Squirrels are animals that are native to North America. They have a specific diet and should not be fed chocolate or other human food.

Squirrels can eat chocolate, but they should not be fed sugar. Chocolate is toxic to squirrels and will cause them to die. Read more in detail here: can squirrels eat sugar.

Chocolates! What person doesn’t adore them? If given the opportunity, even animals will sneak a bite. Can squirrels, on the other hand, consume chocolate? Is it safe to let them consume this delectable creamy treat?

Squirrels are allowed to consume chocolates, but they should not. In terms of nutrition, the delectable delicacy offers nothing to give them. Chocolate’s theobromine component may be hazardous to squirrels if taken in significant amounts, resulting in theobromine poisoning. To prevent poisoning, it is better not to serve chocolates to your pets.

Continue reading to learn why chocolate isn’t the best reward for squirrels and what you can give them instead.


What Makes Chocolate Unsuitable for Squirrels?

There are several scientific studies, such as this one, that demonstrate how chocolate and its by-products harm wild and domestic animals.

Theobromine, the alkaloid ingredient in chocolate that gives it a bitter flavor, has traditionally been the major reason. This drug is harmful to pets and is often the source of unintentional poisoning in dogs, cats, and other domestic animals.

So, what does this have to do with squirrels?

Squirrels may die from theobromine poisoning, particularly if large amounts are ingested. This may lead to a condition known as chocolate poisoning.

There are several distinct varieties of squirrels, each with a varied body size. The Eastern gray squirrel, which is about 11 inches long and weighs around 1.3 pounds, is a common species. A normal Eastern gray squirrel of that body weight may be poisoned and potentially die if they consume 0.5mg of theobromine.

Squirrels might have stomach pains, gastrointestinal issues, and diarrhea from receiving chocolates on a frequent basis. The influence of the delicious food is too much for their young bodies to endure.

Squirrels don’t get much nourishment from chocolate, and it may even hinder them from absorbing other nutrients from their diet if they consume too much of it.

In a nutshell, squirrels may die from large doses of theobromine exceeding 75 mg/kg of body mass. For many people, remembering a squirrel’s body mass while offering them delectable sweets or other chocolate items is impracticable.

But why would you give something possibly hazardous to your pet squirrel or a wild squirrel when there are countless safe alternatives?

Is Chocolate Toxic to Squirrels in All Forms?


Chocolate goods aren’t all made equal. Some have a lot of theobromine, while others have very little.

Dark chocolate, for example, has a larger concentration of theobromine than white chocolate. White chocolate, however, is heavy in sugar and fat, making it unsuitable for these bushy-tailed rodents.

The following is a list of chocolate products with the most theobromine:

  1. (228 mg/square oz) dark chocolate
  2. Coffee beans with a dark chocolate coating (147 mg/oz)
  3. Chocolate for baking (376 mg/square oz)
  4. 175 mg/1.5 oz sweet chocolate candy
  5. Chocolate chips, semi-sweet (138 mg/1 oz)
  6. Wafers of chocolate (21 milligrams each wafer)
  7. (142 mg/100 g) cocoa powder
  8. (170 mg/cup) hot cocoa

Is it Possible for Squirrels to Consume Chocolate in Moderation?

While some pet owners suggest giving chocolate to their pets in “moderation,” squirrels do not have this option.

These lovely, fluffy critters may be cunning, cunning, and cunning, but they are still animals and aren’t concerned about eating in moderation.

Have you ever wondered why these creatures keep food in their burrows? Do you know they can cram a lot of food into their cheeks even when they’re stuffed? Their cheeks have even been compared as “giant supermarket bags!”

Animals usually know what they should eat and what they should avoid. Hazardous foods are avoided by squirrels in particular. But when it comes to chocolate, that rule is thrown out the window! If a squirrel has access to a large number of chocolate bars, it will consume until there are none left or it becomes too full. Even so, it’ll scamper away with a mouthful of food for later eating.

In a nutshell, squirrels don’t generally respond well to moderation.

Can squirrels consume chocolate if their owners keep a close eye on the amount of chocolate available? Is it alright to give a tiny amount of chocolate every now and then? A short examination of a squirrel’s digestive tract may be the best method to address this issue.

Squirrels may consume meat and a variety of other foods when they are hungry, although they are mostly herbivores. However, unlike rabbits, these fluffy small rodents do not have the same digestive processes. Squirrels can’t digest cellulose, hence they can’t eat it.

What’s more, guess what? Chocolates have cellulose in them!

Consider how dangerous it is for a squirrel to consume something it can’t digest the next time you think of giving it some chocolates.

Is it possible for squirrels to die from eating chocolate?

Of course, squirrels won’t die from eating chocolates, but you don’t want to put them in danger by giving them anything that may damage them.

You should supply healthful food even if you don’t raise squirrels but have a couple wandering around your yard.

Animals, like people, “be what they eat” over time, becoming as healthy or ill as the things they consume. For a squirrel, the cumulative impact of consuming chocolates is typically not something you want.

Bottom line: don’t feed chocolates to your children.

What Other Foods Should Squirrels Avoid?


The topic of whether squirrels can eat chocolate now has a definitive solution. The next obvious inquiry is: what other foods should squirrels avoid?

Here’s a list of meals that are either dangerous for squirrels or have little to no nutritional value.

Foods that are toxic

1. Unhealthy Food

Artificial sugar and sweeteners are abundant in junk food. Sugar overload may make these normally lively creatures even more ecstatic, which is bad for their general health and well-being.

Squirrels don’t like salted food since they are fillers and don’t provide any value to the animals.

Hot dogs, pizzas, French fries, chips, chocolate cake, chocolate bars, brownies, and other commercially prepared meals are examples of junk foods.

2. Food for Pets

High-meat-content pet meals may be suitable for dogs and cats, but they are not suitable for squirrels. These fluffy small mammals are generally vegetarians, and eating too much meat may kill them.

Squirrels are omnivores, which means they consume both plants and meat, although fungus, seeds, nuts, and fruit should make up the bulk of their diet. A squirrel may also eat eggs, tiny insects, and caterpillars in certain situations.

Birdseed often doubles as squirrel food, particularly when added to a bird feeder, however it is nutritionally insufficient for any squirrel.

3. Animal or Human Formula

Whether it’s infant formula or puppy and kitten food, formulas may be very dangerous to squirrels.

Formulas include far too many chemical compounds and preservatives that are harmful to a squirrel’s system, whether it is a newborn or an adult. In squirrels, these abnormal compounds may induce rickets, convulsions, anxiety, and even death.

4. Corn

Corn isn’t always poisonous to squirrels, particularly if it’s sliced into little pieces and served in modest amounts. The food, on the other hand, might swiftly become moldy and nasty. If squirrels consume sour or moldy maize, they might get poisoned or possibly die.

Low-Nutritional-Value Foods

Peanuts are number one.

Squirrels are frequently seen shoving peanuts into their faces, so this may come as a surprise.

However, here’s the reality. Peanuts aren’t nuts in the traditional sense. Instead, legumes such as lentils and soybeans are used. Squirrels are at risk from deadly mold or fungus found in raw peanuts. Peanut butter is also enjoyed by squirrels, despite the fact that it is not the greatest or healthiest alternative.

It’s OK to give peanuts as a treat now and then, but too many peanuts (and other legumes) might hinder critical minerals and trace elements like calcium, zinc, potassium, and iron from being absorbed. Mineral deficits may occur in both animals and humans as a result of this.

Sunflower seed No. 2

Sunflower seeds, like peanuts, do not provide any nutrition to squirrels and are not a necessary element of their diet. As a result, they should not be used in squirrel feeders.

3. Cereal

Breakfast cereals are popular among squirrels, however they are not part of the rodent’s normal diet. Cereals are simply fillers for squirrels with little nutritional value. They may really cause serious malnutrition, particularly if that’s all you give them on a regular basis.

Diet Plan for Squirrels


Squirrels’ optimum diet consists of natural, plant-based foods, such as:

  • Nuts and seeds: Squirrels love nuts in their shells. Hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, and walnuts are some of the finest nuts to feed.
  • Fruits: Squirrels love kiwis, bananas, strawberries, grapes, peaches, and just about any other variety of fruit. Fruits, particularly sweet fruits, should be served in little quantities once or twice monthly.
  • Squirrels thrive on broccoli, zucchini, carrots, beet greens, kale, turnip greens, radishes, and other high-calcium foods. Garlic, fresh maize, yam, and dried vegetables should all be avoided.
  • Bones: Bones are a fantastic source of calcium for squirrels, and they may also aid in the maintenance of their teeth.

Also, supply lots of water since squirrels may drink a lot of water on a daily basis, particularly in the summer. When they hibernate, though, they can live without water.

When squirrels aren’t spotted scrambling for food throughout the lengthy winter months, how do they keep nourished? For additional information, see this article.

Last Thoughts

Is it possible for squirrels to consume chocolate?

No, is the quick response. Simply said, giving chocolate to squirrels, particularly in huge numbers, is not a good idea. They like the delectable delicacy and may even sneak a bite, but it is not good for them.

The “can squirrels eat milk chocolate” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to the question is yes, they can eat milk chocolate.

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