Buying a trampoline for your backyard is an investment in entertaining family memories. Whether you want to buy or lease, it’s important to consider the size and safety of the product before making your purchase. Here are reviews from parents who have bought one recently, so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that there aren’t any hidden dangers lurking anywhere!

The “best trampolines 2022” is a review of the best trampolines in 2022. The article includes reviews and buying guides for each trampoline.

Trampolines are one of the most exciting backyard toys available. A nice trampoline will provide you and your family tremendous delight, as well as being a wonderful method to exercise and a fantastic instrument for developing basic athletic abilities. Trampolines come in a variety of forms and sizes, with various spring mechanics and the option of being in-ground or above-ground.

While the most of the greatest trampolines you’ll discover will be acceptable for the majority of individuals, the alternatives are certainly worth studying before you jump in and spend. For one individual, the finest trampoline may not be the best for another. While safety is clearly paramount, other considerations include cost, size, form, and aesthetics. So let’s go a bit further and take a look at several trampolines to see which ones make the grade.


Trampoline Zupapa 2019

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Before purchasing a trampoline, every half-decent parent should do their homework. Zupapa is without a doubt one of the safest trampolines you can buy when it comes to risk mitigation.

The Trampoline Zupapa’s sturdiness will likely be the first thing you notice about it. Each one comes with six galvanized wind steaks that are weather-resistant. Similar to tent stakes, these sturdy steel steaks anchor the trampoline to the ground. Simply place them in the ground over the foundation posts. They’re particularly useful in windy places, where trampolines are often transformed into kites by high winds.

The Trampoline Zupapa’s safety net, in addition to being ground mountable, is a tribute to the system’s robustness. The net employs considerably longer net poles than are utilized by other manufacturers. They’re so long that they stretch all the way down to the ground to assist support the unit. The trampoline legs are joined to the net poles in two locations, making the overall system more safer, firmer, and less prone to structural twisting.

The Trampoline Zupapa is no exception to the rule that robust items are also durable. Hot-dip galvanization, which employs heated and negatively charged ions to electroplate the steel with a zinc coating, making it rustproof and corrosion-resistant, is used to safeguard the frame and net poles. The spring cushioning, bounce surface, and safety net have all been improved to withstand the test of time, and a UV absorber called UV-9 has been added to shield them from the sun’s harmful rays. The trampoline also comes with a protective cover for those cold, wet, or snowy seasons, extending its life even further!

Safety and durability are important, but if you can’t put it together, it’ll just sit in your garage collecting dust. Another reason we enjoy this trampoline is because of this. It comes with clear assembly instructions, and there are a plethora of videos online that walk you through the procedure step by step. If you’ve ever put up a trampoline before, you’ll appreciate the fact that the kit includes two sets of gloves and a T Spring Pull Tool to protect your hands when connecting the springs to the frame and jump surface!

Things We Enjoy:

  • Net poles are long, supporting poles.
  • Stakes in the ground
  • Built to last and last and last and last and last and last and last and last and final
  • Jumping mat with no gaps
  • Everything is included, including the enclosure, ladder, stakes, cover, gloves, and the spring connecting tool.

Things that might be improved include:

  • The tarp cover material isn’t very durable.
  • The ladder isn’t as safe as it might be.
  • It may be simpler to shut the net zipper.

Skywalker’s Trampoline is a ten-foot round trampoline.



Skywalker Trampoline and Enclosure, 10 -Foot Round Trampoline with Spring, Blue

  • Polyvinyl chloride is the substance used to make it. For extra stability, the enclosure system includes upright foam cushioned poles. For enhanced safety when jumping, each pole is slanted at the top to keep the enclosing net away from the poles.
  • For youngsters above the age of six. Weight limit – 175 pounds; Underneath clearance – 30.5″ off the ground; Surface area – 59 square feet; Clearance above ground – 24 feet; Surface area – 59 square feet; Surface area – 59 square feet; Surface area – 59 square feet; Surface area – 59 square feet; Surface area – 59 square feet; Surface area – 59 square Only in the open air
  • The trampoline may be set up on concrete, but a rubber mat should be placed below to prevent the trampoline from moving.
  • With a 3-year limited frame warranty and a 1-year limited warranty on all other materials, we stand behind our quality promise.
  • Children are protected from pinch points and apertures by a patented enclosure that avoids gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping surface. All of our products are safety and durability tested to ensure that they meet or exceed all ASTM requirements.

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Skywalker entered our list because to its established durability and safety requirements, which allow it to provide pleasure while minimizing dangers.

This 10′ trampoline comes with a blue, green, or red spring pad and is suitable for people of all ages and weights. Its modest size makes it ideal for little yards and play spaces, but don’t be fooled by its size; this trampoline is robust as nails. Its frame and net poles are made of thick gauge steel, and its 64 tightly coiled springs will not rust or corrode in inclement weather. The one-inch thick, extra-wide, UV-resistant frame pad adds more cushioning, safety, and comfort.

The manufacturer’s warranty is an excellent indicator of a product’s quality. The frame of this trampoline is covered by a three-year guarantee, while the remaining components are covered by a one-year warranty. This goes above and beyond what many trampoline manufacturers provide, and it’s a clear indicator of their faith in the materials and craftsmanship of their products.

Skywalker is a firm believer in safety in addition to its tough design. You’ve probably had an incident concerning the space between the bounce surface and the springs if you’ve ever bounced on an older trampoline. It’s never enjoyable to be squeezed by a retracting spring or to have one of your legs go through the space between the bounce surface and the frame. That’s why Skywalker invented and patented their no-gap cage, which removes the potentially hazardous area where most accidents occur. To eliminate pinch spots and openings, their net design runs around the circumference of the leaping surface, adhering to each and every spring.

In addition to their own net design, they utilize angled, capped, and cushioned poles, as well as a dual net closing system that includes both latches and zippers to guarantee that the opening closes securely. Each of Skywalker’s product lines is put through rigorous safety and durability testing by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to guarantee that they meet the highest of standards. Because these tests aren’t mandated by law, it’s comforting to know that they’re done freely – a real hallmark of business ethics that prioritizes quality before profits.

Things We Enjoy:

  • Gapless net design is unique and safe.
  • Color selection
  • Extensive quality assurance tests
  • Warranty extension

Things that might be improved include:

  • Instructions were inadequate. For assembly, YouTube instructional videos are highly recommended.
  • In extreme heat, foam pole pads aren’t the ideal option.

Galactic Xtreme from Trampoline Gratitude


Trampoline Gratitude – Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline with Net Enclosure – High Performance & Safety Features Commercial Grade, Life-time warranty, 550 lbs Jumping Capacity

  • WEIGHT LIMIT & DIMENSION: Our Rectangle trampoline is available in different sizes with 550 Lbs weight capacity delivers you the most essential qualities. Fully galvanized springs can withstand extreme weight and fully rust resistant gives you a safety guaranty. You get the longest springs, 9” long, 33% longer than competitors, But it’s not just the length and it’s not just the trampoline spring count that give you the best bounce.
  • While most competitors use only 1.5 mm steel frames, our patented 4 leg heavy duty Stabilizer Frame boasts a 3.0 mm thick “commercial grade quality” steel tubing galvanized inside and out, and our patented Rail Supports for stability and durability make this Trampoline Gratitude Series the most stable and strongest unit on the market today. Bode Miller, an Olympic medalist ski racer, recommends and trusts this product.
  • NET ENCLOSURE: The trampoline is completely encased in a safety net. For novice trampoline riders, safety fences are meant to create a safe and pleasurable jumping environment. The Stay-put enclosure net is comprised of a strong, high-grade polyester mesh that is patented. The trampoline and enclosure frames are firmly locked together by the steel frame, which links to the trampoline frame. On impact, the shock-absorbing steel frame cushioned cushion flexes.
  • SAFETY: We recognize that when it comes to children, safety is your main concern. We value it just as much as you do. To ensure optimal safety when jumping, we have given a high-quality trampoline. Trampolines are designed for maximum enjoyment and as a simple method to exercise, but they may also help your children’s general coordination, balance, and agility. We designed our Trampoline Gratitude to be high-quality and affordable, so that any family can unwind, forget about their worries, and have a fantastic time together.
  • GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR INVESTMENT: Trampoline Gratitude’s Galactic Xtreme comes with a Guaranteed for life on our frames and springs, as well as our guaranteed lowest pricing at all times. To top it off, we provide Outstanding Customer Service (both before and after the transaction) as well as Reliable On-Time Delivery!

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Unlike the first two trampolines we looked at, Galactic Xtreme from Trampoline Gratitude unit is built in the shape of a rectangle. And because of its The frame is thick., it has a weight limit capacity of 550 pounds!

Trampoline Gratitude, like Skywalker, puts its goods through rigorous testing and quality assurances, and they back them up with a lifetime guarantee on the frame and springs, which are galvanized both inside and out. The trampoline frame is made of commercial-grade steel and is the thickest in the industry at three millimeters.

Although anybody of any age or skill may enjoy themselves on this square trampoline, it is particularly oriented for elite jumpers who want more bounce and air time. Trampoline Gratitude delivers among of the softest landings available, with up to 156 extra-long 9″ springs and a non-abrasive polypropylene jumping surface. This is a terrific alternative if you’re searching for a trampoline to practice aerial flips, twists, and twirls.

Gymnastics, diving, cheerleading, and extreme sports all use this trampoline. The rebound has a lot of strength, and the more energy applied downward, the more bounce there will be. Many individuals favor the rectangular design since it makes it simpler for them to execute their maneuvers. This might be the case, or it could just be due to the trampoline’s vast surface area, which is ten feet wide by twenty-three feet long in the largest option.

The ladder on the unit is angled to make accents and descents as simple as possible. The linking structure secures the safety net in place, which is constructed of high-grade polyester mesh. It’s cushioned and shock-absorbing, with the ability to bend on contact to disperse stress and protect both riders and the trampoline.

Overall, this is a fantastic trampoline. Perhaps a bit excessive for the casual bouncer, but a fantastic alternative for those of us who want nothing less than the finest.

Things We Enjoy:

  • With a large weight capacity, it’s very powerful and durable.
  • Guaranteed for life
  • a big size
  • a lot of bounce
  • The frame is thick.

Things that might be improved include:

  • Only a pad covers the springs on the outside, with a net on the inside (which is prone to move unless you fasten it down with either a strap or the springs themselves)
  • Price — more than the majority of comparable goods
  • In snowy places, it will need a little more care and should be stored for the winter or kept clear of snow, which would weigh it down and put undue pressure on the springs and jump pad.


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The trampolines of Springfree are, as their name implies, spring-free. Instead of using many springs in flexion to generate bounce, Springfree trampolines employ composite fiberglass rods to capture and release the user’s gravitational energy.

The self-described “world’s safest trampoline” features no sharp edges, a flexible shell and frame that prevents it from falling off, and a springless design that won’t pinch or shatter.

This tramp comes with a ten-year guarantee on all components, and it’s easy to understand why after doing some research. The metal components are galvanized and double powder coated, while the nets and matting are made of UV-resistant polypropylene. With a weight rating of 220 pounds per jumper, it can sustain up to 1,100 pounds of structural stress.

A FlexrStep ladder, a FlexrHoop basketball hoop, and a Digital Game System that you can connect your phone into are all included in the purchase, providing hours of fun, games, and entertainment.

The smaller variants don’t bounce as much as a spring-powered trampoline, but the bigger ones are almost equivalent in terms of “bounceability.” The most noticeable difference is that double bouncing isn’t as effective as it is on standard spring trampolines.

Prepare to put in some time if you build the device yourself – at least two hours. Because it is rather heavy, make careful to place it exactly where you want it, as moving it to a different area within your yard would be difficult. In this case, YouTube instructional videos will be your best friend. Before you start putting them together, make sure you watch them all the way through. Make certain that the net is in place before installing the matting. If you attempt it the other way around, you’ll be really irritated.

Things We Enjoy:

  • The springless design is unique.
  • Safe
  • Panel for electronic gaming
  • Sturdy

Things that might be improved include:

  • Expensive
  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • Traditional spring-powered trampolines are more bouncy than smaller versions.

Trampoline Merax


Trampoline Merax 14FT with Safety Enclosure Basketball Hoop and Ladder, ASTM Approved Net, Trampoline for Kids (Green 14FT)

  • A 6.5-foot high safety cage was included, as well as a heavy-gauge galvanized rust-resistant steel structure with six W-shaped legs for increased stability.
  • UV-proof safety trampoline enclosures are supported by 5 foam cushioned poles and 1 extra thick pole for optimal safety when jumping.
  • The densely woven jumping mat and frame are firmly attached by 72 galvanized trampoline springs, providing a great and spectacular bounce. You won’t have to worry about your hands or feet getting stuck in the gaps since they’re all covered with a tough blue frame pad.
  • With the built-in amusement basketball hoop, you may get a double dose of pleasure by leaping and shooting.
  • This item is sent in three boxes and may not arrive at the same time. If you only get some of them, please wait patiently or call us immediately. 330 pound weight capacity

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As one of the cheaper options, the twelve-foot Trampoline Merax is the perfect choice for those looking for a quality trampoline on a fixed, limited budget. This is a great unit for younger children and those who don’t want or need all the extra pizazz.

However, don’t let the Low-cost fool you; this trampoline is still extremely safe and functional. The jumping mat is constructed of polypropylene mesh, the perimeter padding is made of sturdy and waterproof polyethylene, and the 72 springs are galvanized steel.

This one is one of the most straightforward to set up. The rust-resistant steel frame is connected to six W-shaped legs that help to keep the trampoline stable while in use. Its UV-resistant safety enclosure connects to the frame in two locations, and although it’s not as solid as the other solutions we’ve looked at, it’s perfectly safe for kids — but it may not be able to handle extended pressure and impact from rowdy adults.

The 330-pound weight capability is comparable to similar trampolines at higher price ranges. It has a basketball hoop for all the aspiring dunk masters out there, as well as an inclined ladder for easy access and departure. For the price, this is an excellent purchase. The price is low, but the quality is excellent.

Things We Enjoy:

  • Low-cost
  • A ladder and a basketball hoop were included.
  • Safety cushion made of PVC

Things that might be improved include:

  • Adults should avoid it.
  • Strong, though not the hardest on the market.
  • Instructions are difficult to comprehend.

Several variables will influence which trampoline is ideal for you. Budget is, without a doubt, critical. However, long-term value is frequently more important, since investing in the appropriate trampoline from the start may save you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs and replacements. Space, and to a lesser extent, your local temperature and weather circumstances, may be a constraint.

A good trampoline can make a world of difference. After all, you don’t want to waste money on things that you will never use. Alternatively, you might save money by going the cheaper option only to discover that you need something larger, better, bouncy, or burly. We’ll go further into the topic, seeking to pinpoint some important distinctions between trampolines, identify a few typical faults to watch for, and provide a number of safety tips and methods to keep you and your family safe while using your trampoline.

In-Ground Trampolines: A Closer Look

The Benefits of Using an In-Ground System

  • In-ground trampolines are almost undetectable. Unlike traditional trampolines, they do not detract from the appearance or aesthetics of an outdoor place. If you’re concerned that a trampoline would be unattractive and distract from the overall appearance and feel of your yard, an in-ground trampoline’s low profile will fit in flawlessly with its surroundings, making it almost invisible from afar.
  • In-ground systems are often thought to be safer than above-ground ones. The danger of slipping off is non-existent since they are at ground level. As a result, a safety net, which is a must-have accessory for above-ground units, is not required.
  • In addition to its safety, in-ground versions are more accessible, since they do not need the use of ladders, step stools, or any other kind of climbing. This may provide parents piece of mind, since even with a safety net, a youngster who falls before accessing an above-ground trampoline is still at risk of injury.
  • An in-ground trampoline, which has no metal legs and can be readily covered when not in use, requires less care in general. They won’t blow away in strong winds since they’re solidly anchored in the ground, and they don’t need any tie-downs or straps.
  • Finally, it is considerably more difficult to steal in-ground trampoline systems. Although trampoline theft is rare, it has occurred in the past and will undoubtedly occur in the future as long as there are thieves among us.

DisThe Benefits of Using an In-Ground System

  • The in-ground trampoline kind may not be the greatest choice for you if you intend on relocating soon or if you are the sort of person who changes their mind regularly. They’re tough to move, making them difficult to carry with you if you move, and inconvenient if you wish to reorganize your yard. For all intents and purposes, once an in-ground trampoline is installed, it will remain there.
  • In order for the trampoline to sustain the necessary amounts of bounce, proper ventilation must be guaranteed. If air becomes trapped under the leaping surface, it will reduce the bounce of the surface, making it harder and more rigid.
  • Water flow is just as crucial as adequate airflow. Your in-ground trampoline will transform into an in-ground pool if you don’t have sufficient drainage. Furthermore, standing water can cause the metal components of your in-ground pool to rust more quickly, so you should either bury the metal frame, cover it with sod, or cover it with some type of plastic or rubber covering.
  • Finally, in-ground trampoline systems need a huge hole underneath them, which may be difficult to excavate even with the aid of tractors and equipment. Before you begin digging, check with your local gas, electric, and water providers to ensure that the area you want to excavate is clear of water pipelines, gas lines, and electric wires.

What’s the Deal With Weight Restriction?

The weight restrictions of a trampoline, like any other product, are determined by the capabilities of its individual components. Higher-quality components, as you would assume, can support greater weight, but they are also more costly. If you buy a trampoline that isn’t rated for your weight, it will wear out quicker and the safety measures will be less effective. So it’s critical to choose a trampoline that can withstand the weight you’ll be throwing at it. Similarly, choosing a device with a large weight capacity may not address all of your difficulties.

The springs are the first item you should inspect. The trampoline will likely be rated for less weight if they are smaller, more readily bent, and elongated. Professional springs used in gyms, performing acts, and commercial bounce houses, on the other hand, are often stronger, more rigid, and take more energy to stretch.

Take a look at where the springs connect to the leaping plane as well. If the loops or rings on the trampoline have a wide diameter and are double or even triple stitched, the trampoline is constructed to withstand a lot of weight.

Here’s a video that looks at the weight restriction of a Springfree trampoline, which is the fourth trampoline we described before.

Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Trampoline Safe

There are a few common tips and tactics that will keep you and your loved ones safe, happy, and able to bounce another day, regardless of the trampoline you have.

  • If you were a little stingy with your trampoline, it could be a good idea to upgrade your cushioning. Purchasing an aftermarket spring pad or wrapping swimming noodles over the bars of the safety net will add to the expense, but it will be significantly less than a trip to the ER.
  • In an ideal world, only one jumper should be allowed at a time. By keeping knees away from teeth and elbows away from eye sockets, collisions are less likely. However, in actuality, this regulation negates the point of having a trampoline in the first place. However, it’s important to remember that contact injuries and the quantity of people on a trampoline at any one moment are directly linked.
  • Close and secure the safety enclosure’s entrance! Why invest so much money on a safety net if the entrance/exit will remain open? You may believe the chances of falling out of the aperture are remote, but why take the risk? Do everything it takes to keep that sucker tight and secure: zip it, clamp it, fasten it.
  • Before you leap, warm up your body. Before you start bouncing, stretch and warm up as you would for any high-intensity activity. This will loosen everything up and make your muscles and joints ready for action, preventing sprains, pulls, cramps, and other problems.
  • Do not attempt any flips or summersaults! Okay, I realize that wasn’t much fun, but if you do decide to take the plunge and try an aerial stunt, make sure someone is watching you in case you botch up. Keep in mind that dedication is essential. If you’re going to execute a backflip, don’t stop mid-flip and land on your neck. Have faith in yourself and your abilities, take little steps, and never do something that is too difficult for you.

Putting the Pieces Together

In many cases, instruction manuals are difficult at best and seem impossible at worst. But have no fear: there’s a YouTube hero for every outdoor trampoline out there who can teach you how to put it together. Most trampolines don’t need any special equipment; all you need is a socket set, a screwdriver, and the will to finish the job.

Because creating a trampoline alone might be a little frightening, call a friendly neighbor or enlist the aid of a family member. You may hire a handyman to assist you, but this is typically unneeded and pricey.

In terms of placement, try to locate level ground with plenty of room beneath, since bottoming out may be a real bummer.

Mowing around and beneath your trampoline can be more challenging if your yard contains grass or sod. You’ll also notice that owing to a lack of sunshine, the grass underneath you may wilt or possibly die. But, as the saying goes, you have to pay to play!

Trampoline Zupapa

Zupapa is a German firm and an industry leader in the trampoline sector, supplying top-quality trampolines to customers around the globe. There are an estimated 120,000 Trampoline Zupapas currently in use, and to reach their goal of making the trampoline a part of the daily lives of every suburban family, they are doubling their efforts to upgrade both their product offering and their customer service.

TUV certified and extensively tested for quality, safety, and durability, everything they offer is TUV certified. In a world increasingly dominated by digital entertainment and technological gadgets, they try to deliver active and helpful toys to children. Their goal is to provide a safer, more enjoyable, and more convenient method of assisting children, adults, and families in living happier and healthier lives.

Trampoline Gratitude

Trampoline Gratitude is America’s trampoline specialist, with the biggest Trampoline Superstore in the country. This trampoline brand is proudly US-Based, having operated out of California since their inception in 1996. They offer the most comprehensive trampoline lines, ranging from the octagonal models to their giant 16ft round behemoths.

With products that go through strict quality controls and either meet or exceed current safety regulations set forth by institutions like ASTM and TUV, Trampoline Gratitude offers the longest warranties in the game and has a 110% price match guarantee.


Springfree has led the market in terms of innovation under the tagline “Engineered For Safety. Built To Last.” Their products are distributed in over 25 countries, and they employ over 300 people, including the charismatic Dr. Keith Alexander, who started out on a quest to reengineer the trampoline in order to remove the bulk of injury-causing impact zones.

Every unit at Springfree is constructed and tested in-house before being supplied to the user, with a commitment to safety and creating the finest quality product at the forefront of all they do.

Which trampolines are the most bouncy?

A: The height you can achieve on any trampoline is determined by a variety of variables, including your weight, weather conditions, leg strength, and whether or not you’re being double bounced. The AlleyOOP Double Bounce is often referred as as the trampoline with the highest bounce. The Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk and the Gigantex Trampoline Combo Bounce, on the other hand, are known for being bouncy. Even bouncy trampolines exist, but they are either handcrafted or custom-built for a specific purpose.

What causes a trampoline to bounce?

A: The springs and the mat, in a nutshell. The mat and springs stretch and lengthen when a downward force is given to a trampoline. The springs and mat snap back when the downward force is no longer strong enough to keep the motion in a downward direction, launching whatever is above into the air. The mat material for professional trampolines is usually woven nylon, while most home trampolines utilize polypropylene since it is considerably less expensive.

To maximize the bounce of a trampoline, some “tramp hackers” advocate crossing the springs. While this improves bounce, it is bad for the springs since it creates friction, reduces their lifetime, and increases the chance of them breaking and hurting the user.

Q: Are trampolines with more springs more bouncy than trampolines with fewer springs?

A: It’s a yes-and-no situation. Although the number of springs on a trampoline affects its overall bounce, the length of the springs is more essential. The more power the spring has to return back to its original position, the more upward force it generates on the trampoline mat (and the person or thing on it).

When you get down to the nitty gritty of what makes a decent backyard trampoline, you’ll discover that it all relies on your requirements.

If you’re an extreme jumper and want to constantly push yourself to the limits, a rig from Trampoline Gratitude won’t let you down. True they are more Expensive than the competition. But if you take price as an indicator of value — which you shouldn’t always do, but in this situation it’s applicable — then they are leaps and bounds ahead of the other guys. They have the sturdiest build, a large bounce area to give you room to properly execute your jumps, and have a strong safety net so you won’t fall off the side.

This is an excellent approach to perfect concepts before applying them to different situations. Professional snowboarders, cyclists, and skateboarders all practice their movements on trampolines before attempting them on their respective “vehicles.”

If the Trampoline Gratitude systems are a little too Expensive for you, Zupapa is definitely the way to go then. Their elongated safety net poles make the system impressively stable, while the included stakes keep it tight and secure to the ground. It won’t blow away in high winds and will hold strong regardless of how hard you bounce. The price is reasonable, the safety mechanisms are on point, and the quality is high. The only thing that’s missing is you!

Additional than trampolines, what other backyard games and activities do you have?

The “acon trampoline” is a popular brand of trampoline that has been around for years. It offers a wide range of sizes and features, making it one of the best options in the market.

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