Troy-Bilt offers airless tires on its models, which makes them great for all conditions and makes the machines easier to turn. This is an innovation in this industry, and I’ve used them for two years and I like the design more than the Michelin Tweel. The airless tires really make a difference.

24 inch Troy-Bilt Snow Blowers

Troy-Bilt offers two 24 inch snow blowers that are inexpensive but are great at doing the job. The machines are fabricated with quality parts but don’t have too much features. However, they have the same warranty as the more expensive models. The Storm 2460 is one of the best models in the market today and we will talk about it.

Troy-Bilt Storm 2460 MY 24 inch Best Value Choice: This model can easily handle a 12-inch snowfall but can also clear that 24-inch drift as needed, and can also clear the huge snow plow drift the snow plows left you overnight. I recommend this snow blower if you have a 2 car driveway about 80 feet long and get an average snowfall of 60 inches or less a year. This model features a 208cc engine that provides enough power for the tasks it’s designed to d, and as we mentioned above, it features airless tires that provide the same traction of pneumatic tires but make the machine very easy to turn. It also features poly skid shoes so you don’t scratch your stamped and decorative driveways and patio, and a long discharge chute to put the snow where you want.

In my opinion, this model does not have power steering but is light enough and the airless tires make it easy to use for most people, and offers a good benefits/price ratio if you are looking for a 2-stage to clear your driveway.

Troy-BIlt Storm 2410

This simple 208cc, 24 inch snow blower is capable of handling 8 to 12 inch snows and can clear that end-of-driveway drift, and despite this snow blower will take you longer than other models to clear the area, it’s one of the few snow blowers in this price range with electric start. The intake is higher than the old Murray and can clear a 2 car driveway about 40-50 feet long very well. The deep lug tires fit well for this snow blower and the poly skid shoes will ensure you won’t scratch your stamped and decorative driveways and patio, and despite this model doesn’t have power steering, it’s light enough for most people to use. However, it isn’t well suited to clear heavy, wet snow well, and can throw the snow around 25 feet.

Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490

This model features a huge engine and the 3rd stage allows it to throw snow farther and has twice the capacity of the Storm 2460. Moreover, this model offers all the premium features of Troy-Bilt- power steering, hand warmers, 4-way chute control, long discharge chute, and headlight. It turns out to be really funny to use but the problem is the front- 3rd stage auger spins about 10 times faster than the side augers which makes it splatter snow all over the place, so you will have to clean a pile of snow at the right of your driveway and you will have a lot of cleaning to do before put it away in your garage.

26 inch Troy-Bilt Snow Blowers

If a 28-inch snow blower is too big for your garage but you need something not so small, then the 26 inch models are a good choice for you. Troy-Bilt offers the inexpensive Storm 2660 and the great value Storm 2665.

Troy-Bilt Storm 2660

This model is the 26-inch version of the Storm 2460. It features a good 208 cc Troy-Bilt engine, solid axle, good tires, and extended chute but doesn’t have a remote deflector control.

Troy-Bilt Storm 2665

On the other hand, the Storm 2665 adds a larger 243 cc engine and a remote deflector, solid axle, , good tires and extended Quick EZ- Rotation chute, and it only costs $799 which is very good for a 26 inch snow blower. I recommend this snow blower for people who get up to 80 inches of snow a year, have a 2-car 100-foot driveway and need a powerful snowblower.

Troy-Bilt Storm Tracker 2690 XP

The Troy-Bilt Storm Tracker 2690 XP is great if you have a small driveway. It has the best traction for any 24-26 inch snow blower, and features heated handgrips, power steering and a good 208cc engine, so it has all the features of the high-end residential snow blowers plus tracks for a reasonable price.

The 4-way remote chute/ deflector control has the best electric chute design on the market, and all the gears, motors and controls are sealed up under de dash for more protection. The joystick is easy to use and the electronic chute control has been proven to be completely reliable.

Troy Bilt Storm 2860

The Storm 2860 lacks of power steering but the airless tires makes it really easy to use. The extended chute with remote deflector throws the snow here you want it and the chute rotation control is fast. The 243 cc engine provides enough power to tackle snow up to 14 inches, and even for layers of 18-20 inches. This is a really good snow blower in my opinion- I’ve used it personally and it seems to be very reliable.

Troy-Bilt Storm 2890

Troy-Bilt Storm 2890 Best Value 28 inch with Power Steering, and is the quietest gas powered snow blower in the market. It has the features of the 2860 and adds power steering and the Troy-Bilt quiet engine for only $100 more.

You can adjust the skids shoes to clean your smooth driveway and patio well, or raise the front of the snow blower up just a little to clear soft gravel driveways using a lever, and you can also use it to lock the front down and scrape hard packed snow off the driveway, and the best part is that the 3-point tracks give it more clearance than other snow blowers, and ensure it won’t get stuck easily while clearing paths and trails.

Troy-Bilt Storm 3090

This model has been sold under many names such as Craftsman, Craftsman Pro, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, MTD, MTD Pro Yard Machines, Remington and even Craftsman at Lowes. The engine and controls change but the rest is the same. Its engine has plenty of power, starts well and is reliable, and the shear pin rarely breaks and belts last for years.

However, the front auger flights are too close and that limits its capacity. It can clear 4-8 inches of snow easily, but it starts to struggle with 10-12 inches of snow and piles it up in front of the machine.

The front auger of this 30-inch snow blower are closer together than the four flights of the 28-inch model, and that’s what causes the bottleneck.

So the Storm 3090 can be a good choice if you need to clear a large area with 10 inches of snow, but can be a problem if you need to clear a layer deeper than 10 inches.

Troy-Bilt Artic Storm 30-34 Heavy-Duty, High Capacity Snow Blowers. Troy-Bilt introduced the 30 and 34 inch Artic Storm snow blowers to replace the old 33 and 45- inch models. They feature thicker steel, better components such as steel discharge chutes, 14-inch high capacity impellers and 14-inch front auger systems, and handle supports for easier use.

Indeed I recommend these models because of their ease of use. The 30-inch heavy duty snow blower is good if you want to clear a large driveway or a large amount of wet snow. The 34 inch model is also suitable for these tasks, and can go well for churches or business that need to clear large areas once or twice per week.

Compare this new heavy-duty Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm, Ariens Platinum 30, Husqvarna ST330P and the Toro PowerMax HD 1228.

I’ll say it – “For half the price as the Honda 32 inch you get a snow blower that will perform the task faster.”

Troy-BIlt Artic Storm 30. This heavy-duty snow blower is one of the best to clear wet snow, especially if you live near the coast. It features a large 14-inch impeller and 14-inch front auger to move all types of snow, and has adjustable intake heights to clear at different deeps. Moreover, its made of reinforced steel so it will last for a long time.

Its 357cc engine has enough power for the tasks it was designed to do and also offers fuel economy.

On the other hand, the 420cc engine of the Troy-Bilt Artic Storm 34 makes that model a beast to clear almost any deep of snow found in the streets.

The heated handgrips and the electronic 4-way chute make it easy and fun to use, and much faster than the Honda electric chute control.

My favorite feature is the square tube running from the top of the handle down to the frame, since this reinforces the handle assembly and makes this snow blower very solid and easy to turn.

I recommend this model for homeowners who have long driveways with drift, the great power of this beast will be good for that kinds of tasks. Moreover, the power steering allows the snow thrower to move in a straight line without much effort, and if you want to turn, just pull the small trigger under the handle.

21-inch Troy-Bilt Single Stage Snow Blowers

I’m not a fan of this single-stage snow blower for a main clearing tool because they don’t have enough throwing distance to perform the tasks they were designed to do, despite they are faster than other models. However, I think they are great as a secondary snow blower and as a compliment for the job that your 2-stage model isn’t able to do properly. They are well suited for patios, raised decks, 2-4 inchers and cleaning snow off the sidewalks and around the doorway to your business. I personally suggest you to buy the 208cc models since the 123cc models are too small and the 179cc engine seems to be hard to start.

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