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The “Can I Shoot Birds in My Backyard: What to Know 2022” is a blog post about what changes will come in the future. The article discusses how it is illegal to shoot birds with a pellet gun, and that there are many new laws coming into effect soon. Read more in detail here: is it illegal to shoot birds with a pellet gun.

When assembled in large groups, our feathery companions can do a lot of harm, despite their little size. If they’ve been causing damage to the side of your home, you may be wondering, “Can I kill birds in my backyard?”

Perhaps you’re a hunter who wants to bring home a pheasant or wild turkey for dinner. You may believe that their appearance on your property is rather handy.

The quick answer to the question is, unfortunately, it depends. A number of variables muddy the waters, making it difficult to provide a clear answer.

Let’s get this party started.

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Birds of Prey Protection

It was open season for birds until 1918. Sure, there was food hunting, but the booming fashion business viewed feathers as a chance. Until conservation-minded persons and groups pushed for preservation, birds like the great white egret were on the verge of extinction.

With the ratification of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) between the US and Canada in 1918, help came. It was declared unlawful to hurt birds or possess any of their components, including feathers and nests, under this law.

Several revisions have been made throughout the years, and new nations have been included. The penalties was increased to $15,000 under one of the last conditions.

Other countries that have ratified the pact include:

“Are all birds protected by the act?” is probably your next inquiry.

The term “native” is used. That implies at least three birds are not protected under the legislation.

The following species are not included:

  • Sparrows in the House
  • Pigeons
  • Swans that are mute
  • Starlings from Europe

The statute also tackles the issue of shooting upland game birds like as turkeys and American woodcocks, which are not protected.

What About Harmful Birds?

What you may and cannot do is spelled out in federal law. You may shoot birds that aren’t protected by the act, but there are certain restrictions that we’ll go through later. You may also get rid of any nests that aren’t in use. You can’t get the birds to leave one that has eggs or chicks in it, however.

You do have legal options if birds are wrecking havoc on your garden or chewing holes in your siding. Unfortunately, it will come at a price. You’ll need to apply for a depredation permit, which will cost you a lot of money. You must also keep track of your actions and submit an annual report.

Yes, it seems to be excessive, but the law is the law.


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The Caveat of the Eagle

Except for eagles, the information regarding bird pests applies to all migratory indigenous. When it comes to our national emblem, we have to be a little more flexible. The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act comes into effect in this situation. For a crime, it raises the stakes to jail term and a fine of up to $250,000.


Even the permission and condition list is lengthy. Both bald and golden eagles are subject to the law.

Bird Hunting

You’ve entered the game management zone if you wish to kill birds to put food on the table. When you ask yourself, “Can I shoot birds in my backyard?” you are putting yourself in the hands of the state DNRs.

It’s important to remember that the fundamental aim of the rules and regulations is to keep the animals healthy, whether they’re mourning doves or bobwhites. “The guy” is not attempting to prevent you from going hunting.

Keep in mind that scientists know more about the physiology and behavior of birds than anybody else. They understand the science behind it, rather than relying on stories as in traditional hunting tales.

You’ll probably notice rules that specify when you can shoot birds, what time of day you may shoot them, and how many you can take, down to the sex, if appropriate. It may also fluctuate yearly, depending on the population and the state of conservation.

Mallards, for example, are prolific breeders. Canvasback ducks, for example, have struggled to survive for a variety of reasons. For each species, there are usually hunting seasons. The goal is to get rid of the surplus while keeping the people healthy.

Except for hawks, most birds aren’t territorial in the same way that carnivores like coyotes are. If the population grows faster than the environment can handle, the ecosystem will become depleted of food and other resources, a notion known as carrying capacity.

Hunting isn’t a negative activity; in fact, it’s necessary to avoid global hunger. Other game animals, such as deer, are subject to the same idea.

Shooting Birds Legally

Because the status of a given species varies by state, the regulations vary as well. We’ll limit our discussion to a few broad ideas.

To be legal, you’ll almost certainly need the following:

  • Permit or hunting license is required.
  • Permit or license to carry a firearm
  • In certain places, such as Illinois, a FOID card is required to own a handgun.

In addition, some states have additional restrictions on the kind of rifle you may use and how far away you must be from a road or a dwelling while shooting birds. Other regulations may apply, such as distance from a school, in an automobile, or over water. The latter is an issue because of the ammunition you employ.

The use of lead shot is a contentious issue among hunters and wildlife management. The ammo’s weight makes it an ideal option for accuracy for hunters. The metal, on the other hand, may build up in predators over time, such as eagles, who mistakenly eat the shot and die as a result. Part of the reason California condors suffered was because of this.

It’s a different story when it comes to shooting birds with a bow.

Because of the nature of the act and the smaller chance of striking an unintended target, the regulations are often less rigorous. After all, the hunter must draw back on the bow and aim for many seconds, giving him enough time to make an informed choice on whether or not to let the arrow fly.



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Identification of Birds

Because there is some wiggle area in the legal problem, we must address the issue of identity. When you ask yourself, “Can I shoot birds in my backyard?” one of the most common worries is the species you’re most likely to encounter in your yard.

Sparrows in the House have a noticeable black spot on their chest that makes them easy to distinguish from other related birds that have MBTA protection. They’re also more likely to flutter around close to places occupied by humans, like your backyard.

A lot of migrating birds are wary of humans and will avoid them. That is also true for game birds, and for good cause.

Starlings from Europe share some of the similar behavior patterns as Sparrows in the House. That’s a vital clue that you’re dealing with a domesticated species in the sense that it’s used to humans. These birds are black with a variegated and iridescent color pattern. That fact distinguishes them from other similarly-colored species. The other telltale sign is that both are often resident in the area year-round. However, some northern birds may migrate to warmer climes if the temps dip too low for them to find enough food to survive.

Swans that are mute are another story since a lot of the related species have subtle differences that are hard to distinguish, especially from a distance. You may need a spotting scope to tell them apart from protected species like the tundra swan.

Before you pull the trigger, we advise you to be 100 % certain. If you’re unsure, don’t do it.


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Last Thoughts

If you’re unclear about the legality, we recommend passing on bird control using weapons. Without resorting to shooting bugs, there are various options for pest management.

If you’re unsure, call your state’s Department of Natural Resources to find out what you need to do to stay legal. Ignorance, after all, is no defense against the law.

Begin with appropriate identification when asking, “Can I shoot birds in my backyard?” The large penalties are enough of a disincentive to make it unwise to take the risk.

In 2022, you may be able to shoot birds in your backyard. Texas is one of the states that has already passed a law allowing people to shoot birds in their backyards. Reference: what birds can you shoot in texas.

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