The EGO SNT2102 is a fully efficient, battery-powered, cordless snowblower. When you live in Michigan, snow will always be present due to the winds from the west over Lake Michigan. Growing up there, you’re shoveling snow off the street.

When you’re 2 inches of snow or something less, the 8hp gas engine of this snowblower is more than enough. Sometimes I use a shovel to avoid the annoying noise of the two-barbed snowblower, when doing this, I clean the street in about 15 minutes. Many times the snow is very heavy so it is very difficult to lift. When this happens, I use a dead weight to be able to lift it, sometimes myself. This kind of effort makes the body fatigue and you end up with the chiropractor. After reading other reviews on EGO products such as the ego self-propelled mower, I got that the EGO 56V 21 is a snowblower that fits perfectly, it is not very large or very small.

There’s been some really weird winters in Michigan lately. When I received the snowblower I had no snow on the street, but I did have some snow in my garden,soobviously I tried it there. The first thing I thought was that it’s a pretty light snowblower. The assembly consisted of installing two hex head screws with an Allen wrench. The EGO SNT2102 21 made its way through 8 inches of stacked and frosty snow, quite heavy, and threw it at more than 20 feet. The next snow was ready.

The snow started falling around 8 p.m. By 11 o’clock and the height of the snow was 4 inches deep, and it was wet and heavy. Although it was late and dark enough, I tried the snowblower. At first I had to remove the snow from the entrance with a shovel. I turned on the LED lights of the EGO snowblower and at the push of a button and pulled an emergency handle, the snowblower turned on again. It sounded like a high-performance dryer.

Something impressive is how clean it was in its wake. Although it didn’t work very well when I tried it on the lawn, it cleaned the street with great efficiency. He threw the snow at about 18 feet at maximum power. As the 21-inch EGO is quite light, it was very easy to move, much like pushing a shovel in light snow. It’s a very different experience than using a one- or two-stages snowblower.

Many features are unique in the EGO SNT2102 snowblower. The most remarkable thing is how fast it is to adjust the hopper. This feature works with a directional control lever that pushes forward and pulls back to move the hopper from left to right.

The directional adjustment is complemented by a handle that adjusts the height. These features may seem significant, but if you’ve already experimented with a one- or two-stage snowblower, you’ll find these capabilities to adjust the hopper pretty cool.

Unlike tropical areas, there are seasons in Michigan. This means that the ability to store it is important, especially when your home is small and you have children. The foldable design of the EGO snowblower is quite practical. This snowblower is fixed and folded so that it can be saved. To give you an idea, saving the 21-inch EGO SNT2102 takes less than half the space of a two-stage snowblower. It even takes up half the space of a single-stage snowblower.

To turn on the EGO 56V you only need to follow a few steps. The first thing you have to do is open the side rails and secure them in place. Then insert a couple of batteries, it is recommended to use a couple of 4.0Ah batteries, although you can mix them. Close the battery cover. The next thing is to simply press the safety button and press the switch for the handle. You can release the safety button once the snowblower has turned on.

As this snowblower is not self-propelled, the variable speed of the blade makes the snow pass more easily and push the EGO much easier.

To continuously test the snowblower and know its power limitations, you need a very large area. To help some friends, I used the snowblower to create an ice rink for hockey over a frozen lake. We used to clean the ice with snow with a shovel, and this one was wet and heavy. This was an excellent test for EGO SNT2102 in which it was the winner. The snow was about 6 inches deep, and the EGO 56V could easily. In continuous use and maximum power, the 5.0Ah DUAL EGO batteries allowed for continuous use of 15 minutes, this while the LED headlights were on. 15 minutes is enough to create a hockey rink, you can have up to 60 minutes or more with a pair of 5.0Ah batteries. By purchasing the $799 upgrade kit you get two 7.5Ah battery packs for longer uptime. Since EGO recommends that this snowblower be used with two 4.0Ah or more batteries, I also tried it using only one. I concluded that having an optional battery charger would be better. However, charging and changing batteries is not much different from having to remember to refill the fuel tank as in traditional gasoline snowblowers.

This snowblower comes with an electric power button, built-in LED headlights, and effective hopper control. In addition, it is small and easy to store, its maintenance costs nothing, and has a variable speed for the auger. It throws snow 35 feet away and has a clearance capacity of 21 inches wide. It has a very good steel construction for durability, and its warranty comes for 5 years.

Considering its characteristics and benefits, the EGO 21 would be very ideal for use both in the office and at home. If you don’t want to deal with storing gasoline, oil and looking for ample space to store your snowblower, this is an ideal product for you. The EGO snowblower is extremely quiet. It’s perfect for getting up early to clean your front door without disturbing the neighbors.

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