Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner provides you with easy and trouble free operation when cleaning the pool. This is because it is well designed to clean the bottom of all sizes and shapes of above ground pools automatically. Thus, with this cleaner, you will never be bothered with manual pool cleaning again. Furthermore, you will never even be bothered with emptying or replacing debris bags. On the other hand, it has an excellent filtration system which needs no extra energy required. In terms of water circulation, this cleaner enhances the circulation of water within the pool by acting like a moving main drain pulling water all the way from the bottom of the pool.


Features and Specifications

Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner has a number of quality features that make it one of the most sought after pool cleaners all round the globe. Some of the features include:

• It has above ground as well as on ground pools ( dished or flat bottoms)

• It also features a reduced carton size which used to be 52” now to 39”

• This cleaner can be easily installed within a period of less than ten minutes.

• It improves the circulation of water since it pulls water from the bottom of the pool

• The cleaner also has a contoured head design that allows steering pattern to be completed in a short period of time.

• The cleaner also has a slotted santropene shoes for quick turns

• In order to minimize friction to allow easy movement of away from the walls, the cleaner has a deluxe bumper ring.

• Lastly, it has a unique gearing system that provides constant balanced water flow which ensures that water flows smoothly within the pool.

Explanation of the Features.

The above features have contributed in making Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Pool Cleaner a world class commodity with the following merits:

#1. Easy Installation

As opposed to other cleaners, installing this Hayward 900 takes less than ten minutes and the whole process will be over.

#2. Durability

This cleaner is not susceptible to damages and thus lasts for long. However the durability duration is subjective since it depends on how well the cleaner is handled.

Therefore, this cleaner leads the race when it comes to pool cleaning tools. It is very easy to use, has a member of spectacular features that make it stand out. Everyone is on the look out to ensure manual pool cleaning is kept at a bay. You too have the obligation to grab yourself a copy of this amazing cleaner. Rush, rush and rush quickly to have yourself this spectacular ground pool cleaner.

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