June 2022 will mark the beginning of an exciting new era for soccer, as both men and women are hosting their first World Cup in 60 years. The event is a celebration of great players and teams from across the globe who have come together to compete on behalf of their countries. But with this rise in popularity comes increased demand for quality films about these legendary athletes, so how can you tell if your selection is worth watching? If it’s not one of our best movies below, then maybe it should be passed up!

The “best soccer movies for fans and families 2022” is a topic that will be discussed in this blog. The blog will include the best soccer movies of all time, as well as the ones that are coming out soon. Read more in detail here: best soccer movies 2021.

If you’re a soccer fan who can’t make it to a game, why not sit down and watch a terrific soccer movie? There are various movies worth viewing, whether you’re seeking for the thrills of an adrenaline-fueled game or an uplifting narrative. Here’s a list of the top soccer-themed movies to get you started.

This interesting documentary follows Argentinian soccer great Diego Maradona as he opens up to Emir Kusturica, a renowned Serbian filmmaker, about his life. This is a once-in-a-lifetime film adventure following Diego, commonly known as El Pibe de Oro or the Golden Boy, across Buenos Aires.

There is tension at times, owing to the artist’s moodiness, and it is acceptable to argue that the filmmaker goes too near to the soccer player. There are instances when Kusturica decides to emphasize the less interesting aspects of Diego’s life in order to concentrate on the legend’s tribulations.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in northeast England, is the scene for this film. It’s the tale of Santiago Munez, a Mexican immigrant who was scraping by in California doing odd jobs and dreaming of playing professional soccer. This video not only perfectly captures soccer moments, but it also nicely compares life and culture in the United States with England.

This film is one of the greatest feature documentaries on the Premier League, focusing on Munez’s ascent through the ranks of Newcastle United and the changing dynamics among the players, including a fake player named Gavin Harris. With scenes taken at St. James’ Park, where 52000 supporters had congregated to see Newcastle United play, Goal! delivers us football realism in terms of team, spectators, and venue.

Mean Machine featuring Vinnie Jones, based on a scenario comparable to the epic war film Escape to Victory, but set in a contemporary yet similarly grim British jail rather than a POW camp.

Jones plays a disgraced England team captain in this film, which is a remake of the American film The Longest Yard. He is plagued by charges of match manipulation, which led to the end of his career. He ends himself in a jail where criminals bemoan his old lifestyle after attacking a police officer. When he instructs his other convicts for a game against the guards, however, the tables are flipped.

The film takes a predictable turn at this point, with Jones emerging as the hero who leads his underdog squad to victory. The characters and their interactions are what keep the audience interested in the film. Another highlight of the film is Jason Statham’s portrayal of a martial arts-obsessed Scottish goalie, complete with a terrible Scottish accent.

Brian Clough is a well-known English manager who is remembered by his followers not just for his brilliance but also for his impetuous and passionate disposition. Cloughie’s highlights as a trainer for Derby County and Nottingham Forest are shown in The Damned United, which takes us through the worst stages of his career.

The narrative is set in 1974, when Cloughie was the manager of Leeds United for just 44 days, during one of the most infamous and contentious periods in football history. Fans and players at Elland Road were not fond of him to begin with, and his harsh personality and aggressive techniques created a toxic climate in the dressing room, leading to his dismissal only a month after arriving.

Michael Sheen portrays an insecure Cloughie masterfully as he navigates the ups and downs of his new team. Some individuals, like Scotland’s Dave Mackey, were unimpressed with the representation and initiated a lawsuit against the creators, alleging that the video depicted Cloughie in an incorrect manner.

For a football fan, excellent football documentaries are just as entertaining as movies.

Soccer, contrary to common assumption, is a harsh sport with little room for emotion. However, via the narrative of Sir Bobby Robson, a real and gentle player, Gabriel Clarke’s documentary explores the game’s uncommon inspiring side.

The documentary includes interviews with Gary Lineker, Paul Gascoigne, Jose Mourinho, Alex Ferguson, Pep Guardiola, Alan Shearer, and Ronaldo, in addition to an old footage of Robson himself. It is a homage to Sir Bobby Charlton and the way he impacted previous and contemporary sportsmen to improve their human and football talents.

This film is both emotional and beautiful, and it helps fans realize that there was more to the guy than his numerous achievements as a player. His accomplishments at Ipswich Town, Barcelona, Newcastle United, and England will go down in football history as examples of how, as the film’s title suggests, he was so much more than a manager.

Will Ferrell stars in this 2005 comedy in which his character Phil Weston confronts competition both at home and on the field. Things become complicated when Weston is assigned to coach his son’s soccer team, and the opposing coach is Phil’s father. Let’s imagine the situation becomes a bit too competitive.

Fans of Sylvester Stallone will recognize him as Captain Robert Hatch in this 1981 soccer film. It’s a traditional good guy vs evil guy film with a football twist, set in a German POW camp where the German National Nazi team expects to win when they face their POWs.

With so many very outstanding films to pick from, you might easily remain captivated until long after the final whistle should have been blown, whether you choose for the emotional drama or the footie excitement. Grab some popcorn and settle down for some of the finest football movies ever made.


Last Thoughts

This list includes our personal favorites when it comes to the finest soccer movies! Keep in mind that some of the soccer movies on our list, though not all, may not be appropriate for the whole family. This collection contains films for adults as well as films for the whole family to enjoy.

Whatever movie(s) you choose to watch, we’re certain you’ll like them!

The “soccer movies 2020” is a list of the best soccer movies for fans and families in 2022. The list includes movies like “The Little Prince”, “Goal!”, and “The Miracle”.

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