Landscape design software is the new trend and it’s a booming business. Every day, more people are looking for creative ways to transform their yards into something out of this world. Most expensive real estate in your own backyard? Not if you’re a landscaper! Join me as I explore what landscape designers have planned for our homes over the next few years.

The “free online landscape design tool” is a web-based software that allows users to plan their perfect yard. It’s free, and it’s easy to use.

Perhaps you’ve had enough of winter and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring. We know exactly what you’re going through. It’s time to start thinking about next year’s plans. And what better way to get started than with a free landscape design software program?


The Advantages of Free Landscape Design Software

It’s easy to get caught up in the daydreaming stage of landscape design. However, you must return to Earth and write it down. It will save you a lot of money in the long run, not to mention your time and effort. We highly advise against skipping this step.

We will not deceive you. Entering your data, measuring things, and tweaking it to match your plot of land takes some time. Unless you make big improvements to your property, such as constructing a garage, you only need to do it once.

You may allow for future development of trees, shrubs, and other plants that will likely spread as they mature, for example. It may seem to be overkill at first, but it’s the greatest strategy for keeping them healthy while using your free landscape design software.

If the plants are little when you put them in the ground, resist the desire to crowd them.

Another benefit of utilizing these tools is that it compels you to measure your surroundings. This includes your home’s footprint, outbuildings, and any other remarkable features, such as the massive oak tree in your backyard. Remember to consider the height of power lines, sightlines, and closeness to any off-limits regions, such as wetlands.

What to Look for in Landscape Design Software for Free

These applications must be thoroughly vetted before being installed on your computer or mobile device. Only purchase from trusted sources, and examine all installation files before running them. Consider the following factors:

  • If appropriate, a trial period
  • Schedule revisions
  • Support
  • Features that are restricted

There’s a good possibility you’ll come across software that seems obsolete by today’s high-definition and user-interface standards. When the goods don’t have all of the bells and whistles of professional software like AutoCAD, this keeps them free.

We constantly examine the date of the most recent update to see how involved the developers are with their goods. Whether at all feasible, find out if they are included. Free landscape design software is sometimes an outdated version of a commercial product.

Choosing Free Landscape Design Software: Some Pointers

Some apps are designed to entice you with photos of beautiful gardens that would almost certainly cost a fortune to build. We recommend that you share these programs on to others. On Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll find more than enough inspiration.

Other factors to think about are:

  • The time it takes to master the software.
  • 3D or flat design
  • Web browser or installation
  • Elements’ library

Making the most of landscaping applications will likely be difficult unless you have experience with picture editing or graphic design software. It might be difficult to translate ideas from a screen to your backyard. If you’re not tech-savvy, it’s much worse.

As a result, you should keep your choices open and test a few different products to ensure a suitable fit. Web apps allow you to get your feet wet without having to install anything. The majority of applications will allow you to draw things freehand.

Some, on the other hand, contain a library of pre-set design components that help you create a more precise layout. With more advanced software, you can even see how the shadow patterns will change seasonally. However, even the lower-end items are costly, with the best ones often exceeding $100.

Are you prepared to go on a journey into the realm of free landscape design software? Grab your shovel and go to work!

Options for Free Landscape Design Software

We combed the web for the options available to you as you go from idea to design. We’ll tell you all you need to know about features and usability so you can make an educated decision.

1. SmartDraw is a software program that allows you to create drawings

SmartDraw outperforms the competition when it comes to templates and design aspects. If you are tech-savvy or just like to experiment, this is an excellent option. It’s available as a standalone application or via a web browser. The user interface is friendly, but getting the most out of it requires a higher learning curve.

If you use other applications, such as Visio, it works fine. Its clever formatting function, according to the makers, enables you to achieve professional results. That’s wonderful if you’re in the business, but it could be a little much for the average user.

Starting from scratch might be intimidating, but the design aspects are spot-on and can be scaled. While the templates are useful, the quantity and level of information are excessive. If you plan to use the program more than once and have the patience to master it, it’s fantastic. It is a fantastic alternative for professionals.


  • With templates, the possibilities are endless.
  • There are several design aspects.
  • Diagrams that seem to be professional


  • It’s difficult for someone who isn’t computer aware.
  • If you’re just going to use it a few times, it’s a little pricey.

2. Home design software DreamPlan

The variety of DreamPlan Home Design Software makes it stand out. It’s not just free landscape design software, but it can also be used for other tasks like house renovation. You have the option of seeing your plans in 2D or 3D. You may also acquire a blueprint to provide to your landscaper.

This software is a user’s best buddy if they aren’t computer savvy. Sample templates, which sadly do not feature landscape design, might help you acquire a feel for it. It’s simple to use and understand. Turning off stuff like following fence lines takes practice, but it results in a great representation of your idea.

If you’re looking for an installation, this one should be at the top of your list since it’s so inexpensive. If you just use it for personal purposes, it’s free. We believe it has a lot to offer the average user.


  • Simple to use right out of the box
  • Controls that are Simple to use
  • Use for a variety of crafts.


  • Other software is pushed by the developer.
  • The user interface is outdated.

3. SketchUp

Unlike the other applications we looked at, SketchUp is only accessible as a web app. With user contributions, you’ll discover lots of ideas. It also does a fantastic job of helping you to envision your design by providing a tour option that allows you to study your blueprint up close and personal.

If you plan around with a blank project or a template, the UI isn’t user-friendly, but it’s not tough to figure out. If you want to understand more about what it has to offer, the developer provides a full lesson.

You can install it on your computer, but it’s not inexpensive. However, the creator emphasizes that it is a perpetual license, which might be a selling feature if you like using it. Trimble Link may also be used to connect your projects for further precision.


  • Web controls that are simple to use
  • Inspiration abounds.
  • There are several resources available to help you learn how to utilize it.


  • For the desktop option, it’s somewhat pricey.
  • To master it, there is a bit of a learning curve.

4. Design-Your-Own-Garden

Plan-A-Garden is one of the most specialized free landscape design software programs you’ll come across. It will assist you in planning your area based on lighting needs as well as information about the plants you choose. Even the photographs seem to be genuine.

The fact that the online app concentrates on the most popular options with the opportunity to download the whole slate was appealing to us. It’s comprehensive and covers about anything you’d want to think about. The plant information is brief, yet it contains all you need to know. It also goes into depth on the hardiness zones.


  • Dedicated to the landscaping industry
  • The size of the plant, in particular, is useful information.
  • Seasonal perspectives are accessible for better informed decisions.


  • Background options are limited.

Marshalls Garden Visualiser is number five on the list.

Another user-friendly web interface is Marshalls Garden Visualiser, which allows you to quickly create your environment. It’s headquartered in the United Kingdom, but it’s still a viable alternative on the other side of the Atlantic. It comes with a large plant database for precise placement.

The user interface is straightforward. Even if you have little technical skills, you’ll find it simple to use. To make it more realistic, you may start with a template or upload an image of your home. Given the size of the ordinary lot, we appreciate that it makes this decision evident.


  • Simple to use
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Possibility of adding a picture of your home


Last Thoughts

The key word here is “free.” There are programs that provide free trial periods. If you simply want to use the application once and can learn it quickly, they’re a good choice. The usefulness of these applications, on the other hand, derives from the ability to store information for the long term, such as utility line placements.

Free landscape design software allows you to plan out your garden before you put the first shovel to the ground. They will save you time and money. The limiting factor is how user-friendly they are. Whether they are installations or web-based, find a product that is Simple to use to save you both time and money.

do it yourself landscape design online” is a free landscape planning software that allows users to plan their perfect yard in the year 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app that helps me design my backyard?

A: We do not have any information on an app that helps you design your backyard.

What is the best free garden design app?

A: The best free garden design app is
Gardena – Garden Design & Software. This app has a multitude of features designed to help you create the perfect backyard retreat.

Is there a free app to design landscape?

A: There is not a free app to design landscape, however there are many free apps that you can use to create your own. These include drawing programs such as Paintbrush and Clip Studio which have features similar to Photoshops layer effects feature.

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