy way to stay organized!
  • ✅OUR Guaranteed money-back: 100% Guaranteed money-backd Satisfaction, No Questions Asked! We will offer a 30-day money back guarantee on any boys and girls soccer bag you have purchased from ERANT directly.

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If you’re going to be traveling a lot to and from games, this soccer bag is a must-have. It’s tough and strong, with cleat and soccer ball storage sections. Even those with bigger feet will be able to fit all they need in this bag. It also includes reinforced straps and zippers to keep the bag from ripping or tearing on you as you go to and from a game. The nicest thing about this bag is its Guaranteed money-back, which might come in useful considering a few users have complained about damaged zippers or handles. If anything goes wrong, you can use that guarantee to get your money back, so what do you have to lose?

Things we enjoy:

  • Durable
  • Excellent for travel.
  • Holds cleats of a big size.
  • Guaranteed money-back

Things we despise include:

Diadora Soccer Bag, No. 5


Backpack by Diadora Squadra II

  • A media pocket and an earphone pass-through hole are located in the main compartment.
  • Ball pocket in front, shoe tunnel on the side, and accessory pocket on the side.
  • Easy access to the side pocket and shoe tunnel thanks to a slanted side zipper.
  • Adults, boys, and girls may use padded anatomically formed shoulder straps.
  • Great for soccer, volleyball, basketball, and other sports.

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From a compartment for headphones to a vented ball pocket and more, there’s plenty of room in this soccer backpack. This backpack’s slanted zipper allows for simple access to the bag, which is amply cushioned for optimal comfort. On one side, there’s a drink container, and on the other, there’s an accessory holder, so you can put your phone away while kicking the ball about.

This bag comes in so many various colors that it’s nearly impossible to select, and it has no obvious flaws. Because no one has reported any breaking or damage over time, this bag has earned a spot on our top soccer backpack list.

Things we enjoy:

  • Padded
  • Headphone jack
  • Ball hole with a vent

Things we despise include:

6. This Fantastic Soccer Bag for Kids


Soccer Bags With Ball Holder – Use As Soccer Backpack, Basketball Backpack, Volleyball Bag or Football Bag | Separate Cleats & Ball Pockets | Designed For Boys & Girls Ages 4-16 | Keeps It Organized

  • LARGE VENTED BALL COMPARTMENT – Front pocket holds a soccer ball, basketball, volleyball, or football equipment.
  • ✅ BIG MESH POCKETS PREVENTS STINKY SOCCER CLEATS – Vented mesh pockets provides easy & secure access to the soccer cleats or water bottles.
  • LARGE MAIN COMPARTMENT WITH EASY GEAR ACCESS – Holds all of your soccer, basketball, and volleyball equipment with enough of space to spare. Inside the bag, there are other smaller, safe compartments.
  • RUGGED, COMFORTABLE, AND ERGONOMIC FOR THE BACK – Made of 600D Polyester, which is a popular material for athletic bags.
  • ✅ Guaranteed for life AVAILABLE – We believe in the quality of our sport bags, and we offer an optional no questions asked Guaranteed for life on all our products. Buy today worry-less and rest assured that you will not be disappointed.

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A bag like this doesn’t come around very often, thus it’s excellent for your gamers aged 4 to 16. It’s an excellent alternative for individuals seeking for a long-lasting soccer bag. The main compartment, on the other hand, is where this bag truly shines, with plenty of capacity for snacks, shin guards, extra socks, a change of clothing, and so much more.

It’s rugged and even ergonomic specifically designed so it won’t hurt your back. On top of that there’s also a Guaranteed for life so whenever you have a problem with this bag if ever, you can always reach out to the manufacturer. The only complaint anyone has ever had is that the straps broke, but the buyer was able to get a replacement because of that warranty.

Things we enjoy:

  • The Guaranteed for life
  • Padding
  • All of that additional room

Things we despise include:

  • Occasionally, a strap may break.

Mootygy’s Soccer Bag, No. 7



Boys and Girls Youth Soccer Bags – Sports Backpacks for Soccer, Basketball, and Football with Ball Holder – Black

  • National Soccer Equipment Bags – The front ball compartment is ideal for a size 5, 4, or 3 soccer ball, as well as volleyball, basketball, and football, as well as cycling shoes, socks, and helmets.
  • Sports Gym Bag For Youth / Girls / Boys – Easy access to the side pocket and shoe tunnel thanks to a slanted side zipper..
  • Ball Holder Backpack – Ventilated pockets keep your belongings smelling fresh and free of germs. [External pockets] (2x) mesh pockets for water bottles and snacks, (1x) top zipper pocket [Internal Pockets] (1x) easy-access pockets for your phone, cash, and other valuables Ballroom has a fixed adjustable belt that may also be used to carry towels and other accessories.
  • School Sports Net Bag & Gear – Comfortable to carry, adjustable curved shoulder straps provide cushion and comfort for a better, more ergonomic fit. Added cushioning against the back provides extra support and better weight distribution.
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction – If your are not satisfied with your new Soccer Bag for any reason, just contact us for full refund or replacement.

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This bag is a worthy addition to our list of the best soccer backpacks. This one doesn’t have an exterior vent for the ball compartment, but it is still ventilated for best odor control. This backpack is an excellent bag to carry all of your soccer stuff since it has so many exterior compartments. In this bag, you can store anything from your cleats to a change of clothing and more.

This bag also comes with a Guaranteed Satisfaction ensuring that no matter what you will always be able to replace this bag if anything does happen to it. The only downside is that the ball slot is just large enough to hold a size 5 ball, but there isn’t much space in the slot afterward. Otherwise, this is an excellent backpack that can hold up to just about anyone’s rough play or professional training.

Things we enjoy:

  • The Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • a lot of pockets
  • without becoming see-through ventilation

Things we despise include:

  • In the ball chamber, there is very little wiggle space.

Soccer Backpacks: What You Should Know

Soccer backpacks are highly adaptable and come in a variety of styles. However, there are a few key elements that each should incorporate. To begin, you’ll need room. A soccer player must carry several items with them, like cleats, a ball, a food, a change of clothing, and so on. You’re not going to be able to carry everything in a little soccer bag.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Soccer backpacks come in a variety of sizes, depending on the player’s age and the ball size they’re using. This is vital to remember so you don’t purchase your sixteen-year-old soccer player a soccer bag made for children. If you’re always on the go, the worst thing you can do is invest in a bag that will be worthless in the long run. Obtaining the greatest soccer backpack entails obtaining the best soccer bag for your children who want one.

Slot Machines with Balls

A soccer backpack includes several different slots, but the most crucial one needs to be the ball slot. Many youngsters will be required to practice with their own ball. A ball slot makes things so much simpler and more comfortable, particularly if everything in their soccer rucksack is clean and ready to go before they go. All they have to do now is take the bag and depart; they’ll have their ball and anything else they need.

Smart Packing

Regardless matter the kind of bag you choose, how you load it will determine its effectiveness. Soccer is a filthy activity, and regardless of whatever bag you select, the interior of the bag might get muddy and difficult to clean. When carrying a soccer bag, always plan ahead. Sending your kid to school with a tiny bag for their filthy cleats, for example, is a fantastic idea. It would keep the interior of their bag clean while not interfering with their ability to play.

Professionals and the Elderly

Professional and older soccer players will not have someone pack their bags for them, but they will know which bags are the greatest soccer backpacks, and they will most likely point to backpacks on our list. Soccer backpacks come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, ranging from little children’s backpacks to enormous professional backpacks. Make certain you get the appropriate bag for the child’s age. Show them this list and let them chose for themselves if they’re an older gamer. That way, they’ll enjoy their soccer backpack while also knowing it’s one of the finest on the market.

Wear and tear are inevitable.

Nothing lasts forever, and even if these are the greatest soccer backpacks on the market, they’re certain to exhibit signs of wear after a few years of usage. Many of these bags come with lifetime warranties or money-back guarantees, so if the bag you pick has one, we recommend taking advantage of it. These bags are strong, solid, and tough to break down, so you should be able to use them for years, but don’t expect them to endure indefinitely.


Q: What should you bring with you in your soccer bag?

A: Water, cleats, shin guards, bug spray, a change of clothing or shoes, extra socks, and a snack for after the game.

Q: What are the essentials for every soccer mom?

A: Every soccer parent needs seats, a waterproof blanket, water, sports drinks, soccer balls, and a soccer ball pump, as well as a towel.

Q: Before a soccer game, what should you eat?

A: Carbohydrates, such as whole grains, rice, cereal, and pasta.

Q: What abilities do you get from playing soccer?

A: Collaboration, hard effort, goal-setting, and tenacity, to name a few.

Q: What are some activities that soccer players may take to improve their game?

A: Jump rope, goblet squats, change of direction ball dribbling, front plank row, lateral single-leg bounds, side box leaps, and so on.

Q: What skills should I work on to become a better soccer player?

A: Improving your balance and coordination abilities can help you become a better soccer player.

What are soccer tactics, exactly?

A: It relates to how various players kick the ball, such as using the laces of their cleats to power kick the ball in one direction or curling your foot around the ball to move it in another.

Last Thoughts

Soccer has a long history of being a diversified and competitive sport, but you may not be shopping for the best soccer backpack because of this. All of the backpacks on our list are great for a variety of levels of play, from serious players to kids on the field. Made of tough nylon, it has a compartment for your ball and cleats, as well as plenty of room for additional items like spare socks and snacks.

Each of these backpacks has advantages and disadvantages, but they are all terrific soccer backpack options. Regardless of which one of these fantastic options you choose, you can be certain that you’re receiving the greatest possible option, whether you want to be a professional or simply want to kick a ball about with your buddies.

The “adidas soccer backpack” is a great option for both kids and adults. We have compiled the top 7 options to help you find the best one!

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