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In 2022, it is legal to kill a possum in your backyard. It’s not illegal to shoot one with a gun, but it is illegal to trap or poison them.

If your trash cans have turned over or an animal has taken up residence in your attic, we understand your aggravation. Probably the first thing that comes to mind is whether or not you can shoot a possum in your own property.

Possums may be found throughout the eastern part of the United States. Forests and habitat borders near streams and ponds are their preferred habitats. They are, nevertheless, well-adapted to human presence and will peacefully dwell in inhabited regions.


Possum Shooting in the Backyard: Legal Issues

When assessing the legality of this subject, there are various elements to consider, notably at the state and municipal levels. Possums, or more accurately, opossums, have legal status as a game animal in various areas. They are, after all, fur-bearing creatures that are eaten by certain humans.

It’s possible that these nocturnal scavengers have a hunting season and hours. Depending on the state, this might encompass trapping, hunting, or both. It’s also possible that you’ll need to get a license or permission.

Using a firearm is a different matter, including both state and federal regulations.

In most regions, carrying a gun within a specific distance of a human residence, along a public road, or in your vehicle is prohibited. And you don’t want to get caught doing any of these things because you’ll be fined and your weapon and automobile will be taken away.

If it is permissible, there may be limitations on the sort of weapon you may use and the number of firearms you can bring. These rules exist because of public safety concerns and the fact that many states regard animals to be their residents’ property.

Animals that are a nuisance

If the animal is creating a problem or causing damage to your crops if you’re a farmer, you may be able to seek a nuisance animal permit to remove it. It usually only applies to possums that are on your land.

It’s critical to do your homework on the rules in question. After killing one, you may be required to report to your local conservation police officer within a particular amount of time. It’s possible that there are rules in place that govern how it’s disposed of.

When it comes to shooting possums, there are a few things to keep in mind.

It is crucial to correctly identify the animal. If you’re dealing with a raccoon or other animals, the rules and regulations may be different. Possums, on the other hand, make things simple if you observe their tracks.

Possums have an opposable thumb on their hindfoot, which distinguishes their footprint. Both the front and rear of the shoe have five toes. They’re generally found in muck near water.

Possums are very shy, so you may not spot one. They’re also superb climbers, so if they detect you first, they’ll be high up in a tree.

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Possum Games

You’re probably aware of the one characteristic that distinguishes this marsupial from other animals: its ability to imitate death. You’ll probably see it personally if you can legally shot them.

With its tongue hanging out and closed eyelids, the animal seems to be dead to all intents and purposes. Don’t be deceived, however. The possum is completely aware of you and everything going on around it. Also, avoid getting too near since part of its rouse is a nasty stench that is meant to repel predators like you.

Don’t try to claim that we didn’t warn you.

Possum Problems: How to Avoid Them

If you can’t kill a possum in your backyard, you still have choices for getting rid of a bothersome critter. The nice thing is that these precautions will also help you prevent additional insect problems.

Possums are omnivores that eat whatever they can get their hands on. That implies you’ll have to eliminate any potential food sources. Feed the pets and store their food inside, for example. You can also perform the following:

  • Keeping trees pruned in the vicinity of your home
  • Closing any gaps that might serve as roosting spots
  • Installing a chimney cover to prevent access from the interior of your house
  • Installing metal spikes in areas where possums may climb, such as gutters
  • If you can’t shoot them, look into trapping solutions.

The opportunistic character of possums is another factor to consider. You may have taken the one who was caught tipping trash cans over. The next one, though, isn’t far behind to fill the hole.

That’s why, even if you have a handgun, it’s critical to make your yard unfriendly to your nightly guests.

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Last Thoughts on Possums in the Yard

It may be reassuring to know that possums are not vicious creatures that would go out of their way to avoid you. They may really assist in scavenging to avoid conflicts with other animals.

Possums, unlike other animals such as bats, aren’t significant rabies carriers. Furthermore, they only survive for four years at most.

The regulations of your town, county, and state will determine whether or not you may shoot a possum in your backyard. Making your yard less opossum-friendly, on the other hand, is a simple way to repel a pest critter.

The “Can you shoot a possum in your backyard?” is an interesting question to ask, but the answer will be different depending on where you live. The “What to know 2022” article that was written in 2018 gives a good overview of what might happen with the Georgia law. Reference: can you shoot a possum in georgia.

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