The EGO 21 is one of the few cordless battery blowers from the EGO firm. After reading the excited reviews of other blowers by the brand, I needed to check for myself if this EGO blower is worth our time.

I grew up in Michigan and I remember how the western winds brought the snow over the Lake. I remember also how my brother and I had to shovel our huge driveway that we named “the highway”. Three decades later, I own another “highway” that I have to clear from snow.


The Ideal scenario for an EGO Battery Snowblower

You can’t use an 8HP gas blower to clear two inches of snow. For those cases I end up using a couple of shovels. This way I also avoid the annoyance of maneuvering a heavy and noisy two-stage blower. With the shovels, my driveway is clear in just 15 minutes. When the drift is heavy and it becomes hard to move, I sometimes have to leverage the shovel with my thighs just to lift the snow and throw it to a side. This kind of effort ruins your kneecap and force you to make an appointment with your chiropractor. I read a few reviews about some EGO tools such as the EGO self-propelled lawnmower, and the EGO 21-Inch snowblower looks like a great deal for me: not too powerful nor too weak.

EGO 21 Inch Snow Blower

The cold season was hard this year. When the EGO 56V arrived, there was no snow on the driveway to clear, but there was a formidable snowdrift on the backyard. I was eager to test it so… I cleared my lawn. My first though when I held the blower was, “It’s light.” The whole assembly process was about screwing the chute with two bolts with an Allen. The EGO 21-Inch cut through 8-inch shovel-accumulate, frosty, dense snow and tossed it 20 feet away. I just had to wait for the next snow!

One day at 8PM, it began to snow. At 11PM, I had a 4-inch deep, fresh and heavy snowfall. No matter how late it was, I needed to use my new toy. I first shoveled the snow of my doorstep. I turned the LED lights on, and after pressing a button and pulling the engagement handle, the machine woke up. It emitted a sound similar to a hair dryer.

I was luckily surprised with the clean edge of the scraper. It wasn’t that good on my lawn, but now it did a great job on my driveway. It tossed the snow at 18 feet at full speed. Because of the lightness of the EGO 21-Inch, it was like shoveling foamy snow. That’s something new to me, that you don’t get with some single or two-stage snowblowers.

Other Awesome Features

The EGO 21-Inch has various exclusive features, and what I likes the most was the fast-adjusted chute. This is a control lever to change the direction of the chute to a side or the other.

This feature works alongside an easy squeeze grip height adjustment. You might think that these functions are worthless, but if you know what it is to work with a two-stage and its infinite crank adjustment, you will appreciate the chute adjustments of the EGO SNT2103.

Unless you live in Florida, your year has seasons. So, you have to keep free space in your garage for winter and summer, especially if you have children. The inclined design of this blower certainly gets an A+. It is very easy to assemble and dismantle to store away. The EGO 56V occupies more or less half the space of a single-stage gas blower.


To start the EGO 21-Inch you only have to follow these simple instructions. First, open the lateral rails and lock them. Second, insert two batteries (at least, a couple of 4AH, but they can be combined). Third, push the safety button and press the switch to the handle. You can stop pressing the button when the machine is already on.

It is not a self-propelled machine, but the adjustable speed auger gets through the snow and it is very light to push.

Test and Operation

If you want to use it continuously to ascertain which is the limit of the machine, you must have a large surface to clear. I’m an outdoor man and I like to take the blower to the Lake to a skating rink. Formerly, we shoveled the snow away while it was fresh ad heavy.

This was a great experience for the EGO 21. A 6-inch deep snowdrift that the EGO 56-Volt handled like a boss. After constant running at full power, the double EGO 5AH battery gave 15 minutes of runtime at an easy pace. I was also using the LED lights.

EGO 21-Inch Dual Battery Snowblower

15 minutes is more than enough to create a skating rink. Two 5AH batteries should allow you to work for a whole hour uninterruptedly. Level up to the $800 kit and you will get two 7.5AH batteries for a longer runtime. The manufacturer recommends make the unit work on two 4AH or bigger lithium batteries, and I got the job done with one. In the case that you have a dual charger, better for you. To schedule to keep your batteries charged or a backup battery is nearly the same as to schedule to refuel and change oil like you do with a gas blower.

Looking at the good side of the EGO 56V snow blower, this is a wonderful tool for homeowners and pros. If you hate all the hustle and bustle that maintaining a gas blower implies, the EGO 21-Inch is great. As I already said, this machine is not loud at all, and if it snows at night, and you like to clear your driveway at dawn when everybody is still sleeping, before you breakfast to go to work, with the EGO 21-Inch 56V you can do it while you keep it in good standing with your neighbors.

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