With the popularity of bug zappers on the rise, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your money. We’ve put together a list with models that offer long range, high capacity and lots of features.

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These small animals seem to like flying in our faces, landing on our food, and generally ruining our regular outside relaxing time. We’ve compiled 7 of the finest bug zappers to keep your nights pest-free, from mosquitoes to gnats and everything in between.

Let’s get started without further ado!


1. Elucto Fly Swatter Electric Bug Zapper 

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The Elucto Electric Insect-Zapping Fly Swatter is a must-have for barbecues and other outdoor parties. It is the number one best-seller in bug zappers. This insect zapper has hundreds of great ratings and will not let you down.

This swatter works just as effectively as any other hanging or otherwise-positioned conventional insect zapper — plus, it’s just simple fun. It’s entertaining and fulfilling to spend your nights destroying mosquitoes and flies with a flick of the wrist, knowing that those tiny pests won’t be able to feast on your blood – or your hot dog.

The Elucto Zapper Fly Swatter, like traditional zappers, kills bugs on hit with a single electric shock, eliminating the need for several swats. It’s even strong enough to kill wasps if they get too near for comfort (for obvious reasons, we don’t encourage chasing down a wasp for fun).

The absence of a protective screen in front of the wires (which is found in traditional zappers) as well as the replaceable AA batteries (which are included with your purchase) add to its power. This insect zapper is safe for you and your family, even if it stings a little if you touch it.


  • Even for those on a bug-zapper budget, this is an economical solution.
  • On first contact, it’s powerful enough to kill flies, mosquitoes, and even wasps.
  • The swatter isn’t too big or heavy to hold in your hand.
  • It includes a set of AA batteries that may be easily changed.
  • Though unprotected by an exterior screen, this zapper poses no hazard to you or your family – other than a little volt if the wires are touched.
  • During the summer, this might be a great strategy to keep pests at bay.


  • The plastic components of the handle may become a little loose after repeated usage.

Bug Zapper XMSTORE

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Moving on to a more classic bug zapper, the XMSTORE Insect Zapper is a bug-killing instrument that is completely safe, non-toxic, non-radioactive, and non-chemical. It may be used both inside and outdoors, and it can cover up to 500 square feet in 360 degrees for complete pest control.

This zapper attracts bugs right into its wires using high-intensity UV lights for a quick electric shock. A visually pleasing cage surrounds the zapper, protecting pets and children from accidently shocking themselves. It’s effective against mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and other flying pests, and comes with a collecting bowl for simple cleanup.

This is a high-quality device that works right out of the box, particularly considering the inexpensive price point. Simply hang it as low as three feet off the ground and wait for the bugs to queue up to get electrocuted.


  • Unlike many insect zappers, the outside protective shell is black and plastic. It would complement any outdoor setting.
  • A good value, particularly given the high quality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Protects up to 500 square feet of area from all sides.
  • Works well in both indoor and outdoor settings – perfect for cottages or camping.
  • On impact, it instantly kills bugs of all sizes.
  • UV lights of high intensity are used to attract adjacent pests.
  • A collecting tray is included for easy clean-up and no clutter in your house or on your porch.


  • When bugs are zapped, this zapper makes a loud cracking noise and sparkles. Most insect zappers have noticeable cracking, but some customers said the crack was so loud that they required time to get accustomed to it.

3. Bug Zapper Light Bulb from GLOUE

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The GLOUE Insect Zapper Light Bulb is one of the most inventive bug zappers on our list, and it’s a pest-infested house owner’s dream. As the name implies, this device is both a bug zapper and a practical light bulb, allowing you to light up the night while also warding off mosquitoes.

This bulb’s insect zapper feature creates a high-intensity UV light that attracts bugs into electrical wires and shocks them instantaneously. The bugs will slide off the bulb and onto the ground due to the wires’ 45-degree angle.

The bulb itself is a dimmable white light bulb with a normal intensity. This insect zapper has three settings: zapper with light, zapper with dimmed light, and zapper without light.

The fact that this zapper bulb may be left uncovered or put in an open lantern or bulb cover is one of its finest features. It draws bugs in both directions.


  • Bug zapper that serves two purposes
  • It may be utilized both indoors and outside.
  • A cost-effective choice for the product
  • A UV light is used to attract bugs to the electrified wires.
  • Because the wires are oriented at 45 degrees, the dead bugs will slide straight off after being electrocuted.
  • The bulb produces normal-intensity white light.
  • There are three modes: zapper with white light, zapper with dimmed light, and zapper without light.
  • Instantly kills bugs
  • Chemical-free and non-toxic


  • Though the dead bugs will fall off the bulb in most cases, some bugs may get lodged and need hand removal using a tiny brush or compressed air can.

4. Maxtry Bug Zapper 4 Pack Plug-in

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The Maxtry Bug Zapper is a set of four wall plug-ins that may be used wherever an outlet is available. These zappers, despite their diminutive size, employ UV lamps to draw gnats, mosquitoes, and other flying pests to a fiery end.

You should notice a big reduction in the amount of pests buzzing about your potted plants, in your kitchen, or around your outdoor dining area within a few hours. Due to their size, they are best utilized at night when the light is more noticeable.

There is no chemical odor, there is no risk of human shock, and the zappers are simple to clean. Overall, if you’re looking for a pack of zappers that can be used nearly anyplace in or out of the house at a reasonable price, this is a terrific choice.


  • Affordable
  • Individual insect zappers come in a batch of four.
  • Gnats, moths, and mosquitoes are all killed by this product.
  • Cleaning is simple.
  • Human shock is protected by a protective cover.
  • When insects are stunned, there is no chemical odor or odor.


  • Because the zappers are little, they won’t be able to kill as many insects as bigger bug zappers.
  • These may not be very useful during the day due of their size. The UV light is most effective at night.

5. Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer BK-40D

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The Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer, one of the most aesthetically pleasing bug zappers on our list, is a high-voltage, efficient-performing insect zapper that costs just pennies a day to run!

The UV light has been proved to attract thousands of bugs every day and has even been acknowledged as one of the finest insect zappers for mosquito attracting.

This device is available in 1-acre, 1-and-a-half-acre, and half-acre coverage options, so you can choose the ideal zapper for your property.

You won’t have to worry about blockages, cleaning, or other difficulties since the killing grid is non-clogging. Instead, the dead insects will just fall to the ground and decompose naturally without any intervention. The Flowtron Insect Killer is also weatherproof, not rusting, cracking, or fading.


  • It works wonders for mosquitoes.
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Multiple coverage choices are available for this product.
  • Affordable
  • No need to clean since it won’t clog.


  • It won’t kill big bugs like Junebugs, but it could kill wasps.

6. LIGHTSMAX Mosquito & Insect Bug Zapper with Solar Power

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The LIGHTSMAX Mosquito and Insect Insect Zapper is the first in-ground bug zapper on our list, and it’s a Solar-powered alternative that’s perfect for usage in vegetable gardens, around fragile flowers, or around your outdoor leisure area.

While they aren’t meant to be used during the day, they’re ideal for bug-zapping at night. They need 8 to 10 hours of direct sunshine to function properly, so make sure they’re in a sunny location.

You won’t have to worry about rain or other weather conditions harming the product or reducing its efficacy since it is weather-resistant. What’s even better than these lights? They’re useful in two ways! Depending on your mood, you may use them as easy sidewalk illumination with one switch and a serious insect zapper with the next switch.


  • Lighting and insect zapping are two applications.
  • Packs of two or four are available.
  • Solar-powered
  • Ideal for use in flower and vegetable gardens.
  • Frame is non-toxic and weather-resistant.


  • Although a bit pricy with just 2 or 4 lights, there are no energy costs since the goods are solar powered.

Bug Zapper by Aspectek

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This is the insect zapper to have if you need a strong indoor bug zapper. This is recommended for locations with a lot of light (such as workshops, garages, or sheds) that attract a lot of insects at night.

It attracts gnats, moths, mosquitoes, and wasps, and features a protective grate in front of the lights to avoid inadvertent electric shocks to children or pets. This insect zapper is easy to set up, either by hanging it from a chain using the built-in hooks on the sides or by just putting it on the ground.

While you’ll have to remove the dead bugs from the insect zappers, the bottom tray makes cleanup a breeze. Simply slip it out, pour out the dead bugs, and replace it – it’s that simple!


  • Extremely effective in regions where a lot of pest control is required.
  • It’s great for eliminating huge flies, mosquitoes, and other large pests, but it also works on little bugs.
  • Non-toxic materials were used.
  • It has a protective grate around it to prevent people or pets from being electrocuted accidently.


  • Large, not aesthetically pleasing or subtle
  • It makes a loud zapping sound that may take some getting accustomed to.
  • It will be necessary to remove the dead bugs.

Handling with Care

When it comes to insect zappers, there’s not much to worry about in terms of safety since they’re generally safe gadgets. However, there are a few things to remember in order to protect yourself, your children, and your pets:

  • Before handling or moving the zapper, be sure it is unplugged or turned off.
  • Keep children away from the zapper. Even though insect zappers have a protective grate, tiny toddlers have the possibility to put their fingers inside.
  • Keep a watch out for inquisitive dogs that could lick the grate or chew on the power line.
  • Although most outdoor insect zappers are weather-resistant, they should not be exposed to a lot of water. To prevent direct exposure to the elements, keep your insect zapper beneath some form of cover.

Questions Frequently Asked

Is bug zappers effective against wasps and flies?

A: Yes.

Wasps and flies alike will be attracted to and killed by large insect zappers. If you want to target wasps particularly, keep the bug zapper close to the hive.

Is it safe to use insect zappers?

No, not necessarily.

You should be alright as long as you use common sense while using electric insect zappers and don’t put your fingers in the grates.

Q: Are insect zappers powered by electricity or solar energy better?

A: It is entirely dependent on your own tastes.

However, we advocate electric vehicles since they have a longer life lifetime, you won’t have to worry about the charge being affected by weather, and they’re usually more powerful. They’re also reasonably priced, costing just cents each day to operate.

Are insect zappers water resistant?

Yes and no, respectively.

Weatherproof insect zappers are required by law to be unaffected by rain, snow, winds, sunshine, and other elements. However, you shouldn’t submerge your insect zapper in water anytime soon, particularly if it’s electric. Is it safe to use insect zappers indoors?

Sure, they’re safe. Is it completely faultless? No.

If you don’t want dead bugs all over your new carpet, you may not want to utilize them in your house. Bug zappers should only be used within big facilities that are continually exposed to the outside, such as garages, worksheds, and garden sheds.

They won’t be welcome in your kitchen or dining area, or anyplace else where people eat. Bug zappers, according to Kansas State University researchers (in an earlier study), blast bugs and, as a consequence, get their guts and bacteria into your meal…. nasty. While you’re at it, keep your zapper away from the grill.

Q: How noisy are insect zappers?

A: The louder the insect zapper, the more powerful it is. Some insect zappers include fans, which makes them much louder, but those without fans will merely create a startling zapping sound when bugs enter… which will almost certainly happen often.

Q: Do insect zapper bulbs come in replacements?

A: Replacement bulbs should be available depending on the kind of insect zapper you purchase.

Last Thoughts

A bug zapper is the way to go if you have a problem with bothersome flying pests. The Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer is our favorite of all the wonderful alternatives on our list. It’s aesthetically pleasing, of excellent quality, and requires little maintenance thanks to its non-clogging killing grid.

We’re certain that any insect zapper you pick will improve the condition of your house, business, or garden!

The “best outdoor bug zapper” is a must have for the backyard. It will keep pesky insects off of your property and make it feel like you are at home.

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