To get professional weather monitoring results there are many options available. Professional level results can be simple with the Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station, as there are simple and easy to read forecast icons that include measurements and easy to read symbols.

Traditional temperature monitoring is complimented with the complete forecast, sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, barometric pressure and updates that occur every 2.5 seconds to make sure that the weather is going to be accurate through the popular weather monitoring device.

Although the forecaster is one of the more expensive weather monitoring models that are available, customers can expect a high level of accuracy and easy to use forecasting system to track the weather in the local area.


What are the features of the Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station?

– Accurate weather monitoring from a remote location up to one thousand feet from the remote control
– Console includes forecast icons to make easy to read weather monitoring, sunrise and sunset times, graphing options and moon phases
– Available accessories include the mounting pole that can be used to gain accurate measurements of the area being monitored
– Fast updates for the weather monitor occur every 2.5 seconds
– Glow in the dark keypad for easy manipulation of the device
– High quality weather monitoring system is going to ensure accurate weather monitoring with trends and forecasts ability

Accessories that can be used with the weather station include the mounting pole that can help to create more accurate weather listings throughout the outside of the home. The mounting pole ensures that the weather monitoring station is going to be exposed to the elements while creating an accurate way to monitor the weather from the remote system.

Making the weather station even easier to use is the glow in the dark keypad that can be used to make changes to the weather system, adjust the tracking and updates that are delivered to the remote system from the wireless weather center mounted outdoors.

As one of the most effective weather stations, the device is able to monitor up to one thousand feet away from the remote sensor or wireless device – creating an effective way to monitor the weather as efficiently as possible.


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